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Bring ancient wisdom into the modern everyday Life with ALIVE. ALIVE is an acronym. Allow more Ying into your Yang. Listen within. Inspiring the soul first. Value your fears and energize your daily flow. When high-achieving, creative-conscious business leaders who are dealing with the chatter of their minds cut through distractions they can focus and, master their energy.


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{02:00} Who is Anna Sun Choi?
04:30} The Conscious Leadership Foundation
08:45} Finding Funding
10:55} The A.L.I.V.E program
13:10} Allow more Ying to your Yang
17:15} Listen within
21:30} Inspire yourself first
27:30} Value your fears
22:00} Energize your inner flow

Notable Quotes

We are not the voice in our head, those are things speaking to you and through you, you can determine what actions you're going to take.

If you are enlightened and don't use any of what you have been given, what is the point?

The 1st 30 to 60 minutes a day, ground you for the rest of the day.

There are multiple ways to add value to the world.

Anna Sun Choi's Bio

Anna Sun Choi, Energy Coach, Forbes Author, and TEDx Speaker serve high achieving, creative, conscious, next-gen global leaders to catalyze a tipping point in global enlightenment.

Trained by two living enlightened Energy Masters, she is a lifelong energy student for the last two decades. Her work blends ancient wisdom, energy mastery, and brain education as a Dahn Master, Korean Qigong Yoga Instructor, and Taekwondo Martial Artist.

A second-generation Korean American social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Anna founded the Conscious Leadership Foundation to train educators in helping their students cultivate mindfulness and emotional resilience through Brain Power Wellness.

Her proudest accomplishment is water birthing her son. She’s married to her best friend for 20 years in Poulsbo, WA. Anna loves being a singer-songwriter, hiking, dancing, and cooking plant-based cook, and you might see her face on billboards or subway trains as a BECU model.

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Full Transcript

Hey, welcome back to the show. I’m here today with my guest Anna Choi, how are you doing today. 

I’m awesome. How are you, Travis?

I’m doing fantastic. See, what you all don’t know is that I got to spend a week with Anna at a ranch in Texas, and we just got off a group call, leading right into the podcast. We’re already loose. We’re already free-flowing. 

We’re already enjoying the heck out of life.

Who is Anna Sun Choi?

Anna runs the Conscious Leadership Foundation. And she is also the chief energy officer at Soul Dash Joy. com. Anna. What’s up? Tell us a little bit about yourself. Background on who you are, what you do, and why you do it. 

Excellent! As the Chief Energy Officer of Soul Joy, what we do is focus on serving high-achieving, creative-conscious business leaders who are dealing with the chatter of their minds and how to cut through distractions so that they can focus their energy and, more importantly, master their energy to tap into it. It’s about the illness reservoir of energy that’s available all the time for each person. Our mission and vision are about really empowering the next generation of leaders globally so that we can cause a tipping point in elevating humanity’s consciousness. 

Yeah, that’s cool. I know when we met out at the ranch, you were like, “Hey, let’s do this morning’s Tai Chi something or other,” and we ended up, “pounding chakras for an hour and I had to run.” I was forced to leave. The class kept going, but I had to leave. I had never done that before, and although I knew it was a thing, I had never really been involved in something like that. What brought you into that space? 

Yes, and just so people don’t think you just ran off running. Yeah, what happened to Travis? They cleared some stuff. Right, so it’s mostly mental energy on every level, right? And there was that lower back pain, right? 

Oh yeah, we did. The lower back one too, or we did the arm movements. Yeah, that cleared up my back pain in LA. She’s like, “just a couple of minutes’ worth of work” and she’s like, “How are you doing later?” I was like, “My back feels wonderful.” How did you do that? 

Yeah, a lot of people have layers and layers of energy. Energy travels in light, sound, or vibration. Everything is made up of energy molecules and particles, right? There you go. It’s layered in our bodies from trauma and stress, and a lot of times It doesn’t come out, it’s still in the body, and a lot of that Tai Chi movement, what I call mindful meditation, is what allows that to surface and exit and come out. 

Yeah, that’s cool. I want to talk today about a couple of different things with you. 

One is you’ve got your business, it’s a social enterprise that feeds your foundation, and then I want to talk to you about you’re A.L.I.V.E program. Your year-long course and alleviate. Each has its special meaning.

