Combat Vet Vision

Aaron Q. Seibert having 3 Combat tours now serves as a Wounded Warrior Liaison, Vice President of the Warrior Built Foundation and heads the West Coast offices of the PTSD Foundation of America providing Peer-to-Peer PTSD Discussion. Aaron is a Keynote speaker for multiple Military, Civilian and non-profit organizations in supporting the needs of our Combat Veterans and educating the public. Bringing his experiences and expertise to the Public he has launched “Combat Vet Vision”, An on-demand internet radio show to expand his reach with the goal of helping more and more Vets. We Support

  • Judge Mark E. Johnson, USA, Vet Court and Author Scars and Strife

    Judge Mark E. Johnson, Ret. Served as a Superior Court Judge in Riverside County. In addition to other duties, he served over the Riverside County Veterans Court.Judge Johnson was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Superior Court Judge in May 2009 and was reelected to the […]

  • Jessica Jones - Phillips, "Navigating Triggers: Effective Communication with Veterans"

    As an author of the book "Whisper From Within" and a devoted mother of three, my journey intertwines with a military background since 2011. Dedicated to serving veterans, I volunteer at the PTSD Foundation, collaborating with global organizations and healthcare professionals to […]

  • Mike, "Heroes Movement USA"

    Mike grew up in Wyandotte, Michigan. After serving 4 1/2 years in the Navy, he began a career in strength and conditioning. Mike strongly believes that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. He oversees the training programs and develops relationships with gyms seeking to partner with […]

  • Mike, "Heroes Movement USA"

    Mike grew up in Wyandotte, Michigan. After serving 4 1/2 years in the Navy, he began a career in strength and conditioning. Mike strongly believes that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. He oversees the training programs and develops relationships with gyms seeking to partner with […]

  • Brigitte Baker Snyder, 2nd Annual Veterans Pickle Ball Clinic June 8th 2024

    The 8th of June 2024 Glendale Ca.Last Year was amazing, this will be a recap of what happened last year and an update of how this year may look. This is an adaptive sport and even with disabilities, fun is posible. This is a way to get involved with yourself and share with others in a […]

  • Lt Col John J. McBrearty USA Author of 9 books

    Lt. Colonel John J. McBrearty USMC/USA, honorably served in our nation’s military for 32 years in positions of increasing responsibility. He has the distinction of serving in both the U.S. Marine Corps (enlisted & officer) and the U. S. Army (officer). His various fields of military […]

  • Military Culture and Identity

    Life has fazes and rules, Growing up and interring the military requires adaptability and change. Let's talk about it. Military culture shapes the identities and experiences of combat […]

  • Easter, Hope for a Good Day

    Significance beyond its religious context, renewal, hope, and transformation. How does this resonate. In our journeys of healing, resilience, and finding purpose beyond military service. How do we celebrate Easter and the traditions or rituals that hold meaning for us, whether it's […]

  • Michael Amato USA Community of Support

    Mike has been on the show multiple times.This time we will talk about the community of support, how to find it, how to be it, how to keep it, and how you may be keeping it away from you. […]

  • John Savage, American Actor Final

    John Smeallie Youngs, known professionally as John Savage, is an American actor. He first rose to prominence in the late 1970s for his portrayals of troubled-but-sensitive characters in films like The Deer Hunter, The Onion Field, Hair The Godfather III, and SEAL Team. WikipediaBorn: […]

  • "Recon Chief" Venture and Adventure

    In the works is a great collaboration and support network in the Veteran and First Responders Community. A Navy “brat” born in San Diego, Ca. and had two brothers and 1 nephew in the Navy. Not to mention his late father, Roger de Leon, a retired submariner. He enlisted in the Navy in […]

  • USMC SgtMaj ret. Brian Fogarty, "Pathway to Post Traumatic Growth"

    Brian. FogartyOriginally from New Philadelphia, PA. Brian enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1992 and served 26 years, retiring in 2018 at the rank of Sergeant Major. During his service, Brian participated in multiple humanitarian and combat operations including Kosovo, Iraq […]

  • Mike A. USA, Creating Chaos & Politics, I'm Out #1

    What’s happing now, a look into some views into life as we see it, and the world politics effecting the life around us? It’s how we see it agree or not it’s our views and feelings on the issues going […]

  • Pursuing a Better Path

    Pursuing a Better PathWith USMC Chris Burges and USA Eric PettepherBoth dealt with their own struggles and found a better pathway as they both made a choice to go to the PTSD Foundation of America's "Camp Hope" Support for our Veterans dealing with the Unseen Wounds of war, […]

  • Warrior Built Foundation and The King of The Hammers

    LINKS: […]

  • Perspective from a Contractor (Truckdriver who was in IRAQ)

    A story and issues Related to time as a contractor spent in Iraq:"This article was written by CBS News chief invesigative correspondent Armen Keteyian and CBS News producer Phil Hirschkorn.Thousands of American civilians are deployed in Iraq — a shadow army that provides logistical […]

  • Attended a Vet Expo in Beaumont Ca this weekend

    Attended a Vet Expo in Beaumont Ca this […]

  • Dr_ Alisa Brady a founder of Wings Recovery

    Dr. Alisa Brady is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with more than twenty years of experience in healthcare. She is one of the founders of Wings Recovery- an intensive mental health treatment facility that focuses on the treatment of complex trauma. Dr. Brady is an EMDR trained clinician […]

  • My Trip, Ukraine to Poland and back to the USA

    Its been a while but being back in the USA and the steps to getting my family here in the USA and me Back... Its always an […]

  • Happy New Year 2024

    Let's Talk About […]

  • "As We See It" Part 1

    With Guest, Michael Amato:A little bit of politics, a little bitt of perspective on the issues we want to talk about and Christmas, what's the feelings on […]

  • John Tomlinson Patriot, Sponsor, Supporter

    John TomlinsonBoard MemberFormer City Council member and Mayor of the City of Dana Point. He has served the Southern California Community for the last 15 years by serving on numerous for Profit and Non-Profit Corporations and […]

  • Back From Thanksgiving

    This holiday and as the season of caring and sharing continues. A bit of my perspective and some issues of concern and support […]

  • "The Field Op" Podcaster Update Francisco Correa

    "The Field Op" Podcaster Update Francisco Correa […]

  • Ottis Miller USN Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Corpsman

    LINKS: […]

  • We buried my Dad Dave Witthar this past week

    Dave Witthar, 76 of Riverton, Wyoming passed away at Sage West Hospital in Riverton on Thursday, October 26, 2023. A viewing will be prior to service at 9:00 am. The funeral service will be held at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at Trinity Lutheran Church. With the Last Call of […]

  • Raoul Piette and the alternative to Pain Medication, the Alpha Stim (Replay)

    Raoul Piette and the alternative to Pain Medication, the "Alpha Stim"Alpha-Stim is a prescription technology that treats patients for pain, anxiety, and insomnia using cranial electrotherapy stimulation, or CES. 9 out of 10 patients achieve significant relief of 25% or better improvement […]

  • Mike Jon de Leon "Recon Chief" Vet Programs

    Chief Mike de Leon is a Navy “brat” born in San Diego, Ca. and had two brothers and 1 nephew in the Navy. Not to mention his late father, Roger de Leon, a retired submariner. He enlisted in the Navy in March 1993 as an undesignated Seaman Recruit (E1 paygrade), worked his way up the […]

  • What's Your Adventure and Motivation?

    What is it that gives you a direction to your life as the future is in front of you, The good, bad, and everything in between? In isolation is there a door to a well-balanced life in directions of choice from you or others..... Motivation is a word of incredible value in anything we want […]

  • You Are Best For You

    What works for you works for you but if complacent and telling ourselves ya just to say ya it may need another look. Sometimes going through the range of motion will get real, eventually or not.We need hobbies or stable good habits, three at least... […]

  • Kyle Hartfield Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

    Kyle Hartfield, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)A Southern Californian Native. While seeking a better way to help those suffering from addiction he was introduced to TMS. While fighting with the State and Insurance companies trying to utilize a TMS machine inside of his […]

  • Michael Amato Veterans Businesses and Their Struggles

    Michael Amato US army, Veterans Businesses and Their StrugglesMike is working on a few job opportunities and "doing business as" and he as well as others have story's to tell that may help Vets along the way.Mike Link:Warrior Built Music […]

  • Clayton Frech "Angel City Sports"

    CEO & Founder, Angel City SportsTalks about #disability, #careercoach, #paralympics, #careerdevelopment, and #diversityequityinclusionTalks about hashtag disability, hashtag careercoach, hashtag paralympics, hashtag careerdevelopment, and hashtag diversityequityinclusionAngel City […]

  • Raoul Piette and the alternative to Pain Medication, the "Alpha Stim"

    Raoul Piette and the alternative to Pain Medication, the "Alpha Stim"Alpha-Stim is a prescription technology that treats patients for pain, anxiety, and insomnia using cranial electrotherapy stimulation, or CES. 9 out of 10 patients achieve significant relief of 25% or better improvement […]

  • Labor Day Weekend Update...

