The Winners Paradigm

The Winners Paradigm is simply recalibrating your mind to mirror the level of success you manifest. In this Podcast, we dive deep into the psychology of successful individuals and apply their applications/lessons in order to better our craft. Whether you’re seasoned in your career path or are a newcomer to entrepreneurship/your career this is the podcast that gives you those tools to succeed at the next level. Join me, Alundas Havens on my journey through entrepreneurship in which I discuss my trials and tribulations. The question really is, how much longer are you going to stand mediocrity and unfulfillment before you decide it’s time to go all in?

Alundas Havens
  • Episode 181 - How To Live In Gratitude With Michael Venidis

    I'm excited to share this episode of The Winners Paradigm with you. Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Venidis, a seasoned CXO with a wealth of experience in personal development and leadership. We dove into the power of gratitude, the intricacies of relationships, and […]

  • Episode 180 - What Does Healing Mean To You With Christopher Rausch

    Welcome to The Winners Paradigm, where we explore the transformative power of healing, personal growth, and intentional living. In this episode, our host, Alundas Havens, shares personal reflections on his journey towards genuine connections and self-improvement. He discusses the impact […]

  • Episode 179 - Balancing Business and Well-Being: Brandon Davis on Entrepreneurship and Physical Fitness

    Welcome to another engaging episode of The Winner's Paradigm Podcast, where today's guest is none other than the energetic and inspiring young entrepreneur, Brandon Davis. In this episode, Brandon shares his journey of starting businesses with minimal capital, his passion for maintaining […]

  • Episode 178 - Mastering the Mindset of a Winner with Noah Sharpe

    In this episode of The Winners Paradigm, I engaged with the dynamic Noah Sharpe as we delved into how alcohol affects our fitness and health, emphasizing the need for understanding our individual bodies. We discussed the importance of mindset in achieving our fitness and life goals, and […]

  • Episode 177 - Jack Sorenson's Real Talk on Fitness, Form, and Function

    Welcome back to another empowering episode of "The Winners Paradigm." I'm your host, Alundas Havens, and today we have the pleasure of diving deep into the fitness world with none other than Jack Sorenson. Jack is a former engineer turned online fitness coach who's on a mission to help […]

  • Episode 176- Crafting Your Personal and Professional Alignment featuring Drewbie Wilson

    Welcome back to another transformative episode of The Winners Paradigm. I'm your host, Alundas Havens, and today, we're diving deep into a conversation that's all about alignment, growth, and authenticity. Joining us is the inimitable Drewbie Wilson, a seasoned sales expert with a wealth […]

  • Episode 175 - Nurturing Intuition and Resilience in Personal Growth: Rosemary Bonner's Insights

    Welcome back to The Winners Paradigm, I'm your host Alundas Havens, and in today's episode 175, we're embarking on a stirring journey with Rosemary Bonner, shedding light on the transformative forces of responsibility, tough love, and the undeniable importance of self-improvement. Delving […]

  • Episode 174 - Rise Above: How Adversity Shaped Carlos Vasquez’s Success

    As I sit here with the mic just a breath away, I can't help but reflect on how life's unexpected twists can lead to profound transformations. I'm Alundas Havens, and in this episode of The Winners Paradigm, I'll be bringing you a story that resonated with me on a deeply personal level. […]

  • Episode 173 - Unleashing Potential: Jacob Smith's Journey from Adversity to Success in Fitness and Life

    Welcome to The Winners Paradigm! In this episode, I had the honor of sitting down with Jacob Smith, an inspiring life coach and fitness enthusiast from Oceanside, California. Jacob's compelling story of overcoming adversity and leveraging his challenges to become a better version of […]

  • Episode 172 - Discipline and Determination: Insights from Ricardo Delgado

    Welcome back to another inspiring episode of "The Winners Paradigm," I'm your host, Alundas Havens. Today, we're diving deep into the power of fasting, discipline, and personal development with our esteemed guest, Ricardo Delgado—a 1st generation Mexican American, devoted business […]

  • Episode 171 - The Winners Paradigm: JJ Hardy's Insights on Leadership, Resilience, and Personal Growth

    Welcome to The Winners Paradigm, where we dive into conversations about leadership, mindset, and personal development. In this episode, our host, Alundas Havens, interviews JJ Hardy, the founder of Victory Leadership Coaching. JJ shares his passion for leadership and the differences […]

  • Episode 170 - The Power of Personal Development: Jerad Starks' Journey to Sobriety and Physical Transformation With Jerad Starks

    In this compelling interview, The Winners Paradigm host, Alundas Havens, delves deep into a thought-provoking conversation with guest Jerad Starks. Jerad imparts his journey from overcoming alcoholism and achieving significant weight loss to finding empowerment. This captivating exchange […]

  • Episode 169 - Paddling Beyond the Horizon- Matt Dira's Principles of Success

    Welcome back to The Winners Paradigm, where we dive into the depths of self-realization, discipline, and success. I'm Alundas Havens, your guide on this journey of introspection and triumph. Today's episode is one I've been buzzing with excitement to share with all of you. We're blessed […]

  • Episode 168 - Fatherhood, Fitness, and Facing the Fire: An Interview with Damian Vickers

    I'm Alundas Havens, your guide on this journey we call "The Winners Paradigm," and today, I'm bringing you a conversation that's going to hit home for a lot of you. I'm sitting down with the man who's become a beacon of growth and transformation, Damian Vickers. You might know him as Pat […]

  • Episode 167 - Entrepreneurial Insights: Nurturing a Thriving Digital Marketing Agency with Adam McChesney

    I had the privilege of sitting down with Adam McChesney, a successful digital marketing agency owner and a true leader in the industry. Adam shared his journey from transitioning from medical device sales to starting and growing his own agency. He spoke openly about the challenges he […]

  • Episode 166 - Richard Macias on Building Discipline and Ditching Alcohol

    Richard Macias, founder of WarPath Fitness, is a man on a mission to empower other men to become their best selves. Driven by his own past struggles with personal vices, he has a profound understanding of the challenges men face in striving for improvement. At the core of his endeavor is […]

  • Episode 165 - Aligning Actions with Your Best Self: Insights from David Clickstein

    Welcome to another transformative episode of "The Winners Paradigm," where stories of personal development and self-mastery take center stage. I'm your host, Alundas Havens, and today we're diving deep into the journey of alignment with one’s best self with none other than David […]

  • Episode 164 - From Hardship to Higher Calling: Alex Mont-Ros Tells All

    Welcome to "The Winners Paradigm," where we delve into the minds of those who dare to tackle life's most challenging hurdles with unwavering determination. I'm your host, Alundas Havens, and today we journey through resilience, truth, and transformation with our esteemed guest, Alex […]

  • Episode 163 - Embracing Family and Values: The Ryan E Overcash Redemption Story

    Ryan E. Overcash is a man whose journey is a testament to transformation and redemption. With a candid acknowledgment of past errors, Ryan's narrative is one of a man who found himself astray but eventually turned his life around by embracing spirituality. Placing God at the forefront of […]

