Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast

Podcast about surf fishing and information about the sport. I interview anglers and small business members in the community about their gear, tips, and tricks, and share the info to help you catch more fish at the beach.

Brian Demo
  • Making Memories Made Outdoors with Ryan Street

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Ryan Street, Vice President of Memories Made Outdoors. This is a bit different than your normal surf fishing episode as we talk about fresh water fishing in Minnesota and the organization as it is located there.  Lots of […]

  • Genungs Fish Camp Owner Adam Morley

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Adam, owner of Genung's Fish Camp out of N.E. Florida.Audio: teaching to supplying you for your next fishing outing, Genungs has you covered.  I […]

  • NW Florida Fishing With Brandon Keenan

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Mr. Brandon Keenan in the Pensacola, Florida area.  Audio:'ve had a great time watching him fish and the adventures he has gone on as a […]

  • Warrior Beer Company Is On A Mission

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Gary from Warrior Beer Company in Pensacola, FLAudio: staunch supporter of military & first responders, Gary has been building a massive support […]

  • The Salty Leprechaun Is Sharing His Gold

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Buck, The Salty Leprechaun Surf Fishing out of Hilton Head, SCAudio: Carolina is definitely a place to visit for surf fishing and Buck went […]

  • Lets Talk Conservation, Spring Fishing, and More

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with: ME!  That's right folks, you have to hang out with just me this week as we do a quick talk about Spring Fishing coming up and some topics that I felt the need to bring up.  I hope you have an outstanding weekend and that […]

  • Great Whites And More With Outcast Sport Fishing

    In the saltwater fishing world, you say the words Shark Fishing, you're going to get people riled up.  You say "Catching Great White Sharks", you're going to get people confused and enthralled.  Capt Chip of Outcast Sport Fishing from Hilton Head, South Carolina comes on the show and […]

  • Pete's Cultural Adventures out of Kununurra, Australia

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Pete's Cultural Adventures out of Kununurra, Australia!  Audio: runs his charters in one of the most fascinating ways I have seen yet.  He […]

  • South West Louisiana Fishing with Drag'n Tail'z Surf Fishing

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Benoit Johnson of Drag'n Tail'z Surf Fishing!Audio:'ve heard that Louisiana is an outdoorsman's dream place, but I've never had the chance to really […]

  • New York, New York with Bernie Bass

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Bernie Bass from New York!Audio: Fishing Guide, Radio Show Host, Educator, and the list goes on here but this guy is the real deal.  Bernie comes […]

  • My Fishing Cape Cod

    The newest Finding Demo Surf Fishing episode has dropped with Ryan Collins of My Fishing Cape Cod.Audio: has been in the game for years, and his online sharing has been off-the-charts helpful via his website.  We talk about all facets of fishing […]

  • Mr. Joe Thompson Shares His Story

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Mr. Joe Thompson out of the Daytona Beach, Florida, area.Audio: had a lot of fun talking with Joe; his years of experience shined through this episode.  Starting as a young man […]

  • Coastal Worldwide Sharks And More

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with the Coastal Worldwide team!  Not only do they bring in amazing sharks from the beach, but you can find them fishing all around the world and sharing their adventures with you along the way.  They are also TEACHING you what […]

  • F.C. Fish Co Matt Kiser Talks Bait and Fishing

    The newest Finding Demo Surf Fishing episode has dropped with Matt Kiser of F.C. Fish Co!Matt came on to talk to us about his new baits that have been all over social media with good reported success.  He has taken shrimp and added a new layer that can withstand brutal casting, soaking […]


    Happiest of Thanksgiving everyone!  This week, AJ and I talk about fishing and life in general.  With this weekend being all about spending time with the family (and of course getting all of that fishing gear at a great price!) we just wanted to bring you in for a fun one of us […]

  • B.F. Robertson of Capt. B's Surf Fishing Charters

    The newest episode of Finding Demo Surf Fishing has dropped with Capt B's Surf Fishing out of the Space Coast Of Florida.B.F. Robertson has been a lifelong fisherman and has hit all facets but found himself absolutely in love with the surf.  He spent hours learning and working his craft […]

  • Spencer Wonder Of Terra Firma Tackle

    The new episode drops with Spencer of Terra Firma Tackle. of Terra Firma tackle is a name synonymous with quality fishing gear, especially in the Land Based Shark Fishing community.  He came on the show and made it even better by sharing the […]