The Conscious Leadership Foundation

Tell us a little bit about your foundation. The Conscious Leader Foundation

My son, when he was in first grade, had this kid come and throw a chair at the teacher, and then the next day they were like, “We’re getting into fistfights.” My son was just watching this. You know, the resources were brutal gangs. It was wild. The kindergarten gang with the 1st-grade gang was swearing at him. I initially thought it was the mother.

OK, it’s good to have them have socioeconomic background differences, and a lot of those kids there have had adverse childhood experiences. Kids’ parents are in prison. Parents just leave for the weekend without telling them. They’re minors! You know, divorce, whatever, they’re dealing with things, it comes out at school because there’s no one else for that energy that’s packed and ready to go.

I’m sorry. Didn’t you feel sorry for the kids? And I wanted my son to kind of run it, but it got to a point where it was just not conducive for learning. My husband and I decided that our tax dollars are still going to this school even though we put him in a private school. But what else can we do? I don’t want to just abandon these people, and I have been on the PTA. I started to think they cut art from school and tried to get involved as much as possible. I could before we left. But we still want to do something more. That’s the inception of the Conscious Leadership Foundation.

There’s a brainpower wellness curriculum that’s been tested in over 500 schools and 500,000 kiddos, and for teachers, that works! It’s designed to work no matter how hard the situation is. It’s in a country where the founder of this at the UN met with the UN delegate of education and they implemented this brain power wellness curriculum and it worked well for very, very traumatic situations of children dealing with hard things.

The children blossomed into these amazing leaders who led the community. 25% of the schools now use it as a mandatory thing because it worked well. Then a guy did that in New York. The same thing happens in Harlem and Title I schools. Anyway, it works as the bottom line. “Well, this is perfect.”

I knew a school that could use that right away. That’s what began, and I just do it. On the fundraising side, we launched it with this consciousness summit that we ran in 2019. We got a bunch of leaders together, ignited a presence movement, and then from those we raised a few thousand dollars that we used to first fund a school bicycle initiative for all the staff, and then to create a culture of mindfulness that would allow the teachers to just do simple one-minute brain breaks with skills that deal with stuff. And you know, be able to deal with themselves and have emotional resilience. Have that grit and that leadership that is required right now to not just be mindful but to rise. No matter what their circumstances are. 

Oh, that’s cool. You brought the brainpower wellness curriculum into the school and helped repair what was going on. 

Yes, well, we raised money. Then we met with the leadership team and the principal, and they essentially rejected it. This was interesting because they were exhausted, and the leadership changed every year or so. The principal couldn’t even last because they were in such turmoil they couldn’t implement it, and this was kind of a whoops. right?

We ended up pivoting. This is all during the pandemic. It’s like they’ve got that on their mind of being hybrid, and this is what it will be like in 2020 when people start to Then we decided if there’s a virtual training camp, any person that’s that teacher, any educator can come to get trained and certified and then bring it back to their school and use it for their students.

We gave out three scholarships. It’s out to be a community college for K through higher education. I still have the heart to keep it to local K through 5 or K through 8 schools, but that’s not us. We must go where there’s a need and interest rates pivoted.

Finding Funding

Yeah, that’s cool and then you use soul joy to create fun as a funding stream to fund your foundation. 

Yes, yes. As a social enterprise, we donate a large percentage of profits straight to the leadership foundation. That’s why it’s in funds, part of our way as a social enterprise. It funds nonprofits, but we have a kind of buy one, give one model. For every client that we take on board, we fund a social entrepreneur in India. Or for every email we send, we give water to a certain country. That was an example. We don’t do that actual last one, but. It’s that before this I was a conscious business coach. It is critical to have a model that exemplifies social enterprise. What is the heart of a non-profit’s mission but the hands and feet of a business’s profit?

Oh, absolutely. 

One of the main points I preach is that there are multiple ways to add value to the world, right to the world we live in and the world around us. The group of people that we want to help start a nonprofit is one way to do it. But it’s not the only way to do it. If you find a way to partner with someone, you happen to run the foundation as well, but you could use your social enterprise to fund other groups and other organizations.

And I’m not talking to Anna specifically. I’m talking to the audience. You can use your business. To help partner with a nonprofit that you care about that you love that you want to support, and you can do it either directly through funds out of the front end, or you can hop on the link in the show notes, I heard that. And when you start sharing credit, you can save money on your back-end credit card processing, and 40% of that fee goes directly, unrestricted, to the nonprofit of your choice. If you have businesses in your ecosystem, they could help support your foundation as well, while saving money on their bottom line.