  • Episode 162 - The Fast Way to Growth: Justin Aguirre on Discipline and Diet

    Welcome to another transformative episode of The Winners Paradigm, I'm your host Alundas Havens, and today we're delving deep into the potent world of self-restraint for personal growth. Joining us is the incredible health and fitness coach, Justin Aguirre, a man who knows all too well […]

  • Episode 161 - Resilience and Recovery with Real Estate Investor Frank McGovern

    Frank McGovern's life took a transformative turn seven months ago when he discovered a newfound passion for fitness that would significantly alter his life path. Amid personal turmoil, marked by his wife's request for a divorce at the end of June, Frank found himself grappling with […]

  • Episode 160 - SELF-TALK

    In today's discussion, we delve into the profound impact of self-talk on personal growth and overcoming challenges. Inspired by a recent conversation about breaking cycles of addiction and striving for self-improvement, our focus narrows down to the pivotal role of the internal dialogue […]

  • Episode 159 - Don’t BE THE SAME F-UP W/ Mario Dragustinovis

    As I reflect on the time I spent talking with Mario Dragustinovis on The Winner's Paradigm, it's clear that our conversation was a deep dive into the transformative power of self-belief and accountability. I, Alundas Havens, have wrestled with my own past behaviors, and during our talk, I […]


    In this impassioned episode, I emphasize the critical importance of discerning the sources from which one seeks advice and guidance. I stress the need for careful consideration in selecting mentors and influencers, advocating for a selective approach to information consumption in a world […]

  • Episode 157 - Leading by Example: Uncovering the Secrets of Personal Development with Steele Gaumer

    I'm thrilled to bring you today's episode of The Winners Paradigm. In this interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Steele Gaumer, a dedicated production manager at Servpro. Steele's insights on personal development, leadership, and maintaining discipline were truly eye-opening. We […]


    In today's thought I, we dive into the concept of suffering and choice, inspired by the timeless wisdom of the Four Noble Truths. Join us as we explore the intricacies of embracing suffering, finding purpose within it, and ultimately, charting a path towards personal growth and […]


    In this powerful I, dive into the concept of complaining and challenge listeners to confront their grievances. With a raw and authentic delivery, they explore the essence of gratitude and resilience in the face of adversity. Timestamps: 0:00:18.435 - Introduction to the theme of […]

  • Episode 154 - Get It Done

    In this powerful monologue, I reflect on the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of unexpected challenges. Despite a disrupted routine due to family responsibilities, I emphasize the need to stay intentional, disciplined, and focused on continuous improvement. […]


    Welcome, everyone. Today, we're diving deep into the essence of personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and recalibrating your mindset to achieve your goals. The journey to success is not always a smooth ride, and our speaker today shares valuable insights from his own experiences. So, […]

  • Episode 152 - Conscious Living: Dr. Steve Enriquez Unveils the Path to Manifestation and Transformation

    In this engaging conversation, I had the honor of sitting down with Dr. Steve Enriquez to discuss healing, transformation, and living consciously. We delved into personal struggles, experiences with manifestation, and the power of surrendering to the universe. Dr. Enriquez shared profound […]


    Welcome back to The Winners Paradigm podcast. I'm your host, Alundas Havens, and today, we have a powerful episode lined up with none other than personal development coach extraordinaire, Danny Cardenas. Get ready to dive deep into the realms of adaptability, perseverance, and the […]

  • Episode 150 - Empowering Change and Transformation with Danny Cárdenas

    Today, I had the privilege of chatting with the incredible Danny Cardenas, a personal development coach with wisdom to share. We dove deep into the crucial elements of personal transformation – adaptability and perseverance. Danny's insights on surrounding oneself with positivity hit […]


    "Welcome, everyone, to another powerful episode where we delve into the essence of eloquence and intentional living. Join us as we explore the impactful words of Alundas, who sheds light on the transformative power of mindset, conduct, and energy in shaping our lives." Timestamps: […]


    Welcome to another powerful episode where we dive deep into the essence of commitment, consistency, and the transformative power of showing up. Get ready to explore what happens when you don't miss a beat in your journey towards self-improvement and growth. I'm your host, Alundas, and […]


    Welcome to another powerful episode where we dive deep into the essence of commitment, consistency, and the transformative power of showing up. Get ready to explore what happens when you don't miss a beat in your journey towards self-improvement and growth. I'm your host, Alundas, and […]

  • Episode 146 - Your Greatest Strength

    I discuss various health issues, such as autoimmune diseases and joint problems, but emphasize the importance of pushing through pain, staying committed, and continually improving. The central message revolves around the idea that one's greatest strength lies in the ability to withstand […]

  • Episode 145 - The Greatest Invention In Human History

    Welcome, everyone, to this insightful discussion on compounding interest. Today, we're delving into the profound words of Albert Einstein and exploring how compounding interest isn't just a financial concept but a powerful force that shapes our lives in areas like business, relationships, […]

  • Episode 144 - Speak To Those Who Get It

    In this raw and powerful monologue, I delve into the complexities of personal growth, family dynamics, and the struggle to be understood. Sharing insights from my journey, they confront the challenges of breaking generational patterns and finding alignment in the face of adversity. 5 […]

  • Episode 143 - From Struggle to Success: The Winners Paradigm Podcast with Jay Minor

    In today's episode, our I sit down with the exceptional J Minor, also known as "Mister Free Game," for a candid and deeply personal conversation. He shares his experiences of overcoming adversity, the impact of supportive partners, and the transformative power of self-improvement. From […]

  • Episode 142 - Let GO

    In this reflective journey, the essence lies in embracing change, shedding the weight of negativity, and orchestrating a symphony of self-improvement. The dream serves as a metaphorical catalyst, stirring emotions that awaken a deeper understanding of the power in letting go. It's not […]


    Welcome back to The Winners Paradigm podcast! In today's episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming the incredible Richard Kaufman for the second time. Richard is a visionary entrepreneur and the epitome of dedication to podcasting. We're diving deep into strategies, networking, and the […]

  • Episode 141 - F**K Your Excuses

    Hey everyone, welcome to today's powerful message. In this passionate talk, I emphasize the importance of action over emotions and shares personal experiences that highlight the transformative power of consistent daily habits. Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction 01:30 - Overcoming […]

  • Episode 140 - Respect Yourself

    The focus is on personal development, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and making choices that align with one's values. I also touch on the idea that external success and fulfillment are connected to internal well-being and self-discipline. Overall, the message seems to encourage […]

  • Episode 139 - Looking That Man in The Mirror

    Join us in today's episode as we delve deep into the journey of self-improvement and challenging societal norms. I passionately discuss the struggles and triumphs of breaking free from generational patterns and embracing personal growth. Timestamps: 17:44.532 - 17:52.501: Earl […]