  • Brian Arnold of Bird Of Prey Fishing Tackle

    New episode drop with Brian from Bird Of Prey Fishing TackleAudio: comes on the show and breaks down all of the gear he has been pouring his life and soul into to create this rock-solid brand that so many […]

  • St. Augustine Sandman Mike

    New episode drop with Mike Cook, the St. Augustine Sandman!  We had an absolute blast talking on this one; there is no shortage of good stories, knowledge, and tips throughout it.  Not only is Mike an outstanding angler, he is also a successful musician!  I've been fortunate enough to […]

  • Episode 100! Finding Demo Surf Fishing Interview

    Y'all have been asking about this for a while now, and I've definitely been avoiding it.  The time has come, and here it is, episode 100, the episode where I am interviewed.  My daughter takes control this time and interviews me, and I go through the gauntlet of questions that I […]

  • Big Bull Red Fishing in Virginia with Chuck & Mildred

    Husband and wife team Chuck & Mildred come on the show and drop nukes of knowledge on catching big bull reds and so much more in the Chesapeake Bay and along the Atlantic coast of Virginia.  I knew that there was some good fishing there but when they started talking about the fine […]

  • Cabo Surf Caster Wes

    Wes, CaboSurfCaster came on the podcast and blew my mind with the fishing down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I've visited there a couple times while on cruises but never thought to jump onto a surf fishing charter (Shocking, I know) and am seriously regretting it.  Wes takes us through […]

  • Reel Healin' Outdoors Chris Mansfield talks fishing and healing

    Fellow veteran Chris Mansfield of Reel Healin' Outdoors comes on the show and talks to us about how he fishes, his charter business, social media, and how fishing helps so much with his mental health.  His charter is also very centered upon the ideals of letting this sport help you […]

  • Southern California's Own WERF TV

    The masked man, Daniel, of WERF TV comes on the show and DIVES DEEP into surf fishing out of Southern California.  Cali has a lot of different fishing styles and areas to explore; figuring it out can be a bit daunting.  Cliff fishing, beach fishing, rocks, sharks, sea lions, and kelp […]

  • Big Texas Fishing with Big Rich Fishing

    They say everything is bigger in Texas, and sometimes that is an absolute true statement!  Big red drum, sharks, and so much more are caught routinely down there and this weeks episode, we talk with Rich Logan of Big Rich Fishing.  We go through some great fishing knowledge off the […]

  • American Sea Fishing Episode 2

    After moving from England and having spent plenty of time surf fishing out there, Ben moved to the USA after meeting and marrying his wife where they settled down in Southern California.  Shortly after, he created American Sea Fishing and it has been win after win since.  All of the […]

  • American Sea Fishing Episode 1

    After moving from England and having spent plenty of time surf fishing out there, Ben moved to the USA after meeting and marrying his wife where they settled down in Southern California.  He then created American Sea Fishing and the rest is history.  All of the areas he was talking […]

  • Kids Can Fish & October 2023 SSI Running Of The Bulls Tournament

    October is going to be an outstanding month and it is also when I get to fish one of my favorite tournaments, the SSI Running Of The Bulls tournament hosted by Kids Can Fish Foundation.  We talk with Tom about the upcoming tournament and we dig into tips, tricks, tactics, sponsors, […]

  • Florida Fishing with Fishin' Girl Cathy Sanders

    Cathy Sanders of Fishin' Girl comes on the podcast this week and brings her knowledge that she has gained to your ears!  She is also the founder of Fishin' Girl LLC and has built a community from it.  From her website: "Girl women's community is for all women who do all types of fishing […]

  • Your Saltwater Guide Capt. Dave Hansen

    Cast Dave Hansen has spent his entire life in the fishing community.  No really, he actually has.  Your Salt Water Guide, four words you should look up in your favorite search engine and see what comes up (after listening to the show of course).  He has been one of the pioneers in this […]

  • Show Listener Chris Slupczewski Talks Connecticut Surf Fishing

    NEW EPISODE DROP! 7/8/23Chris Slupczewski from Connecticut has been listening to the show and agreed to come on to share his knowledge of fishing in New England.  One thing he said during the interview really stuck out to me:  "Minute to learn and a lifetime to master"  This is by far […]

