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The show talks about time-tested advice from entrepreneurs and also about charity.
Carl Dimailig
  • Lester Lumbad - S2 Ep12: Resources for Transitioning Veterans

    Meet Lester Lumbad of the Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce and hear about what he is creating for our fellow service members going into entrepreneurship. 00:35 - Introduction 1:05 - What inspired him to create this chamber? 5:40 - The future of the Chamber 8:05 - Transitioning […]

  • Brandon Mills - S2 E11: Let's go get your brand on stuff

    Come learn the value of branding for your business from Brandon Mills, Total Promotions Company 00:35 - Introduction 1:15 - Brandon's military background; Why he left the salaried big bucks to be an entrepreneur 3:15 - On buying back your time, a family in business 5:10 - Fix your […]

  • Rick Cosgrove - S2 Ep10: Protect Your Family in Trust

    Learn about Estates and other legal services from Mr. Coz!   What is an estate? 5 Bullet Points: What’s an Estate? An Estate Plan can? Benefits of a Family Trust Court processes avoided Will vs Family Trust Lastly, although not in my presentation, I will tie in how to properly have […]

  • Melinda Lee - S2 Ep 09: Overcoming Public Speaking Fears

    How to speak more frequently in public with less fear? Entrepreneurs and leaders require effective communication and speaking confidently in public. Improving your public speaking helps you to sell better and inspire people. If you are still struggling to overcome fears around public […]

  • David Wren - S2 Ep 08: Real Money

    Join us as we talk about real money, what is value, and one way you can prepare financially for the future. 00:35 - Introduction 1:10 - A brief biography 3:05 - Education: Price versus Value. 5:53 - Currency versus Money; School versus Education 9:15 - What is a seed? 9:42 - How is […]

  • Sally Fallon Morrell - S2 Ep 07: Nourishing Traditions

    Sally Fallon Morell is founding president of The Weston A. Price Foundation (, a non-profit nutrition education foundation dedicated to returning nutrient-dense food to American tables. She is also the founder of A Campaign for Real Milk (, which has as its […]

  • Ann Bernard - S2 Ep 06: The Value of First Time Storytelling

    Join us as we talk about the benefits of storytelling. Ann is the Master of First Times, CEO of 365Firsts, the creator of the #365FirstsChallenge and First Time Story Map Project. She's the host of the #365Firsts Podcast, and author of How to Become a (First Time) Storyteller available on […]

  • Josh Line - S2 E05: Mindset Matters

    Meet Josh Line. We discuss how proper mindset has helped him prosper and transition to a career that he loves and allows more time to spend with his family. 00:35 - Introduction 1:00 - Allow himself to introduce..... himself 3:25 - Pictures versus photographs, sterile vs personality […]

  • Jason LeDuc: - S2 E04: Battle-Tested Business Coaching

    Jason LeDuc is the Founder and President of Evil Genius Leadership Consultants, an executive and leadership coaching firm based in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Before striking out on his own to start a world class coaching firm, Jason served proudly for two decades as an officer in the […]

  • Sheila Cohen - S2 E03: Housing for Homeless Veterans

    Sheila Cohen is the CEO and Founder of Veterans Evolutionary Housing of NV. She has worked with non profits for 10 years and was a Realtor for 14 years. Housing is her passion! Her whole focus is getting homeless veterans off our streets in all 50 states! VEHNV seeks to reduce the number […]

  • Wendi G - S2 E02: A Business & Relationship Game Changer

    Wendi G, “The Confidence Coach,” is an intuitive, empathic Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Author. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs who want to be seen and valued, to discover REAL self-confidence, unlock their personal power, and create the life they desire. And REAL is […]

  • Season 2 Overview

    This is a short episode, an overview of what to expect in this second season, as well as a really dumb explanation of why the previous season, and possible future reasons, equal 12 episodes.   Thank you for checking it out, and I hope that somehow you learn something that could help you […]

  • Mark Grainger - S2 E01: Impact & Influence for Women Leaders

    Mark Grainger is the Co-Founder of BigImactHQ - Providing more income, impact & influence for women experts who love to speak. Their "Speak Your Path To Cash" system has helped their clients generate over $51 Million in revenue for their own businesses while also being asked to speak […]

  • Donald Lainer - Episode 12: The Givers Gain Mentality

    Learn from Don Lainer the Business Benefits of Working with Nonprofit Organizations: 1. Put givers gain mentalist to work your business 2. Find out how supporting nonprofit organizations boosts sales 3. Starting & building nonprofit relationships 4. Profit by supporting nonprofits 5. […]

  • Great Grandmaster Ernie Reyes Sr - Episode 11: Team & Family

    Join us as we speak with Great Grandmaster Ernie Reyes Sr, and learn about many of the life lessons he learned both the easy way and the hard way, how family kept him going, and how a proper mindset is foundational. Great Grand Master Ernie Reyes Sr. of, Ernie Reyes’ World Martial Arts […]

  • Prophet John - Episode 010: Don't Be A Jerk

    Today we speak with John Whiteside, "Prophet John" of The United Church of Bacon, about unconsciously learned discrimination and how to be aware of it. We discuss his experience, from growing up around civil rights movements to being stationed in various bases as a Marine Fighter Pilot, […]

  • Dr. Benny Shao, OD - Episode 009: How Vision Affects Personality

    Meet Dr. Benny Shao, OD. In this episode we discuss the potential that poor vision, not just with the light that passes through the lens and iris being in  proper focus, but also the coordination of the eyes to each other and the rest of the body, could affect how you learn, and what […]

  • Guy Dawson - Episode 008: Winning with Cause Marketing

    This is a special episode brought to you by the Cause Marketing Chamber of Commerce as part of the Chamber’s business development series. This episode is facilitated Guy Dawson the managing member of Classy Communications PR & Advertising, a full service public relations and […]

  • Cheryl Herrick - Episode 007: Purpose and Profitability

    Learn about how Cheryl collaborated with a foundation to create a boots on the ground initiative which helped Veterans address the unseen scars of combat with a life changing, adrenaline-filled experience. Also learn how her family created a solution to the housing crisis in America. […]

  • Adam Kol JD - Episode 006: Pathways to Prosperity

    Adam Kol is The Couples Financial Coach. He helps couples go from financial overwhelm or avoidance to clarity, teamwork, and peace of mind. Adam also hosts the Couples Financial Coach Podcast. Adam is a Certified Mediator with experience as a Tax Attorney and Financial Advisor. He […]

  • Aanand Shukla MBA - Episode 005: Making Money By Giving It Away

    In this episode we take a sneak peak into the world of the Private Foundation. What are they, what can they do, and how will this benefit your family? Also, do you qualify? (The answer will surprise you.)   Aanand K. Shukla, MBA is the Executive Trustee of Orca Capital Ventures, a […]