    Racing, Events, and supportLinks: Ride - The 1000 mile Iron Butt ride to Vetstock51 people interestedJesse Coco Cunningham SteinerRuck Battle at […]

  • James Pitt USN Chief Ret. Anchor Real Estate powered by EGA Homes

    James Pitt USN Chief Ret. Anchor Real Estate powered by EGA HomesJames Pitts is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. James was a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman and Independent Duty Corpsman, serving in the following FMF Units 1/1. 1/4, 1st Regiment, CEB and 3rd Tracks. He has a total of four […]

  • "Getting To The Place of Want from Need"

    So Often we Need Therapy, We need Love, We Need Adrenalin, We Need Immediate care! We Need Food Water and Shelter. We have many needs and its important to turn some of them into more of a want than a need. What do we do to do that? What does that look […]

  • Golf Tournament (PTSD FOA) Thanks GreyStar!

    PTSD Foundation of AmericaPeer to Peer support for our Combat Vets, 120 Facility directly impacting Combat Vets in direct need for a free 6 to9 month program to deal with PTSD and related issues. An annual Golf Tournament every year supported by Grey Star helps in this […]

  • USN Combat Corpsman, Jason Brooks No-profit "Operate"

    USN Combat Corpsman, Jason Brooks No-profit "Operate"OIF Vet Combat Corpsman is working to establish a great Non-profit for our Veterans seeking to start their own Non -Profit or Business with a full on couching, support and posable fanatical benefit within its members/ Operatives Links: […]

  • My "Space A" Experience, Its an Adventure

    My, "Space A" Experience Its an Adventure.At Warrior Built Studios today...5 days to get to my destination was enough for my first adventure.Thanks to all resources available to make this […]

  • USMC Eric Perez Owner and Operator of Dump Pro_s

    USMC Eric Perez Owner and Operator of Dump Pro'sBorn - February 8th, 1982Birthplace- City of Orange Schooling-Santa Ana highUSMC (2003-2006) 3rd battalion 4th Marines Weapons Compony CATT IIMOS -0331 Machine gunnerOperation Vigilant Resolve (Fallujah part 1)Graduate of UCI 2020Owner and […]

  • "Living Dynasty" Founder & CEO Derek Jump USN, 3/5, FMF, Corpsman

    Living Dynasty" Founder & CEO Derek Jump USN, 3/5, FMF, CorpsmanOur Founder & CEO Derek Jump has 10 years of military service as a Hospital Corpsman with the Marine Corps. He served two tours of duty in Iraq and had the privilege of providing care as the geriatric general surgery […]

  • Jason Steiner USMC HEROSTOCK 9 Sept 2023

    Jason Steiner USMC "HEROSTOCK" 9Sept2023 Sargeant Jason Steiner USMC 96-2000 96-98 amphibious assault vehicle driver 98-2000 primary marksmanship instructor camp Del Mar camp Pendleton CA. 2019 I was a founding member of the Nebraska Warriors Hockey Program. A program setup by USA hockey […]

  • USMC Justin Matkins, Mobile Mec.

    USMC Justin Matkins, Mobile Mec. " Semper Fix It", 22% Discount ?USMC Mechanic, Combat Vet MOS's (2147/2141) "SEMPER FIX IT" he has created his own mobile Mechanic business to help when needed..... He gives 22% discount for First Responders and Veterans. Links: […]

  • Joel Walker President and Founder ROI² (“R O I Squared”) and Sponsor, Supporter Combat Vets

    Joel Walker is a business growth advisor and co-founder of ROI² (“R O I Squared”), where he guides entrepreneurs towards prosperity, freedom, and a lasting legacy. His entrepreneurial prowess, substantiated by building and selling multimillion-dollar Link International, fosters a […]

  • Jon O’Hare "JR" USN (FMF) Corpsman!

    USN Fleet Marine Force(FMF) Corpsman, the push into Iraq with 3rd Bn. 5th Marines(3/5) Dark Horse. An avid swimmer and competitive Surfer. […]

  • Memorial Day 2023

    Vince Ray USMCTom Kennedy Jr USMCAaron Q Seibert USNA day to enjoy but also a day to reflect on those who served and are no longer with […]

  • USAF Anela Richie Therapy In SOCAL "A Mindful You"

    Anela Richie M.A. LMFT (115341)Licensed Marriage & Family TherapistMental Health SupervisorA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the great state of California with experience treating individuals and families who have anxiety and depression stemming from issues people experience […]

  • Mike Jon de Leon "Recon Chief" Vet Programs

    Chief Mike de Leon is a Navy “brat” born in San Diego, Ca. and had two brothers and 1 nephew in the Navy. Not to mention his late father, Roger de Leon, a retired submariner. He enlisted in the Navy in March 1993 as an undesignated Seaman Recruit (E1 paygrade), worked his way up the […]

  • Marshall Pura, USA Pickleball & Combat Vet event in the works

    Marshall Pura, USA Pickleball & Combat Vet event in the works.USA Reservist, Pickleball enthusiast, and promoter, marathon runner,Combat Vet Pickleball event 11 June 2023 in Glendale CA. 16 Combat Vets to participate. this is considered an adaptive sport and is the fastest-growing […]

  • Andrew Douglas First Responder Support

    Andrew Douglas Former Firefighter/Paramedic & Union Leader | Co-founder at siento inc. | A dedicated advocate for mental health in high-stress professions, leveraging his background as a former firefighter and paramedic to drive positive change. As Co-founder and CEO of Siento Inc., […]

  • Derek Hudnall USN FMF Corpsman OIF 3/5

    Derek Hudnall USN FMF Corpsman OIF […]

  • Information _Control_ is it Altered to Fit the Narrative

    Fake News. The effectsReal News. Can it be trustedCombat Mindset: I need to know..... Personnel responsibilityCollective Mission: Opinions can go against the collective.Open mind and finding joy in what appears to be in our controlMoney markets created possibilities for no resolveStay […]

  • 200 Episodes! Rickie Gaunt, Gaunt Racing Sponsor, Supporter

    200 Episodes! Rickie Gaunt, "Gaunt Racing" Sponsor, Supporter, adviser, and full of support for our Combat Vets. Rickie has had a rousing career with 21 CRA main event wins including the Oval Nationals, a Firecracker 50, and much more. A big-time prankster who did some amazing things and […]

  • 2023 April update K9 Global Rescue

    2023 April update K9 Global Rescue, US Combat Vet, Ukraine SupportRescuing Animals ware needed but with the the continued aggression from Russia into Ukraine has created this […]

  • Raven Woods Smoke Signals

    Denise Gard knew she wanted to write by the age of eight. She loved crafting stories at the kitchen table that made her mother choke with laughter. As Denise matured, she also discovered the lure of acting. Acting in local dinner theaters doesn’t pay the bills, so in her twenties Denise […]

  • Forgiving Yourself...

    Forgiving Yourself...The pressure is real and the situations sometimes con be overwhelming, I often speak of after war there is no place in society for it, its real and the situations, carnage and instant realty change, causes thoughts and perception to change and sometimes end up taking […]

  • Mission Alliance (PTSD-related PCOR_CER topics related to COVID-19 Project)

    Mission Alliance (PTSD-related PCOR/CER topics related to COVID-19 Project)(PCOR and CER) Patient-Centered Outcomes Research and Patient Engagement in ResearchMission Alliance: Engaging veteran communities to capture & prioritize PTSD-related PCOR/CER topics related to COVID-19Project […]

  • Reflection of 2022

    Reflection of 2022 This past 2022 year, a little reflection and some positive and real issues into […]

  • Angela Maddox (Chriss Raahauge"s Daughter) Legends Never Die.... "Shelter For Change"

    Chris Raahauge "Shelter For Change Memories""Killed in an off-road collision on New Year’s Eve was identified by the Riverside County coroner’s office as Christopher Raahauge, who was a co-founder of Shelter for Change, a local addiction-treatment center.Raahauge, 60, was one of three […]

  • Patrick Jones, his vision of “Love Sports International”

    Patrick Jones, his vision of “Love Sports International”Entrapanure From Bermuda With over 35 years of hospitality and sports experience. ex-international rugby player. Ambassador to Global events health and Wellness […]