  • Talking Turtles With Navarre Beach Turtle Conservation Center

    NEW EPISODE DROP 6/30/23In this sport of surf fishing, it is not a matter if you catch a turtle, it's when.  No one is out there trying to catch these remarkable animals, and when you accidentally do, it always feels like a gut punch (well, to me, it does, anyway).  Keith Feldman is on […]

  • Brian Liebelt Bandit Custom Rods

    NEW EPISODE DROP 6/23/23Brian Liebelt out of South East Georgia has been fishing up and down the East Coast but a happenstance meeting with a friend got him into making rods.  While running a Beach Fishing Guide service in the New York area, his friend had learned how to make rods at […]

  • Matt Boyington Of Dixie Flats Surf Fishing Excursions

    Alabama beach fishing is outstanding, and when you're coming to town to visit, going out with a guide that knows that area will give you a leg up on the goal of catching.  Matt Boyington of Dixey Flats Surf Fishing Excursions is that guy to call, and he comes on the show to help give you […]

  • Carolina Cast Pro Tommy Farmer

    When you’re talking long-distance casting and the abilities to do it, you’ll likely hear the name Tommy Farmer of Carolina Cast Pro will come up.  Holder of many records and wins of long-cast events, he has been sharing what he knows and how to do it.  You’ll find more in-depth […]

  • Seth Silverstein On LBSF in Georgia

    New episode with Seth Silverstein out of the St. Simons Island, Georgia area about his experiences with Land Based Shark Fishing (LBSF) and beach fishing in the southeast Georgia region.  I met Seth when we were fishing in the Kids Can Fish Running of the Bulls tournament, and all that […]

  • Chris Peters Mass Surf Fishing

    Digital trip time up to the New England area where we talk with Chris Peters of Mass Surf Fishing!  Chris takes us on his journey of fishing in the North East and drops some really good tips that are sure to help you get on that next striper, tog, or....maybe something else.  One trick […]

  • Cameraman Ron

    If you follow people on YouTube for fishing, you surely have crossed by his channel.  Ron Middleton "Cameraman Ron" has been bringing great digital content to you for a while now and we got to sit down in his recording studio and chat.  The episode is filled with good conversation, […]

  • DelMarVa Dan Iacangelo

    Dan Iacangelo is a well known angler in the Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia (DelMarVa) area that has routinely brought in great fish.  Not only is he on the beach, but he is also fishing in the bay, through those states (and more), and also on a fishing vessel.  He brought a lot of […]

  • Florida's Own Surf Cowboy Noel Kuhn

    Noel Kuhn of Surf Fishing Charters out of the Jacksonville/North East Florida area that offers outstanding education and fishing charters!  I have personally learned quite a bit from him in the few interactions that we have had and have enjoyed the seminars he has put on.  He gave a […]

  • Alaska Surf Fishing With Randy Sisco of Compassion Thru Fishing

    Alaska Surf Fishing Guide Randy Sisco of Compassion Thru Fishing fell in love with Alaska after one trip and he now calls it home.  Situated on the Kenai Peninsula, he breaks down the availability of surf fishing/beach fishing in the area but also, gives you a bunch of tips and tricks to […]

  • Catch A Florida Memory Program

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission came on the show again to discuss the Catch A Florida Memory Program and did not disappoint!  Many states have adopted a program that rewards anglers for their catches, and the benefits are showing!  Not only does the angler get a […]

  • Spring Pompano Tournament Plan

    The Spring Pompano Blast hosted by Perdido Blane starts today and I'll be fighting hard to catch a winner.  This episode is short and sweet with tips and what my plan is.  If you listen to it on Friday and plan to fish Saturday, you'll have what I'm doing in hand.  Well...except for my […]

  • Reel Coastal Fishing

    Brent & Julie have been dropping great content since starting out on their surf fishing adventures that is both educational and entertaining.  As they have continued to hone their skills, they also show you how they are fishing inshore, on piers, and on their boat.  Through the […]

  • Walking The Beach With Colin Ralph

    Colin comes on the show and brings some serious energy to his episode!  An all encompassing angler that has tried to help anyone that asks, he shares how he fishes the surf, in his kayak, and on the pier.  A highlight during this episode is Colin's style of fishing at the beach.  He […]