There are numerous approaches. You can do it without starting your own nonprofit, but your business will be your sole joy. You’re connecting with business leaders. Bringing them into consciousness, reducing stress, assisting them in becoming more aware, and utilizing the A.L.I.V.E program.

The A.L.I.V.E. Program

What is the Alive program? How did you create this? 

We surveyed all our customers and clients over the years to see what they needed the most, and then we drew on ancient wisdom 10,000 years old to deduce and simplify essentially energy principles and laws that have existed for millennia.

To the modern-day person, people can’t just go to the Himalayas on a mountain and meditate forever and withdraw from the world. I mean, you could, and how is the greatest impact going to get made. Right, if you are enlightened and don’t use any of what you have been given, what is the point? You’ve got to share it and circulate that energy. I like to say that’s what A.L.I.V.E does and is inspired by, which is to bring ancient wisdom into the modern everyday Life. ALIVE is an acronym. Its “A” is to allow more Ying into your Yang. “L” is listening within. “L” is inspiring the soul first. “V” is valuing your fears and “E” is energizing your daily flow.

Oh, that’s fantastic. 

We have a book coming out.

Allow more Ying to your Yang

That’s cool. What does it mean to allow more yin to your yang? I know a lot of people have seen this symbol, but they do want to understand what the structure is or what it represents. 

Can you speak a little bit about that?  

Overall, we live in a very Yang energy society. Go, push, push, attach, grow, grow 10 times, and not all yang is celebrated. The hustle and grind of the Yang energy celebrated with Ying is harmony. It’s where you balance and it’s why I like the word harmony better than balance because balance implies something like this. 

You’re balancing in the middle. It kind of tends to have to keep it balanced there. Versus Harmony says, “Yeah, sometimes we’re one way and sometimes the other.” And what’s important is to know where you are and bring in the other energy to help cope, bounce, or harmonize that area. If you are like most of us, at least in Western society, you are overworked, overcommitted, and burnt out. Not great health, right? You probably have already done that from stress and working too much in some capacity. Whether you’re burned out from doing good or doing nonprofit work, it is very common to have burnout. 

Whether you’re in the corporate world or have your own business, you create a job for yourself. Again, whoops. through your business. You’re yanked out. And we’ll bring some Yin and Yin energy. This principle applies not just to what I’m saying energetically at work but also to the seasons, right? We have general flow and ebb and flow in everything. We tend to think of how life flows in cycles as a linear line that goes up and never stops. 

It’s thinking of life as a circle, and that’s why it’s a circle, right? This is not another shape, but anyway, when you have yin energy, this is doing nothing. This is digesting what you’ve learned by reflecting. It is leisure or could be a pleasure, right? It’s just surrendering. Then pushing things is allowing and making some happen is allowing orienteering.

Yang is consciously creating on an annual, quarterly, weekly, or daily basis. Ying, create structure in your life such that it’s inevitable. You’re creating the flow for it to happen, then waiting for it to happen because by default you’re just going to go, “Ying” all the time. But if you consciously create Ying time, that could be something we’ll talk about more later.

The daily flow of inspiring self-assessment is the morning routine. I recommend it at a very tactical level. Take a week off every quarter. Yes, four weeks off a year. I know that seems like a lie, but after six weeks, I’ve found that to be the sweet spot. I found ten weeks to be a little excessive to be out that much. Two is insufficient. Four to six is the sweet spot in Australia. They have that much paid time off. We’re one of the few countries that have paid time off worse than many others.

But you say we, in the United States? This is. This podcast is heard all over the world, so. 

Oh, that was very US-centric to say “we” yes, the US where which is where I’m from. 

Yes, yes, the US currently is interesting. When you talk about this stuff, those who have been listening for a long time know that I had a very busy, stressful, and strenuous first quarter of 2022, and I met Anna at a week-long retreat. I had Karaoke at my retreat/training with Anna, and then I had another two-week road trip that I was just continuing to build rest time into my life.

There’s so much going on and if we allow it if we let it, the world, our job, or whatever we’ve decided to sign up for, will take as much as you give them. And if you don’t have a dedicated conscious place where you say, “I’m going to do nothing,” you’re in trouble. 