  • Ricky Ortiz (NFL) Dynamic Fitness "Hero Program" for Veterans

    Ricky Ortiz (born April 15, 1994) is an American football fullback who is a free agent. He played college football at Oregon State.Early yearsOrtiz attended and played high school football at Mater Dei High School.[1]College careerOrtiz committed to Oregon State in 2013, as a fullback. […]

  • Beckett Aguirre USMC Phoenix General Manager

    Beckett Aguirre USMC Phoenix General ManagerBeckett Aguirre was born & raised in Phoenix, AZ. Beckett, a Marine combat veteran that served in the Desert Shield/Storm campaign from 1990-1991. Beckett was attached to TOW Company, 3rd Tank Battalion 1st Marine Division. Beckett's MOS was […]

  • K9 Global Rescue, US Combat Vet, Ukraine Support

    K9 Global Rescue, US Combat Vet, Ukraine […]

  • Battle Buddy Check "Happy New Year" Zoom 29Dec 1100PT

    Up coming Buddy Check: Zoom 29DEC2022Zoom link below for 29Dec(2) hours: This is for Combat Vets, Non-Profits, Sponsors, Supporters, and Volunteers...….Buddy Check, come say Hi! if you need to talk more let me know, I will hit you up after. If you have an event or support, a message, or […]

  • Battle Buddy Check Merry Christmas

    Up coming Buddy Check: Zoom 22DEC2022zoom link below for 22Dec(2) hours: This is for Combat Vets, Non-Profits, Sponsors, Supporters, and Volunteers...….Buddy Check, come say Hi! if you need to talk more let me know, I will hit you up after. If you have an event or support, a message, […]

  • Joshua Passerrello Founder & Chief Visionary at G4L Ministries

    Joshua Passerrello Founder & Chief Visionary at G4L Ministries G. od O. ffers L. ove & F. orgivness 4 (The Trinity + Yourself) =LIFE JN 3:16G.O.L.F. 4 Life Ministries⛳️ Graduated from the Golf Academy of America and went on to win a Club Championship and Match Play […]

  • PTSD Discussion "Lets Talk About it" with Eric Pettepher

    Eric PettepherFrom Atlanta GaTotal 10 yrs army paratrooper 7 years 82nd Abn3 years Long range reconnaissance and surveillance. Afghanistan 07-08 Injured in theater 08MEB’d out ‘09Married father of 3Camp Hope ‘17Assistant Manager of the PTSD Foundation of America, Georgia Chapter. We […]

  • Sgt Thomas Kennedy USMC

    Thomas Kennedy From Torrance California,Lives in Apple Valley California,4 years United States Marine Corps,MOS 0811 Artillery,Desert Storm, Somalia, MOS Artillery Section Chief,Worked at Untied Airlines 11 years and during 911,Union Pacific Railroad Engineer/ Conductor 17 […]

  • Thoughts of the Past, Future and where are you at in the now...

    Thoughts of the Past, Future and where are you at in the now.....Lets Talk About it,With so many out there who will not reach out for support at least focus on this Living in the Now is the best chance you have to move forward in a positive direction. A focus on the past can provide a […]

  • Landon Wilkerson USN, "Clear View for Heroes"

    Landon Wilkerson USN, "Clear View for Heroes"USN: Anti Piracy operations off Africa,I injured my ankle after surgery and physical therapy I was unable to continue to be a sheriff or firefighter any longer with my injury. I lost everything career, retirement and was dealing with medical […]

  • Veteran, Vocational and Recreational Support

    Veteran, Vocational and Recreational Support!Lets Talk About it.....why is it so […]

  • Paul V. Abney STGCM(SW/IUSS) Retired, USN, USS Cole, Reflections of a Master Chief

    Paul V. Abney STGCM(SW/IUSS) RetiredSenior Analyst American Systems Corporation (ASC)Retired Master Chief Petty Officer Paul Abney has 45 years of combined service to the navy from December 1976 to present. Thirty years of active-duty service followed by 15 years of support to the US Navy […]

  • Politics I'm out (P.I.O.) Globalization

    Politics I'm Out (P.I.O.)I rarely do politics because its so out of balance and some peoples opinions are so strong that there is little room for negotiations.Mike Amato, and I will break a few things down and discuss politics, miss information and powers to be from our perspectives and […]

  • Hiram A. Murray, 9-11 NYPD, USMC, LAPD, Actor

    Hiram A. Murray, 9-11 NYPD, LAPD USMC, ActorAn award-winning American actor, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He first started his acting career in 1999 on the CBS television show "Now and Again". Hiram took a break from acting to pursue a formal education in screenwriting and film […]

  • Jessie Edison, Bronze Star, 21 Year Combat Vet

    Jessie Edison To:aqseibert@yahoo.comTue, Sep 20 at 5:18 PMA family man, born in Mississippi, but raised in Okeechobee. A 21 year Army Veteran with 2 Master degrees, 5 combat deployments, a bronze star and the current owner of the Spades and Dominoes Tournament Commission.We're a […]

  • Update Info, Sept 2022

    Update Info: The PTSD Foundation of America, The Warrior Built Foundation, Community Support, Resources, Help and Camaraderie, Events . […]

  • Charlene Brisson, Purple Heart Originals, Custom Ammo Cans!

    Charlene Brisson, Purple Heart Originals, Custom Ammo Cans!Charlene Brisson, Sponsor, Supporter Aa a Marketing and Communications Specialist, throughout her 30+ year career, Charlene Brisson has worked with businesses AND not-for-profit organizations to optimize their online and offline […]

  • Sam Roybal USA, Father (Chris USN, KIA Vegas 2017) 01Oct22 WB and K-9 Rescue Car Show

    Sam Roybal USA, Father (Chris USN, KIA Vegas 2017) 01Oct22 WB and K-9 Rescue Car Show Sam Roybal USA. Sam has endured a lot with the loss of Chris Roybal (USN, Dog Handler) his son in 2017 Vegas Shooting. He reached out and we spoke and worked together in our healing and support […]

  • Thoughts of the Past, Future and where are you at in the now.....

    Thoughts of the Past, Future and where are you at in the now.....Lets Talk About it,With so many out there who will not reach out for support at least focus on this Living in the Now is the best chance you have to move forward in a positive direction. A focus on the past can provide a […]

  • Keith Wilde, USA, Vietnam

    Keith Wilde, USA, Vietnam Links: […]

  • Update Aug 2022 CVV, WB and PTSD FOA

    Update Aug 2022 CVV, WB and PTSD FOALinks: […]

  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Part 2

    Eric Ellis USMC has a story: his life his struggles, his support, and his now and hopes for his future. He knows deep lows, Combat Vet Support, falling down and getting back up, he is moving forward in a positive direction and a direction of hope.USMC (2006-201) 3rd battalion 4th Marine […]

  • Diego Ponce, USN Chief (FMF/AW/PJ) story, and Son Jonathan Ponce (Ukraine Support)

    HMC (R) Diego Ponce, USN, (FMF/AW/PJ) Joined Active Duty in the Navy in 1998. Completed a tour with 3rd Marine Division in Okinawa in 1998, then reported to 1st Marine Division and assigned to 3rd BN 5th Marines from 2000-2003 completing one unit deployment and closing out his […]

  • William Estela(USGI Security) Sponsor Supporter

    Family is everything to me and it’s what I continue to surround myself with and build. I was lucky enough to marry my high school sweetheart and we just recently celebrated 16 years of marriage. I bring that same energy, trust, and respect to the corporate office, to our employees, […]

  • The Fight for Freedom

    What is the fight for me, who paved the way, born into it. are we asking the correct questions? when your freedoms impose on my freedom what does that look like "Lets Talk About […]

  • JUSTIN D. ROBERTS Award winning Director & former Army Captain(Updates)

    He has a lot in the works, Two documentary features (The Baja Run(Including 3 teams from Warrior Built) and For God and Country) in post-production. Recently on the front lines in Ukraine in the Donbas area(Ukraine) doing some interviews putting together another documentary. Currently […]

  • Politics I'm Out (P.I.O.) Tx Shooting

    I rarely do politics because its so out of balance and some peoples opinions are so strong that there is little room for negotiations. However when Vets voice them behind closed doors, things have a way to get a bit motivating......Mike Amato, and I will break a few things down and […]

  • Comm Check, Over?

    A story of why Comm was so important to me in training, as an FMF Corpsman, and in combat!Reaching out! Why I do it and why is it so important, What to say ware does it lead, how will it make a difference, "Lets Talk About […]

  • Memorial Day Weekend! Remember!

    Just a quick message of […]

  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Eric Ellis USMC, has a story: his life his struggles, his support, and his now and hopes for his future. He knows deep lows, Combat Vet Support, falling down and getting back up, he is moving forward in a positive direction and a direction of hope.USMC (2006-201) 3rd battalion 4th Marine […]

  • Politics I'm Out (P.I.O.)