    In this powerful episode, I dive deep into the profound realization that life is not a game. I share personal experiences, lessons learned, and the mindset shift that transformed his life. Join me as I deliver raw authenticity and impactful insights. Timestamps: 00:00 - 01:00: […]

  • Episode 137 - Thriving Through Lessons: A Journey of Parenthood, Hustle, and Personal Growth With Chris Gormley

    🎙In this insightful conversation, I reflect on the impact of my upbringing, sharing personal anecdotes with Chris Gormley about the lessons learned from my dad and stepdad.  We delve into the importance of parenthood, discussing the significance of being present and accountable. The […]

  • Episode 136 - Mastering Discipline and Mindset: Craig Moreau and Alundas Havens on The Winners Paradigm Podcast

    I've got a super interesting episode of The Winners Paradigm podcast lined up for you. Today, I had the chance to chat with Craig Moreau, a life and fitness coach who's all about discipline and self-improvement. We talked about the importance of sticking to our workout and diet routines, […]

  • Episode 135 - How To Be The Man Y0u Seek With Jim Vance

    On today's episode of The Winners Paradigm, we have a very special guest, Jim Vance. We're going to dive deep into some really powerful topics about masculinity, personal growth, and finding love and fulfillment within ourselves. I can't wait for you to hear Jim's insights and wisdom, and […]

  • Episode 134 - From Struggle to Triumph: Clint Riggin's Story of Overcoming Addiction, Embracing Faith, and Leadership

    Hey there, it's Alundas Havens, and I'm thrilled to share this episode of "The Winners Paradigm" with you. Joining me is the extraordinary Clint Riggin, whose journey from the military to entrepreneurship is nothing short of inspiring. We're diving deep into Clint's experiences, from […]

  • Episode 133 - Breaking the Mold: A Candid Conversation About Fatherhood, Resilience, and Overcoming Addiction With Bryan Ward

    In today's episode, I had the honor of hosting Bryan Ward, a remarkable individual with a powerful message about pursuing success while prioritizing family and personal wellness. Bryan's journey as a husband, father, and sports coach provided a deeply insightful conversation about the […]

  • AIM Episode 50 - Unveiling the Winning Mindset with Dan Flores

    I am thrilled to bring you this episode featuring none other than Dan Flores, a powerhouse of wisdom and inspiration in the world of personal growth and success. Dan joins me as we kick off 2024 by delving into the transformative power of daily habits, the influence of our environment on […]

  • Episode 132 - 10 Day Fast Results!!!!

    Hey, y'all! In this episode of The Winners Paradigm, I'm diving into the nitty-gritty of my recent 10-day fast experience. From the initial motivations to the physical and mental challenges, I'm sharing it all. Join me as I reflect on the profound impact this fast had on my mindset and […]

  • Episode 131 - Transforming Pain into Power With Tristan King

    I've got a super inspiring chat lined up for you on The Winners Paradigm podcast. I recently caught up with Tristan King, a fellow veteran, and we dived into the nitty-gritty of personal development and how physical fitness has been a game-changer in overcoming tough times. We both shared […]

  • Episode 130 - Building a Powerhouse: Kyle Perry's Journey to Sobriety, Fitness, and Personal Mastery

    Welcome to The Winners Paradigm Podcast, where I have the privilege of sharing a raw and inspiring conversation with special guest Kyle Perry, the founder of Perry's Powerhouse Fitness. In this episode, Kyle and I dive deep into our personal struggles and triumphs, exploring the themes of […]

  • AIM Episode 49 - Lifestyle Changes With Jesus Mejia

    Hey there, Winners! This is Alundas Havens, and I'm thrilled to bring you a very special episode of The Winners Paradigm. Today, I'm joined by the incredible Jesus Mejia, and we're diving into the profound impact of lifestyle changes. From setting goals and maintaining discipline to […]

  • 🎙AIM Episode 48 - From Victim Mentality to Entrepreneurial Mindset: Navigating Personal Growth and Success With Tommy Mckeown

    Welcome to another invigorating episode of The Winners Paradigm! Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the resilient and inspiring Tommy McEwen. Tommy shared his powerful journey of personal growth, from battling injuries and overcoming a negative headspace to embracing personal […]

  • Episode 129 - Overcoming Adversity: Paul Casey's Path from Incarceration to Empowerment and Inspiration

    Hey everyone, Alundas Havens here, and today's episode of The Winners Paradigm is an inspiring one. I had the privilege of sitting down with Paul Casey, an online fitness coach who has an incredible story of transformation and resilience. We discussed his journey from a troubled past to […]

  • Episode 128 - Transforming Mind, Body, and Soul: The Jacob Murrell Interview

    In this episode of "The Winners Paradigm," I had the pleasure of interviewing the remarkable Jacob Murrell. Our conversation delved deep into the powerful connections between physical fitness, leadership, and faith. Jacob shared his personal journey from feeling adrift in college to […]

  • Episode 127 - From Struggle to Strength: Transformation and Positive Influences with Jesus Mejia

    I had the honor of chatting with the remarkable Jesus Mejia, who shared his powerful journey from a turbulent past in Los Angeles to becoming a dedicated fitness coach and advocate for personal development. We delved into our experiences of breaking free from societal conditioning and […]

  • Episode 126 - Labels and Mindset: Finding Growth and Self-Improvement with Dean Gravinese

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to The Winners Paradigm, I'm your host, Alundas Havens. Today, we have a truly inspiring guest joining us, Dean Gravinese. Get ready to dive deep into the topic of personal growth, mindset, and the power of self-reflection. In this episode, Dean delves […]

  • Episode 125 - TWP Turns 2 Today!!!

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a very special episode of "The Winners Paradigm" podcast! I am your host, Alundas Havens, and today we are celebrating a huge milestone - our podcast turns 2 years old! In this episode, I reflect on the incredible journey of self-empowerment and […]

  • Episode 124 - From Escapism to Empowerment: How Pushing Through Challenges Leads to Transformation With Oscar Guerrero

    Welcome to another episode of The Winners Paradigm! I'm Alundas Havens, your host. Today, I'm joined by Oscar Guerrero for an insightful discussion on personal growth, overcoming challenges, and embracing change. I'll share my struggles with self-criticism, escapism, and negative […]

  • AIM Episode 47 - How To Be Vulnerable and Connect With Your Audience On A Deeper Level

    Hey there, welcome back to The Winners Paradigm podcast! It's Alundas Havens, and today's episode is going to be a powerful one. I decided to fly solo because I've been going through some major life experiences lately, and one of them led me to have a profound conversation with a client […]

  • Episode 123 - From Selling to Serving: Jesse Ray's Journey of Authenticity and Personal Growth

    🎙Welcome to The Winners Paradigm, where we explore the journeys of successful individuals and the mindset shifts that led them to greatness. In this episode, join host Alundas Havens in a compelling interview with entrepreneur Jesse Ray as they dive into the power of community, the […]

  • Episode 122 - Overcoming Adversity: Matt Fleming's Journey to Sobriety and Physical Transformation