These were my favorite old jokes. A couple of years ago, I said, “I saw it on Facebook.” You said “you’re going to do nothing today. Do you want to do something?” I was like “no, no, you misunderstand, I have a schedule.” I have nothing in my schedule that I have nothing to do and I’m going to be doing nothing. Some people were asking me “I don’t understand” and if you jam pack and you can’t jam much into your daily life. You can have it, especially if you have kids and kids and sports. Plus, you’re working; maybe you’re taking classes on the side, and possibly running a small business.

If you’re in the non-profit world, you’re volunteering or you’re working, you can max out every moment of your life. And there’s nothing wrong with that, right? It’s not illegal, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to need it either. You’re going to schedule intimate time, or your body is going to force you into some Yen time from overexertion, from stress, from burnout, from all those things. I was happy, happy that I got to meet Anna during my scheduled Yen time.

I ramble about my road trip, my Spirit Quest, whatever. The thing is that you want to call it based on what part of the world you’re in. In Pittsburgh, they say. I’m a free pony, so you can’t hold me down. I love that. I love that we have to add a little bit more to your yang.

Listen within

The L means “listens within” what does that mean? 

That’s not a western concept. People don’t do that inherently. At least I don’t think. 

That’s more eastern listening within is being able to discern all the noise in your head like in the movie Inside Out. It’s discerning which is essentially the ego’s voice versus your own. I caught your soul, your spirit, your higher power, your true self. Take your pick of what resonates most for you, being able to discern that voice, which often comes in a tiny, small way. 

That has been overpowered for quite some time by a loud ego, and within the ego, there are typically three desires: recognition, control, or safety. And you can pretty much trace most of us to the reactions. The reactionary thoughts to one of those three ego desires, and then you know which one is which, because sometimes it’s hard to tell, because the ego is a little tricky. Anyway, that’s the essence of listening. Within is being able to listen within on TuneIn to the right voice that you want to listen to. to you too. Guide your life so that instead of being ego-driven, you are soul-driven, or higher self, or true self-driven.

One of the things I heard over the last couple of years that really kind of knocked me on my ass is that we are not the voice in our head. The voices in our heads, whether they’re the ego or some other thoughts or whatever else, are things. Those are for checking files. Those are those that are not you. Those are things speaking to you and through you, and then you can determine what actions you’re going to take. 

One of the things is that a lot of people in my circle have a lot of stress. There was one person that just did everything on emotion. I kind of called him out and I was like, “We are doing this.” I said, “Logically, your feelings are indicators.” They’re saying something that can be considered good or bad or whatever else, but there are indicators. They’re not who you are. “

You’re feeling those feelings, and then you decide how you’re going to act. Based on that knowledge, if I did everything based on feelings, I wouldn’t get up on time for work every day because I wouldn’t feel like giving up, right? That voice in my head that’s telling me, “Oh, this bed is comfy and safe and warm and it’s storming out, it’s going to be kind of a lazy day anyway.” I could listen to that voice, but that would be my choice. To listen to that voice is not me.

Totally, and there’s a fine line of distinction, right? Because, as you say, we’re not our thoughts. We’re not our emotions and we’re not our body sensations. But typically, we’re reacting with our five senses to one of those things and thinking that it is us.

When we get sick, we get mad. Maybe because we identify with being sick, right? Or, if we are angry or snap at a family member, we are embarrassed because we believe we are the angry ones. But as you’re saying, our reactions differ, and there is value in listening to where you are. It’s like you go back here. Michael Singer with this rendering experiment describes it well. There’s another book as well, but you’re observing. You become the witness.

No matter what your body-mind knows, you know what feelings are reacting to or triggered by a situation. You have the capacity. To sit back and observe and watch. And that observer has a voice, so to speak, or an inner knowing. It might come to you or some of the people there. visual or auditory. But our way of coming to you is through wisdom. It’s about listening within to that inner wisdom that watches at all. 

Inspire yourself first


I like that. What what’s next? What’s that “I”? 

Inspire your soul first. What’s that mean? Inspire your soul first? 

You know, it used to invest in you first. I invested in teams back in the day and in working with clients, I found how many people work on these tactics outside of themselves that don’t get to the root source of why they’re stressed or burnt out or whatever.

Then, based on years of working with people, we examined their morning routines, and most people understand that the first hour or so is critical to the rest of your day and how it is set. But what I still find is very disciplined people working with high achievers. Here they say, “Oh yeah, I go work out and then I go read the news, or I go do this or that.”

