How to Shift Your Focus from Money to Purpose with Eric Levine

Do you need to shift your focus from money to purpose? When you have a goal of improving people’s lives your focus will shift and your nonprofit will succeed.

  • The importance of starting your day off right.
  • Going to Asia to build a Gym Empire
  • Trusting your instincts
  • Be at the beginning of the Wave
  • Having the goal of improving people’s lives, not just making money
  • Knowing your self worth

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Eric Levine Bio

Eric Levine started in the fitness industry in 1979, when he was the first franchisee for Golds Gym, and opened a chain of six clubs. These six clubs were the most profitable in the entire Gold chain of more than 100 clubs. During that time Mr. Levine established Super Gym Advertising and Marketing company, the exclusive worldwide agency for all Gold’s Gyms, winning many international awards including the silver medal at Cannes! Eric then became a partner with Ray Wilson Family Fitness Centers, which grew to 72 locations. Eric went on to Asia and created California Fitness in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia. His clubs broke every imaginable record for fitness centers around the world.

Eric then sold the chain of California Fitness centers to 24Hour Fitness, retaining a share in that company. In 2004 24Hour Fitness sold for an incredible US$1,700,000,000. Eric was also the founder of Planet Yoga and Bikram Yoga in Asia, the first large yoga studio anywhere! Eric is currently an investor with Mark Mastrov in New Evolution Ventures which owns and manages such companies as UFC gyms worldwide. Eric has an exciting new company, combined with Revolution Recrafted, in a partnership with world champion boxing legend Manny Pacquiao! The new company is called Hitt by Manny and provides a boxing and full-body workout in a boutique setting. Eric is also the CEO of Eric Levine Global Fitness Expert, a fitness consulting company specializing in all aspects of the industry!

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You want to be at the beginning of the wave, ride it up to the crest. Timing is everything.

We're all architects of our own lives

Success in any way is to have a disciplined morning

Provide value to people first, when you're focused on money, you end up closed-handed

Full Transcript

Hey, welcome back to the show. I’m here today with Erica Levine. Eric, how are you doing, my friend? 

Hey Travis, I’m doing great. It’s a beautiful morning in LA. Did my meditation and did my workout.

Ye starting the day off right. I started my day talking to my other co-host, Carol Carpenter. If you guys haven’t checked out that show yet, it’s Become Titans with Travis Johnson and Carol Carpenter. Be sure you check that out. I’m saying this knowing that it’s pre-recorded and the podcast hasn’t launched yet. Just go. I have to cross-promote my stuff, but I mean, starting your day off in the right way is vital to the success of any organization, every venture, and every person in every household. How did you decide what you were going to do to start your day off right every day? 

You know, Travis, that is such an important facet of most successful people. Success in any way is to have a disciplined morning. Routine discipline doesn’t mean fun, but it means that you’re going to do it. You’re going to be serious about it because Faults are 10 times the amount of effort you put in. It just keeps going. 

What I do for my morning routine is, the very first thing I do is kind of zombie my way to the shower in ice-cold water, as cold as I can get. It’s a win-win situation. My wife bought a freezer, and it’s I told her it was a one-day wonder because that’s what my father used to call all my toys when I was a kid. They’re one-day wonders. We put it in the freezer for at least two weeks. OK, it costs about 3 grand, but no big deal. I wake up, take a cold shower, put on my gym clothes, and then I go outside. We have a beautiful backyard in the mountains here and I put on my eye shades today I did a guided meditation with this fabulous teacher named Doctor Joe Dispenza. He’s a neuroscientist. And for an hour and 15 minutes, I just got it to guide me into this meditation that I chose this morning.

After that, I hit some cafes, and then I have a gym in my house. You know, wake up him. I’ve finished my meditation for about 6 seconds. I do 15 minutes of pranayama. I forgot to talk about that. That’s yogic breathing, which there, as you get older, is important, called pranayama. Go on YouTube. There are a million different people you might like. After that, I just hit the gym and worked out for an hour. I do 260 minutes of cardio. It depends on how I feel. Two body parts: my abs and stretching. 