    Welcome back to another compelling episode of The Winners Paradigm! In today's installment, we delve into the captivating world of overcoming adversity with our special guest, Matt Fleming. Join us as we explore the transformative power of pushing oneself, finding accountability, and […]

  • Episode 121 - The Importance of Personal Growth and Setting a Good Example for Our Children With James Hughes

    Welcome to another episode of The Winners Paradigm! I'm your host, Alundas Havens, and today we have a special guest joining us, James Hughes. In this episode, we delve into the importance of mindset and personal growth. James shares his journey of transformation, from prioritizing his […]

  • 🎙 Episode 120 - How To Be A Revived Man With Alex Aguilar

    In this episode of "The Winners Paradigm," join hosts Alundas Havens and special guest Alex Aguilar as they delve into the topic of "How To Be A Revived Man." Alex shares his personal journey of rediscovery and transformation, offering valuable insights and advice for men looking to […]

  • 🎙 Episode 119 - Mastering Your Energy: Unleashing Your Power for Podcast Success

    Welcome back to another episode of The Winners Paradigm Podcast, hosted by the energetic and charismatic Alundas Havens. In today's episode, titled "How To Manage Your Energy_Power", Alundas dives into the importance of managing one's energy and power, and how it relates to achieving […]

  • Episode 118 - How To Use The Drake Effect When Promoting Your Podcast

    Welcome back to another episode of The Winners Paradigm Podcast! I'm Alundas Havens, your host and guide on this journey of personal growth and success. Today, we're diving deep into a topic that can take your podcast promotion to the next level - the Drake effect.You see, it's not just […]

  • Episode 117 - How To Take Ownership of Your Podcast

    Welcome back, Winners! It's Alundas Havens here, your host on The Winners Paradigm Podcast. Today's episode is going to be a game-changer as we dive deep into the topic of taking ownership of your podcast. We'll explore how you can leverage your life experiences, challenges, and purpose […]

  • Episode 116 - Building Resilience: A 9-Step Process for Showcasing Your Best Self During Tough Times

    Welcome back to another episode of The Winners Paradigm podcast! In today's special episode, we will be diving into a topic that is incredibly relevant and timely: How to build resilience during tough times. I, your host Alundas Havens, will be sharing a 9-step process that I have […]

  • Episode 115 - Steve Hochman's Journey: From Homeless to Fitness Mogul, Finding Purpose in Helping Others

    Welcome back to The Winners Paradigm, where we dive deep into the inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success. In today's episode, we have the honor of speaking with a true icon in the fitness industry, Steve Hochman. Steve takes us on a […]

  • Episode 114 - Conquering Inner Demons: Overcoming Addiction and Embracing a Life of Purpose and Growth With Clinton Dye

    Welcome back to another episode of The Winners Paradigm! In today's episode, "Conquering Inner Demons: Overcoming Addiction and Embracing a Life of Purpose and Growth With Clinton Dye," your host Alundas Havens is joined by the inspiring and resilient guest, Clinton Dye. Get ready for an […]

  • Episode 113 - Why you Should Start A Podcast

    Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Winners Paradigm podcast with your host, Alundas Havens! In today's episode, Alundas dives deep into the topic of why starting a podcast is essential for personal growth and success. As a podcast creator himself, Alundas shares his own […]

  • 🎙 Episode 112 - Transcending Trauma: Overcoming Excuses and Taking Action for a Winning Mindset with Neena Perez

    Welcome back to another motivating episode of The Winners Paradigm! In today's episode, we have the incredible Neena Perez joining us to share her powerful story of transformation and resilience. Neena is a transformational life coach who has overcome immense challenges, including […]

  • 🎙 Episode 111 - Finding Fulfillment Beyond Wealth: Eddie Wilson's Journey

    Welcome back to another episode of The Winners Paradigm Podcast! In today's episode, we have the incredible Eddie Wilson joining us to share his journey from material possessions to a life of purpose and impact. Eddie reflects on the realization that true happiness does not come from […]

  • 🎙AIM Episode 46 - Going All In: Unleashing Your Potential through Personal Growth and Confidence

    Welcome back to another episode of The Winners Paradigm! In today's recording, our host Alundas Havens dives deep into the world of personal growth, career advancement, and prioritizing oneself. Alundas shares their own journey of self-improvement, highlighting the importance of facing […]

  • 🎙Episode 110 - Building a Six-Figure Fitness Coaching Business: Insights from Brad Dunn's Transformation With Brad Dunn

    Welcome back to The Winners Paradigm, where we explore the stories and strategies of individuals who have achieved remarkable success. In today's episode, we have a special guest, Brad Dunn, a former mechanic turned fitness coach, who has recently experienced incredible growth in his […]

  • 🎙Episode 109 - From Temptation to Triumph: The Impact of an Exorbitant Timepiece on Self-Worth With Mohamad Younes

    🎙On this episode of The Winners Paradigm, we have a compelling guest named Mohamad Younes. Mohamad shares his journey from being a nurse to becoming a successful entrepreneur and the challenges he faced along the way. From experiencing a difficult divorce to seeking mentorship and […]

  • 🎙AIM Episode 45 - Mastering The Winners Paradigm: Building Foundations and Pushing Boundaries for a Victorious Mindset With Alundas Havens

    Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Winners Paradigm! In today's episode, our host, Alundas Havens, delves deep into the struggles of mental illness, anxiety, and depression, highlighting the importance of open conversation surrounding these issues. Alundas shares personal […]

  • 🎙Episode 108 - Pushing Through Excuses: Taking Responsibility and Achieving Success With Hector Bravo

    🎙On this episode of The Winners Paradigm, host Alundas Havens welcomes special guest Hector Bravo. Together, they dive into the various areas of life that can have a negative impact if not properly cared for. From fitness and healthy eating habits to addictions and self-confidence, […]

  • 🎙Episode 107 - Taking Responsibility: Promises of Personal Growth and Language Refinement With Max Nijst

    🎙On this episode of The Winners Paradigm, host Alundas Havens invites special guest Max Nijst to delve into a variety of topics surrounding personal development and growth. Max shares a personal anecdote about getting upset with his wife for making them miss their gym session, leading […]

  • 🎙AIM Episode 44 - Unleashing Your Inner Ironman With Daniel Felt

    🎙On this episode of The Winners Paradigm, we welcome special guest Daniel Felt, who shares his recent experience of completing an Ironman triathlon in Cortelaine, Idaho. Join host Alundas Havens as he dives into the challenges and triumphs faced by Daniel during this grueling event. […]

  • 🎙Episode 106 - Embracing Adversity: Finding Strength in the Face of Setbacks With Aaron Hale

    🎙In this captivating episode of The Winners Paradigm, host Alundas Havens welcomes Aaron Hale, a former Navy cook turned Army bomb technician. Aaron shares his inspiring journey of resilience and growth amidst numerous challenges. He discusses the tendency to avoid difficult situations […]