  • Perdido Blane 2

    Round two with "Perdido" Blane Roberts was jammed packed with info.  On his first episode, I had just started the podcast and we spent about 40 minutes going through what he does as a guide.  This time though, we dug into the details and he didn't hold back at all.  He dropped nuggets […]

  • Dusty Hayes

    Dusty Hayes is well known in Alabama and North West Florida as a man with excellent knowledge.  Running fishing charters and working in the fishing game since he was a teen, Dusty has further stacked his skills with years of experience and learning from others to help further hone his […]

  • Nick Meyer of Breakaway Tackle

    Lifelong angler Nick Meyer of Breakway Tackle USA comes on the show and dives head-first into the podcast with knowledge at almost every turn.  He shares how he does fishing and shows us a few products he utilizes and why.  A video with this will be uploaded to YouTube if you'd like to […]

  • Georgian Dillian Cribbs Helps Us Through Dirty Waters

    Dillian (pronounced Dillion) has been fishing his whole life and has found his groove along the Georgia beaches.  While he does fish all facets he can in his home state, he broke down how to fish the beach areas with a lot of insider knowledge.  We both competed in the Kids Can Fish […]

  • Slot City Fishing Episode 2

    LT Jesse Walker, USN, has moved to the panhandle from Jacksonville and brought some experience.  Not only has he grown up fishing, but after joining the Navy, he has also traveled extensively and picked up new tricks that have helped him be more successful each trip.  This week, we talk […]

  • Slot City Fishing Episode 1

    LT Jesse Walker, USN, has moved to the panhandle from Jacksonville and brought a TON of experience with him.  Not only has he grown up fishing, he further extended his skills after joining the Navy and traveling.  Hawaii, Texas, The Carolinas, and Florida appear in this episode, laced […]

  • The Salty Savage Experience

    Want to do some Land Based Shark Fishing (LBSF) near Beauford, SC?  How about a full-chartered surf fishing day?  Eli Glisson of The Salty Savage Experience has you covered, and he brought it all together during his episode here.  Eli explained how he works in a difficult fishery […]

  • Bringing Bigger Bait For Big Fish With Greg "Maddog Fishing" Findley

    Greg "Maddog Fishing" Findley has been fishing for years with his family, runs a successful beach fishing charter, and shares his knowledge on YouTube!  Through the episode, he shares a few trade secrets on spot selection, what baits & how he uses them, and then there is this one […]

  • Finding Bait & Fish With Michael "Red Beard" Bryant

    Mike "Redbeard" Bryant comes on the show and talks about how he started fishing, running a YouTube channel, and many tips to help you get things started surf fishing.  Though you'll catch him slaying Blackfin Tuna just off the beach here in Navarre, Fl; he is also finding ways to focus […]

  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) came on the show and talked through several topics that will answer a few questions.  Emily Abellera- Public Information Specialist & Jill Christoferson- Fisheries Biologist, really brought their A-Game with the answers to […]

  • The Salty Goat Custom Baits

    The Salty Goat Custom bait team of Nick, a U.S. Army Veteran & his wife Ashley, Active Duty USAF, have been together for 15 years and, after moving to the Panhandle of Florida, created their line of bait.  Nick has spent years crafting baits from his time in Oregon as a fishing and […]

  • The Longest Cast Surf Fishing Vol. 2

    Jeremy Evans, Military Veteran, and Fishing Guide at The Longest Cast Surf Fishing, wanted to give some more information about catching bull reds from his initial episode a year ago.  He did as he broke down more aspects of his fishing and the changes he has made that have helped him […]

  • Skidding Top Water With Island X Lures PT 1

    Nick of Island X lures came on the show and explained how to fish topwater lures in the surf.  Even with waves, the Island X lures are designed for success.  If you've been following the series on lures, this should help you in another realm as we talk about top-water fishing.  Nick […]

  • Skidding Top Water With Island X Lures PT 2

    Nick of Island X lures came on the show and explained how to fish topwater lures in the surf.  Even with waves, the Island X lures are designed for success.  If you've been following the series on lures, this should help you in another realm as we talk about top-water fishing.  Nick […]

  • Catching The Emotion With Go Fish Tours South Africa

    Shawn Mey of Go Fish Tours. Com in South Africa came on the show and talked about his adventures from a child until today.  One of the most incredible things he said he remembers is watching the emotions of his clients catch that fish of their dreams!  Covering all of South Africa […]

