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How Curiosity Leads to Massive Donations with Corinne Lebrun

You’re in the wrong group of people if you’re not congratulating each other on your victories or if you don’t think yours will be. We are all on a time crunch. Get in touch with those who can help you. Your nonprofit can start concentrating on raising awareness of unspoken social agreements in order to stimulate creative thinking.

How do you Prepare Your Team to Succeed with Otis McGregor

From the top down, everyone in your organization requires a periodic, if not daily, a reminder of vision, opportunity, and hope. Do you need to complete something more than once? Can you automate, delegate, get rid of, or hire someone to do it?

How to Shift Your Focus from Money to Purpose with Eric Levine

Do you need to shift your focus from money to purpose? When you have a goal of improving people’s lives your focus will shift and your nonprofit will succeed.

Comments Build Relationships Faster and Better than Posting Content with Ira Bowman

Is your nonprofit in need of assistance with its digital media? How can you boost your SEO, drive more visitors to your website, and manage your social media? A good place to start is LinkedIn. Begin to form genuine relationships rather than just posting on social media.

What are the Benefits of Cultivating Emotional Intelligence with Phil Johnson

Emotional intelligence leads to a better level of awareness. These forms of resistance, which are rooted in your amygdala patterns and sociocultural boundaries, will result in inspiring leadership. Energy physics is the answer to drama, turmoil, and conflict. Stop squandering your energy and increase your awareness. The Master of Business Leadership’s Phil Johnson joins us today to discuss the value of emotional intelligence.

How to Become a Superhero: Jeff Gibbard

You can receive coaching to help you increase your revenue and reach your full potential. You can go from being polite and mild-mannered to discovering your superpower and transforming into superheroes and humans. Then, to transform the world, observe the ten rules of the superhero code.

How to Create your Retreat with Catherine Kontos

Do you want your nonprofit to be more unified, have a strong relationship, and understand each other? Retreats are a great way to bond with your team. A retreat is a means to advertise your organization in a way that makes money while also making a difference in the lives of those you deal with.

How to Feel A.L.I.V.E. with Anna Sun Choi

Bring ancient wisdom into the modern everyday Life with ALIVE. ALIVE is an acronym. Allow more Ying into your Yang. Listen within. Inspiring the soul first. Value your fears and energize your daily flow. When high-achieving, creative-conscious business leaders who are dealing with the chatter of their minds cut through distractions they can focus and, master their energy.

How to Grow Your Team Using the H.I.R.E Framework: Jamie Van Cuyk

Are you getting ready to hire a new employee? Jamie Cuyk shares from over 15 years of leadership experience, how to hire team members, including employees and long-term contractors. Jamie explains to us the H.I.R.E approach to find long-lasting team members and avoid the hiring and firing cycle.

What is Social Permitting: Houda Elyazgi

How do you ensure that you secure the community buy-in? Social permitting is a process of engaging the public to gather their support. Whether you’re a nonprofit or a company that’s building an organization or a philanthropic organization, or if you’re even constructing a wind farm, you need a process of engagement to ensure that you have goodwill and Community support to ensure that your project is a success.

Shake it off Leadership: Betsy Cerulo

Betsy Cerulo is the CEO of AdNet/AccountNet, a professional staffing company, and searches firm based in Baltimore. Betsy collaborates with large corporations, but today she joins us to talk about her book “Shake it off leadership.” Betsy will explain how we can recharge our batteries, unpick our poisons, and gain financial health.

How to Increase Capacity as a Nonprofit Coach: Mandy Pearce

Are you enthusiastic about starting and expanding businesses? Working as a consultant, strategy planning, and board development are all possibilities for you. Is there a distinction between coaching and consulting? Mandy Pearce joins us to discuss her job as a consultant as well as a coach.

Autism Rocks and Rolls: Sam Mitchell

Would you rather recruit someone average or someone exceptional? Sam Mitchell visits us to discuss living with Autism and excelling. Autism, Rocks, and Rolls, his podcast and non-profit, helps people perceive Autism from a different perspective.

How to be an Effective Funder: Sybil Ackerman-Munson

Do you know what type of funder you are? How can you make sure your money is being put to good? Do you understand who you are donating to? Make sure you’re the right fit. Today we’re talking to donors and funders, and we’re talking to the nonprofits about how to connect with these types of individuals

Benefits of an Operations Support Agency: Claire Crum

You can use strategic planning to streamline operations in your nonprofit, allowing you to focus on your mission, vision, and values. Clarie Crum and her team assist nonprofit and social entrepreneurship organizations in optimizing their operations by utilizing the resources they already have.

How to 5x Your Business Donations: Will Black

If your nonprofit is struggling to raise money, you need to listen to this episode! This secret method could bring in all of the funds you need.

Revolution in Learning: Rachel Paling

Your nonprofit can use new science as a tool to help others and to understand how the brain functions and learns. Rachel Paling, author of Brain Friendly and Language Learning and Founder of Neuro Heart Education Foundation, dedicated her life to training educators and helping educators to use coaching as a vehicle of communication.

Website Design Tips for Nonprofits: David Pisarek

Your website is essential to the success of your nonprofit. How can you make sure people return to your website? Is your branding clear and concise? You can make sure your website is serving the purpose of your organization.

Small Hinges Swing Big Doors: Craig Handley

You can increase the happiness rate in your nonprofit. Craig Handley inspires us to “live life like an extreme sport” and bring that energy into our nonprofits. Craig's employee development program sets the new standards in high employee turnover industries.