  • 🎙AIM Episode 43 - The Shifts Spot: Helping CEOs Make Radical Shifts in Business and Life With Ken Paskins

    🎙In this impactful episode of The Winners Paradigm, host Alundas Havens interviews physical fitness trainer Ken Paskins, highlighting the significance of aligning personal habits with overall well-being. They explore the connection between eating habits, core values, and self-care. […]

  • 🎙Episode 105 - Teaching the Willing: Motivation, Coaching, and Self-Improvement With Isaac B Global

    🎙In this episode of The Winners Paradigm, Isaac B Global discusses discipline, sobriety, and personal growth. He shares personal experiences and challenges societal labels. Isaac emphasizes the importance of being fully present and making the best choices. He offers coaching and […]

  • 🎙AIM Episode 42 - Investing in Yourself: Learning, Growing, and Finding Success With Jason Brown

    🎙On The Winners Paradigm, host Alundas Havens interviews Jason Brown, founder of PGP Advisory. Jason aims to create a legacy for his children and retire his wife within 5 years. He emphasizes partnership, community, and positive self-talk. Jason shares his transformation from failed […]

  • 🎙Episode 104 - The Mindset Shift: How to Overcome Fear and Achieve Success

    🎙On this episode of The Winners Paradigm, host Alundas Havens discusses the topic of fear in business. He shares a personal story of his trip to Monterey where he challenged himself to face his fears and limiting beliefs. Alundas reveals that by avoiding fear, we limit our growth and […]

  • 🎙Episode 103 - Taking Back Control of Our Health: Understanding Holistic Healing With Dominion Ezechibueze

    🎙Episode 103 - Taking Back Control of Our Health: Understanding Holistic Healing With Dominion Ezechibueze 🎙On this episode of The Winners Paradigm, host Alundas Havens speaks with personal trainer and injury prevention specialist Dominion Ezechibueze. Dominion shares his remarkable […]

  • 🎙AIM Episode 41 - Upholding Family Core Values in a Harsh World With Kristina and Herb Heagh-Avritt 

    🎙AIM Episode 41 - Upholding Family Core Values in a Harsh World With Kristina and Herb Heagh-Avritt  🎙On this episode of The Winners Paradigm, host Alundas Havens speaks with husband and wife duo, Herb Heagh-Avritt and Kristina, about education, values, and personal growth. They […]

  • 🎙AIM Episode 40 - The First Millionaire in the Family: A Personal Journey With Maurice “Runway Billionaire” Bowman

    🎙AIM Episode 40 - The First Millionaire in the Family: A Personal Journey With Maurice “Runway Billionaire” Bowman 🎙On this episode of The Winners Paradigm, we bring you Maurice "Runway Billionaire" Bowman, a successful entrepreneur who has made a fortune using WiFi money. […]

  • 🎙Episode 102 - Tripwires: Motivating Yourself to Achieve Your Goals With Bryan Clayton

    🎙On this episode of The Winners Paradigm, host Alundas Havens talks to CEO and founder of GreenPal, Bryan Clayton. They discuss how Bryan became interested in self-improvement and how his upbringing led him down the path of entrepreneurship. Bryan emphasizes the importance of […]

  • AIM Episode 39 - Speaking Sessions With Philip Sessions

    🎙 AIM Episode 39 - Speaking Sessions With Philip Sessions 🎙Philip grew up in Texas and moved to South Carolina over 8 years ago. He got married to his lovely wife over 3 years ago and welcomed his first child about a year and a half ago. Having a degree in electrical engineering, […]

  • Episode 101 - The Power of Gratitude, Mindset, and Self-Care for Healthy Aging With DJ Horton

    🎙 Episode 101 - The Power of Gratitude, Mindset, and Self-Care for Healthy Aging With DJ Horton 🎙DJ Horton is a podcast host and founding brand partner with Neura. Her passion lies in helping women navigate the challenges of paramenopause and menopause, whether it be hormones or […]

  • Episode 100 - The Power of Recalibrating Your Mindset With Alundas Havens

    🎙 Episode 100 - The Power of Recalibrating Your Mindset With Alundas Havens 🎙I jumped on today to talk about recalibrating your mindset, putting in work, showing up, leading by example, monitoring who you have around you, the future, and how to find ways to win You’ll Learn: […]

  • AIM Episode 38 - How To Keep That Same Energy With Allyson Chavez

    🎙 AIM Episode 38 - How To Keep That Same Energy With Allyson Chavez 🎙I jumped on today to talk with Allyson Chavez about how we can manifest and maintain our energy Allyson Chavez is a prosperity & success coach for ambitious, God-centered women. She teaches women how to get […]

  • Episode 99 - How Therapy Can Be Effective with Dr. Julie Landry

    🎙 Episode 99 - How Therapy Can Be Effective with Dr. Julie Landry 🎙I jumped on today to talk with Dr. Julie Landry about how therapy can be effective in our lives Julie Landry, PsyD, ABPP is a board certified clinical psychologist. In addition to general adult concierge services, […]


    🎙 AIM EPISODE 37 - HOW TO DOMINATE THE DROP SHIPPING GAME WITH BEN KNEGENDORF 🎙I jumped on today to talk about showing up for yourself Ben Knegendorf is a eCommerce Consultant, Podcast Host & Speaker You’ll Learn: How to start drop shipping with no b.s. What it looks […]

  • Episode 98 - How To Show Up For Yourself With Alundas Havens

    🎙 Episode 98 - How To Show Up For Yourself With Alundas Havens 🎙I jumped on today to talk about showing up for yourself  I had some time to cool down and return to the drawing board. In this episode, I went in on showing up for yourself and why you need to reassess your CORE […]

  • AIM Episode 36 - How To Discover Your Power with Dr. Denise Moore Revel

    🎙 AIM Episode 36 - How To Discover Your Power with Dr. Denise Moore Revel 🎙I had an amazing conversation with an extraordinary human being, Dr. Denise Moore Revel Dr. Denise Moore Revel is a CEO, founder, an award-nominated, best-selling author, speaker, and personal development […]

  • AIM Episode 35 - The Power Of Group Coaching With Chris Williams

    🎙AIM Episode 35 - The Power Of Group Coaching With Chris Williams 🎙I had an amazing conversation with an extraordinary human being, Chris Williams Chris teaches experts how to generate leads, close high-ticket deals, and build strong, transformational groups. He has his own digital […]

  • Episode 97 - How To Guide Your Mind To Where You Want To Go With Sheryl Anjanette

    🎙 Episode 97 - How To Guide Your Mind To Where You Want To Go With Sheryl Anjanette 🎙I had an amazing conversation with an extraordinary human being, Sheryl Anjanette Sheryl Anjanette is an author (The Imposter Lies Within: Silence Your Inner Critic, Tame Your Fear, Unleash Your […]

  • Episode 96 - Why The Gym Is Important if You Are Looking To Grow With George Liu