    I rarely do politics because its so out of balance and some peoples opinions are so strong that there is little room for negotiations.Mike Amato, and I will break a few things down and discuss politics, miss information and powers to be from our perspectives and raw break down to the […]

  • It's Your Life Its Your STORY

    Its Your Life Its your STORYI do not want to assume anyone experiences are the same although some of our stories might be the same.When on my show its about me and my experiences, my thought, my struggles, my triumphs, my direction, my failures and success.When I have a guest on its a […]

  • Joshua Castro US Army PTSD Foundation of America Tx

    US Army Combat Vet to tell his story, his combat experiences, struggles, transition, support and his life in finding purpose and navigating support for himself and Combat Vets. […]

  • Melissa Shaw, Ketamine +PTSD

    I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a group therapy practice and a passion for helping people heal their trauma and grow their relationships. Being a therapist is not just a day job for me, it’s in my heart…Ketamine + PTSD: An honest account of a surprising […]

  • "Out There we have to Push Hard, its our Job"

    "Out There we have to Push Hard its our Job"We have to separate ourselves often from a lot of what we know and do and grew up doing. we will leave our families, friends, jobs, and way of life to meet the enemy anytime any ware needed. It's not easy but when we do we push on the enemy with […]

  • Two Man Fighting Position Effect

    Two Man Fighting Position Effect:Two totally different people: Maybe a lot in common or not, This is your battle buddy and this is your duty. One may have the largest most disturbing thoughts and Develop PTSD and combat effect and may have some very disturbing issues because of this […]

  • Current Support and Some Events

    Current Support and Some Events:Warrior Group Tuesdays 1930-2030Mission Alliance: One year Study on effects of Covid 19 On Veterans dealing with PTSD16 May 2022 Distribution Management Association of SoCal Golf Tournament.Friday 22 July Warrior Built Golf Tournament fundraiser.Sunday 24 […]

  • PTSD, Physical Wounds, What are you doing about it!

    Battle buddy, physical activity, Drugs, Self Medication, Mind Wellness, ownership, personal responsibility, Moving forward or backward, VA involvement, camaraderie, My involvement in myself, Mental Health, and […]

  • Aaron Q Seibert, My Exit from Ukraine, Part 2 During Russia invasion

    Video, pic's, as we left Ukraine!, We will discus Bus's , Trains, challenges and being prepared, making new but unsure decisions that eventually worked out. Money, exit plan, movement through Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, and into Poland quick stop into Germany. (5 Countries within […]

  • Aaron Q Seibert, My Exit from Ukraine, during Russia invasion

    Video, pic's, as we left Ukraine!, We will discuss Sumy, before the invasion and being prepared but did not want to believe it was going to happen. Bag Packed, fueled car, money, exit plan, movement through Ukraine, car accidents, support, fleeing to Poland for safety, decisions, quick […]

  • Aaron Seibert USN "His Chaos" and his life in Ukraine

    We will discuss combat, dig into my story, injuries, transition, non-profits. We will discuss my life, love, family, some hard sides of me, expectations perceptions, and frustrations. misinformation, balance, life choices, battle buddies. a preview to next week's show to discuss in detail […]

  • Operation Silver Star, Richard De La Cruz (RIP)

    Operation Silver Star, Richard De La Cruz (RIP) Passed away earlier this week from complications to Covid.HELP PAY FOR FUNERAL EXPENSE Link: and CEO at Operation Silver StarWent to Fontana HighLives in Menifee, CaliforniaMarried: Richard […]

  • Dr Ryan Rogers US Army..PTSD Foundation of America

    Dr. Ryan Rogers, US Army from "The PTSD Foundation of America" will discuss his story, struggles, failures, frustrations, opinions, success, transition, support of Camp Hope, and Getting his Doctorate degree in 2021.Show […]

  • Jacob Mcmillin USMC

    Jacob McMillin10 years USMC, Cpl.From Taft, CA.6.5 years with 3rd battalion 7th Marines, 3.5 years Wounded Warrior BattalionRamadi Iraq 2007Rowah/Hit/Haditha Iraq 2008/2009Sangin Afghanistan 2010Sangin Afghanistan 2011/2012Father of 4 children, age range 4 to 14Survived 6 IED Blasts, will […]

  • Eric Pettepher USA PTSD Foundation of America

    Eric PettepherFrom Atlanta GaTotal 10 yrs army paratrooper 7 years 82nd Abn3 years Long range reconnaissance and surveillance. Afghanistan 07-08 Injured in theater 08MEB’d out ‘09Married father of 3Camp Hope ‘17Assistant Manager of the PTSD Foundation of America, Georgia Chapter. We […]

  • Creating Chaos

    We will discuss the sometimes created, needed, or unconscious decisions to Create Chaos, The Disruption in our lives, the unsettled, the scary truths, and some perspectives from our own lives and some of the reasons why and how "Our Combat Vet Minds […]

  • Humbling Abilities

    I'm fortunate to have been surrounded by the support of the Wounded Warrior Bn. West. It is also a curse and benefit to be a Combat Vet who was injured in Combat, It lets me have the ability to connect with other vets for the most part with quick and genuine intent. I have been lucky to […]

  • Chris Raahauge "Shelter For Change Memories"

    "Killed in an off-road collision on New Year’s Eve was identified by the Riverside County coroner’s office as Christopher Raahauge, who was a co-founder of Shelter for Change, a local addiction-treatment center.Raahauge, 60, was one of three occupants in an all-terrain vehicle that […]

  • Timothy Yates(Task Force Heroes) US Army, Purple Heart

    Timothy will talk about his combat, his story, injuries, transition, non-profit (task Force Heroes). He will talk about his business of building custom homes in the Montana, Idaho, and Washington […]

  • Labeling and Misguided Titles

    So often these days you see something, a survey, poll, an article, an organization, or an ad that appears to be of interest only to find out it's misleading and not even close to the Hype it portrays itself to be. There are organizations claiming to help vets and the only truth in their […]

  • Holidays, Expectation and PTSD

    I will talk about a few issues related to the Holidays: Drinking, thoughts, mindset, isolation, communication, getting lost in our own head, Hypervigilance, Family issues that may have contributing factors. Other non-understanding feelings, history, relationships, and any other […]

  • SSgt Christopher Little USMC/USA

    SSgt Christopher Little will discuss his time in the USMC, Combat injuries (Overcoming a Med board) Deployment during Covid, Transition out of the Marine Corps, and into the […]

  • Jay Kopelman LtCol Ret USMC

    Chief is bringing everyone up to speed on what is going on in his world.Links Aqseibert@yahoo.comThe Warrior Built Foundation - […]

  • Updates from Chief

    Chief is bringing everyone up to speed on what is going on in his world.Links Aqseibert@yahoo.comThe Warrior Built Foundation - […]

  • Maurice Garcia USMC Veterans Helping Veterans

    USMC 1st Marine Division will discuss his history, deployments in combat, his career, transition, the good the bad, and what it all has meant to him. he is involved a lot in Vet Support and our discussion should be a great […]

  • Brotherhood of Warriors Battle Buddy

    Mike Amato and I will discuss the Battle Buddy, how important is to have them, why, and how to be one!Links: Aqseibert@yahoo.comThe Warrior Built […]

  • Emergency Manager for the City of Temecula CA

    USN Chief Retired Mike Alford will talk about his career in the Navy, Combat experience, leadership, transition, and his life now as Emergency Manager for the City of Temecula […]

  • Chief Randy Bojorquez USN Ret

    Navy Chief and FMF Corpsman will discuss his history, deployments in combat with Lima Company 3/5, his career, transition, the good the bad, and what it all has meant to him. I served with Randy at NHCP and with 3/5. our discussion will be a great one to get […]

  • "What PTSD looks like:" For Me

    As posted by:'s talk about the diagram and go over this and what it all means to me. What am I doing about it? What works and what does not.LinksYouTube Channel: […]

  • Mark Doucette. USMC, Transition, Team Leader, Warrior Built Member and more.....

    I am currently transitioning and working in the solar industry on both residential and commercial buildings under the DOD Skillbridge program.In addition, I help a veteran non-profit called The Warrior Built Foundation in providing recreational and vocational therapy to combat […]

  • COMBAT and PTSD, does it fit in Life?