The Future of Philanthropy is Working Collectively: Caroline Boudreaux

While on a vacation to India, Caroline noticed children in India who were in need. She was determined to make a difference in her life and help others. Caroline currently devotes her time to assisting foster children in the United States as well as orphans in other countries.

The Benefits of Hiring a Strategic Planner: Carol Hamilton

Has your organization struggled with strategic planning? You may need to hire someone to help you! After you’ve created a strategic plan, your company will be able to focus on its goals since you will have laid out a road map for the next few years.

Five Steps to get Alignment in your Organization and Board with Stephen King

You can maximize your cash flow and operational efficiency! Learn how to get alignment in your organization and board through five steps of strategic thinking!

How to use Magic Phrases with AmyK Hutchens

AmyK shares with us the five magic phrases her and her clients use to navigate tough conversations, stop waiting for the right time, and get what you really want out of life.

Everything Nonprofits Should Know About Their Volunteers: Karen Knight

Volunteers are essential to nonprofits. Where can you find great volunteers? How do you motivate your volunteers to reach their full potential? Karen Knight joins us to share her expertise and years of volunteer leadership.

Never Pass on an Opportunity to Make a Difference: Jamie Crowe

Never one to shy away from an opportunity to help, Jamie shares her heart for service and experiences from chairing the South OKC Rotary Club, serving on the board of the S.H.I.N.E. Foundation, and as the membership director of the South OKC Chamber of Commerce.

The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising: Larry Johnson

If you learn these eight principles of sustainable fundraising, your nonprofit will grow to the next level and exceed your expectations.

The Future of Fundraising: Rebecca Alfred

The world of fundraisers has changed. You must create events that can be attended both in-person and virtually. Rebecca and Travis share how this can be done successfully.

Creating a Culture of Evaluation: Chari Smith

Evaluation should be accessible, practical, and usable. Chari Smith explains how evaluation programs can help your nonprofit measure your impact and build a positive culture. Feedback, outputs, and outcomes are all critical to making your nonprofit impactful in your community. 

REBOOT Recovery: Evan Owens

You can empower people to help their friends and neighbors who are struggling after experiencing a painful life situation. Evan uses a mix of humor and inspiration to equip people to absorb complex topics such as trauma and mental health.

It's OK to Take a Down Day

We work hard but we can't go nonstop. We need downtime. Whether that comes in short periods throughout the day or taking a complete day off to recharge. Rest is vital to our health, survival, and success.

How to Truly Cross Things Off of Your To-Do List

We always seem to have so many things to get done, a never-ending to-do list. These open cycles are draining our physical, mental, and spiritual energy. How do we actually get these things, big and small, off of our lists for good?

How to Create Monthly Recurring Donors

4 Things you need to create monthly recurring donations from your social media following. Ability to accept recurring payments, something to exchange (SWAG), a compelling social media post, and drop ship the SWAG.

How to Find Great Interns: Haowen Ge

Education and certification programs are important for all Americans. International students can struggle with the process. How can we help these students through the intern application process?

9 Tips to Be a Great Guest

There are more than 500 million blogs, 850,000 active podcasts, 30,000 radio stations, 1,200 newspapers, 7,300 magazines, and 6,000 digital magazines. What do they have in common? They all need content. Most of them rely on interviews to create content. Why not you?

3 Reasons Podcasters Need Their Own Website: Travis Johnson

There are tons of tools available to podcasters. There are far more than 3 reasons podcasters need their own website but listen to find out my top 3.

Basic Leadership 101: Travis Johnson

Basic Leadership Lessons learned in the military and executed in the real world answer these four questions. Are they trained? Are they capable? Have I set my expectations? Have I given them the opportunity to perform?

The Seven Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell: Kurian Tharakan

You can move people with the power of a story. Your brand will be created and clarified in storytelling. You must learn to tell stories to be successful. Kurian shares the seven essential stories charismatic leaders tell.

The 8 Types of Fear we all Face: Travis Johnson

Today we explore the 8 Dominate Fear Types, how I’ve struggled with them, and what to do to get past them.

The 2021 Year in Review: Travis Johnson

2021 has been filled with tons of victories. We are recapping a successful 2021! Thanks to all our fans! We couldn’t have done any of this without you. At the end of 2020, we had less than 8,000 downloads. Today we are over 38,000 thank you!

Wings for Warriors Foundation: Anthony "Doc" Ameen

How can a nonprofit transition into a foundation? Are you thinking about moving from providing services to a more foundation-based program? This is one of the many topics discussed with Anthony from the Wings of Warriors Foundation.

Memories of Us: Tony Lynch

Are you grieving the loss of someone this year? Or do you know a man who is grieving? How does a man grieve? Tony Lynch talks about dealing with anger, and grief after the loss of someone we love.

What is Cryptocurrency and How to Accept it as a Donation: Joel Clelland

Cryptocurrency has become mainstream and your nonprofit needs to be prepared to accept Cryptocurrency donations. Do you know what avenues your nonprofit can use to receive Cryptocurrency? How can you make your charity attractive to donors who use Cryptocurrency? 

Authentically American: Dean Wegner

When you understand who your customer is you can adapt to their needs, you can take things off their plate and allow them to focus on making the impact on the world they want to make. As a business, you can be part of a bigger story, by impacting other nonprofits.  

What is a Fractional Volunteer Coordinator? Karen Knight

A fractional volunteer coordinator is a highly qualified, experienced professional that comes in part time on a contract basis for organizations that may not have the resources – or the need – to have a full-time coordinator in-house.

People Over Nonprofits: Brian Bogert

You can reach the best version of yourself and be your most authentic self. As a nonprofit, you can help others create the intentional life they have dreamed of. You can help people create a life with no limits. Brian Bogert uncovers his methodology for living a life without limits.

