Proud to be an American

Weekly review of products Made in the USA. Interviews and discussion with Veterans, Veteran business owners, non-profits, and Proud American Patriots on the status of our country and what makes them Proud to be an American. Gun, Beer, Bacon, and Freedom. We dive into the idealism of being Pro-America to ignite the inner patriotism in everyone in the country.

Brent Walker
  • El Fin- This is the end... for now!

    Episode 29 live with David Stiles Liquidation Cowboy and Innovative Solutions Network Talking about making moves, always hustlin, and SALES, our FIRST episode legitimately breaking down SALES and how important it is for you if you are in business, no matter what you do, know how to […]

  • Rubbin The Meat

    Episode 28 Rubbin the Meat with Greg Fischer of Burn Pit BBQ From the Marines to Insurance to quitting a solid job and slinging flavor across the land, check out or find him on Facebook! One more episode left in the season! Make sure you say hi and give us some comments […]

  • Security- James Bond Style

    Episode 27 Live with Craig Burney of Sigler Consulting We talk about his crazy new tech for your business  James Bond style security systems that will make you say WOW --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • IM ON A BOAT! 4th of July Week!

    Episode 26 Dippin your toes into the business water?  This guy dipped a worm!  My good friend and local soon to be Fishing Empire Owner Seth Megargle talks with me, literally on his boat. We talk about fishing, planning, and the importance of family backing you up. Had a great time in […]

  • Surrender, in a good way, trust me he's got a point

    Live  with Guest Moussa Mikhail Submarine Veteran turned Podcast Host, Entreprenuer, Speaker, Coach, Author, and has his own Real Estate Business The Conqueror Approach podcast with bring you on a journey of Self Mastery through Mind, Body, Sprit, and Finances Website: […]

  • Carpenters and Crypto and Marketers Oh My!

    Live with Caleb Blair Infantryman Carpenter Now Monkey Wrench Marketer! He and his partner specialize in assisting business owners tackle the complexities of marketing, and focus specifically on Contractors, who are often too busy to market Want to scale your contracting business so you […]

  • When life runs you over, get up and COMEBACK!

    Live at noon with Guest Richard Kaufman “The Comeback Coach” He is the host of Vertical Momentum Podcast What has he come back from you ask? Oh only job loss, drug addition, alcoholism, homelessness, a traumatic brain injury, PTSD and Blindness.... And you think you had a bad day! One […]

  • Infantry Bro-Fest with Curtis Grace and Luke Coffey

    Live w/ Curtis Grace and Luke Coffey of The Panjwai Podcast They are on their 2nd successful season and working on a book from all the stories told on their show Not only will we be talking Podcast to Podcast, but we will have a show filled with Army Infantryman!!! Super Heart Emoji […]

  • Episode 21 (but its actually 20?) Hard Wood with a Hard Dude

    Live with KURT BALLASH!!! The legendary woodmaster of Ballash Woodworks. Former Special Operations medic, turned security contractor, he founded Ballash Woodworks (formerly Fayettville Wood Art) to find his Zen in the grain and help out other veterans in the process Check him out at […]

  • Episode 19- Paws and Podcasts CINCO DE MAYO!

    Episode 19 Paws and Podcasting Cinco De Mayo Edition! We are joined by Liz Hensel host of Latina She Served Podcast as well and CEO of Leave No Paws Left Behind USA Nonprofit. Active duty and now reserve Marine Veteran with 1 tour to Afghanistan, mother of 2, wife to another active duty […]

  • Episode 18- Peepin and Creepin w/ Levi Burrows Nube2Guru

    Episode 18 Live with Levi Burrows From AT&T to Radioshack to joining the Army at 34 Into the Intelligence program and working with 160th SOAR He now helps you be an INFLUENCER! Be the expert in your field and show people why you are worth more money! Also get ready for […]

  • Episode 17- An average guy going through extraordinary circumstances: Lessons Learned from almost dying 3 times

    Episode 17 An average guy going through extraordinary circumstances Lessons Learned from almost dying 3 times 10 Tips to make you a better you My Special "Alive Day" Episode  --- Send in a voice message: Support […]

  • Episode 16- Wicked Smaht Paper w/ Dr Luke Mclees Veterans in Academics Podcast

    Episode 16 We're going LIVE in a special time with Dr Luke McClees Former Marine now wicked smaht guy, Director of Military Affairs and Services for his University and host of Veterans in Academics Podcast Make sure you check our Luke's Podcast and […]

  • Episode 15- Built Not Bought w/ Rebecca Bugnacki of Built with Becca!

    Episode 15 We are joined by my good friend and local motivator Rebecca Bugnacki of Built with Becca Shes did 4 years Active duty Army now Active Army National Guard Owns her own Personal Training business and she occasionally slings some […]

  • Proud To Be An American Podcast Episode 14

    Episode 14 Special Guest Elizabeth Barrett of Little Croft Farm Review of Tactipup Personalized 1.5" Basic Tactical Dog Collar --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • Proud To Be An American Podcast Episode 13

    Episode 13 In memory of Marty "TTT" Kasher 03212021 Today's Guest Alexander Hildenbrandt Sound Creative Solutions Check out our Post-Patty's Sale on "The Brawler' and "Irish Betsy" --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • Proud To Be An American Podcast Episode 12

    St Patricks Day Solo Fun! Go into the contribution of Irish immigrants in the American Revolution and questions direct from the FB live audience! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: […]

  • Proud To Be An American Podcast Episode 11

    Episode 11 Fixin trucks to livin in the suck! Former Action Guys Podcast host Justin Cramer! We will talk about.... drumroll... PODCASTS what you know a Podcast host on a Podcast! Also we will dive into some cool guy stories, and our usual beer, bacon, bourbon, bikes, and FREEDOM~! Justin […]

  • Proud To Be An American Podcast Episode 8

    Episode 8 Pizza with Purpose Live with The Greek Freak! We'll talk Pizza, We’ll talk Veterans, Small business, motorcycles and being a good person 2 Brothers Pizza Restaurant & Pub 2 BROTHERS RESTAURANT & PUB​ Everyone also make sure to go to […]

  • Proud To Be An American Soundcheck!

    Super random soundcheck sunday fun! Random shenanigans and speaking with my live listeners through their comments on FB live. Nothing serious just some soundcheck fun! --- Send in a voice message: Support this […]

  • Episode 6 Jack of All Trades Master of None

    Episode 6 Jack of all trades master of none Audio drop for the 1st 5min ooops! (Helps when you don’t start with the mic muted) featuring this weeks review of: MASF Industries MASF Supplements Smashin' Greens MASF Industries Make sure you checkout Just A Guy With […]