    COMBAT and PTSD, does it fit in Life? The truth for the most part it does not. Little to none of what I have done in the military translates to actual meaningful pay or a degree that keeps me in line with my peers but what has happened to me in combat has made me better and worse in many […]

  • Mike Mulari

    Mike MulariArmy Combat Vet served in OIF 1 with 2/5 FA attached to 3rd ACRDistrict Manager for Columbia Sportswear, Veterans Employee Resource Group leader for Columbia. Links Aqseibert@yahoo.comThe Warrior […]

  • Justin Miller is the Co-Founder of Objective Zero

    Justin Miller is the Co-Founder of Objective Zero, motivational speaker, and inventor. He grew up in Wheeling, West Virginia and currently lives in St. George, South Carolina with his wife and two children.Justin has an Associate of Arts degree from Columbia Southern University. He […]

  • Myke Monroe Maurita CA Chamber of Commerce

    Myke Munroe Maurita CA Chamber of CommerceHelps to convene the South-West Riverside County Military Affairs Committee. The SWRC MAC’s mission is to convene and collaborate with military resource providers to bring local military veterans, active duty, and their families the services […]

  • Reflection 9/11

    History is violent, not always kind. Attempts have been made, and continue to be made to curve the, "at one time it was acceptable" behaviors and dealing throughout time. What is done cannot be undone but it can be sugar-coated and distorted to fit the […]

  • Brotherhood of Warriors Part 1

    What is the Brotherhood and why is it important, starting with our point of view. Links Aqseibert@yahoo.comThe Warrior Built Foundation - PTSD Foundation of America - […]

  • Afghanistan FUBAR

    Afghanistan FUBAR,The complicated shift of power and unspoked agreements with who and what? Loss of a tactical presence of Combat Vets on the ground to help see evacuations. I will say Culture and so many other self-interests in a tribble way have kept Afghanistan from uniting and […]

  • Warrior Built Race Team by Anthony Pacitto

    USA Combat Vet. Team Leader for "Manchette"(Basically a stock 1969 VW Bug with some extra Suspension +2 inches of travel) Almost completed the Vegas to Reno Race Aug 2021(Best in the Desert) the longest off road race in the USA. Our Combat Vets, Sponsors and Supporters coming together to […]

  • Paul Loska, USMC, Business Owner, Sponsor, Supporter

    Paul Loska – PrincipalAs a business owner and a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Paul is a trouble-shooting expert that thrives when issued a problem to resolve–which is exactly why he’s known as one of Southern California’s best in his industry.Paul has 27 years of construction […]

  • Clint Waters USN EOD, Sponsor_Supporter

    Clint joined the Navy when was 17, Clint's Family life was not the best and the Military got him back on the right path. Clint served 13 Years active and 10 years in the reserves. he was a Rescue Swimmer / Combat Search and Rescue crewman, Helicopter crewman. Clint got out and came back […]

  • "Glad To Be Back" New Time, Mondays at 1300

    LinksVirtual Office (ask me about this, Come See Me) Virbella.comCombat Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Office(Come see me) […]

  • Reflection on Memorial Day

    History not in the School text!It takes good men willing to do bad things to stop bad men from doing bad things...Every Day is Memorial day to some.LinksCombat Vet Vision - Built - […]

  • Jeff Adams MSgt Retired "Patch"

    US ArmySpecial Forces Medical AdvisorSpecial Forces Team SergeantSpecial Forces CT Troop SGMParamedicLinksCombat Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - […]

  • Master Sergeant Gill (ret.)

    Master Sergeant Gill enlisted in the Marine Corps in February 1995 and reported to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego CA in March 1995 for recruit training. Upon completion of recruit training and Marine Combat Training, he was transferred to Marine Corps Engineer School, Camp Lejeune […]

  • Pain: Let's Talk About It

    It's been my experience that when I originally got hit with the mortar round the pain was a very instantaneous thing and over a period, subsided to a point of miserable excruciating pain, but manageable. LinksCombat Vet Vision - […]

  • Brigitte Baker Snyder Supporter PTSD Foundation of America

    Born In Branson MoRaised in small town outside of Springfield MO - Nixa MoWorked at Silver Dollar City as a Saloon GirlWorked in a German Dancehall in Branson MOGraduated MSU where I met my future husbandMoved to Los Angeles in 1992Have two children - Bene (pronounced Benny - daughter 20) […]

  • Call Your Parents

    We get back from combat we try to figure things out, we just measured all things in our lives that matter, we wrote a letter home. We put it in our pocket, and it said our last words, we were asked to do this, who do we give this letter to who? Does this letter go to our parents, […]

  • Robert Graves, Com Check

    Robert Graves, Com CheckThis show is about one of the 22 a day: His story told by his Mom Andrina Shields:(RIP) Apr 18, 1990 – May 29, 2017 (Age 27)He was born in Phoenix, Arizona April 18, 1990. Robert served in the United States Air Force from 2009 to 2013. He was stationed in Japan […]

  • Black Mirror of My Life

    Just remember what I say, these are my opinions, this is my experiences, my outlook on a lot of things in my life, other people's lives and it's mine it's my personal thoughts and they're there because of my experience in life and combat. We lived life and death situations we had orders […]

  • Charles Retter USMC

    Charles Retter USMCStaff Sergeant Charles P. RetterInspector-Instructor Motor Transport Maintenance ChiefMarine Air Support Squadron Six DET AMAG48Staff Sergeant Retter was born in Stamford CT on February 18th, 1985. He was raised in Norwalk CT until his graduation from Norwalk High […]

  • Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

    Drugs, Alcohol and TobaccoBeen a Navy corpsman and associated with medicine, I have seen an experienced what it is like to the abuse of alcohol drugs and tobacco.Again I want to remind everybody this is my opinion, this is my story, this is my life, my opinion do not always reflect […]

  • Michael Jon de Leon USN Veteran Powered Films

    Michael Jon de Leon USN Veteran Powered FilmsChief Petty Officer de Leon BIOSTGC de LeonChief Mike de Leon is a Navy “brat” born in San Diego, Ca. and had two brothers and 1 nephew in the Navy. Not to mention his late father, Roger de Leon, retired submariner. He enlisted in the […]

  • Robert Caudill USMC

    Robert Caudill USMCHe grew up just outside of Detroit, Michigan, until He joined the Marine Corps later in life at twenty-four. He was very fortunate to serve with HMM-364 the Purple Foxes, with Four deployments from 2004-2010. As an aviation ordnanceman fixing machine guns and loading […]

  • Compliments

    Compliments In a variety of ways compliments seemed to be hard to accept in today's society Let's take the compliment that so often so many of us here all the time “Thank you for your service”Some feel like this is possibly a cop out, possibly meaning nothing to the person that's […]

  • Austin Waggner USA

    Austin Waggoner USAHe will tell his story, his struggles, his solutions and his path through transition. He will talk about his art and how Dremel engraving art helps him and has given him some extended passion.US Army Feb 6 / 1996 - Dec 24 / 2002, Oregon National Guard Jan 03 - Nov 03, […]

  • Robert Montclair USMC Iraq and Afghanistan

    USMC Aug 1997 to Sept 2017SSgt Ret.Parris Island0612 Field Wireman 29 Palms CaWpns co, 2/5 HQ and Echo co 2/6 11th Mar, BAT 1 Pkus other units and task forces.OEF Africa 02 OIF Iraq 03 OEF Afghanistan 04 Afghanistan 12Multiple multinational training deployments multiple […]

  • Everybody Needs a Group or a Battle Buddy

    Everybody Needs a Group or a Battle BuddyPositive and negative choices can affect us for our whole life.Not all groups and not all Battle Buddies can be good for you.Everybody has issuesEveryone can open up communication betterEveryone needs Coping SkillsEveryone needs positive feedback […]

  • Vincent Ray USMC Iraq and Afghanistan

    Vincent Ray will be talking about his USMC experience and deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. He will also discuss transition and how he is dealing with life.USMC Jan 2001 - Jan 2006Reserve Jan 2006 - Jan 2010MCRD San Diego Echo Co.2111 Small Arms Tech. School Aberdeen Proving Ground. […]

  • Stepping In The Door Of An Organization

    Intimidation - can you walk through the doors and be involved with yourself and your needs? What is holding you back?Does it remind you of checking in to a new command?And if you do get involved - are you afraid of the commitment to yourself or to the Organization?We need to get to a […]

  • Retired Col. Greg Martin

    Chief Seibert's former Commanding officer of Wounded Warrior Bn West will talk about his career, Wounded Warrior Bn West, Challenges of support to our Wounded Ill and Injured. He will talk about Freedom Station its mission to support housing for Vets and why this is his calling and what […]

  • The year 2020

    The Year 2020"Adapt and overcome"( Election, Covid, Shutdowns, hard times, uncertainty)Controversial (Mask and business shutdowns, vaccine, what is going on?Zoom, Virbella.Com, Work from home, less traffic, business modal change, Real estate.My brother in Denver Co an office space […]

  • Lessons Learned

    The therapeutic effect of telling your story is good to process some issues someone might have.Learning to talk about one thoughts is important.Learning about yourself can be eye-openingTriggers can be hit but it is important to deal with them and to have a great support network is […]

  • What is it that i do....?