From there, I play with my son. When he wakes up, this morning it’s 9:00, but it’s usually about a two-and-a-half-hour routine that I’m religious about. And the difference between Julian not doing it and not is magical. When I started to know when the whole fitness thing started to happen, 30 years ago.  The CEOs of the world, the go-getters of the world, started saying, OK, let’s wake up at 7:00. Then, about 10 years ago, OK, let’s start at 6, and the new power hour is 5. I’ve watched that go down, but it’s about 5:00. 

When it’s quiet, it’s your time. No children, no spouses, no noise. It’s for you. Taking that time dedicated to our own mental, physical, and spiritual well-being every day is vital for the success of any venture. 

And I know you use specific times in your example, but for those that are listening that have different work hours, some people will work the 2nd shift, mid-shift, overnight, swing shift, whatever that means for you, that would be hours. Before work, begins, or if you’re doing it much later and you have to do it in the middle of your shift or the middle of your day, depending on what the rest of the world is doing. But taking that time every day to clear your mind is all-important. Clear your body of all the toxins built up in laziness, sleeping every night is vital to the success of every organization. Now you’ve had the success that a lot of people would be envious of. You went over to Asia and built a gym empire. What prompted you to do that? 

Well, that’s a great question, Travis. Before I went to Asia, I worked for a few different companies. I started in Canada at Gold’s Gym and in Southern California, at Family Fitness Center, and we merged with Family Fitness Center. We had 72 clubs and we merged with a group called 24 Hour Nautilus, which had 30 or so Northern California clubs and we call it a 24-hour fitness center a huge company. I kept my shares, but I didn’t want to be in a big company. I’m an entrepreneur. I do things myself with partners. I don’t have corporations really, and my partner, who was 75 at the time, He’s still alive. We sold 90 something, almost 100, and I said, “Look, I want to do my own thing”. And he was very fond of Asia. He liked it. 

I hopped on a plane and went to Hong Kong.  Originally, we were going to do a low-price model in the Philippines, which would have been a good idea, but I landed in Hong Kong, couldn’t sleep, walked the whole place, and everyone had brand-named stuff Chanel or Maze, whatever. And I’m just wondering how and why is that important? 

I found out that they’re very brand conscious and they’ll save for the right brand. And I felt the vibe there. It was New York, everyone was a go-getter, and I said to my partner, Ray Wilson, is there a reason I want to stay here? This feels right to me, and most of our decisions I do Instinctively.

I’m not that smart. I don’t have any degrees, I rely on my instincts quite a bit, and I felt it. I felt the vibe. As I found out throughout Asia at the time, this was before the handover of British rule to China. And there are little hotel gyms, but you know, there’s nothing. I saw the opportunity. I loved the feeling of the energy, and I am an adventurer.

I know, the odds were really against me at the time, that I was too early. It hadn’t happened yet. They had heard that Madonna was doing yoga. I mean, it’s that far back the cost of the rent. I mean, everyone was telling me it was not going to work. The Chinese people will never work out. Women will never work out in front of men in a gym. They won’t sweat in front of a man.

The leases were bad, I could only travel for a year when I got them. You’re going to put $4 million into the attendant improvements. It’s not going to work. To make a long story short, I met somebody who was from Montreal. I’m from Montreal, and he was successful there. I saw a building that I had visualized in my mind exactly. That’s a whole other story. We can talk about it, and there’s only one problem. When I saw this four-story, all glass. Hong Kong’s downtown heart. I manifested it exactly as I dreamed it. One problem is the rent. remember, this is 1996, what was almost 26 years ago? The rent was 250,000 U.S. dollars a month. 

Oh, that’s nothing. You can just pull that from your account, right?  

And because nobody knew me, and I didn’t have the Rolex watch with the leather band, my card had to be a certain way, he had to fit in there. They didn’t know anybody. I had to put a six-month deposit down. Plus, first and last month, it’s eight, right? It was 2,000,000 dollars! Everybody tells me It’s not going to work. That was one of the times I talked about it. When I discuss leadership. The experts, my lawyer, my accountant, my PR firm, my friend, because everybody was telling me no, don’t do it. Don’t do it, but I was there already. I had manifested in my mind when that building came up. That was with the final proof that I needed from, let’s call it, the universe. Go for it, man. “Go for it” and I was ready.

