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2 Marine Vets. 2 Random Topics. 15 Minutes Flat. Listen to seemingly drug-fueled Marine veterans share tales from life and the beloved Marine Corps. From mental health to drinking stories, The Broken Podcast brings you everything but politics. New episodes drop Monday - Friday.
Welcome to the Create, Launch, Monetize Podcast, where we show you step-by-step how to create programs, products, and services, podcasts, and businesses from scratch, launching and monetizing them. You become the crowned authority in your category. Think about this show as a life boat for your business in this ever-changing digital age that allows you to grow at rapid speed to navigate the open waters of the current industry. When you leverage the CLM Strategy for your business, podcast, book, or service, you will be recognized as the go-to Leader.
On a mission to help people thrive. More money, more freedom, more impact with good people.
“To the brave and faithful, nothing is impossible.” A podcast where Navy Chief, Reden Dionisio, talks to our brave and faithful military veterans and service members. We discuss their time in service, sacrifice and success after service. How they've been able to apply the lessons they've learned in the military to life after, in their second service. Learn how you can apply the same principles in order to succeed in business and in life. This Podcast is sponsored by Fortis Et Fidelis, a brand dedicated to honoring the brave and faithful.
Consistency, Fortitude and Grit; helping you be better than you were yesterday. We each already have the ability within ourselves to overcome hardship, pain, addiction, insecurities and can grow because of our suffering. Most of us just don’t know this yet. Sometimes we need someone to guide us through our suffering and teach us how this is done. The mission of Mettle Mentality is to be a vehicle to deliver the those needed guides.
We interview nonprofit leaders, business leaders, consultants, and those with special skills in order to give you the actionable steps needed to build stronger nonprofits. Do you know how nonprofits spend all their time chasing donations? Our Partnership program helps build monthly recurring donations to allow you to say no to more work and yes to more donations.
Business advice for Vetpreneurs: Veterans, Military & Military Spouses that are starting their own entrepreneurial journey. Stay tune to the conversations that provide actionable steps that are Simple, Practical and Memorable from Entrepreneurs that will guide you to START, SCALE, and SUCCEED in Your Business.
Welcome to THE STONED VET USMC!! THE PURPOSE of OUR podcast is to help build OUR community around us VETERANS and to help us find OUR PURPOSE AGAIN! Come and hang out with us and feel like you did with your brothers and sisters on those Friday nights. The weather is always nice and you already know how the conversation can go. Crack a cold one, roll a FATTY, or light a bowl!!
The Panjwai Podcast is an interview-based podcast documenting the experiences of veterans that served in the Panjwai District of Afghanistan. The Primary focus is the experiences of the hosts, Curtis and Luke, and their unit at COP Sperwan Ghar in 2012. As the show continues into its second season, the focus is expanding to include other units and other eras of combat in the Panjwai District. Our hope is to present an authentic and human retelling not only of the experiences, but of the effects those experiences had on those that were there.
Join us on a DEEP Dive into Hoarding Issues! We talk about every aspect that is involved! From trauma & mental health to real estate, first responders and the journey of being an AKOPTH - Adult Kid of Parents That Hoard. Creating a space to talk about hoarding is the first step in shifting HOW we approach this with compassion, kindness & awareness. Please join us & be sure to send us a message with your thoughts!
Life can be tough for veterans. We are used to having a Battle Buddy while in service but that connection typically dissolves once a veteran returns to civilian life. Join me as I discuss the people, events and issues affecting the Veteran population.
Would you like to save up to 80% off all of your travels? The Tactical Traveler is built around the idea that our followers deserve the best. I will teach you how to drive down the prices of flights, stack credit card points, and rewards to help you travel even more often. I will also be talking about business, mindset, and entrepreneurial stuff.
We discuss all thing God, Country, and coffee minus politics.
Take a comedic, behind the scenes look into the non-glamorous, caffeine fueled life of aircraft maintenance. Warning, contains some "unprofessional" language.
The Military Veteran Dad Podcast has a mission to bring every dad home mentally and emotionally to their marriage and their family. We share stories from other Military Veteran Dads on their struggles, their wins, and wisdom, and we do it weekly.
My podcast shares stories of people using The 3D's To Success, Determination, Determines, Destination.
A military and veteran centric variety podcast focused on current military and veteran topics, and current social issues.
True Success is living your life's true calling. Discover new ways of viewing the world, building a life that's charged with hope, transparency and satisfaction. True Success is not what you think it is! Close your eyes and imagine setting goals, targets, and meeting them while adding value and making a difference daily.