  • Texas Drone Fishing with David Hughes

    David Huges has been listening to the show for a while, and we set up a time to talk.  He opened my eyes to how they fish down there on their coast.  One particular point that stood out was how he dropped his baits with his drones.  In doing so, he catches big reds, sharks, and several […]

  • Goofy Jig Fishing With JC Peeples

    I've known JC for about a year, and he has supported the show from the beginning.  He has always said I need to throw lures and jigs in the surf, and after this episode, I understand why.  HE CATCHES A TON OF FISH ON THEM!Using lures has been around for more years than I have been […]

  • Hillbillies In North Carolina Land Based Shark Fishing

    Blake & Rob of the Hillbillies Fishing Crew came on the show and gave an in-depth view of land-based shark fishing off the North Carolina coast.  A 100% catch, tag (when/if able), and release team ready to put you in the harness for the fight of a lifetime!  What little I know if […]

  • Straight Up Fishing With Stripers Of The Strait

    Sean Townsend of Stripers of the Strait came and talked about surf fishing in the Nova Scotia area.  He consistently catches Striped Bass and gives you tips on how to do it.  The fishers in Nova Scotia offers a wild diversity and can fit into any angler's style.  While we were […]

  • Tournament Fishing & Earning The Crown For King Of The Smalls

    I just completed two-weekend tournaments, and I am wiped out!  The good news is that I came home with some new knowledge and a couple of stories to share.  I want to thank the entire Lewis family, the Kids Can Fish Foundation team, the sponsors, and the volunteers who made the SSI […]

  • Rocking Out With East Side Surf Fishing

    Shasta "Rio" Sirju started his fishing adventures in Trinidad & Tobago and has been in Florida for years, continuing his enjoyment.  Now, he is running a successful surf fishing charter and brings the knowledge to you on how to catch more fish in this episode!  Throughout the show, […]

  • Talking Walleye & OBX Fishing With Listener Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and has been fishing his whole life.  He came on the show to talk about his fishing lessons learned at the OBX of North Carolina and his account of what went down at the now world-famous stuffing fish with weights when he was there.  But the entire […]


    I cannot believe it has already been a full year since I started this show!  It has not only been fun but eye-opening with the amount of knowledge it has brought me for fishing.  Each guest has given a nugget or two that has been helpful for me, and I can only hope it was helpful for […]

  • Talking The Secret To Fishing With Myrtle Beach Surf Fishing Adventures

    John Shytle of Myrtle Beach Surf Fishing Adventures, LLC came on the show and shared his secret to surf fishing the Myrtle Beach, SC area.  The episode was so full with information I should have dropped it into two episodes but the flow was too good to do that.  If you're heading to the […]

  • Kids Can Fish Foundation

    Tom from Kids Can Fish Foundation comes on the show and tells us all about how it began and the journey it has been on to this day!  A perfect throw with a cast net and a comment of "girls can fish" started a chain reaction that sparked the birth of Kids Can Fish.  Tom tells us about […]

  • Go Fish Australia

    Go fish Australia’s senior fishing guide, Cody Edwards comes on to tell us about fishing the east coast of Australia and the amazing adventures that Go Fish Australia has available to experience.  This episode really showed how similar fishing is across the globe and Cody really opened […]

  • Throwing Beach Bum Lures In The Surf

    Tim Still with Beach Bum Lures comes on the show and explains all about his custom built lures/jigs and then takes it a step further by putting on a master class on throwing them for different species!  I've constantly struggled with throwing lures in the surf and always find myself […]

  • Hanging In Mississippi with SaltSippi & Mississippi Salt

    David Loflin (SaltSippi Fishing) and JR Cleghorn (Mississippi Salt) came on the show for a dynamic duo attack on surf fishing and kayak fishing in that area!  The results were PERFECTION!  These gentlemen have practiced for hours on the water and shown that they know what they are […]

  • Sharing The Stoke With Battlestar Tackles Vincent Chiofalo

    The show went west this the Pacific Ocean.  That right! We are talking with Vincent Chiofalo of Battlestar Tackle & Vince Goes Fishing out of San Luis Obispo, California where he drops some MAJOR knowledge bombs.  Vince has lived & traveled up and down the west coast […]