Executive Coaching and Development Planning: Mandy Pearce

What do you need to make your organization succeed and be sustainable? Are you prepared for the changing demands of the nonprofit world? Mandy Pearce gives you the questions to ask before you start, and the information you need to keep going.

Charity from a Rock Star's Perspective: Colleen Lloy

What happens when a Rock Star is contacted asking to help with a charity event? Colleen Lloy gives you the Rock Star point of view. What makes a Rock Star want to agree to work with a charity?

How to Run a Hybrid Event: Anca Trifan

Can you keep both in-person, and online audiences engaged in a hybrid event? Anca Trifan will inspire you to create a memorable event that all your audiences will love.

How to Develop Relationships with Automatic Response Technologies: Jeff Troyer

90% of first-time donors never donate again. What makes the difference is connecting with people. Direct communication is the key to connection. Automatic Response Technologies is a tool to help you solve this problem. Your voice is the most powerful communication tool you own.

The Three Things we did to Increase our Budget to $8.3 Million in Five Years: Richard Ayoub

How do you shift when your nonprofit grows rapidly, and you need to increase your budget? The angel food project is an inspiring example of growing and increasing their budget to serve more people.

5 Laws of Stratospheric Success: Bob Burg

Do you know how to communicate their value and accelerate your referral business? Bob Burg shares five laws of stratospheric success. Your nonprofit can follow these laws to grow and find more success.  

The World of Foundations: Carl Dimailig

The charitable arm of your for-profit business can easily participate in corporate social responsibility. Carl explains the world of private foundations and explains how you can use private foundations to raise corporate social responsibility.

How to Wipeout Homelessness: Tamara Wright

Is it possible to wipe out homelessness? Travis talks with Tamara Wright about the solutions to homelessness. Tamara shares her provable ideas to solve the problem of homelessness in America and what Community Solutions is doing to make it happen.

Overcoming Stage Fright: Marti MacEwan

How do you cure stage fright, pure fear of public speaking, performance, anxiety, and impostor syndrome? Marti MacEwan joins Travis today to share her method of overcoming stage fright.  

How to Multiply Yourself: Jonathan Krause

Do you wish you could multiply yourself? In today’s episode, Johnathan Kraus explains how to multiply yourself through delegation and leadership training. He will share the importance of investing in your team and creating confidence in them. How can you motivate your staff to take ownership and initiative?

How to Use Unsold Hotel Rooms as Fundraisers: John Renken

How can you give away products that are unused by other people and actually ask for a donation at the same time? Travis talks with John Renken, who discovered an adventure in the travel industry. Helping people travel, while raising money for charity. John is a former United States Army Ranger, former professional MMA fighter, the founder of several churches, and he is also a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record of leadership and sales.

How to Put on a World-Class Event: Steve Sims

Ever wanted to take a trip to see the Titanic resting on the seabed or have a private dinner at a museum in Florence with Andrea Bocelli serenading you? Steve Sims has created these world-class events, a SpeakEasy coaching experience, and more! Discover what Steve says are essential elements to any event, how to keep the crowds engaged, and how to deliver true impact during fundraising events. These tips will have people begging to come to your next event.

How to Close Your Nonprofit: Juri Love

Juri Love, author, actor, motivational speaker, and single mother of two. Juri talks about what no nonprofit wants to talk about. Closing a nonprofit. When is it time to close the nonprofit? What is the process like? How do you move on after closing the nonprofit? I hope you enjoy this conversation with Juri Love.

What can a Nonprofit Learn from a World-Class Dog Trainer: Ryan Matthews

K-9 Mentalist, Ryan Matthews. Dogs are such wonderful creatures, and there is so much we can learn from them! Ryan has combined his military K-9 handling experience and proven dog training methods to successfully transform the behavior of more than 3,000 dogs. By using his K-9 Mentalist Methods during dog training, Ryan earned nearly $1,000,000 in under three years. As a celebrity dog trainer, Ryan has been featured in TEDx talks, books, reality TV guest spots, and public appearances. Ryan has dedicated his life to improving the quality of life of dogs and their owners.

Six-Figure Fundraising Framework: Dee Dee Kiesow

Dee Dee is an internationally recognized, award-winning fundraising strategist, trainer, mentor. Travis and Dee Dee talk about finding the perfect donor and helping that donor feel like part of the team. Dee Dee has been successful at finding great donors and raising money.

How to Know if You're Making an Impact: Mark Bowers

Mark Bowers has run a consulting business called Lighthouse One. Mark and Travis talk about the importance of mission statements, identifying people to partner with, and knowing if you are making a difference.

Three Simple Things to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Pop: Matt Scherer

Matt Scherer. LinkedIn is an important tool that can help us grow our connection database. There are very specific things you can do today to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

Three Pillars for Growing Your Grants Program: Catherine Ashton

Catherine Ashton tells us the three pillars to grow your grant program. She explains the importance of language choices, getting organized, and where to find the money. Catherine is passionate about helping nonprofits raise money. You will enjoy these conversations with Catherine.

The Impact Method: Sarah Olivieri

Sarah Olivieri. Sarah Created the Impact Method, a framework that helps non-profits simplify their operations. Sarah and Travis talk about the process of improvement, the need to hear from the people on the ground, and why It is OK to pay your staff.

How to Build Your Board: Mark Pfister

Mark Pfister. His popular book, ‘Across The Board: The Modern Architecture Behind an Effective Board of Directors,’ an Amazon best-seller with circulation in over 70 countries, has influenced a whole new generation of Board Directors. Travis and Mark talk about setting up a Board, finding the perfect Board Members, and structuring a Board that will be successful.