I was in amazing shape mentally and physically. I had a few thousand dollars from the past. I had made the sale, and I was ready to put it down, and I had committed to myself and whatever it took. You know, whatever it needs, I’m going to do it and I signed that lease. It costs four and a half million dollars (two million) for the deposit within 90 days. I got all my money back. 

Oh, that’s fantastic. That feels good to know that within 90 days, right at three months, you were getting that turnaround, what? It was happening within you that you knew, regardless of everyone telling you no, it’s not a good idea. How did you know that it was the right thing to do? Was it just you seeing the building that you visualized, or was it something more? 

Another great question Travis, you’re aware when you can tap into your – in whatever name, you want to give it I’m not going to use any names – when you can turn in and hear your internal power. That voice, you can only do it when you’re quiet. And you can’t do it here; it’s Not a thinking thing. 

We all have toolboxes. Thinking is a tool. But going inside and being still and hearing the bubbles come up, this is what it is. This is the right answer for me. When you can do that, and I have done that for months, I kept getting the same response. You know this is right and I’ve shifted a little bit from money, money, money, money, and I’m going to make a ton of money. 

Two, I’m going to create a brand-new industry. And when I have thousands of jobs that I’m going to create, tons of industry, I’m going to create, and my goal is to make millions of people healthy, happy, and better at whatever it is they do. Husband, wife, teacher, son, daughter, whatever, and shift my focus from Money dominated, which is, hey, trust me, that’s a big driver for me too. Money is fine and great, but my first intention is to create a new industry that is great for everybody. And that’s a shift that I needed to make. 

Think about that, the final click, I had my mindset. I was ready physically. I had the money, it had to work, though it couldn’t, you know, 250 a month, you’re not going to keep going and my internal power. I heard everything from everybody. I said I respected them, but nobody had done exactly this. And I always had confidence in the fact that, at that time, I already had 16 years of wins in the fitness industry, and I did Canada before Canada had anything. 

I had confidence. I had the ability; I had just about enough money. I went into it with great intentions and the intention shift that I made from money to health and helping people, I think, was the final commitment I had to make to get the universe to open doors. And it’s called Destiny’s ability to throw the first domino. Allowing the universe to do the synchronicity around you as the first domino. That’s what I teach when I talk. I’m talking from direct experience. 

Most people that just heard that and heard that story right now is thinking this guy is insane!

You know already we spent a week together.  

We did spend a week. But I already know Eric is insane. He’s nuts in the best possible way. I love that you had to shift your focus from the dollars that were going to show. Either show up in your bank account or leave your bank account open. Providing value to other people first, when we’re focused on money, and if you’re watching this on video, you can see my hand, when you’re focused on money what ends up happening is that you have this closed-handed.

The mentality that you have to hold on to every dollar you get, or the economy is bad or this, that, and the other, and when you open your hand with your relationship to money, knowing that money is going to flow in and out, it changes the way you just show up in the universe. If you’re not willing to give and receive, you break that cycle and you don’t allow that cycle to happen. And when you become someone else’s focus the world lines up for you to help you get done. Whatever it is that needs to happen, I love that story. 

You mentioned there that you were worried about being too early, and as soon as you said that a story popped into my head. Right now, in the US, do you have grocery delivery? Some people will go out and go shopping for you, get your groceries. I think Walmart got an app that you can click through the stuff you want. You can just show up in the parking lot. They’ll bring it out to your car, and you can drive away. When I was overseas in the Middle East, when I was in the Kingdom of Bahrain, they had little guys on scooters with these big boxes in the back of their scooters that would go to, you know, get fast food, go to restaurants for you, and go to grocery shopping for you. I can’t remember the name of the company, but in the 90s there was a company that tried to shop for you in grocery delivery, but they were about 20 years too early. 20 years too early. The concept was great, but we weren’t ready for it. 