    What is it that I doI connected with Combat Vets, I sympathize, I coordinate efforts of support, I built relationships with society, I help find passion and jobs, I help coordinate special needs for our Combat Vets, I speak with and listen to issues from our Combat Vets, I find meaningful […]

  • Supporting our Brothers and Sisters with True Intent

    The, "Why Not Me Factor", Getting to the point.Fortune finds away.Uplifting support, Life may not appear fair but if you are doing something because there is payment at the end it may be a job.If you do something good to the community or others its integrity, Expectations may not meet […]

  • Bridge People

    Your connections matter. "Don't Burn Bridges". Life lines to success. Who do you trust and what information is good and bad. when you think of what you know and who you know what one really helps you more.Are you good for your self----Dealing and handling life in a positive […]

  • Triggers

    What affects us, How Why and dealing with this new effect upon us. Handling it, exposing it to others, Who can help, and is it a bad idea to expose it to cause it to become more normal or more of a burden. LinksCombat Vet Vision -

  • The Child In Us

    Many are probably aware of the triad inner child-inner parent-inner adult. Each of the three has its own role: the adult is to make decisions, the child is to play and enjoy life, and the parent is to instruct and care. But it just so happened that for many, the inner parent is busy with […]

  • Freedom and perspective

    Taste, Choice, Accountability, Sacrifice, Connection, Benefits, appreciation, reflection, In the End, how does this apply to you. LinksCombat Vet Vision -

  • Walls and Barrier

    Barriers: obstacles to our way of obtaining our goals or perceived goals. doors, transportation, logistics, family, People, habits, society, choices, and capabilities.Walls: Protective area and hard to tear down, removed Love or hurt. Opening up can really lead to better understanding […]

  • Vets in Genetics "Invitae" Testing for Cancer

    Jason Brooks, Matt Curly, Kyle SiordiaTalk about Vets working in "Invitae" (Genetic Testing for Cancer) also how to be tested. What this means to the VA and to you.LinksInvitae - www.invitae.comCombat Vet Vision -

  • Ride 22, 8,000 mile ride in 13 Days

    1/5 Wpns Co 2010-2014, USMC, 0341 (Mortarman) Completion of the Ride 22. 8,000 miles in around 13 days, on a Harley Davison 2012 Dyna Street Bob, His story plus.LinksWeb - Awareness to Veterans Suicides.

  • Operation Silver Star with Richard De La Cruz

    Operation Silver Star:We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping our wounded and returning combat veterans. troops and their families with urgently needed financial assistance for basic needs such as food, clothing, car/home repair/payments, emergency shelter, utilities, and […]

  • Balance

    In the military and in war we had very structured purpose, rules, orders, times, places, Missions, tactics, People (Troops) Jobs, Always balancing Military and civilian life. "Mindset", Adrenaline, Hypervigilance.How are we managing all this now, on our own and maybe missing some […]

  • US Army Michael Amato

    Michael Amato, US Army 2007-2010 Afghanistan 08/09. Infantry 101st Dog Co, 2nd of the 506th. Dealing with a lot from childhood to combat and buddies committing Suicide. finding a way to move forward in a positive way. LinksCombat Vet Vision - […]

  • PTSD Foundation of America "Camp Hope"

    Ben Green PTSD Foundation Of America "Camp Hope", His experience, his reason to be at Camp Hope. His story. How and why he is the National Outreach Director for The PTSD Foundation of America.LinksPTSD Foundation of America - Vet Vision - […]

  • Elements Health Club, (Hero Program) South Lake Tahoe

    Fitness, Combat Vet, and Vet Support, Veteran-Owned, Help in a variety of ways and ongoing and new modalities of support for our Veterans and CommunityLinks […]

  • SoCal Chapter of the PTSD Foundation of America

    Chaplain Edward I. Choi U.S. Army-Major (Ret.)SoCal Chapter Manager of The PTSD Foundation of America.Ed's Story and what we as the Socal Chapter of The PTSD Foundation of America are doing to support our Combat Vets.Warrior Groups are fellowships for combat veterans and their families […]

  • Appreciation

    Appreciation Thank you for your service! I am happy it is said it is done so, because you mean it, it’s the thing to say or its just words. If you do really feel this way please be good to your fellow Americans, your community and take some pride in what this great nation represents and […]

  • Passion and Purpose

    You were the most important piece of gear on the planet, you had people depending on you for life and death, life is short, the loss is happening, you had much responsibility, camaraderie, respect, and support. when you come home get out Transition is hard and unsure how and where to go. […]

  • Ride for 22

    "Ride for 22" The mission states we will do three things: 1) Spread awareness of PTS and educate the public2) Serve as a living memorial3) Provide support and comfort to the loved ones left behindWe hope to accomplish this mission in several ways; participating in ride events, recruiting […]

  • My mind and how it ticks.....

    When War Experience Meets civilian needs and adjustment for culture, Times, threats, and society, Life is short becomes reality, Hope (Is not a plan) But what is being done for those that are dealing in hardships and what can be. being balanced and finding "Ah-Ha" Moments.LinksCombat Vet […]

  • Project Refit James Corbett

    Facebook Live type Warrior Groups: Project Refit's story begins in the valleys of Afghanistan in 2014. Daniel Lombard, Co-Founder of Project Refit, was involved in two IED explosions. The worst of his injuries were TBI and PTSD. But, there was another story, one of leadership, that had […]

  • Communication and Understanding Changes in Ourselves

    Confusion in the news, Personal and political agenda, pictures Video, upbringing, Religious beliefs, Beliefs in general, tolerance and changing environment. How we treat others, property, history, and yourself. anger frustration joy and love. Dropped into combat, 30 Seconds Out, No One Is […]

  • Combat Vet Vision Live

    Intro to the new live format: This is a show on our Personal experiences and involvement in the community of Combat Vets and. Co-Hosted by Brian Colburn: "Non-Profit, Sponsor, or Supporter of the week". (Warrior Built Foundation, and The PTSD Foundation of America) Why so important, […]

  • Ownership

    11 General orders lets talk about 1 and 11, To take charge of this post and all government property in view. To be especially watchful at night and during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post, and to allow no one to pass without proper authority. Good […]

  • A-Non Helper of Vets

    She has been a Light Modal for Hollywood's A-listers, but her real passion has been to get it correct for our Vets after Warrior Built Members have run into stops, blocks or issues to there disability she is the one I turn to for advice, help and to complete work their issues, Not ease […]

  • Christina Wood Mental Health

    Christina has been practicing in the field of addiction and mental health since 2003 and is currently a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Her credentials include Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, and Certified Co-occurring Disorder […]

  • James Pitt USN Ret Navy Chief Combat Vet

    USN Chief Independent Duty Corpsman. 4 Times deployed into combat Iraq and Afghanistan. Transition and now into Real Estate.LinksJames PittJames@ksadreamhomes.comSitch Radio - https://sitchradio.comCombat Vet VisionWeb – – […]

  • Responsible Me

    Personnel Responsibility, Government politics vice practical responsibility and being you and what you can do. Play Those Games Win Those Prizes.LinksSitch Radio - https://sitchradio.comCombat Vet VisionWeb – – […]

  • Popped Open a Coke

    As we Crossed in to Combat you now have lost all freedoms as you know them they are now just thoughts of freedom. this is in some ways going on in America as we deal with this Coronavirus. Everyone has too.LinksSitch Radio - https://sitchradio.comCombat Vet VisionWeb – […]

  • Sich Radio, "Brian Colburn" How do I do Some of What I do?