    🎙Episode 96 - Why The Gym Is Important if You Are Looking To Grow With George Liu 🎙I had an amazing conversation with an Marketing Agency Owner George Liu George Liu was born in Japan but moved to the U.S. when he was 10. With that move George had a hard time adjusting and […]

  • AIM Episode 34 - When Is It The Right Time To Franchise My Business With Doug Stout

    Doug Stout is a Franchise Consultant/Advisor that works with professionals and executives across the United States who are interested in learning how to transition from traditional employees in corporate America into small business or franchise owners.  Doug does not only help my clients […]

  • Epsiode 95 - How To Bounce Back From Setbacks With Sylvester Jenkins III

    Sylvester Jenkins III is a retired Army First Sergeant with 21 years of dedicated service. After his transition, He became an author and redirected my life's mission to serve the next generation. He shares his universal blueprint for leadership, mental toughness, performance, and physical […]

  • AIM Episode 33 - How To Use Public Speaking To Make An Impact With Tyler Foley

    Sean Tyler Foley is an accomplished film and stage performer and has been acting in film and television since he was 6 years old after his father passed away suddenly in a motor vehicle accident. He has appeared in productions including Freddy Vs Jason, Door to Door, Carrie, and the […]

  • Episode 94 - How To Use Cognitive Behavior Therapy To Rewire Your Mindset With Bianca Thomas

    Bianca Thomas, is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Coach, co-host of Evolve Ventures and the COO, CFO and Co-Founder of Evolve Ventures Technologies LLC., a global tech company that’s mission is to accelerate the mindset of the world to shift to unlimited potential through combining […]

  • AIM Episode 32 - Diving Deep Into Business Law With Dara Rosenbaum.mp3

    Dara Rosenbaum is an attorney, business advisor, business owner and podcast host. She has a passion for creating, helping, protecting and growing companies. Dara is a litigator and transactional lawyer who became an attorney to help people.  Her love of helping business owners drew her […]

  • Episode 93 - How To Focus On your Health With Michael Harris

    Michael Harris the author of the #1 bestselling book, “Falling Down Getting UP."  The first part of the book is all about a near fatal waterskiing accident, addictions and predictions that he would die from vascular disease at 27 years old. The second part of the book is how walking, […]

  • AIM Episode 31 - If You Believe In It You Will Build It With Christian Brindle

    Christian Brindle is an Insurance industry business builder, podcaster, and influencer. Christian talks about high-level conversations on growing your business, achieving freedom, discussing things going on in the world, as well as thoughts, helping insurance agents, consulting, programs, […]

  • Episode 92 - How To Get Real With Where You Are Going With George Bryant

    George Bryant, a New York Times best-selling author, Marine, and highly sought-after digital marketing expert, aims to help entrepreneurs ethically scale their business through his trademark Relationships Beat Algorithms™ model. George and I jam on building your future, getting honest […]

  • AIM Episode 30 - How To Change They Way You Conduct Business With James Heppner

    James is a results coach and founder of the Weekly Wins and Losses podcast and weekly global community call.  He helps people in their journey to embracing all of life - both wins and losses equally.   James and I jam on how to enhance our relationships and determine what direction is […]

  • Episode 91 - 6 Tips To Avoid Podfade With Alundas Havens

    I felt it was time to give tips on how to avoid Podfade. I know the struggle and seriously considered shutting my whole brand down and quitting but something told me I’m far from finished. Tip#1 Getting Podcast Process Down Tip#2 Putting Out More Social Content Tip#3 Doing inner work […]

  • AIM Episode 29 - How To Build, Scale, and Keep Ethical Business With Brandon Todd

    Brandon Todd is an entrepreneur, inventor, software creator and an advocate for healthcare patients and entrepreneurs.  He believes we can create a better world by individual human beings reclaiming their personal power and using it to serve one another in a win- win economy centered […]

  • Episode 90 - How To Live Label Free With Deanna Kuempel

    Deanna Kuempel is a Podcaster, Business Owner, Human Traffic Survivor, Bodybuilder, Window, and an Inspiring Coach She has two podcasts: Label Free and Female Podcasters where she helps her audience battle through adversity and win We jammed On entrepreneurship, her inspirational story, […]

  • AIM Episode 28 - How To Close More Sales With A Natural Process With Jeremy Pope

    Jeremy Pope started consulting - and training teams for international businesses like direct-marketing giant Guthy Renker.From there, he became the client success director for Traffic and Funnels. To this day, He STILL does sales coaching with a few private coaching clients. Jeremy […]

  • Episode 89 - How To Build A Unstoppable Mindset With Sean Michael Crane

    Sean Michael Crane is the founder and CEO of Unstoppable #365MFR, an Elite Self Mastery Program for Men looking to maximize their results in all aspects of life. He is the host of the Unstoppable Mindset Podcast found on YouTube and all major platforms. In addition, Sean is a keynote […]

  • AIM Episode 27 - How To Level Up Your Health And Wellness With Sam Tejada

    At 19 years old, while preparing to become a firefighter and paramedic, Sam Tejada opened his first company, Rescue-101, and turned it into an authorized provider of CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard Training Courses for the American Red Cross in South Florida. While he was a Licensed […]

  • Episode 88 - How To Thrive In The Storm With Bill Murphy

    Bill will be the first to tell you he is nothing special, but he’s been able to overcome an abusive childhood, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), mental health challenges, and unexpected crises to finish an Ironman, earn a black belt in Krav Maga, and run the Boston Marathon five […]

  • AIM Episode 26 - How To Master Your Public Speaking Game With Brenden Kumarasamy

    Brenden is the founder of MasterTalk, he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become top 1% communicators in their industry. He also has a popular YouTube channel called MasterTalk, with the goal of providing free access to communication tools for everyone in the world. […]

  • Episode 87 - How To Make America Ganster Again Part 1 With Joe D Guerra

    Joe D Guerra is the owner of One Loco Media Entertainment and Make America Gangster Again Joe talks about his childhood of having a single mom where he did not like growing up without a father and money. He grew up quickly and got into a life that led him to prison where he recalibrated […]

  • AIM Episode 25 - How Your Blog Can Turn Into Your Main Source Of Income With Chris Myles

    Chris Miles is the host of the Blogger Evolution Niche Website Show. Chris started a blog that allowed him to retire his wife and focus on helping new and struggling bloggers how generate a passive income from blogging and niche websites. Chris and i jump into what it’s like to jump […]

  • Episode 86 - How To Be Audacious In Your Practice With Amanda Paul

    Amanda L. Paul is a psychotherapist, who serves as your guide and mentor on your audacious journey! She has an amazing podcast called, “The The Audacious Black Girl”. Amanda and I jam on mindset, breaking limiting beliefs, becoming the best version of you, and how to understand who […]

  • AIM Episode 24 - How To Be You In Your Branding with Sabah Ali

    Sabah is the CEO of Unforgettable by Sabah, best-selling author, 2 time TEDx speaker, brand strategist, coach, and consultant. Her entrepreneurial endeavors began when she was 19, a sophomore in college, since then she has helped hundreds of business owners clarify their message to […]