What Good Can I do Today: Asha Curran

Asha Curran the CEO of GivingTuesday, and co-founder of the global generosity movement. Asha tells the story of how she started Giving Tuesday, and how it has become an international movement. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at the organizations, and tips to make your GivingTuesday a success.

Podcasting for a Cause with Wes and Debora Jones

Wes and Debora from The Multipurpose Room Podcast about using podcasting to promote your nonprofit. Podcasting is the best way to get your message heard by today’s audience.  Wes and Debora talk about finding topics that matter to your audience, using social media, the length of your podcast and so much more.

What are the Five Blind Spots Encountered When Growing Your Organization: Courtney DeRonde

Courtney DeRonde, a CPA and Co-Managing Partner of TDT CPAs and Advisors, a boutique advisory and accounting firm for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. They help overwhelmed, successful leaders, understand and maximize financial information so they can achieve better results and move their organization to the next level.

Going Places: Katie Blomquist

Katie Blomquist, a Speaker, coach, and nonprofit strategist. Katie uses her own success story as the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit, Going Places to teach others the how-to, to create impactful messaging, and navigate the media for maximum fundraising results while creating their own successful nonprofit.

Nonprofit Funding and DoD Skillbridge with Nick Valentine

John “Nick” Valentine, the CEO and Founder of Operational Phantom Support. He was born at Great Lakes Naval Hospital in Chicago, grew up as a Navy Brat. At age 19, John joined the US Army. John served 20 years in the US Army, making the Rank of Sergeant First Class, E-7. I deployed 6 times served in Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Around the World with Crmble: Toni Panea

Toni Panea, the founder and CEO of Crmble. Crmble turns a Trello board into a powerful sales CRM… for free. Crmble has achieved 35,000 downloads in only 6 months. They are a perfect solution for freelancers, small to medium business owners, and nonprofits. Nonprofits get Crmble free for life. 

How to Raise Your Leadership Game: Alan Stein Jr

Alan Stein, Jr. who teaches a proven strategy to improve organizational performance, create effective leadership, increase team cohesion and collaboration, and develop winning mindsets, rituals, and routines.

How to Create World-Class Events: Jaime Weinfeld

Jaime Weinfeld, who founded JW Designs with the belief that all people should have access to the expert event, design, and photography services for all of life’s special moments. Growing up in the special event industry, Jamie had the pleasure of viewing the good and bad in all aspects of these special moments.

Communication in a Changing World: Roman Roberts

Roman Roberts, a former foster Child and Army interrogator who deployed multiple times and supported various special operations teams. After a rocky transition, Roman found his identity in helping others in their personal and professional life. Roman hosts the podcast Real Talk with Roman. He also founded the Blue Sphinx Consulting where he helps small, midsize, and nonprofits with his military interrogation and business experiences.

How to Create a Network with REAL Impact: Eddie Brown

Eddie Brown, the founder of the non-profit Giving Words. With an entrepreneur’s vision and a servant’s heart, Eddie Brown, along with his wife, started the non-profit Giving Words to help struggling single mothers address the ongoing trials of family management.

Why It's Important to Partner with Other Organizations: Jeremy Harrell

Jeremy Harrell is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran of Iraqi Freedom. He served honorably for nine years and was a Non-Commissioned Officer before getting out of the Army in 2008. As a man with an Entrepreneurial heart, he wanted to do more to support the Veteran community. Three years ago, Jeremy founded a non-profit called Veteran’s Club Inc in Kentucky.

Using Your Website to Empower Your Nonprofit: Spencer Brooks

Spencer Brooks, the Founder & Principal of Brooks Digital, an expert digital firm that empowers health non-profits to improve the lives of patients. He’s helped organizations such as The Diatribe Foundation scale their digital presence from a few thousand annual visitors and subscribers to over 2.5 million visitors and 200,000 subscribers. Spencer’s superpower is helping organizations get their complex, difficult-to-use websites under control so they can provide the right information to the right person at the right time.

Living Abundantly, Leveraging Positivity, and Networking: Wally Carmichael

Wally Carmichael, the host of Men of Abundance Podcast. Wally is a retired Army Medic, Founder and Host of the Men of Abundance Podcast, Business Owner Growth Podcast and Founder of Abundance & Prosperity Business Mastery LLC

How to Plan and Create a Holiday-Based Event: Chris Suchanek

Chris Suchánek, the CEO at Firm Media, managing partner at CASKS Restaurant group and co-founder of Project Boon. Christopher leads Firm Media’s client relationships and develops new business opportunities. As an experienced brand promoter, he has created some of the web’s most prominent sites in the legal, medical, and dental industries.

Virtual Staffing: Leveraging the Best Talent All Over the World: Greg Brooks

Greg Brooks, Rocket Station’s Director of Business Development. Greg joins the Rocket Station team with an immense background in sales, both in the public and private sectors. He has led teams in many industries including sponsorship, fundraising, consumer packaged goods, military resale, and hospitality.

Do you Suffer from Compassion Fatigue? Cynthia Gregory

Cynthia Gregory, as a nonprofit leader with more than two decades in the field and as a certified Co-Active Coach, Cynthia Gregory knows that no one works harder or deserves more validation than nonprofit fundraisers, executives, and cultural change-makers. Cynthia works with nonprofit leaders to develop smart strategic plans, steward their staff to achieve top performance, and make more powerful decisions.