Quote from a client, right? 

You know you can ask us a couple of questions that get to the heart if they’re inspiring the soul first. Is what they do that relevant?

See their true self, highest self, source, whatever you want. What resonates for you with God? Is it about connecting or just about achieving? And many times, the morning routine could be about getting organized to be productive, which is distinct from connecting and building a deeper relationship with your soul and inspiring yourself, so it doesn’t matter so much what you’re doing. It’s how you’re doing it or flowing through it, as a friend would say. For example, a lot of people work out. People are just proud.


I went to the gym last week. I don’t understand why I’m not massive and in great shape. Right? I don’t know. 

I say, Kudo. 

If you have a lot of back pain, you should go to the gym more than once a week, if at all, right? But let’s say you are. Even those people, they’re checked out. Consider what they intend to do in business, what they intend to do next, in their personal lives, or whatever work they have.

Imagine that same action. Now they are consciously able to do that action. They’re just listening to their breath. Consider the impact of 20 minutes of what I call moving meditation or mindfulness on the rest of their day to ground themselves.

The first 30 minutes to 60 minutes of a day ground you for the rest of the day. I meditate for an hour a day in silence, just sitting there. And I can tell the difference. I do it at 4:00 AM when my kid does something that might trigger me. If I am irritated and annoyed and say something back or if I am just impatient and I just let it flow, I can let it flow or respond with love.

Either way, kids should always come with a trigger warning. You never know what’s going to happen. 

They are our best opportunities to grow, aren’t they? 

We thought we were all playing games. It’s interesting how expectations and perspective come into play with just about everything in our lives. We start our morning with mindfulness or meditation or gratitude or working out in the gym. I don’t know if it’s the same as people that go for a morning run or a morning bike ride, being out in nature. 

You get this different perspective on everything that goes on, and it’s easy to let all the things in your life build up and become this kind of monster. We must defeat him. Unless we have the right kind of perspective about what’s going on


Those first few moments of inspiring sulfurs are critical, not just for the day, but for your life in building long-term, sustainable health, happiness, and peace inside. 

Yeah, in full transparency, this is not something I do well. This is not something I do well at all. 

Yeah, I wake up, and depending on the dreams that I had the night before, I might be catching my breath. I might be defending myself. Have some wild and interactive dreams. I wake up and I think “Is this reality of what’s going on?”

And then I check the time. I don’t wake up to an alarm clock anymore; I check the time to see how much time I have before my first event. I’m starting to schedule these things. The first thing I do in the mornings at 10:00 AM is checked if I have time to do something. 

Then my next thing starts in 10 minutes. And I still make it on time, but there is no thoughtful, good morning prep time. I don’t inspire soul first on those days, and I can tell a difference when. I either do something productive or mindful in the morning, or I don’t. 

Value your fears

I must create that vulnerability through authenticity. I suck at the morning routine. What comes after the I there’s the V?

Value your fears. 

This is interesting. when you mentioned this to me before we started. I said, “I want to know what on Earth this is.” What do you mean? Valuing our fears.

Is that the opposite of everything that we’re taught?

How do you value the thing that you’re afraid of? To be honest, it was originally called “Vanquish Your Fears.” Which is more what people are used to as far as fighting against something. But as we did the work and continued the principle, it was clear value was much more expressive of what the energy needed was needed.

If you think about fears like little kids, I think that’s what they are at the source; it’s just maybe got a lot of dark layers energetically. right? Right? Whatever that fear might be, right?

It could be a fear of growing apart in your marriage. It could be a fear of not being close to your kids and not living life true to yourself. That’s the number one regret of people dying. Or whatever it is. Then if you can face the fear and allow it,

There’s another acronym for you now. Take note, observe, and welcome. Those are three stages of fear that once you master it, can just take half a second. But in the beginning, it’s awkwardly long. What is it? One month’s notice What is observed? What is it?

I did a slew of clients as if I were only working with this contractor and his wife, and they’re super successful financially. And you know, in general, people have a great life on the outside, but there’s, you know, not them. But I’m saying to people, that PTSD people have their demons that they deal with, and they don’t show that on the outside, but that energy inside affects them and they’re afraid of it.

It causes a lot of fear, whether avoiding it or fixing it. People have their relationships with fear. I’m going to overcome it. Maybe it’s not there. I’m just going to ignore it. Right, whatever the flavor of your relationship to fear is.