  • The True Braid, The Whole True Braid, and Nothing But The True Braid

    Alex Lines, creator and owner of the fishing line company known as True Braid comes on the show to tell us about his fishing experience while living in Cape Cod & Maryland and all about his braided fishing line known as True Braid.  I learned quite a bit from this episode about braid […]

  • All About ICAST 2022

    International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) 2022 put on by the American Sportfishing Association is complete and what a show it was!  With so many booths and companies, there could be a years worth of podcast episodes, but we are going to talk about some notables.  […]

  • Going Over The Bar with Mark Burford

    Over The Bar fishing rods have been growing in popularity and availability in the North East section of Florida.  Mark Burford comes on the show to talk about how he fishes that area and the rods within the Florida Surf Tackle line.  After working for Catapiller Corporation and […]

  • Talking About BS Fishing Charters

    Barry Croneberger of BS Fishing Charters out of St. Augustine, Florida comes on the show and gives us a rundown of how he fishes from the shores of New England all the way down to his area of St. Augustine.  His whole life, he has been fishing, learning, and honing his craft of fishing […]

  • Justin Reed On Surf Fishing and Using Jerk Baits In The Surf

    My fishing buddy Justin Reed finally agreed to come on the show and talk to us about how he does surf fishing.  After living in Georgia for years, he moved down to the Panhandle and really focused in on surf fishing.  That knowledge gained is shared through this episode as we talk about […]

  • LIVE Podcast Recording With Deerfield Fabrication & Surf Hippie Fishing

    Brian Sorrell (Deefield Fabrication) and Nick Bergman (Surf Hippie) came on the show during a live event and talked to us about fishing in North Carolina and their surf carts & surf fishing fabrications.  This episode was littered with good information about how they fish the surf […]


    Yep, this show has been running constantly for 40 weeks and that is thanks to ALL OF YOU!  I never expected to have this kind of experience while recording a podcast let alone, the interaction that is has brought to my life.  That is all because of YOU, the listener and the […]

  • Bringing SORD's To The Beach

    SORD Fishing Products team of Steven, Connor, and Joe come on the show and takes us through their journey of fishing and the current product line.  The team covers all aspects of saltwater fishing and bring their experiences to the episode.  While discussing using cut bait, they drop a […]

  • Crossing State Lines With Al Surf Cast Co

    Mike Raspante of Alabama Surf Cast Company comes on the show and takes us from New Jersey to Alabama on his fishing adventures. A longtime angler, he takes on his journey of culinary art to running his day to day.  In the episode, you'll find it littered with information that is sure to […]

  • Live Podcast Recording With Ninja Tackle's Matt Poole

    Matt Poole from Ninja Tackle came on the show and answered a TON of questions about not only Ninja Tackle, but how he started fishing and how he does it today.  Fresh off a recent trip with Bama Beach Bum and his trusty cohort John Foster, they slayed the striper while learning about an […]

  • James Pemberton of Frisky Fins Teaches Us Rods, Rigs, and Fishing

    James Pemberton of Frisky Fins has been working hard to build his brand and it has paid off.  You know his name from both his rods and his rigs.  When you see those, you instantly know you're getting quality equipment for fishing with no compromise or shortcut taken.  James takes us […]

  • Tony Faggioni of Fishgum Shares His Fishing and Bait Secrets

    Tony takes us down the journey from his youth growing up through today where he is a successful businessman and family man.  What started out as an idea, became his passion, and Fishgum was born from it.  He spent years making the bait in his garage (with a few uninvited critters) and […]

  • Tony Tackle Takes Us Fishing

    Tony Chipman started out in the salt water on the east coast of Florida and eventually found his way to the freshwater in Kentucky.  He came back here and went right to the surf.  He started his YouTube Channel "Tony Tackle" for his son and it became what it is today: Great info with […]

  • Fly Fishing In The Surf With Larry Grossman

    Larry Grossman has been fly fishing for over 40 years and was a guide in Colorado that consistently put people on fish.  Now he lives in the Panhandle of Florida and is bringing that knowledge to the surf!  The New Jersey native got heavily involved in the fly fishing community in […]

  • Live Podcast Recording with Matthew "Bama Beach Bum" Isbell

    Did a live podcast with Matthew "Bama Beach Bum" Isbell and we went through so many great things!  From the time he started out to where we are today with so much information in between.  If you didn't watch it live on Facebook or YouTube, you can listen to the audio here.  This […]