Why Start Your Own Foundation: Major Ed Pulido

Major Ed Pulido, U.S. Army (Ret.) is the Sr. VP of the Folds of Honor Foundation a Veteran’s charity that provides the spouses and children of the fallen and wounded educational scholarships. Additionally, he is a Founding member of Warriors for Freedom Foundation a leadership institute focused on the mental, physical, and wellness support of our wounded Veterans and their families.

Are you Sabotaging Your Success? Judy Skilling

Judy Skilling, a mother, an emergency room nurse, a High-Performance Coach, and a U.S Navy veteran. She served in the U.S. Navy for 7 years as a Hospital Corpsman. She helps military and veteran entrepreneurs maximize productivity by minimizing distractions, enhance wellness to increase day-to-day energy, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Fundraising Insights from AmFund: Kalley Dunn

Kalley Dunn, the Senior Director of Development and Strategic Initiatives at AmFunds. Goal-oriented, mission-focused Director of Development and Strategy who thrives on helping others help themselves. With over nine years of professional client-focused management experience, she profoundly values positive relationships and partnerships. Does your non-profit organization have a shortage of funding? If so, be proactive and connect with her today!

Nonprofit Ready Free Courses: Alec Green

Alec Green, a seasoned marketing professional with a performance-driven, analytical focus. His expertise is in building, planning, and executing marketing programs to generate qualified leads and drive new business. He has led all aspects of marketing strategy and product management including product launches, promotions, public relations, online marketing, content marketing, thought leadership, lead generation, and sales cycle management.

Help Your Donors be Heroes: Sarah Jean Knox

Travis talks with Sarah Jean Knox, a fundraising, benefit, and charity auctioneer who raises revenue for organizations and nonprofits around the nation.

Perspective from a First Responder: Sara LeCarno

Travis speaks with Sara LeCarno; a first responder. Hearing her experience will remind you why you are serving your mission.

Conviction in Your Mission: Tamisha Sales

Travis talks with Tamisha Sales, Co-Founder of Educational and Community Strategies. Tamisha helps to reduce educational and community disparities by training school leaders, mission-driven organizations, and individuals on unconscious bias and its impact on internal and external outcomes.

Make the Wheel Work for You: Cowboy Jax Young

Travis talks with Cowboy Jax Young, CEO/ Founder of SHF, disabled Veteran, service-connected TBI, and suicide survivor founded Save Home Front in 2016. Honorably discharged from the 101st Airborne Division 1st of the 502nd Infantry “Air Assault". After finding out that his battle buddy was killed in Iraq in '03, he elected to pursue a professional entertainment career.

Unleash Your Humble Alpha: Lane Belone

Travis talks with Lane Belone, a Special Forces (Green Beret) veteran who helps entrepreneurs achieve purpose and reach optimal performance. His experience builds trust and adaptability within executive teams, forming them into laser-focused “A-Teams”. His travels to 40 countries, climbing mountains and roughing the Arctic helps lead others to breakthrough their unknowns, stepping into their greatness.

How to Jump Start Your Board of Directors: Mark Buzan

Mark has close to 2 decades of experience as a Board Director, Director of Communications, Government Relations, Marketing, and Business Development as well as a consultant to the private sector, government, and associations. Ultimately these roles lead towards becoming an Executive Director, President, and CEO of two national associations. After founding "Our Executive Director", an association management company where he's the Executive Director or two associations, Mark went on to found the Society of NonProfit Board Directors an association for volunteer board directors.

How to Create Sponsorships using the Marketing Budget: Bruce Rosenthal

Travis talks with Bruce Rosenthal, a strategic advisor, and consultant to associations and not-for-profit organizations, creating successful corporate partnership programs that increase revenue and add member/constituent value. Drawing from these experiences, Bruce understands the “ins and outs” of association structures, governance, member services, advocacy, education, revenue streams, and conferences.

What are the Five Capitals: Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson, a pastor, coach, and communicator seeking to cultivate thriving leadership for a striving world. Currently, He serves as the pastor of King of Kings Lutheran Church in Lake Orion, MI, where he leads a congregation that has gone through challenging times but has entered a period of revitalization. He is also the founder of Thrive Solutions, a consulting practice specializing in vision, strategic planning, organizational culture, and executive coaching.

Do you Need a Policy for Everything: Debbie Korge

Travis talks with Debbie Korge on all the policies a nonprofit needs in place to be successful.

A Good Story Behind a Good Cause: Francisco Oller Garcia

Travis talks with Francisco Oller Garcia, a marketing and operations professional who works with forward-thinking consultants, advisers, and executives to design innovative group health strategies that measurably improve health outcomes and deliver a strong ROI. Recently recognized as a Rising Star by Employee Benefit Adviser, Francisco is a deeply analytical thinker, goal-oriented problem solver, and lifelong learner.

Creating a Blueprint for Nonprofit Success: Steven Aguiar

Travis talks with Steven Aguiar, a full-stack digital marketer and founder of Blue Wing and Good Goes Further. He has deep experience using digital marketing to drive positive outcomes for businesses and mission-driven organizations. He has worked with dozens of companies to grow and convert an audience throughout the entire marketing funnel. He has a BA from Brown University and is a Facebook, Google, and HubSpot-certified professional.

Nonprofit Outreach Planning: Monica Stoneking

Travis talks with Monica Stoneking, founder of SK Consulting to help individuals, small businesses, growing businesses and non-profit organizations develop strategic branding, marketing and outreach plans. She has more than 20 years experience in strategic branding, marketing and communications. From Concept to Creation to Implementation, they help you take control of your marketing!