Then you choose to face it. And then allow it. And we do this exercise, and it’s I don’t have time to do it here, but in my TEDx talk, I walk people through it where we make the fear into energy that you then locate in your body. And then you look at what color it is and what it’s. I think we might have. I did this with you. 

You did do this with me. 

Yes! And then you know, people answer the questions. What’s the color? The shape? the texture? And then they just allow it, right? That’s what you’re noticing going back to the anode. Now you’re noticing that you even have the fear and can locate it in your body.

Then you observe it. What’s the shape of texture to color?

And then you welcome it. I don’t go all the way there with people. Depending on where they’re at, essentially, you can welcome it. As I said, if the fear is like a little kid under your arms like this, like a picture, they just want to be there, and we were doing this with the client. He had been burned in 2008 by a business you know or a nonprofit. You know, loss, right? and was afraid of that happening again. There’s a lot of tightening control to ensure that doesn’t happen again, but once we face the fear and allow the fear into the heart. 

They watched it until it became just a little old frail man. That was their vision of it. For others, it might be black taffy. I don’t know if everyone is different in how it shows. Usually, it’s some sort of dark gray mass cloud thing. That’s just his version. and he says, “Oh my God, why? What have I been scared of?” A lot of it was from the father, right, old energy.

But then, from that moment of the exercise, it lifted him off so he could feel the fear coming back in that same pattern and then picture a little old frail man. That’s not harmful, right? And then, and then they are off and running and it heals the relationship. What happened afterward? We’re talking about a firefighter’s drill, for example. From decades of fear controlling your life to being free of it.

Which is amazing, right? And how to heal that relationship? But yeah, that’s the kind of work we do.

Yeah, that’s amazing. I’ve done this exercise with Anna in person, and those that know me well know that I have a lot of back pain, and we went through this thing. And you know, full transparency, I thought, “What the heck are we talking about right now?” and I did. I went along with it. I did the exercise even though it sounded a little weird, right? It’s not something I’d, yeah, right? 

What’s the color? This was to say, what’s the texture, and I’m like, I don’t know why she’s asking. I’m just going to answer. You know, maybe she’ll just go away and leave me alone if I answer her questions. I did this, and I felt much better after doing it. And I don’t like it now. I’m like, well, everyone uses, everyone needs to hear about this like it’s one of the main reasons I had on the show today. 

I was like, people need to hear about this stuff because they don’t always get exposed to more things that are just whatever is in our intermediate circle. And then some people watch the news. Whatever kind of news channel they watch, all they show you is the thing that you’re scared of and then they tell you why you should fear it, whatever. Whatever the news you watch and like, we’ve got to get some more good stuff. I’m going to give some more good stuff on the podcast. 

Energize your inner flow

People share all the good things, and then they tell us how they can use the internet to energize their daily lives.

Yes, and just one piece before I go to energize is where all those questions are very intentional. It essentially hacks your brain from being the thought, fear, and body sensation to observing.

Is that correct? If you’re thinking, I’m asking what color it is that you must suddenly go into a different brain and observe it. You go into that world. As I mentioned earlier, there is a method to madness that’s very distinct and it can fool people. To get to the energy source. 

You got to rename your talk. How to trick yourself with Anna. Choi,  

Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly it. 

It energizes the daily flow. It is all about movement. We sit too. We have very stagnant energy. We wonder why we have medical bills and we have become out of shape or whatever, but never before have we been hunched over our desks or driving sat-nav. Energize your daily routine. It’s very simple. It’s just moving your body and being able to do so in the environment you’re in, which many people have. desk jobs, and it’s being able to. If you think of your body like a battery, you have three main power sources: the ones located 2 inches below your navel, the ones in your lower core in your heart, and the ones some people call the third eye. But it’s your pineal gland. 

We have a lot of focus on the head. In our society, a lot of meditation is on the mind, and those are all wonderful things, but for someone who has very stagnant energy sitting all day, it’s very difficult to meditate in silence.

Your brain is going crazy. The chattering mind just doesn’t shut up before bed, right? What do I do? I did what I did, and this is something I must do. We cut to the bottom of the core of the engine. Your second shark or some people call it, or you’re like, I call it Don John, which is Korean for energy field or center.