If you know, in 1977, before I got into the fitness industry. I was an actor and supposedly didn’t get many jobs. I was a stripper. I did well at that. I was a waiter at a great restaurant when I came up with that idea. I was living in Venice Beach, the stoner capital of the world, and I started my first company called Stoned Age Delivery. Got the munchies? I’ll bring it to you, but I didn’t have enough delivery. It was me and my friend. We had two cars drive 40 miles. It didn’t pencil out. That deal was way too early, and I didn’t have the resources. 

But you’re right, you want to be at the beginning of the wave, you want to ride it up to the crest. Timing is everything, yeah. I heard in my military career that timing isn’t everything. It’s the only thing that truly, truly matters. It’s very, very important, but to be at the right time, you have to have all those other things in place, you have the balance and the feeling of when it’s right to. Pushing the button is correct.?  

I think that in today’s world we’re focused on a couple of things that prevent us from really showing up in the world we’re supposed to. We’re focused on being busy, especially in the US. I don’t know what everyone in the US is obsessed with being busy.  If they say, “Oh, what are you doing?” “Oh, I can’t do that. I’m busy.” It’s they feel good. Then they get to say that they’re busy, but if you say that you have to listen to your internal voice, and it has to be quiet. The whole day is busy. How can they possibly get it, in that quiet time to listen? 

Well, you know, Travis and I are part of this phenomenal club and alliance, and one of the laws that it teaches us, I’m not going to go into that, it’s called the law of the architect, and we’re all architects of our own lives. And another part of the stuff that we’re learning is that, as your boss, you’re Plus you have to. Remain above it so that you can see the entire picture and don’t get into the minutiae. And because, like, I went to a time seminar 30 years ago, I’ll talk to you a little bit about this. I want to talk about a noble goal. this lady, the course is called “Learning His Leadership.” It was a three-year course. I was going to that later. She was a cancer survivor, a Holocaust survivor, and a triple Ph.D. advisor to no one in a noetic society.

It’s super-genius, and she’s talking about time. She said to me, “OK, tell me about your life. What do you do?”  I went to the dry cleaners, picked up the dry cleaning, and went home. At that stage of my life, it cost me $13,000 every week. She said “how much money do you have? Make it a month. How long did it take you to drive there? Pick it up. You have a Traffic problem. It was 13 grand. You know, a perfect example.

My mentor would have his hairdresser cut his hair at his house manager for Addison massage and everything. People came to his house, and he sat me down. Do you think I’m centric and I said “what? Why would I think that?” and he said I have all these people come to my house? And he all told me that he said for me to go and do that. That’s going to cost me $25,000. And he said, ” it’s going to cost me an extra $100 to get my haircut at your house.” I just saved the company fifteen thousand dollars when we’re busy doing stuff and it’s not of high-level importance. You’re filling your cup. And you can’t get into anything powerful, you need the real stuff. Look at your life uncluttered as much as you can that the important things that you need will come to you and you’re able to access them without thinking all the time and running around. It’s a treadmill. 

Yes. I’m not in the same stratosphere you are when it comes to business and earnings. But really, what you got down to there was understanding what your value is to your business based on time, right when you’re there and you’re doing the things that you’re good at, that you’re designed to do. Or within your purview, use the word “architect.” The things that you’re in charge of when you’re doing those. It’s worth X number of dollars per hour.

Absolutely, and energy management. Do you know when you look at balance sheets? I know we’re jumping all around, but to everyone in business, we have our profit and loss. We see, you know, how much we spent on all this stuff, how much we’ve received. 

There’s one category that we never put in, and it can be a liability. Or it could be an asset. Depending on you, it’s your energy. How much energy did it take me to do that? in contrast to if I didn’t ‘t do that. What could I have accomplished in that same period? 

The amount of energy we spend on things that are not important takes us out of the flow. That’s a very important line item for the CEO or the BOSS leader. Well, everybody should go in at that time.  I may be able to go and open that new country, let’s say, and I’m going to make X amount of dollars versus staying where I’m at now. We have two or three locations inside M. Marketing, marketing, marketing. I have the whole team ready. What am I going to do? And how much more money will I make? How much more energy will I save? How much clearer can I be in, let’s say, the global dominance of whatever it is you’re looking at? 