Engaging Legislative Advocacy: Bethany Snyder

Travis talks with Bethany Snyder, founded Snyder Strategies to share and leverage my deep understanding of the advocacy world with non-profits and social justice organizations. She is a seasoned professional and an expert in managing strategic communications, leading successful advocacy initiatives, designing innovative outreach and engagement programs, and running high-profile campaigns.

Magnify your Mission: Amy Fazio

Travis talks with Amy Fazio, an Experienced community builder and nonprofit leader with a proven track record and passion for fundraising, community engagement, and capacity building. She is the founder and CEO of 'Magnify Your Mission System' to help nonprofit executives at every stage of growth to declutter their fundraising, magnify their message, supercharge their engagement, and call in the resources they need to make their BIG Vision real.

How do you Increase Donor Retention: Gabe Cooper

Travis talks with Gabe Cooper, the Founder and CEO of Virtuous Software, a CRM and Marketing platform helping charities increase their impact and do more good. His drive stems from a passion to create market-defining software and help charities reimagine generosity. He co-founded Brushfire Interactive and Shotzoom Software where my team and built a series of successful products in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

What are the Benefits of Practicing Curiosity: Sonia Chavez

Travis talks with Sonia Chavez, the founder of Looking2Leap LLC with a life mission to transform leadership and create spaces where those who have been forgotten can remember and reclaim themselves. She is a veteran, an entrepreneur, a seasoned analyst, a leadership expert, an empath, and a certified life coach. They discuss on those minute details that unknowingly become dangerous for your Nonprofit. Starting from their own experience, they end up by giving some powerful tips to make your Nonprofit stand out.

Get to the Damn Point: Lewis Chaney

Communication has been a vital part of human civilization. But does it play a major role in pushing your nonprofit forward? Travis talks with Lewis Chaney, a business Storytelling Consultant and a Public Speaking Coach. Lewis is a TEDX Alumni, Photojournalist and a Director with extensive background in Television News, Entertainment News, Commercial Advertising and Independent Film.

Why you Need a Big Bold Brand: Karley Cunningham

Travis talks with Karley Cunningham, a big thinker as well as the creative strategist and business accelerator at BigBoldBrand. She’s written for well-respected publications and is a sought-after speaker and mentor for several National and international business organizations. Her past career as a pro Elite Athlete has taught her to be performance driven and now she is filled by a natural collision between business development brand and good design.

What is the Storybrand Framework: Jared Ledbetter

Travis features Jared Ledbetter, founder of Carbon Digital, and has been working on Web design and SEO. He discusses branding, particularly the Story-Brand Framework, and highlights key factors to consider in website design and management.

A New Way to Partner in Business: Isaac Belden

Credit card processing isn’t often a term you associate with nonprofits, but somehow Isaac Beldon makes it work. Not only does he make it work...but he created a nonprofit himself that grew out of a 1-day event.

Your Marketing Needs an Ebook: Elizabeth Pampalone

If you’re a busy nonprofit looking to get the word out about what you do, marketing advice can be a confusing mix of tools, techniques, and strategies that require time (and often) a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to just work with someone who could get your nonprofit’s marketing up and running in 5 days without all the stress?

Minute7: Marc Summe

Travis talks with Marc Summe, CEO of the Minute7 software company. They review the software from its functionality and benefits to the price offers as well as other useful free tools that nonprofit organizations can maximize starting up.

How to Automate Fundraising: Steven Kuhn

Steven Kuhn, head of Quality of Life Enterprises, discusses the importance of automating your fundraising.

How to Improve Leadership Performance: Cory Myers

Cory Myres of Lubbock Consulting, sharing views on leadership strategies, and methods targeted at improving the quality of leadership performance in any organization.

The REAL Stats Regarding Nonprofits with Brady Josephson

Travis discusses with Brady Josephson, an entrepreneur working with "Next After". They focus on core precepts of online fundraising, noting results from studies that show the wrong approaches of many nonprofit organizations to raising funds online.

How to be a Catalyst of Change: Trenace Richardson

Trenace Richardson, founder of Real Women. She shares the different strategies employed in managing her unique support group, taking into perspective the demands that come with the growth and expansion of the group.

What is your Signature Program? Jaemellah Kemp

Travis features Jaemellah Kemp, the founder, and CEO of It Takes Two, Inc, and Jaemellah Kemp Consulting, created to help aspiring and new founders of nonprofit organizations. She critically discusses key points centered around how to start a nonprofit organization, as well as board organization and organizational management training.

What is the Governance System? Ned Murray

Ned Murray, Founding President and consultant with NRM consulting; a group that is focused on helping nonprofit organizations by systematically creating solutions using the concept of "Governance".

How to be a Master Delegator: Rick Carlson

Travis Johnson and Rick Carlson are going to talk about Leadership, Mentorship, Mastermind, and how to be a Master Delegator.

What is Giftology? Justin Szerletich

Justin Szerletich are going to talk about the strategies to achieve a Relationship Management and Giftology to launch and grow your Nonprofit organization during the Covid-19.

What is Change Management: Cate Redfern

Cate Redfern, the founder of Adansonia Consulting and they expound in detail major topics including Change Management, Stakeholders, and How to pay and attract the best employees.

Use the Right Tools to Reach more People for Your Nonprofit: Andrea Shirey

Andrea Shirey, the owner of One Nine design and they discuss getting sponsorships in detail. She is very passionate and excited to help nonprofit organizations to find ways to achieve their objectives.

Sponsorships and Monetizing your Events: Jeff Riley

Jeff Riley who runs Jak Kustoms, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting war veterans and appreciating them for their sacrifice. He describes in detail the different approaches and strategies that have been applied to make this NPO the success that it is today.