And you know, if you’re an Olympian or a Navy SEAL, the vocalist performs. Or that’s the source. Is your core everybody? That’s where you are. Breathe deeply and speak slowly. We want to make that number one for you. For your battery. Your energy body to run well, and there are a lot of exercises we can try now because even if you’re driving, it won’t make you crash. But don’t do the hard part. Just do the last part, but make sure you put your thumbs in. On your belly button, and you’ve got a registry.

Hold on, hold on, hold on. 

Make sure you’re in a safe place. I don’t need to get sued over this conversation. OK, make sure that you are in a safe place to do whatever Ana’s Going to suggest. I hold no responsibility for this. 

Right? Yes, he is not liable. I should make a disclaimer also.

This is not for driving, but I am going to say what it is and you’ll make your own decision. If you suck your belly button into your spine like a crunch, you can do that while you’re driving, right? Alternatively, while standing or on his information. And you just keep doing that.

We call this “intestinal” because we can have up to 10 to 15 pounds of undigested food. Even if it was healthy, that petrifies us because we don’t frickin’ move enough. It just sits there and seeps into the little crevices. If you look at the structure of the intestinal tract, we’re moving bowels through, but we’re also bringing energy, oxygen, and blood flow, and it’s just healthy, right? As you do that, you exercise your inner organs. Most people don’t, they just exercise their muscles or outside, but your ex is your inner organs. 

You will heat up there when you heat up. and raise your body temperature. There are a plethora of beneficial benefits that happen. You bring your hot energy from the head; we call it the fire down the principle, and you bring that fire energy down into your core where it’s cold and not functioning and stagnant, and you heat it. It gets moving again, which then brings calm energy back into your mind. Instead of your head, it’s too stagnant. It can be a calm, cool-headed person with a hot temper. I’m an inspiring black belt and a Taekwondo black belt candidate. You must make sure your lower body is always like a hat and ready to go and you’re empty. We always say it’s empty at the end. top so you can flow, right? And you respond, but you have a horse-riding stance. 

A strong You know, engage the lower body. Anyway, most of us are reversed. Most of society is unbalanced. Too much energy at the top, focus on the mind over the brain. The brain works too much. not working out our lower bodies. If you flip it, empty some of that stress, put it into the lower body, and bring it down. We now have proper energy circulation so that our bodies can function properly. Just for kicks. Functions normally, and on top of that, you get the added benefit of being more grounded, embodied, and healthier, and then there are lots of Then you’ll be able to think more clearly. You can get deeper. Sleep at night. You use it, you get younger. It’s no accident that our energy masters look like they’re 40 years younger than they are. 

Yeah, no kidding, right? We feel like we met one of those on our trip, who was an Asian supermodel which is just… Yeah, I won’t go too far into that without permission. 

At 65 That’s an energy trainer. I didn’t know that he was 65. He looks like he’s the body, but freaking 20 years old with ripped clean skin. I’m thinking you’re 65. I mean, we don’t see pictures of that in the news, right?

But there are people like that. There’s like the 102-year-old man who can do a toe touch That looks cool. 

I can’t touch it currently. I know. I’m only 40. I need to work on energizing my daily flow. Right now, those of you that listen in regularly send me an email and let me know you’re listening to this. Send me a message Are you energizing your daily flow?


What words would you like to leave our audience with if they were listening to this? Maybe they’re hearing this for the first time, and it sounds a little woo and a little out there. What would you tell people that? Listen to this, that or maybe you need a little bit of something. 

The question is, I usually find sleep is an indicator. Are you? People are getting good deep sleep. Or like. Sleep or they awaken, now or later. They are either constantly awake or suffer from insomnia. I’m if you want to get good sleep. Then master your energy and the way to simply start with that, right? You can. It’s very basic. It’s not moving your body. That’s the whole point of just moving your body. Perform it for one minute. Moving meditations that include pushups Alternatively, or caps. Whatever rate you are aware of, exercise floats; your boat doesn’t have to be in decimals or anything. If I could leave anybody with anything, it’s just to move more. And in doing so, you’ll be able to have more mindfulness and people will meditate more. Lots of things can happen just by moving more. 

That’s fantastic. 

Move your body flow your body, yeah. 

Where can people find you? 

Uh, my website is And there are lots of free resources on there. You can also follow me on my energy TV channel on YouTube. I’ll give Travis the link, but

We’ll have all those links in the show notes for you all and thank you so much. For being my guest today. 

You are welcome, thank you. 

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