  • The Ike Jime Method

    A couple weeks ago, we talked with Allison Stattner about Ike Jime and we felt it was important to bring it out of the depths of that episode to your fingers quickly.  Again, this process is not about dispatching your catch.  It is a process in food management.  Be warned, the Ike Jime […]

  • Listener Jacob Williams Comes To Talk

    Jacob Williams is an avid listener of the show and also our Friday Night Live Cast (Panhandle Fishing Report).  He didn't think I'd actually talk to him and record and episode!  He has prided himself in calling him our "troll" but in reality, he's a great dude.  We spent a good time […]

  • Mots Custom Rods & Reels Class

    Wes Motsinger has been making rods and upgrading reels for customers but took us into the details and the why's of the process.  I personally learned a bunch about my gear just from talking with him and how to get things a little better.  No where in this episode is the "you need to buy […]

  • Chasing The Dream With Arinton Mercado of Saltwater Mercs

    Arinton Mercado, the "Saltwater Mercs" has been in the fishing game for years and brings his experiences from south Florida to the Panhandle region.  What started out as family time as a kid, transformed into a passion for fishing in all areas.  When his father-in-law moved up to the […]

  • Bearded Brad Warren

    "Bearded" Brad Warren came from middle Tennessee to Alabama and started his journey surf fishing where it grew into a business and he became a household name on YouTube! After a charter with Matt "Bama Beach Bum" Isbell, Brad knew he was going to love surf fishing and really dove into […]

  • Yakin With Jack Moran Talks Sharks And Surf

    Jack Moran talks us through the world of shark, kayak, and surf fishing as he has been through it!  He started out fishing as a kid with his family and it became his obsession.  After he caught his first shark in the surf (Atlantic Sharpnose), he knew that shark fishing was for him.  […]

  • You Had Me At Brain Spike with Allison "Reel Love" Stattner

    Allison "Reel Love" Stattner came and dropped bombs of knowledge on fishing, harvesting, and the programs she is heavily involved with to help everyone in the fishing world!  What started out as fishing with her family in New Jersey, has evolved into a significant passion in south […]

  • Talking All About Fishbites With Brett Burford

    Brett Burford has worked for Fishbites for 5 years and shares a lot of knowledge about his experiences fishing and the bait!  What started out with a cut on an oyster bed and watching fish coming to see what they were smelling, Dr. William Carr made it his mission to unlock the […]

  • Talking With The Lawless Tide, Sean Lawless!

    Sean Lawless retired from being a firefighter in Oklahoma and moved to the Panhandle region after spending one trip here!  Since then, he has been learning and perfecting his craft while showing everyone via his YouTube channel.  He started in the surf and quickly found a love for shark […]

  • Spencer Brogden is putting on a clinic!

    Spencer, a Floridian since birth, has been fishing since he was a child and shares as much as he can during this 1 hour episode!  He has spent countless hours on the beach and other areas and explains how he learned along the way.  Through his journey, he has picked up a lot of […]

  • Fishing With The Saltwater Yankees!

    Frank & Kyle "Jughead" have been family for a long time when they started hunting together up in Pennsylvania.  After some twists and turns, the entire clan moved down to the Panhandle of Florida and began their fishing adventure.  After staring in the surf, they have moved inshore […]

  • Tracy Mastin's Fishing With Faith

    Tracy Mastin spent a many years as a coal miner until he was involved in an accident where be broke many bones including his back.  While recovering, he felt that something was calling him to North Carolina and guiding him to become a Surf Fishing Charter Captain.  His story is one of […]

  • Making Custom Rods with Mike Lorusso

    Mike Lorusso of ML Custom Rods & Reels talks to us about why he makes custom rods and upgrading reels.  Originally from New York, Mike came down to South Florida and made his life.  He started making rods for friends & family and soon realized that it was something that brought […]

  • The South'ern Yankee Is Cookin' Up A Catch!