How to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit: Kate West

Kate West, CEO of The Fundraising Lab and an enthusiast for helping startup nonprofit organizations. She discusses grant writing, martyr syndrome, and sheds some light on coaching for strategic failures.

How to Transition your the Mission of your Nonprofit: Vallye Adams

Vallye Adams, the Head of Etavele Solutions. She is the former National Director of Expansion and Mission Advancement for Best Buddies International and is currently consulting for them in Expansion and events.

How to Contact Celebrities: Vincent James

Vincent James, the founder of “Keep Music Alive”, a nonprofit organization that focuses on musical education and support of kids with an interest in music. He shares his experience as a startup and gives a breakdown of the journey so far.

Fundraising in Your Community: Angi Francesco

Angi Francesco, one of the leaders at Squam Lakes Association (a watershed association). Angi is the Director of Development at the SLA and she gives us some insight into her career both as a fundraiser and as a professional speaker.

How to Fundraise During the Pandemic: Alesha Mathis

Alesha Mathis, a writer, and mentor in the nonprofit world. Her commitment to nonprofit services and projects manifest her desire to make a difference in the lives of people. She highlights that there are people who want to help and make a difference and that is through nonprofit organizations.

How to Start your Nonprofit Online: Adrianne Phillips

Adrianne Phillips, a USAF veteran who is the founder of Strategic Alliance for Veteran Organization (SAVI). Her mission is to ensure that veterans are adequately served. Adrianne shares brilliant thoughts on how someone can start and manage a nonprofit organization. She highlights that you have to communicate effectively with your volunteers for they are the one who continually powers your organization.

How to Have the Right Vibes: Paul Vibes

Paul Vibes, a motivational youth speaker and mentor and the person behind the Buddy Club. Growing up with learning difficulty, he is able to affect people with his “Paul Vibes”. He highlights that we need to have the right perspective in overcoming our challenges in life and take the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Grow your Business with a Brand Mentor: Paul Povolni

Paul Pavolni, a brand mentor who helps businesses establish their brand strategy, brand identity, and brand delivery. He shares his expertise to help businesses attract the audience they want to reach. He highlights that branding is important in a growing business.

The Importance of Donors: Amanda Mehaffey

Join with Amada and I as we discuss the importance of donors and how to use them to further your non-profit Amanda Mehaffey is Director of Grants and Donor Engagement for Living In Freedom Together a non-profit in Worcester, MA.

The Art of Fundraising: Maya McNulty

Maya McNulty has helped nonprofits to raise millions of dollars using Fundraising Secrets to propel them to the level of Ninja Master in the Art of Fundraising. A fundraising and a technology maverick, Maya designed and launched the mobile application Where to Shop and Dine which promotes small businesses and helps to alleviate child hunger.

How do Service Dogs Impact PTSD? Liam Klein

I decided to create my own, to help other kids like me gain control over their PTSD instead of letting it control them. There are SO many more youths affected by PTSD than you would think, but we don't get half as much attention as if we were adults or wounded warriors.

What is Strategic Planning? Becky Caldwell

Since 2016 she has been advising, consulting, and coaching nonprofit leaders, helping them with fundraising strategies, board development, and strategic planning. Becky’s areas of coaching expertise include leadership transition, building effective corporate culture, and developing strategic partnerships.

Secrets Behind the Google Ad Grant: Preston Cone

Cone’s clients at Facebook had budgets ranging from $500-$50,000 a month and he exponentially increased their return. One of his customers’ ads performed so well that they were featured on the “Facebook Success Story.” Cone then moved on to lead a team that created the social media ads that raised $150 million.

Numbers don't Lie: Nicole Heid

Hi! I’m Nichole and I’m an experienced accountant, known for helping, educating, and support clients as they grow their businesses and plan for the future.

How to Secure Local Sponsors for your Nonprofit: Juliana Hicks

Join Juliana as we discuss how to secure local sponsors for your nonprofit, networking, and much more. Juliana Hicks is the Director of Communications for the Latinx LIFE non-profit. Juliana, along with five other Latinas founded this organization and are helping the youth of the area. Check out what they are up to down in NC!

PTSD, Dogs, and Deep Connections: Krystal Heller

Krystal splits her time between the U.S. Army Reserves and her duties as an employee of the U.S. Government. She has 11 years of serving in both Active Duty and Reserve positions and a deployment supporting Operations Enduring Freedom (OEF). Krystal is married to Sergeant First Class Jason J. Heller, retired, and has two dogs.

Where is the Best Place to Find Volunteers: Lakia Goodman

Positive Transitioning Inc. is a non–profit organization that provides individuals reentering the community after incarceration. Positive Transitioning Inc. is a 24-hour Resource/Listening Line that services all 50 states. The Resource/Listening line is staffed by life coaches and provides individuals with the immediate support and resources that may be needed during reentry.

The Power of Podcasting: Teresa Blaes

Now her passion is podcasting and helping others bring their God-given message to the mic, through their media production company Kadosh Media. She along with her husband host multiple podcasts of their own, including the Teresa Blaes show and the Unresolved Life Podcast.

How to Determine what your Community Needs: Candice Liozu

Candice details how she decided on her vision, how to collaborate to jump start your journey, and the importance of systems.

How to Start a Nonprofit the Right Way: Danielle Dee

Join Danielle as we discuss the nuts and bolts of the nonprofit startup to include the paperwork, board composition, taxes, and grant writing. All the steps to start a nonprofit!

How to Increase Creativity with your Team: Chris Staron

Chris Staron is the host of the Truce Podcast. His films “Bringing up Bobby” and “Between the Walls” have been on television ad streaming services around the world. He’s the author of the novel “Cradle Robber”. In his off-time Chris also performs improv comedy for audiences and conferences.