Make sure that your energy is in the right place. Then it needs to be within your flow and your zone of genius. I can take and do just about anything that needs to be done. But if I’m going to go build a website, I can do it. But man, how long is it going to take me to figure out how to set everything up and do the color design and do all those things? Could I do it? I can do it, but is that worth my time? Is that what my zone of genius is? Is that where I’m focused? Some people build websites. That as soon as you start describing things, they’re building them in their head. It takes them a couple of clicks and they’ve got something. 

This occurs frequently among entrepreneurs and in the nonprofit sector. We see someone has given up. Someone needs to do something, and they just go do it regardless of whether it’s anywhere near their purview, their expertise, their zone of genius, or whether they’re the right person to ask or not, they happen to be the right. The line-of-sight tasking stuff that sort of stuff just kills me. It kills me when I see entrepreneurs doing everything, and it kills me in the non-profit industry when I see someone that is just not right for that task. Doing something just because of someone. said to do it. 

Right, right? No, it’s everywhere, in a second, I want to talk about the nonprofits. I just want to go back to another state that I visited. I learned from this lady a lot about leadership. You know, it’s called learning his leadership. Three-year course, I learned there’s a ton. We had to be there from 7:00 AM to midnight most days, and what I got out of it was many things.

They were talking about my shifting from money to purpose. You know, to be on purpose and let the universe juice it up for me. She taught me that, we know about mission statements, and they are kind of important, but we’re not today. It’s not that strong.

 She taught me something that she called a noble goal, which is above a mission statement It’s something that, first, you want your team to buy into it. You want to take that from them, but at the end of the day, it’s your decision and that noble goal is the You’re your light. It’s the light that you created your company on, and mine was simple: changing people’s lives through fitness and yoga, that’s it, but we all had that. 

Every time I got on a plane for an interview, I’ve done some big interviews, and they always said, “You’re Mr. Hartsell.” You know, that’s how they would introduce me before they even say my name usually. and I’d say Our noble goal is to change people’s lives through fitness and That’s what we do. We provide people with the greatest service so that they can improve their lives and be happier in every walk of life. If that’s why, why would I have to sell? Everyone wants that, we’re not selling. We’re giving. We’re facilitating it to our customers who want and need it, and they came to us, that noble goal is important for the team and the safety of the company that you always focus on that. It’s another thing that Lady Claire knew or taught me. 

That’s classic! When you can boil down anything you’re doing in the business world, in the nonprofit world, in your own life to something nobler, looking to improve people’s lives via I don’t know -let’s say, podcasting – could be fitness and yoga, it could be counseling. Whatever The thing is, when you’re talking about improving people, that’s a much different goal than just making a million bucks. Right, you can feel it. What we’re just thinking about. 

You can feel the power of that versus the other. And I want to talk to you about the nonprofit thing. I’ve been in many nonprofit situations. They are not on purpose is not fine. Boy, I think it was going to be a profit. OK, it turned out to be a non-profit, but I know what you’re saying and I’m making a joke about it. 

Yes, yes.  


I don’t and never have the term “non-profit.” Words are important. I’m the biggest violator of that. My wife Joy constantly reminds me of the power of words; the power of words we say in our heads all the time. The power of words that we audibly speak Think about the universe.

Everything runs on energy. Everything has a vibe, yeah? The power of attraction is karma and science. It’s not Foo Foo. It’s real. Whatever you do, there’s an action-reaction. Now if the word nonprofit, indicates to you that nonprofit, we’re not going to receive the money to make this organization have a profit, which means being able to grow in my market, and hire the best people to get the best equipment. You can access most of the people that you want to help, and I know people in the nonprofit world, especially usually very sweet, giving, giving, giving people, and that’s wonderful. But when we say non-profit, it sets up shop. A whole set of Vibes that stop abundance stop abundance, and that’s the exact opposite, obviously, of what everyone’s great intentions are.

I’m not aware of a shift in focus from nonprofit to for-profit. Giving industry, giving business a positive abundance industry, something that will change that, and you will attract a wide range of people who were previously turned off by the name nonprofit.

