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Cancelled for Maintenance

Take a comedic, behind-the-scenes look into the non-glamorous, caffeine-fueled life of aircraft maintenance. Warning contains some “unprofessional” language.

  • Lemon Laws

    Aviation maintenance shops seem to perform miracles when getting aircraft ready for its operation schedules and their hard work often gets overlooked. All shops however have a limit to their magic. This limit is often embodied in one or a few aircraft that always finds a way to break down […]

  • Heroes Beyond the Line Part 3 (ft. Rachelle LaFleur, founder of the Enduring Campaign)

    Certain crises are out of our control. Some are so bad, you lose everything. In this episode, we will explore how one organization is going above and beyond to help those who are homeless and without other living essentials.

  • All about that Phase (Bout That Phase), No Support!

    Phases, home station checks, and other periodic maintenance inspections are VITAL to maintain the lifespan of an aircraft. Despite this, many senior level officials will gloss over these inspections for the sake of having the plane back into its operation cycle. Actions like these can […]

  • 5000 Downloads!!! THANK YOU!

    Do you like this episode? Follow us on Facebook- @cancelledformaintenance, Instagram- @canxformaintenancepodcast. Twitter- @cxmxpodcast Have ideas or stories for show? Send us a line at www.cancelledformaintenance.comCheck out Rockwell Time for awesome outdoor merch and apparel. […]

  • The Q&A Episode! Feb 2021

    For our episode today, we are taking questions our listeners have given us and giving you our answers

  • Heroes Behind the Line Pt. 2 (ft. Travis Johnson)

    Have you ever experienced such adverse events that you said to yourself, “Never again will I, nor those around me go through such times again!”. In Part 2 of Heroes Beyond the Line, we are joined with special guest Travis Johnson, the Non-Profit Architect, who shares some of […]

  • Janky GSE

    Ground support equipment is needed to service an aircraft in between flights. However, these equipment require maintenance of their own, which typically gets ignored or it can’t keep up with the pace set by the aircraft it services. This leads to Frankenstein fixes to get the GSE […]

  • Improvised Tools

    There are times when the job MUST get done. More often than not, you don’t have the essentials to get it done. This results in improvising and using what’s available to make it work regardless if it’s the right thing to do or not.

  • Feast or Famine

    Mealtime is a much-anticipated break in a workday. For some of us, be it for work schedules or manpower shortages, those breaks don’t exist. In other cases, you’re given more than your stomach can handle. With such a high work demand, it’s either Feast or Famine.

  • Tanks for Nothing!

    Aircraft fuel is some of the most nasty, hazardous things to work with, it’s even worse if you are the unlucky soul who must don the suit and dive into the fuel tank. Picture the pleasant scenery of being stuffed into tight, dark spaces filled with toxic fumes and the sheer […]

  • From Street to Seat (feat Tim Kirshbaum, Co-Founder of R.T.A.G)

    Many of us have dreamed of working on planes or flying one. For many, the road to such is at best foggy. However, there are many programs out there that can help you realize your dream. If you have the dedication, you can achieve anything. In this episode, we’ll share with you […]

  • Master Crafts

    In every form of work, there is some type of trade, and every trade has its form of art. It takes a special talent to transform well made items we use today from mundane and obscure materials. These talented individuals are called master craftsmen. The journey to become a master craftsman […]

  • Everybody's Working for the Weekend (feat. Bubbles)

    Almost every public/customer service industry is ran 24/7. As convenient it is to us as a customer, there is always a group of people who get fucked out of their time off. In some cases, these overtime workdays are preventable.

  • It’s Inspection Season! (Feat. Bubbles)

    Nothing puts an organization on edge more than an inspection. It’s never a good feeling having someone dig through your work life. It’s around this time where management reinforces the policies and procedures of your organization, some of which you were never made aware of, […]

  • Heroes Behind the Line (feat. Bubbles, Nine, and Blossom/Kool-aid)

    Being deployed is hard, but being the one to hold down the fort at home is often harder. We switching it up this episode, and bringing in our spouses to answer questions about what life is like when we are gone. The good, the bad, and the ugly will be told in our first episode including […]

  • We Love You 3000!!!

    We have hit 3000 downloads and we are excited to celebrate with you all! Patreon saw it first, but we though everyone would enjoy this one, so here it is!

  • *HOILIDAY GIVEAWAY* - All We Want for Christmas, Is a Day Off!

    Happy Holidays everyone! We wanted to give you guys some content before the holidays hit, as well as some GIVEAWAY RESULTS!!! We have some pretty great stuff from our sponsor Rockwell, and some other merch to givaway, so be sure to listen so we can let you know on this episode! Follow […]

  • Extra Shit for Simple Shit

    Every industry has its fair share of convoluted steps. Most of these steps can be very unnecessary, however were implemented because of some incident or someone over-compensating for safety. Actions like these really make you question the intelligence of those who made them.

  • Shady Fixes

    In some cases, the end justifies the means. It’s instances like this where most “get it done” actions are performed and get overlooked or waived. However, “one-time actions” slowly turn into the new normal which can spell disaster if it continues to be […]

  • Bonus Episode 1

    Hey guys, here is a quick bonus episode for the holidays, as well as celebrating 1000 downloads! We are looking forward to seeing where we go from here, and we will explain in this episode the visions of the future of the podcast, as well as some fun stories sent in from YOU GUYS! Thank […]

  • Documentation STILL Sucks (ft. Bunz)

    It doesn’t matter how many times someone says they combed through the books, something is always wrong. Improper or poorly done documentation can mean the difference between a successful job, having to repeat a job, or failing an inspection. Documentation is essential and mandatory, […]