Legacy, Volunteering, and Business Plans: James Snow

At Jas.Advisors.Grp, we want to know these things about our clients, because it enables us to help play a role in fulfilling hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations. The things that drive you as a person, are going to dictate how you respond and react to things in life.

Mail Chimp and Marketing Deep Dive: Tim Priebe

Tim Priebe is a public speaker, author, columnist, and the owner of T&S Online Marketing. He helps businesses that are worried they don’t have the expertise or time required to invest in doing their own digital marketing. He helps them plan where and how much to invest and often helps execute the plan.

Why Networking is Important: Tammi Moses

Tammi Moses is the founder and Chief Encouragement Officer of Homes Are For Living, LLC; which is a Veteran Woman Owned & Operated business located in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, WA.

How to make Fundraising Suck Less: Patrick Kirby

Patrick has spent over a decade working in nearly every capacity in the nonprofit industry, for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and strives to ‘Do Good Better’ every day. From organizing $10,000 cure walks to $1 million galas, Patrick’s passion lies in creating creative solutions to make fundraising less boring.

Volunteer Relations, Bad Donors, and Mission Creep: Matt Cubbler

A month after graduating from high school, Cubbler’s brother Andy died in a violent car accident. That moment would end up becoming the single most impactful moment in his life. While he excelled academically in high school and had an opportunity to attend one of the four major military academies, he decided he was needed elsewhere and chose to enlist in the United States Army and served for four years as an Intelligence Analyst.

How to get MORE Media Appearances: Lori McNeal

My philosophy is that you need to create and maintain a healthy balance in both your personal and professional life, in order to truly be successful long term. Most people do not understand the significance this has in their life, nor that it is a primary contributor to their achieving success. Well, they don’t know what they are missing out on! I love helping businesses tap into their greatest potential, to shift their mindset, redirect focus and gain greater clarity for their business vision and overall purpose. Business balance is essential for long term success.

The Power of Showing Up: Phil Randazzo

Phil Randazzo is an author, entrepreneur, and the founder of American Dream U.  The nonprofit organization assists the military transitioning into civilian life.  The program, taught by some of the world’s best and most successful entrepreneurs, is designed to provide soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coast guard personnel with the tools to obtain their dream jobs or start their own businesses. Phil's passion is to help service members have a smooth transition out of the military while preparing for their next career or business.

How to Bootstrap Events: Denny Katona

Join Denny and I as we discuss bootstrapping events and the veteran connection. Dennis Katona served seven years. Dennis deployed in 2003 for the Invasion of Iraq and again in 2005 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also deployed in 2011 to Japan in support of Operation Tomodachi, providing relief efforts after the earthquake and tsunami that hit in March 2011.

How to Setup a Nonprofit Board: Shannon Whittington

Join Shannon and me as we discuss nonprofit board composition, storytelling, volunteer expectations and a purpose beyond business. Shannon is the creator of Authors. She coaches people from Brainstorming to Book Sales... Traversing the entire journey to successfully published author with each client. We also offer Books By Vets, a program to specifically help veterans share their stories.

What is the Power of We? Richard Kaufman

Join Richard and I for a quick chat as we discuss the power of “we”, choices, and rebounding. Richard Kaufman's first couple of years in the military were so turbulent that he fell into a spiral of alcoholism and drug use, earning him a one-way trip out of the Army after just two years on active duty. Ultimately though he retired from the National Guard after a 24-year career.

How to do 5 Minute Facebook Lives: Trish

Trish is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Live video marketing consultant. Her audience has crowned her the QUEEN of 5 Minute Lives™, a simple yet effective strategy for providing content that matters to audiences with just five minutes of live video and repurposing it for increased brand recognition and revenue. Trish is also an expert speaker, teaching strategies for social media while motivating and inspiring her audience to overcome self-doubt and Press Live With Purpose™.

The Importance of Market Testing: Mischelle Saunders-Gottsch

Join Mischelle Saunders-Gottsch and me as we discuss the pre-launch phase of your nonprofit, the importance of testing the market, and the value of conducting an ask campaign. Mischelle Saunders-Gottsch is the CEO/Founder and Podcast Host of Altered Stories Ministry.  She is passionate about helping women to share their God stories to help women in overcoming their struggles.

Solving Problems: Stephen Colon

Join Stephen and me as we discuss mistakes, shops, and the guts to have the conversation. Knucklehead Podcast is a podcast where we discuss mistakes that we made, provide perspective to people who could benefit from learning, and spent time with entrepreneurs largely with a military background.

Spreading Your Vision: Brian Paul

Join Brian as we discuss organization expansion, recovery and the impact of your story, At the heart of the organization is Brian Paul and his ever-extending network of resources. Brian Paul, President, and Founder of Veterans4LifeUSA served in the 45th Infantry Division as a rifleman, machine gunner, and mortarman. His team provided security and other services at the Alfred P Murrah bombing site following the terrorist attack on April 19th, 1995.

Collaboration Over Competition: Dave Burlin

Join Dave as we discuss the importance of strategic partnerships, events beyond nonprofits, and finding a mission after military life. Dave Burlin is a Certified Professional Sales and Leadership Coach. He specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales.

The Power Over Storytelling: Sha Sparks

Join Shā as we discuss storytelling, public speaking and the power of relationships. Shā is the CEO, Chief Excitement Officer, of Sparks of Hope. She is an energetic, loving, and inspiring speaker, and author, as well as a Certified Fearless Living Coach. Also, she has written the book “How to Get Your Voice Back.”