    Podcast production and support from Sitch Radio for The Warrior Built Foundation and the PTSD Foundation of America. Brian Colbur has been an awesome Mentor in "Out of the Box" ways. He helps mak a difference and enhancing what can be done, entrepreneurship on point, calibration and […]

  • Moving and Setting up "The Patriot House"

    Air BnB The Patriot House! Vacation + Military History. South Lake Tahoe www.airbnb.comLinksCombat Vet VisionWeb – – you have a question or comment, please leave me a message.Aaron […]

  • Moving and Starting over "Three Fourths There"

    S Lake Tahoe Time, Electrical, Paint and Carpet, Staging building and Fixing. Lockes and planning the service to use as rental for the 3 Bed one Bath below. Job opportunities for my wife. Weather and environment, Expenses, Commute, Opportunities, Finding your groove(Optempo) and enjoyment […]

  • Wanting Availability - Civilian and Military Trauma Support Groups

    This week we speak with Abigail White about Civilian and Military Trauma Support Groups. Being involved with Combat Vets and Civilian support, pursuing her Nursing degree at Lake Tahoe Community College.LinksCombat Vet VisionWeb – […]

  • I Don't Fully Speak My Mind

    Triggers are hit and then I feel like engaging but not with hate or malice, Pushed too hard and maybe you will look like the Enemy or because I represent the Military, it will take a hit, Choice Freedom, laws and regulations, Documented or undocumented people in the USA having a voice […]

  • Why the Podcast - Combat Vet Vision

    A platform of Therapy and expression, support and understanding. is what Brian Colburn of pitched to me. Brian pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and it has worked out well. I have learned, connected and helped more veterans with my show. Thankful to Brian, the […]

  • Marcel Rowley USA, South Lake Tahoe Community College

    US Army Afghanistan Veteran, Vet Liaison Coordinator at Lake Tahoe Community College and runs Laser Work IG @AlpinelaserworksCombat Vet VisionWeb – – you have a question or […]

  • Politics

    My Take is this if we want to see change and instead of using the People of America as a leverage tool with money and AGENDAS Bipartisan, Ware is Republarats or Demacans. What seems to me to be going on is Laws are made but our own Government is choosing to break those very laws. I am for […]

  • Paul Simpson "Turn Around For Vets" (Wood Working)

    Running woodturning aboard Camp Pendleton in California at the Wounded Warrior Bn West. LinksWood Turners of Sandiego - www.SDWT.orgCombat Vet VisionWeb – – you have a question or […]

  • Ask Not What

    John F Kennedy, We ask for a lot and expect even more. What are you and I doing to make our lives a little better or worse? We have the ability to be good or bad for ourselves, important to take out the Trash, Helping out, Control it's up to you. Selfish positive or Negative actions, […]

  • Dustin Slade, US Army Afghanistan Veteran

    Dustin Slade, US Army, Infantry, about to ride for Warrior Built in the Best In The Desert series. Army Infantry, finding passion in riding. Pushing for new opportunities and helping along the way.Combat Vet VisionWeb – – […]

  • Holiday Season

    Holiday Season: Suicide, hard to attach and interact with Family, Expectations, Connections and associations, Battle Buddy’s, Disconnected. Please Reach out... Connect on your terms, Drug use and Alcohol use... Connection and opening up about life are so important. So far down a bad […]

  • Marion Yocom USMC E 2/7

    USMC, 2/7, Purple Heart Recipient. E-5 Sgt, Medication Use. Autumn Garcia (Med Care Farms) Dose issues, Non-Meds and responsibility. Daughter means everything to him, Bay Alarm.LinksMed Care Farms - Vet VisionWeb – […]

  • Michael Amato U.S. Army

    U.S. Army combat veteran, Afghanistan, Upbringing, Triggers, Relationships, and the Warrior Built Brotherhood.PTSD Foundation of America, Outreach to Vets, Lives in Virginia Ca.Combat Vet VisionWeb – – […]

  • One Bad Day

    Where did the good days go, How did those get wrapped up in the wash, Combat changes you, Training changes, thought process changes, things start to ramp up to the reality of pending doom and the end for you or someone you know. I trained 13 years to play in the Superbowl. and now it’s […]

  • Veterans Day

    11 Nov 1918 to Honor the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans. Everyone is out. Rides all over the country will be going on to bring out the best of or culture, Honor, respect, freedoms, and heartfelt efforts of those who have served, diversity and understanding. Personal Memorials […]

  • Trust

    From Bootcamp to Combat to Society. Change and adaptation through it all. Pushups together in Bootcamp doing translates to life and death trust in Combat. I hope we have each other back in or out of Combat. Good Deeds gave with no expectations, Genuine people.Combat Vet VisionWeb – […]

  • Kindness

    This week "Chief" dives into the importance of kindness. As Vet's, especially interacting with civilians it can be a bit difficult, but the importance of kindness needs to factor into our communications.Combat Vet VisionWeb – […]

  • Ramon Andino, Battle Buddy

    Talking about USN and Corpsman Life with the Marine Corps. History with Aaron Seibert at NHCP, Depression, PTSD, Cancer, and his journey.Combat Vet VisionWeb – –

  • Jason "Crash" Jensen

    This week we talk to Jason "Crash" Jensen aka CrashJensen a retired United States Marine Corps Combat Illustrator/Photographer. With several award-winning pieces, he is still active with VA Art programs.CrashJensen created the New “Combat Vet Vision” cover art.Browse Gallery at; […]

  • Moving and starting over Halfway There

    Help and support from others, Equipment used, knowing the involved people and who we trust, Real estate, Investments, Jon’s Movers, Coldwell Banker, VA Mortgage Bootcamp, Quality of life, New patterns, HELP! The Story, Wife has a plan, a want a need, a reason. My Compromise, 1 Week on […]

  • Yves Pinkowitz Sponsor Supporter of Warrior Built and "T It Up For The Troops"

    A great supporter of our Troops, The Warrior Built Foundation, PTSD Foundation of America and T It Up for the Troops, Yves Pinkowitz,LinksWeb – - Yard - […]

  • Chris Hoffmann Founder and CEO of Vet Training and Coaching

    If you're Military Veteran who is tired of the mundane routine out of the uniform and are feeling like you're not living up to your standards. Guess what!? You're right! Chris Hoffmann a Marine Corps Combat Veteran and founder of VET Training & Coaching, Chris know what veterans need […]

  • Toxic Leadership

    Leadership as a whole, what is it, why is it important, history and examples. what is it that can change and how is managed by others. Adaption of others.LinksWeb – - Yard - […]

  • Chris Jones US Army Vet and owner of "Asendit"

    US Army, Medic, Combat Engineer, Afghanistan, came back became a nurse, and own business "Asendit". Gravity Sports for therapy and support his needs and wants to give back. reconnecting with Family.Asendit - – […]

  • Jon Favillo CH 46 Mechanic

    Jon Favillo, CH-46 "Sea Knight" Mechanic, MOS 6112. After having served 2 tours to Iraq, Jon is now an entrepreneur. Owner of "Jons Mover" and a licensed realtor he still finds time to volunteer and sponsor Warrior Built Events.Jons Movers - – […]

  • Bramley Sullivan, filming an episode of "Twin Turbos"

    On deck, as we filmed an episode of "Twin Turbos" She was here last about two years ago filming for a possible reality show for Warrior Built, her perspective, why she wanted to make this a possibility of getting WB awareness out via Twin Turbos and what she thinks now.LinksWeb – […]

  • Avenue Approach to new Career Field

    F/U with Francisco Correa. Life, Meds, Meds, Balance, what he is doing now and how he is helping give back to the Veterans. Transition, risk management, loss control, OSHA, Occupational Safety and health, logistics and supply chain management, Employee and employer communication and […]

  • Daniel Romero Son of a Cop

    Chief speaks with Daniel Romero about the effects of PTSD on the family. Daniel works with the Warrior Built foundation as a supporter and spends time with Aaron in the studio.LinksCombat Vet VisionWeb – – […]

  • The Warrior Built Foundation, Plan of The Week

    Aaron, AKA "Chief" discusses the Warrior Built Foundations, Plan of the Week (POW). An Emailed newsletter describing upcoming events and activities that the Warrior Built is involved with. This POW is sent out 1-3 times a month. Find an activity you may want to be involved with and reach […]

  • Amanda Nelson, Volunteer

    Amanda Nelson: Part of the Support of Combat Vets at the Warrior Built Foundation. “Volunteer”. Great Human Being, Lost her life 18 July 2019 riding in a Corvette in a quick trip to the store. 19 years old, loved life and was looking forward to a bright future. Boyfriend and Best […]

  • Reattachment and Purpose

    Reattachment and Purpose: Separated so you can better deal with moving on because in combat Mission is priority, it goes against nature and perception of what and how we feel, it becomes the norm to have a loss and no time to mourn before the next mission is upon us, What we do and how we […]

  • SSgt Kevin Frantum USMC

    Retired Marine SSgt. Kevin Frantum, served Aug 1984-Aug 2004. In Motor T & Combat Motorcycle Instructor. Having served 20 years Kevin Retired from HQBN, Truck Co., 1Marine Division.Kevin currently owns/operates Inland Valley Motorsports Training, Moter Cycle Safety and Riding training […]

  • Other PTSD's

    "Other PTSD" MST, Childhood, Family, Relationships, Marriage, Beatings, Car Crash, Hit and Run, accidents, Murders, Society, how are We Dealing with it. Calling it PTSD!!, Living in fear and seclusion.Links Web – – […]

