Cancelled for Maintenance

Take a comedic, behind-the-scenes look into the non-glamorous, caffeine-fueled life of aircraft maintenance. Warning contains some “unprofessional” language.

  • Taking the A&P exams ft. Brian Demo | Top tips on studying to learn and how to pass your A&P tests

    To become a certified Aircraft Maintenance Technician in the US, you must take 9 total tests from the FAA, including General, Airframe, and Powerplant tests (Written, Oral, and Practical). On this episode, we are rejoined by Brian of Finding Demo Surf Fishing, and we recount his […]

  • Show reflections | A "midlife crisis" and looking back on progress

    Did you know that the typical life expectancy for an indie podcast is 2-3 years? We are about to pass that threshold, 4 years to be exact, that is double the indie podcast lifespan! On this episode, we look back at the “mid-life crisis” of the show, take a look back at some of our […]

  • Lack of Voice | Why aircraft mechanics are rarely heard of

    When you hear things about aviation, if it is positive, it will most likely be about pilots and supersonic jets. Rarely will you hear about aircraft mechanics…why is that? On this episode we explore why aircraft mechanics are virtually invisible outside of the normal rings of awareness […]

  • Manuals Madness | Are manual subscriptions a safety issue?

    We’ve stressed throughout our podcast that every bit of aircraft maintenance should be done in accordance with the proper maintenance manuals. We’ve further stressed that not following procedures via the manuals can lead to severe repercussions up to but not limited to losing your […]

  • Scrapyard Stories | A small recollection of stuff that comes out the boneyard

    One might think that once an aircraft hits the scrapyard it is the end of its life. Amazingly, this may not always be true. For today’s episode, we recollect stories about how some aircraft found new life after the scrapyard.Follow us on Facebook- @cancelledformaintenance, Instagram- […]

  • AMC 2024 | Being custodians of our profession

    The Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC), recognizes and celebrates the aviation maintenance technician, and raises awareness of the knowledge and skill required to maintain safe, airworthy aircraft, worldwide. It provides an opportunity for current and future maintenance professionals […]

  • Expo Day 2

    It’s Day 2 of our experience at the HAI HELI-Expo; we thought we absorbed a lot on the first day, then the second day came in swinging with more action. More noteworthy classes, more events, and best of all, meeting people who listen to the show and/or have been guests on the show! Join […]

  • Image isn't everything

    We all, be it consciously or unconsciously, present an image that expresses who we are or who we would like others to think we are. This is determined by the setting you are in. However, there are those who would go above and beyond to present an image far from what they really are, where […]

  • Expo Day 1 | Our first day experience at the HAI HELI-Expo

    We’ve finally made it to our first in-person expo! The HAI HELI-Expo is the world’s largest helicopter and vertical flight tradeshow. The expo provides over 600 exhibits and 125 educational courses and sessions, perfect for those who’d like to expand their knowledge in aviation and […]

  • Bonus - Let's Ask the Audience

    We love getting feedback from our listeners and everyone who follows us in our social media outlets. We’ve put out a few questions, and the responses have been amazing! Thank you all once again for sharing your answers, whether they be anonymous or specific. For today, it is going to be […]

  • Standing Out | How to make an amazing write up

    We’ve been afforded many opportunities to review resumes, awards and scholarship applications, performance write ups, and things of the like. Some of them have been very commendable, others have been more of the cookie cutter variety, and others have been what may be called “velvet […]

  • Searching for YOU | Finding AMT jobs and pushing past passion

    Whether you’re an aspiring aircraft mechanic or a seasoned one, finding AMT/AME jobs can be a daunting task. Finding the right outfit for you, the right pay, the right location, the right circumstances can be a mixed bag of checks and balances. On top of that, what do you do when […]

  • Top Things Every Aircraft Mechanic Should Know | Core skills and abilities that transcend location and organization

    Knowledge, skills, and abilities every aircraft mechanic is required to know can vary from one aircraft, region, or civil air authority. However, there are some core skills and knowledge that are common across the board. For this episode, we share some listener feedback of those common […]

  • Back in the Saddle | How to shake off the post-holiday rust

    We’ve all experienced the cycle of taking time off for the holidays and/or an extended vacation. Ever notice when said time off is over, everything just feels like a massive blah? You find it hard to focus, recall simple steps, and just generally don’t feel happy about being back at […]

  • Creativity and Craftsmanship | How hobbies can reignite some fading skills

    We have talked about some hobbies we have picked up over the course of 2023 in previous episodes, from exploring more fantasy lore, model painting, wood working, and tabletop games. These hobbies have given us an outlet to de-stress and exercise some creative problem solving. We’ve […]

  • E-Logbooks | The promise of more efficient aircraft maintenance

    Digital devices and media are fast becoming a part of our everyday lives. Some aspects of it have already been fully implemented into aircraft maintenance. Enter electronic logbooks and online maintenance servers! These tools offer easy-to-use systems that promise more efficient and […]

  • Creators Roundtable 2

    We’re joined with three guests and fellow aviation content creators for another Creators’ roundtable, with Stig Aviation, Airplane Facts with Max, and Brent of Total Aviation! On this episode, we explore handling creative challenges, shouting into the void, differences from one civil […]

  • "Efficianados" | Being enthusiastic about being efficient!

    Have you ever been given a task, but a good amount of it was spent waiting for all of your resources to get rounded up? If there’s one thing, we as mechanics are forever pressed for, it’s time. Time dictates almost every facet of our job, from aircraft ready times, departure-arrival […]

  • Bonus - Expos and other happenings

    For today’s bonus episode, we talk about some events and projects we have lined up. One of our major goals when we first started our show was to find a way to give back to the aircraft maintenance community by offering grants and scholarships; a big thank you to Women Rock Wings, Hover […]

  • What am I doing? | Job transitioning and facing your ego

    We’ve all been there at some point, either first time getting a job, or transitioning from one job to the next, we come to a moment where we ask, “What am I doing?”. It’s in these moments where we ought to really be cautious, it is when we are the most vulnerable, and it’s the […]

  • S.A.D. again | The "holiday blues" and Aviation ft. Kora the Aviation Therapist

     The holidays are coming up soon and while it is widely dubbed as “the happiest time of the year”, that may not be the case for some of us, especially in the aviation industry. The holidays typically mean longer workdays, overtime requests, bloated workloads, and to top it off, […]