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Ultimate and Complete Podcast Guide. Inside we cover reasons for starting a podcast, hosting platforms, and podcatchers where your show can be found. You learned the reasoning behind naming your show, content, length, and how often to post. We covered download stats, rankings, production flow, show notes, and quotes. We discussed marketing, finding guests, being a great guest, building relationships, and how to monetize. Finally, we provided templates for you to utilize while building your successful podcast empire. $27
Why should you start a podcast? I get this question all the time. I created this guide to walk you through 15 reasons why I think everyone should share their voice and message with the world. Discount code: FREE99
Tenants of Fundraising and Implemention is a 1-page reference check for every fundraising initiaive. $2
Robert’s Rules of Order is America’s foremost guide to parliamentary procedure. It is used by more professional associations, fraternal organizations, and local governments than any other authority. An essential document for any nonprofit board. $2