  • Episode 85 - How To Become A Resilient Man With Jonathan York

    Jonathan grew up quickly when he was younger from being surrounded by addiction, gangs, bad areas, and generational trauma. Jonathan watched his parents at the age of 2 be in withdrawal and watched people come in and out of his life. As he got older felt more alone and started to battle […]

  • AIM Episode 23 - How To Build Genuine Relationships With Vinnie Potestivo

    Vinnie Potestivo is an Emmy® Award-winning Media Advisor who grows personal brands & founder-led companies by scaling content distribution, brand visibility, & media reach. Vinnie is the Editor-in-chief of I Have A Podcast® and is responsible for discovering and amplifying the […]

  • Episode 84 - How To Define What Happiness Is For You With Paul Levitin

    Paul Levitin (NBC-HWC, CSCS), as he discusses a variety of topics ranging from mindset, personal development, mental & physical health, and anything and everything in-between, all to help you become a happier, healthier human. Paul has an amazing podcast called, “The Happy Healthy […]

  • AIM Episode 22 - How To Take Your Brand To The Next Level With Jason Cercone

    Jason Cercone is a podcast branding strategist, author, and experienced podcaster. He helps value-driven coaches and consultants establish authority and become thought leaders in their niche via strategic, impactful podcast guest appearances. He is also The Voice of Evolution of Brand, a […]

  • Episode 83 - How To Be It Till You See It With Lesley Logan

    Lesley Logan, a certified Pilates teacher, breathwork, habits and mindset coach, is the founder of, the first free online catalogue of Pilates exercise tutorials, where you can also find weekly Pilates classes and workshops. Teaching Pilates since 2008, she has […]

  • AIM Episode 21 - How To Show Up Everyday In Business and Life with Dan Howington

    Dan became a voracious reader and student of Positive Psychology, Human Needs Psychology, and Neuro-linguistic programming which introduced him to Tony Robbins and his methods for creating meaningful change. He is trained in Tony's Strategic Interventionist Life Coaching curriculum that […]

  • Episode 82 - How To Change The Way You Tell Your Story With Marsha Vanwynsberghe

    Marsha Vanwynsberghe is a Storytelling Business Coach, Speaker, Multi-Published Author, 2 xs Podcaster. Marsha is in the process of becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP, and will be creating a certification to support people in using NLP techniques to Heal, Own and Write their stories […]

  • AIM Episode 20 - How To Use Your Marketing To Make An Impact With Anika Jackson

    Anika is a mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, marketing and communications professional, podcast host, and graduate adjunct professor at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. As a marketer, she has done it all including experiential marketing/ event production, […]

  • Episode 81 - How To Manifest What You Want In Life By Looking Within With Victoria Rader

    Victoria Rader is a wife, a mom, 4x Bestselling Author and Founder of Empower-mE and Master-mE Apps, Quantum Freedom™ Technique Founder as used in Empower mE Academy, Free mE EFT™ Founder, PhD in Metaphysical Studies, John Maxwell Leadership Team Founding Partner, ThetaHealing […]

  • AIM Episode 19 - How To Learn How To Revamp Your Life With Mikkel Thorup

    Mikkel Thorup is the world’s most sought-after expat consultant. He focuses on helping high-net-worth private clients to legally mitigate tax liabilities, obtain a second residency and citizenship, and assemble a portfolio of foreign investments including international real estate, […]

  • Episode 80 - How To Let Go Of What No Longer Resonates With You

    In This episode, I’m jamming on how we can let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. It may mean it doesn’t resonate with us or we outgrew our old shell. We stack the wins and figure out how we can get to where we want to be. You’ll Learn: How to stack wins How to understand […]

  • AIM Episode 18 - How To Use The Immigrant Mindset To Be Appreciative Of What We Have With Shabnam Curtis

    Shabnam was born and raised in Tehran, experiencing the Iranian Revolution of 1979 firsthand. In 2004 she immigrated to the United States On the journey of self-growth, my focus is on Integral coaching practices that help others to see their strength and capabilities in all different […]

  • Episode 79 - How To Become The Man YOU Want To Become With Matthew Roda

    Matthew Roda is a Husband / Father / Business Owner / Podcast Host / Peaceful Warrior. He is the owner of RODA marketing / Signer57 / Battlefield Mastermind / Battlefield Project.  We focused on being present with family, overcoming addiction/bad habits, and showing up for yourself. And […]

  • AIM Episode 17 - How To Dominate Money Mindset With Paul Halme

    Paul Halme is a Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Advisor and BJJ World Champion. He used his business acumen to build his business into one of the most successful gyms in the US. This wasn’t enough for the former stockbroker, and he began creating high six-figure offline […]

  • Episode 78 - How To Rise From Adversity To The Life You Want To Live With Hector Bravo 34.48 MB | 35:43

    Hector is a straight badass, he did combat tours, battled his demons, became sober, transitioned to being a CO, then realized that it didn’t align with him And choose to start his own business Torment Tactical Hector and I jammed on helping our brothers and sisters, core values, why he […]

  • AIM Episode 16 - How You Pan Use Jiu Jitzu As An Outlet With Paul Tokgozoglu

    This is Paul's second time on the show. Episode 6 for Paul' s Bio Paul and I jammed on his new podcast Jiu Jitsu Outlet, how having a strong community will uplift you, how to cope with mental disabilities or struggles, and a lot more but you gotta check it out again I butchered the first […]

  • Episode 77 - How Quantum Healing Could Help You With Tom Paladino

    Tom Paladino is a Scalar Energy Researcher with over 25 years of experience developing healing techniques designed to help people all over the world to recover from pathogenic infection and experience true health and wellness. The story begins back in Tom’s undergraduate days when he […]

  • Episode 76 - How To Develop Your Championship Mindset With Nate Bailey

    I had the honor of recording with Nate on his podcast Championship Leadership a couple months ago and had him come on the show as well Nate and I talk about how the military allowed us to thrive in structure, championship mindset, how he runs 100 milers, and a lot more This episode WAS […]

  • AIM Episode 15 - How Dialing On Your System Can Lead You To The Expansion Of Your business With Jasan Julius

    Jasan owns an amazing Franchise in Coffee Junkiez and Pizza Junkiez Jasan and I talk about how he is gearing toward franchising his businesses, what it looks like to have multiple businesses that are out on autopilot, how to process a loss, transitioning from working in your business, and […]

  • Episode 75 - How To Walk With God With Daniel Krynzel

    Daniel has a no BS approach geared towards MEN that want to LEAD their families on how to get direct Guidance from the Ultimate Coach… God! Daniel created an app called, “Godwalk” That allows you to talk to God directly and find out what areas of life you can seek improvements on […]

  • Episode 74 - How Habits Are Your Foundational Pieces To Success With Jason Harwood

    As the Director for Leadership for a $1 billion company, Jason has helped thousands of people identify and create the habits that will make the biggest difference in their lives and organizations. Jason can help your audience identify the habits that will make the biggest difference, and […]