I have my own house, children, and school. How am I going to give? In to a non-profit, you know, there’s just a salary I can never grow, I left the whole non-profit group to think about changing the name at least. In their area, if you facilitate more abundance, you’re going to do the same good that you wanted to do, but you’re going to allow the flow of abundance to come in all sorts of ways. 

And I’ve been thinking about that. Since I’m the first time I ever heard of a nonprofit, and it scared me. I asked, “Are these people looking for a profit?” But don’t get it. Dan is a good friend of ours, a part of our alliance. He said the same thing to me, saying I don’t get that start nonprofit and we talked about it, and he was aligned with it. We both had the same feeling, maybe that’s something to think about for your organization. Take out the word nonprofit and put it in an abundance mindset, regardless of whatever it is you’re doing. 

That word has a lot of connotations to it. I remember posting different things if I talk about the nonprofit world or the nonprofit architect to people that aren’t familiar with the industry or what it looks like. I posted in a podcast group. Hey, I’m looking to talk to nonprofit people in the nonprofit world, as well as about 100 other people. Trying to hit and say, “Oh, I don’t make any money.” My podcast is non-profit, and you’re right, the word itself detracts from the actual meaning. When people say not-for-profit in Canada, I believe they mean charitable organization or charity. 

Well, that’s better.  

 It’s a little better, but still, it’s even at the cost of self is almost what a charity sounds like.  

I’m a big philanthropist with certain things. And I feel good about that. And one thing is that you must be extremely careful. It’s not me. It’s not my personality, but many great people with the biggest hearts, people in the world have this misconception of version because, money doesn’t grow, and money is evil. Money doesn’t get all that ridiculous noise that we heard growing up. 

You have to make sure the attraction of and if you know a lot of people in charity organizations and non-profits, they have that chip in their brain that says that money isn’t a good thing and that isn’t going help you. OK, I don’t care what you’re doing with the money. Is it a law of our society around the world what you do with that money? That’s where godliness comes in. But if you don’t have the money, we’re just on a call three days ago, with the organizations’ heads Hey, you want to help? But you don’t have any money. Get the money. You have to align yourself to help the world with money. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in for. Profit, nonprofit, whatever. You have to have this mindset that money is a great thing and imagine all the great things you’re going to do with that money instead of money being evil. 

The root of all of that will block it. Going back to the words check yourself. Am I blocking the flow of abundance? Something my mother said when I was five, “That’s still the direction that I’m going. Check your image not only on that but on many other things as well. What old sayings do I repeat in my brain that isn’t true?”

 Don’t have anything to do with me, and then I want to change that, but non-profit, not-for-profit usually means I’m stopping the money flow, and I know that anyone in non-profit wants to get as much money to do the good that they want. Well, they’ve got to get the money first. 

I love that you talked about the blocks that happened when your mom told you, someone. a year or five years Isn’t that true? Have you ever heard this? Just a quick yes or no. I’ll go into the story. You’ve got to clear your plate. You’ve got to eat everything on your plate. Have you ever heard that? sure, So, from very many parents teach their children from a young age not to listen to their bodies when it comes to too immediately seeing the effects, especially in the US, of a lot of overeating, body image issues, or anything else, because at a very early age, parents are conditioning their kids to eat more than their body needs or wants. 

Right, true, and you know, and I’m sure all our parents meant well. They just didn’t know. They didn’t have the proper knowledge to be able to tell us. And yet you know you will keep it with you for 40-50 years. That’s your first software, you know, push eating, and that’s the first thing. What comes up in Your mind is it’s Not true at all. It’s still negative for you. I know you’re talking about that and your image, and then we’re jumping around and having fun. 