  • John "Moto" Williams USMC, MsSgt Ret

    Aaron talks to John Williams USMC, MsSgt Ret, aka "Moto" about his Marine Corps career and transition into the civilian world. Struggles to realizations and how he is continuing to serve not only this great nation, bout our Veterans.Links Web – […]

  • Studio 395 with Chris Hermanson

    Studio 395 set's out to build an artists’ community in Southwest Riverside County that will be the creative destination through collaboration with the community, civic, and business partners. To create a civic canvas for the collaboration of a multicultural expression of art. a place […]

  • Ever Changing Society

    Ever Changing Society: Technology, personal beliefs, God and Religion, influence from messages, Text, Email, Phone, and society. Do we know what is truly going on in our government? Hard to say. when it comes down to the core it's up to you to control you and you only the best version of […]

  • Brent Callender LCpl, Purple Heart USMC

    Chief met, Brent Callender LCpl, Purple Heart USMC at the Wounded Warrior Center aboard Camp Pendleton, CA. Helping each other transition from active duty to civilian life with help of the Warrior Built Foundation, PTSD Foundation of America.LinksWeb – […]

  • Sarcasm

    SARCASM: funny and possibly offensive way to get the point across. We use it all the time to better understand or redirect our thoughts. to better get points across. it’s also a protective layer so we don’t necessarily heart feeling. Usually starts with “So You're Telling me” If […]

  • Memorial Weekend 2019

    "Memorial Day" Remembering and honoring the Memories and losses of the United States, It takes a lot to Raise your hand unknowing at the time of what that means. Everyone who does should know that only 1% of our population does. It is a Somber Time. there are a lot of times we reflect on […]

  • Sgt Daniel Schiavi US Army

    USA Infantry 11 Bravo, Fire Direction Specialist 13 Papa, 8 Years Active, Iraq, 2 Deployments. Out March 2010,(6 months Unemployed, Stay at home dad) Georgia (1 Month correctional Officer does not pay overtime but comp time) Gun Store 9 months, (Contractor Afghanistan on and off 5 Years) […]

  • Help!

    From, Warrior Built Studios: "Help!" Ask For It, What is it, ready for it, push for it, what changes are you making, being reasonable and practical. responsibilities, A-la-carte, vice Full meal deal. "Participation in your life", Ownership.LinksWeb – […]

  • George Hruby USMC and AZ Wild-Land Fire Fighter

    Chief talks with AZ based Wild-land Fire Fighter George Hruby about transitioning from the Military to a career with the Forest Service.LinksWeb - - InfoPhone 928-551-3883 […]

  • Humbling Yourself

    Humbling, grounding yourself, fighting the aggression, Isolation, Selfishness and emotional roller coaster. Sometimes feeling we served gives us special treatments, Discounts or exceptions. Brutal Honesty from those around you. Superior Feeling of overpower tendencies, Traditions and […]

  • Westley Delossantos USN Corpsman

    Listen to Aaron "Chief" Seibert talks to Westley Delossantos, a Navy Corpsman about his time in and transition to civilian.LinksWestley - Vet Vision […]

  • Identifying and Getting Involved with your Groups and Your Life

    Identifying and getting involved with your groups and your life. "I ride but not motocross, I support and run a Pit Crew". You served. Be proud. you were who you were (MOS, NEC) missions, times and awards, strengths and weaknesses, good or bad conduct discharge. Did I do enough? […]

  • Mark Doucette GySgt USMC

    Combat Vet Active Duty Gysgt USMC, Adapting to soon to be retired life, the importance of brotherhood, overall adjustments, attitudes, and promoting needed support systems in life for himself and others. LinksFacebook

  • Francisco Correa

    Combat Vet CWO-3 21 Years USMC, Adapting to civilian life, the importance of brotherhood, overall adjustments and needed support systems in life. Links

  • Challenging Efforts to Improve

    "Challenging Efforts to Improve" Under Water Treadmill, Yoga, Gym, acupuncture, sleep, healthy eating, exercise, Quality of life and Balance. Toxic Leadership. everyone is a lot more educated and informed (The do it because I say to do it only works in combat, not all-encompassing. […]

  • PTSD Perspectives

    My experience in Combat, Being hit and severely injured. Losing buddy's, isolation, friends, interaction with Family, finding hope, Puzzle coming together, having to change my life, family, Sayings, Help, and Support.Check us out on the webWeb […]

  • The Non Profit World

    Chief talks about his experience working in and with Multiple Veteran and Combat Veteran non-profit organizations and how they cross paths with the DOD and VA.Check us out on the web […]

  • Post Traumatic Growth

    “Post Traumatic Growth” AKA a “superpower” A puzzle that I gather piece by piece from those who have walked in the Valley of death with me until I get a more clear picture. (I am more aware of action and consequence and closer to God, Family, and Country), we become more able to […]

  • Illusion of Control

    "Control", Illusion of control, though, you can ultimately control only yourself, to a point, Organized Chaos vise Organized piece. Required sets of circumstances, Training, Routine, sense of power or giving up power(weakness), Toxic Masculinity, I’m going to Choke you out, Live by the […]

  • Family

    Lost within your self, the big unknown blob, interaction, and expectations, closeness has slipped away, bitterness pores over, personal philosophy's, patients, Our Vission as we see it is not the same as our Spouses or our Children may see it. Selfishness and energy we spend on ourselves. […]

  • The Burden of Combat

    The Burden of Combat, Chief discusses the loss of friends, adjustments, hardened soul, sleep issues, philosophies, Love, Tasting of Freedom, God, Moods, Respect.Visit os the web at on Facebook at […]

  • Engagement in Society

    Petty People, Perceptions, Inability to relate and feel connected expression and hopes and dreams. Lanes, considerations manners, chivalry, feeling like we use to make a difference. A taster of freedom.

  • Personal Responsibility

    Own it, What do you own in this situation.Non Violent Negation course. A vision of Health, Well Being and Why do I need a drug test to be at this place. Non for Profit. Combat Vet & VeteransLinksWeb - - […]

  • Being Relevant

    "Chief" talks about the importance of finding relevance in life especially after returning home from Combat. Defining a new norm is an important step.

  • Ken Hernandez, US Army Combat Vet, Film School and the Baja 1000

    Ken Hernandez, shares his story of being a US Army Combat Vet, buying a monkey to eat spiders attending film school and the Baja 1000.Connect with AaronFacebook – to Combat Vet VisioniTunes […]

  • Movies and Social Influence

    In this weeks episode Aaron aka "Chief" talks about Movies and Social Influence. Impressions they make both good and bad, how they can help and hurt expectations.See all Episodes

  • My Opinion

    In this weeks episode, Aaron talks about his opinion and how experiences can affect a difference of opinion between two who experienced the same situations.Connect with AaronFacebook –

  • Who Am I Now

    Factors that need to be considered for self-identification after 20 years in the Navy and 3 combat tours.

  • Chappy

    Justin Roberts, aka "Chappy" the producer of "No Greater Love" talks with Aaron about accompanying the Race teams of the Warrior Built Foundation for the last Baja 1000 and making a movie!

  • Baja 1000 November of 2017

    Aaron discusses what it's like for the members of the Warrior Built Foundation to mobilize and race not 1 but in three classes of the Baja 1000.

  • Battle Buddy

    The importance of the Battle Buddy and Yes when you EAS, you still one! You can find one here;

  • Physical Injury

    Aaron discusses staying motivated and pushing forward living with the physical injuries he sustained in combat.Connect with Aaron on Facebook

  • Coming Home

    Aaron Seibert talks about transitioning from combat and coming home.

  • Third Deployment "Whats Up Quiter"

    Aaron talks about his third combat tour and becoming a casualty of combat.Facebook – Play – […]

  • Combat Tour Number 2

    Aaron recaps a couple of experiences from his first combat tour and discusses his second deployment to Iraq. by Derek Clegg

  • 1st Deployment to Iraq

    Aaron Q. Seibert talks about his first deployment to Iraq.Join us on this journey of reflection and healing.Web - https://www.aqseibert.comFacebook - - Coming SoonGoogle Play - Coming SoonWe […]

  • Aaron Q Seibert speaks to the employees of Patron

    Aaron Q. Seibert was asked to speak to the employees at Patron.Join us on this journey of reflection and healing.Web - https://www.aqseibert.comFacebook - - Coming SoonGoogle Play - Coming SoonWe […]

  • Aaron Q Seibert, Combat Vet Vision

    Aaron Q. Seibert discusses his views and opinions after 20 years as a Navy Corpsman with 3 combat deployments. Join us on this journey of reflection and healing.Web - https://www.aqseibert.comFacebook - - Coming SoonGoogle […]