The show talks about time-tested advice from entrepreneurs and also about charity.
How2Exit interviews business leaders and entrepreneurs about what it is like to acquire or sell a business.
Welcome to the all new podcast “The Truths We Hide” created by A Wild Ride Called Life. We share people’s stories of triumph and how they how are overcoming them. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday.
Weekly review of products Made in the USA. Interviews and discussion with Veterans, Veteran business owners, non-profits, and Proud American Patriots on the status of our country and what makes them Proud to be an American. Gun, Beer, Bacon, and Freedom. We dive into the idealism of being Pro-America to ignite the inner patriotism in everyone in the country.
Forging Life is about our journey in life and making it better one day at a time. Join me as we have discussions and interviews about life, mindset, hardships, marriage, parenting, and more!
We talk to high achievers in business and life and find out the struggles they went through and the keys to their success. If you are struggling in life and business please listen,subscribe and share. Please leave a comment if this show help you in anyway. This podcast I wish was around when I was looking through all the self help books.
Heroes first, Wingmen together, Legacy forever. #KnowYourHero Testimonies, reviews, and conversations on military life with those currently serving and our veterans.
A basic veteran’s general outlook on life. It’s disgruntled and full of Xennial angst.
Drive On Podcast is focused on giving hope and strength to veterans and the military community by sharing inspirational stories of other veterans who have experienced their own struggles, as well as resources to help veterans better cope with life after the military.
The podcast's goal is to reach everyday people. Our guest shares their stories of what “Life” has taught them. Packed with inspirational stories from everyday people about their struggles, trials, and triumphs to help others navigate this crazy world called Life! We all have a story and I have learned that if we just open our mouths and share...it will transform the lives of the person that is listening. There are people in situations as they listen that need to hear these messages in their life at this exact moment. There are people that will feel your words in their soul and give them exactly what they need to continue or soar to new levels in their lives. Sharing experiences that make a difference"Your Story may save a life"
An inspirational podcast, inspired by Matt Cubbler's "I Got You" Inspirational Speaking and Leadership Consulting Brand, that is dedicated to sharing the remarkable stories of selfless leaders who have lived truly memorable lives. This podcast will highlight their stories, share their journey's and inspire every listener to look into the mirror and ask themselves if they are putting everything they have into living out their "dash." Be ready to be transformed, uplifted and to feel the emotions in every episode!
Veterans talking about mental health issues and finding purpose after/service and the storm
A podcast showcasing the diverse stories of service members, veterans, military spouses and military supporters. No story is to small.
This podcast is designed to help veterans understand that they aren't alone and hardships can mold you into a better person as long as you pay attention to what the lesson it is trying to teach. Listen to Active Duty personnel and military veterans with their struggles and what they did to overcome them. They just might motivate and inspire you....
Personal stories about life after the military, transitioning from soldier to civilian, losing friends to suicide, the VA experience, and learning to reach out to ask for help.
A father-son duo working through business and life problems together. What can you gain from a 30 year span of life’s experiences and perspectives. Enjoy a unique chemistry between the dad, Otis, a former Green Beret and his youngest son, Camden, the Entrepreneur, as they explore the dynamics of life and business. Discussions around life, business, and coaching provide an entertaining way of approaching life and leadership from two generations.
Diapers and Deployments podcast dives all aspects of military and veteran life. Join, Michael Hinkle, retired US Navy CMDCM, and Serena Moyer, military spouse share their stories about military life, transitioning out of the service, and everything in between.
Cases, resources, and making change when it comes to sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence & the lack of mental health help/stigma in the US Military.
The L.I.V.E. Courage Podcast strives to share meaningful stories that inspire and empower others. Our stories come from the military community where we have unique experiences and thrive in an environment of comradery and connection. Our main offering is Transition Tales. These are one on one semi-structured interviews with members of the military community (service member, veteran, spouse, etc) which provides an opportunity for storytelling and connection. Throughout the year, we also provide special edition podcasts that cover topics that impact the military community.
Hosted by Jared Ledbetter, a USMC Veteran, who talks about business, life and the path to success. The raw deal, to include failures and lessons learned, all happening live. The "Real Building Blocks" are part of a foundational concept that any business could embrace to level up their company. All you need to do is act.
Marine - Veteran - Brother in Arms - Oscar Mike means I never stop caring for those who serve our country. It is weekly podcast talking about active duty and veteran service members , and the issues they face. I raise awareness about people and programs that support our military and veterans.