Let me explain. I will explain a little bit about the importance of what I find about self-image. I’ll give you an example. I have this. He’s the greatest assistant manager in Hong Kong. The greatest assistant manager wants to be a manager and he’s good. I’m going to just give you an idea of how much money you make as an assistant manager, and again, this is 20 some odd years ago. But you know, Hong Kong is expensive, people make a lot of money there. He was making about 10,000 U.S. dollars a month and he was in his mid-20s, and he had told me, he wanted to be a manager. I saw that he went to management training, and he was perfect, I expanded us to another country, which was Singapore. I moved the current manager to Singapore. Now he’s going to be the manager. His starting salary is $20,010 to $20,000. He takes over on Monday. He doesn’t show up. Never saw him again. I find out he’s selling turtles in Shanghai. In his opinion, he didn’t deserve that amount of money. He didn’t believe he could handle the responsibilities of that position.

And what do we do when the situation is greater than our self-image? Do we self-destruct? We sabotage. Rush in every way and it may not be the first day he did, but sooner or later if your self-image says I’m not good enough for that, whether it’s I’m not good enough to be married to him or get that guy or get that girl or get that job, whatever it is, you’re going to self-sabotage. And go below that ceiling that you created in your mind. Even though the war was ready for you, you sabotaged it. I checked myself. This isn’t going as well as it should. I thought, what vibes do I have inside? My mind is saying “Hey, you’re not ready for that, you’re I’m not good enough for that”, and I catch myself all the time. And I see it all the time. Be aware of that and try to remove your limits as much as you can. can and it’s. Constant, you know it doesn’t happen overnight. But self-image is very important in all aspects. of your life.  

I couldn’t agree more. I remember growing up in trailer parks and foster homes. I was looking at people with any kind of money, and when you’re at that level, pretty much everyone has more money than you do in your mind, and I remembered hating people because they had because I didn’t have what I didn’t know was how the world worked. I didn’t know what they did for a job. I didn’t know them. The value that they provided. Jeff Bezos, the value he’s provided through Amazon and how many decades did it take him to build that into the empire that it is right? He has provided much value to many people. The number of people that have jobs that can take care of their families. They have insurance because of him. People who have things delivered to them save time because they understand the value of their time.  All those people that he’s impacted. Make him worth it. What he’s worth makes the company the valuation that it is based on the stocks. He was able to do that based on what he knew about himself and what he was worth. I didn’t know at the time when I was younger that I had any worth. Based on my station in life,

That’s natural, right? That’s natural.  

You’re receiving all this external feedback that tells you who you are, what you do, and what your life means. All this stuff. If you’re relying on the outside world to tell you and build your image of yourself, it’s always 100% going to be bad. 

And if they build you up to be good, celebrity, something is going to happen that’s going to kind of tear it all down. As this will not last, the good and bad times will not last. The good times will not last. All of it will not last, but if you’re counting on oh, that person makes me happy. The words they say don’t have some magical potion that when it hits your eardrums, happiness flows in your body, right? There’s not some molecule that hits you. It’s how we feel about ourselves, and we’re attached. If we’re attached to every little thing that everybody says is going to be terrible, you’re going to be drama. 

When you watch your news, you’re going to go into a frenzy. Someone says something terrible about you or something that you identify with. It says something bad about something you identify with as your own identity. You’re going to have a bad time because you’re relying on those external words to make you who you are. 

You know, when you were growing up in that tough situation, and you’re seeing that? And that’s your environment. That’s your teacher, and you’re focused on that. That’s how we do it, right? And where you place your focus is where your energy goes. 

Science today has proven that yes, DNA affects us. You’ve got blue eyes. You’re tall or short, whatever ye but the environment that you grow up in has more precedence on who you are today than science and we didn’t even know about it before. My father is this or my mother is that? I’m this? That’s not it. That’s not it. It’s the environment that you’re hanging around. What you’re focused on has more weight on who you are today than that. And that’s a freedom to know that, right? It’s big freedom to accept that and acknowledge that. And that’s where Neuroscientists are today and the top thinkers in the medical world are today. 

They, they’ve proven that. The biggest danger with parents is that don’t understand how we develop as people when we are from birth to about age 7, we are in the process of building our operating system.  


And up until that point, roughly at that point, or it’s not the same for everybody, but you’re essentially just onboarding information without any kind of filter. If your life involves trauma, pain, abuse, or a boarding system someone abuses a small kid and then follows it up with I love you. They’re associating that abuse with love, and because they don’t yet have a filter, they can’t cite. 