    This week we talk with Cheyenne Rebecca of The South'ern Yankee about how she fishes and uses her culinary knowledge to make delectable dishes that you're gonna want to cook!  She leads us from her roots that began in Rhode Island and the journey to Alabama where she has been  putting […]

  • Tackle Shop Talking with Simon Owens of Emerald Coast Bait & Tackle

    Years past, the local tackle shops were whispered to be the place to avoid as they would just over charge you for gear and wasn't the best place to find a deal for gear.  Fast forward to now and it is far from that.  The local shops are one of the best places to get knowledge and they […]

  • Water Walking with Josh York

    Talking with Josh York about how he walks in the water on the sand bar and fishes both sides of the trough to bring in monster fish with lures!  That's right folks.  Josh's style of fishing is walking along the bar and throwing lures to catch many different species of fish and big […]

  • South Carolina Big Game Fishing with Jeremy Evans

    Jeremy Evans, Military Veteran and Fishing Guide takes us on the road to Charleston, S.C. and gives us a view of how fishing is done there.  With routine catching of large red drum and even king mackerel from the surf, he knows his stuff.  He gives us an in-depth view of how fishing is […]

  • School Is In With The Pompano Professor Rich Vidulich

    Marine Veteran, Author, and educator Rich "The Pompano Professor" Vidulich has spent over half his life on the water fishing and spent some time with me on this episode telling me about his experiences over the years.  He dropped off so many pieces of information while we were talking […]

  • Fishing As I Lived It, Mr. Paul Vancelette

    We talk with published author Paul Vancelette about his experience fishing and his book, Fishing as I Lived It: An entertaining autobiography of a fatherless kid who grew up learning about fishing.  Paul brings to us also his years of experience fishing and explains how he got to where […]

  • Gulf Shores Cruising with G2 Coastal

    G2 Coastal head honcho Jordan Gooding talks to us on his journey of Surf Fishing and Guiding in the Gulf Shores, Alabama waters.  A former Law Enforcement Officer that changed his game to be closer to home with the family.  His wife saw his passion and helped give him that little nudge […]

  • Slinging lead with Chip "The Sinker Guy" Brundage

    This week, we talking with Chip "The Sinker Guy" Brundage and talk about his journey of getting into surf fishing and how he got to become "The Sinker Guy".  While also working full time as a College Coach for Track and Field, Chip has been fishing and making sinkers for all of us to […]

  • At the beach with Coastal Worldwide

    The mighty Coastal Worldwide team was out in the Portofino Beach area recently hosting their meet & greet, and I was able to see these gentlemen in their element finally.  Dylan and Blaine showed how they do the voodoo that they do while keeping the highest level of motivation I've […]

  • What's With The Surf Fishing Craze? Surf Fishing Guide Blake Hunter Tells Us

    www.reel30A.com tells us about how long he has been fishing and what got him into chartering the right way.  He explains why it is a great idea to hire a charter and attend seminars.  With surf fishing exploding […]

  • Talking BIG fish rigs with Rogue Reelz owner Rob Foster

    Rob Foster who fishes the South Carolina area and also makes seriously strong rigs comes on to talk with us about how things are done up there.  These rigs have proved to hold up strong with big fish and are well made for so many different styles of fishing.  Shark rigs, Red Drum, and […]

  • Guiding the waters with Perdido Blane

    What is the advantage to hiring a guide?What got you into guiding/charters?Favorite part about doing chartersFavorite part about fishingWhat brought you to Perdido?How long have you been there now?What got you into fishing?What advice would you give a new angler or one coming to your area […]

  • Surf fishing and talking rigs with Rippin Reaper Fishing creator Tony Pendley

    An in-depth discussion about the rigs that Tony makes.-Intro about Tony-What got you into making rigs-Why are popping corks so useful-What bait doe you recommend to use them with?-Any particular pattern you'd like to recommend?-For your pomp/drop right, why do you use both floats and […]

  • Fishing Guide & Charter Captain Mike Smith of Smitty's Surf Fishing talks fishing and boats

    Why guidingDo you offer teachingFavorite thing about itWhat are do you serviceBait boatzazzle shopTheme Music: Dirty Rock via Twisterium

  • The Cream Always Rises To The Top, Pompano Rigs With Salty McCrory of Salty's Pompano Rigs

    Magic the gatheringWhat got you into rigs?what have been your favorite catches ?How many do you tie a dayWhy painted hooksPomp jigsTip on fishing you'd like to share for thing with someone new / coming to your area?

  • Finding Demo Surf Fishing Intro

    The into!  Welcome to the show.  Here is where I tell you about all the cool things we are going to do and why this is the bestest podcast ever! Ok, that was a bit of an overreach there.  This is the intro where I tell you about me and what my plans are with this podcast.  I hope to […]