Ultimate Podcast Guide


Our Ultimate Podcast Guide covers the startup phase, launch, and growth of your podcast! Full-color and printer-friendly version delivered to your email instantly!

This guide includes:

  • 15 reasons for starting a podcast and why it matters for every business and nonprofit.
  • Podcast hosting platforms and podcast apps, which ones the best, which ones are free, and which apps you absolutely must be on.
  • We walk you through how to name your show, how long each episode should be, what type of content you should be producing, how often to post each new episode, and why it matters.
  • We give you a behind-the-scenes look into download stats, rankings, and the review process.
  • We cover production flow, show notes, and micro-content.
  • It doesn’t matter how great your show is if no one knows you exist. We cover marketing, social media, email, groups, blogs, directories, street teams, and social media ads.
  • We walk you through Headliner, why you should use it, how to set it up, and how to use it in your promotions.
  • Guests! We show you where to find great guests, how to qualify them for your show, how to be a great guest, how to prepare for the interview, networking, building relationships with other professionals, and how to avoid rookie mistakes.
  • 10 Ways to monetize your podcast and guest appearances. We include sponsorships, digital real estate, Patreon, syndication, affiliates, repurposing your content, Swag, and services.
  • Templates! This is one of my favorite sections. We have mini-guides and templates for: How to Contact Celebrities, Creating Social Media Posts using Headliner, Creating your Speaker One Sheet, Email pitches, guest sharing templates, Guest Questionaire, Guest Release, and Show Notes!

All this included for only $47

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The Ultimate Podcast guide has been instrumental in helping me make some important decisions about how and when to launch my podcast. I am in the beginning stages of podcast development and this guide has given me a complete overview of what to expect and consider as I move forward. I'm so glad I'll have this step-by-step, insider's roadmap to follow when the time comes. - Bernadette Mack for People Leading Nonprofits
The Ultimate Podcast guide gives concise information of the essentials needed for starting and expanding a podcast. My favorite sections in the guide are the marketing, networking, and the “find a guest, be a guest” sections. Since reading Travis’ Ultimate Podcast Guide, we have hit Top 50 in several countries! I highly recommend picking up the Ultimate Podcast Guide! - Dwayne Santos, host of the Cancelled for Maintenance Podcast
Podcasting has become the new “IT” thing to do. In an ever-increasing virtual world, it is not surprising how many people have jumped on this band wagon. It is a great way to get your name and or product out there. However, the sheer number of podcasts can be overwhelming to sift through to find great content. And even more of a challenge is to have a podcast that generates revenue. I had not realized just how many things went into podcasting until I read this guide. This is an all-encompassing guide that gives you all the tools to make sure that your podcast is successful. Having a guide this in depth can literally make or break your podcast career and ability to stand out amongst the hundreds of other shows. - Heather Clark
After reading the Ultimate Podcast Guide I was able to create a roadmap of the steps I needed to take to turn my podcast from a hobby to a sustainable gig by learning all the different ways to monetize it, learning where and how to submit it and so much more. I very much recommend the Ultimate Podcast Guide to whomever is thinking of starting up their own podcast. The value offered is incredible. - Niurka Castaneda, the host of Founders Time Podcast