And that’s not right. They operate with that as their operating system until some dramatic or traumatic event happens to change that in the future. But it’s very hard to change. This is according to science from Johns Hopkins and Harvard, and all these places you have to be cognizant of what you are developing, especially with the children that you had growing up. 

They’ve looked at teenagers. They looked at preteens and adolescents, they looked at children, and they found that they couldn’t have any significant impact unless they were school-age – Kindergarten through second grade – parents have access ahead of kindergarten, but you can’t do anything significant to change a child’s direction. Unless you get to them before seven. 

The subconscious mind, which was in 95% of our waking hours, was in our subconscious mind. And that’s, you know, all the hearts, the lungs, whatever we do normally. As a habit that we do, and the subconscious mind is what you were just talking about, the first hardwire we’re getting, up to the age of seven, and what is the subconscious mind?

It is all a counter that keeps track of how many times you are I’m stupid. My father said I’m stupid. My teacher said I’m stupid. My friend said I’m stupid. It keeps a record of how many times you have said that to yourself. That is my self-image, stupid people can do up to this but not this. here’s the stupid level of advancement in whatever area it is. There is a way to fix that. That is, say no. And I was taught this by my mentor 25 years ago. What you do is create. You know, you download a device, whatever it is in your voice. You know you can go on YouTube and hear Tony Robbins and all these other magnificent motivators, no question to help, but more importantly, your subconscious knows your voice.

Make a tape. In my generation, we made a tape. I have no idea what you guys are going to do today, but we made a tape in our voice for 30 minutes. I’m intelligent and I can do it. I put my mind to it. I made it happen. I’m successful. I have successful friendship opportunities. I’m in abundance mode. Energy is abundant. I have all the important things. You know that you need to counteract any ridiculous baggage, literally baggage that you’re carrying with you, and you acted 1,000,000 times in one day that your subconscious heard that I’m intelligent. I can do it. I’m intelligent. 

We had to do it as an onboarding into my mentor’s company for 99 days. He had to hear it before he was hired. You had to make your decision. He had yet to send it to him. He had to approve it. And then for 99 days, he checked me out. Check-in a certain way. Give me a quick call before you get into any type of position, and that is the simple trick that works for you, you can hear your voice before you go to sleep. And that affirmation keeps going in your subconscious mind for the entire time you’re sleeping, it plays over and over, and on your 100th day, most things have flipped. You keep doing it for as long as You know, you don’t think you’re It’s not there yet, but it works its magic, and it works. 

That’s fantastic. That is such great advice, and you live what you teach and preach. And it’s great to have you as a guest today. I know we got to spend a week together in Texas having just an experience I enjoined every single moment. I am getting to meet you and your wife, Joy. What parting words do you have for our audience today. 

I think that you know that the world, it’s always in chaos. I think my father would have said it was worse than or crazier. We’re hearing fake everything from everywhere. I’m saying right, left, up, down. It’s everywhere. Now is the most important time for you to start something for yourself that isn’t connected to anyone else. Something meditation. 

Yoga is something that gets you, as we talked about earlier, this gets you to access to your higher power. It’s not here. It’s the heart. It’s inside of that and it doesn’t take hours. OK, it can take 5 minutes. Recenter yourself. Be quiet. The information that comes from that you can count on with your entire being.

What works for you can be praying. It can be doing whatever it is that you think is going to get them access to that? The special spot that we all have. We’ve all got it. We’re all family regardless of anything and I get that. And if you can access that and make that an important part of your life, I can guarantee that you’re going to be happier and have a healthier life for sure.

Oh, absolutely words to live by. Where’s the one place you would people to go if they want to contact you?  

They can go to my website, Eric Levine. And they can e-mail me. You know, that’s my website. You see all the things that I’m doing; what I’m doing and how I can help you. If you want to contact me for anything and my e-mail, send me an e-mail regardless of the topic, and we can communicate.

Hey, thanks much for being my guest. Eric,  

My pleasure Travis you’re great. Everyone that meets Travis falls in love with him. He makes us smile, gives us energy, and makes us happy. thank you, Travis. 

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