  • Episode 73 - How To Unleash The Warrior From Within With Chad Osinga

    Chad grew up with a tough upbringing as a child. Whether it was healing trauma or facing his demons in the Army, Chad always looked at how he could change the course of his life; after a motorcycle accident that flashed his life before his eyes, Chad made the change. Chad Osinga may be […]

  • AIM Episode 14 - How To Grow Into Who You Envision With Mike Szczesniak

    From a thriving Software Engineering career, yet struggling with anxiety and panic, to leaving it all and building a successful High-Performance Coaching and Consulting company. Mike Szczesniak, is a life-long student of high performance, productivity, and entrepreneurship. Mike connects […]

  • Episode 72 - How To Live A Life Of Purpose And Fulfillment With JR Rivera

    JR Rivera is a business owner, podcast host, father, and leader. Ho focuses on his core values are Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finances.  He built THE PODCAST FACTORY®. Every day he is inspiring, entertaining, and influencing our listeners to live lives of infinite fulfillment. JR and I […]

  • Episode 71 - How To Build An Iconic Life With Kris Whitehead

    Kris Whitehead is a #1 Best Selling Author, Elite Business Coach, PURPOSE Extractor in Biz and Life! We are talking about leveling up mentally and the difference between doing it and not. Kris brings up legacy and relationships Putting in the work now in all areas of life and why the […]

  • Episode 70 - How To Rewrite Your Narrative With Dr. Jennoa Graham

    Dr. GNP (Dr. Graham-in-Purpose), known as Dr. Jennoa Graham is an international public speaker, author, professor, and adjunct executive team leader. Her 20-year career of combined multinational corporate accounting and consulting experience reflects core values of transparency, […]

  • Episode 69 - How To Unleash The Champ With Kyle Sullivan

    Kyle founded Unleash the Champ to create powerful coaching experiences for people to match their personal fulfillment to their professional success by using The Playbook to crush overwhelm & increase confident in the 4 Phases of Life. With over 10 years of organizational leadership […]

  • Episode 68 - How to DO BIG SHIT with Kekua Kobashigawa

    Kekua is the bestselling author of Do Big Shit, a speaker, and a mom. Kekua found herself at what she calls “the wtf point” of life, feeling lost and insignificant after experiencing betrayal and abuse. As she learned to heal emotionally, she grew belief and confidence in herself that […]

  • Episode 67 - How Septemics Can Optimize Your Performance with Jim Marshall

    Jim Marshall is a polymathic intellectual who has has devoted over 50,000 hours to the study and practice of multiple dimensions of human potential and development. . Eventually, he became a professional practitioner and, after 28 years of formal education, had a long career as a Human […]

  • Episode 66 - How You Can Change The Way You Leave An Impact with Raque Gaddis

    I got my man Raque Gaddis on the show talking about the power of our Credit I met Raque in July at Alpha Underdog Empowerment and instantly clicked with him and his partner Justin Henderson We talk about how to rebuild credit, lessons they don’t teach you in school, teaching your kids […]

  • Episode 65 - How Being Egocentric Is A Superpower with Tracy Taylor

    I met my friend Tracy Taylor earlier this year and in person back in July for Alpha Underdog Empowerment Tracy is the Host of the Ego Centric Podcast and Owner of Fido F.I.T. Tracy and I jump into the difference between Ego and ID, forgiving ourselves, self-confidence, energy, why we like […]

  • Episode 64 - How To Live In Fearless Happyness With Max Nijst

    Max is a Navy Veteran, Substance Abuse Counselor, and Host of The Fearless Happyness Podcast. Max and his guests share Experience, Strength, Hope, and Faith. Dealing with PTSD in general or Military related, Trauma, Physical, verbal, and sexual abuse addiction, alcoholism and Overcoming […]

  • Episode 63 - How To Get Healthier Now So You Can Leave An Everlasting Legacy With Joel Evan

    Joel is a health coach and integrative health practitioner that helps his clients get to the root cause of their issues, whether it's weight loss, gut health, or even something more serious like auto-immune conditions, so that they can start living the best version of themselves. Joel is […]

  • Episode 62 - How To Rewrite Your Story By Using Your God Given Ability With Steven Snook

    Steven Snook is an Author, Entrepreneur and Educational speaker. Dedicated Full Gospel Christian and The Owner Of Jesus Speaks LLC. Steven did 19 years in prison and went on to share many lifelong lessons in this episode: evolving as a human being, teaching our brothers and sisters, and […]

  • Episode 61 - How To Get Authentic With Marques Ogden

    Marques is a National/International Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Business Consultant, Brand Ambassador, Podcast Host “Get Authentic With Marques Show” (Globally Ranked Top 1.5% Most Listened To Podcast, Reached Within 2.5 Months).  Marques, a former NFL player and business owner […]

  • Episode 60 - How To Rewrite Your Narrative and Dominate in Life With Michael Unbroken

    From homeless to hero, Michael Unbroken, is the Founder of Think Unbroken, best-selling author, award-winning speaker, podcast host, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma. Since 2016, Michael has empowered over 100,000 trauma survivors to get out of The Vortex, learn […]

  • Episode 59 - How To Coach With Clarity With Lee Chaix McDonough

    Lee Chaix McDonough was a licensed clinical social worker for over 15 years, ICF Accredited Coach, and The Host of The Coaching With Clarity Podcast. When her husband got out of the Air Force they opened up a dental practice where she dove deep into learning more about running a […]

  • Episode 58 - How A Plant-Based Diet Can Help You Dominate In Life and Business - With Fraser Bayley

    Fraser Bayley is the owner and founder of Veg Up. Fraser also has a top rated podcast called Veg Up that he uses to teach people the benefits of being a plant based business athlete. He talks about his bodybuilding journey and how we can become healthier beings by consuming what is good […]

  • Episode 57 - How To Reverse Engineer Your Health With Jennifer Ashley

    At the age of 52, with 30+ years as a master personal trainer, your host Jennifer Ashley has helped countless people age successfully. You might be wondering what aging successfully looks like. It’s the ability to move freely, with vitality and energy. With a degree in human […]

  • Episode 56 - How To Build An Impactful Community With Gary Lamb

    Gary is a Pastor, Owner of Southern Honor Wrestling, and Rival Southern Apparel Co. Gary puts on events that simply allow people to have a good time. Everything from BBQ and Craft Beer festivals that draw 10,000+ to local concerts, wrestling shows and MMA shows that draw hundreds. Gary is […]

  • Episode 55 - Problem Solved Simple Habits For Complex Decisions With Sarah K Ramsey

    Sarah K. Ramsey is a Life strategist, relationship specialist, creative solution finder, and heart-centered problem solver. As a professional problem solver and relationship expert, Sarah helps people unravel complicated situations and complex personalities so they can move forward faster […]

  • Episode 54 - Life Hacks With Tony Whatley

    Tony Whatley is a Author of #1 Bestseller “Side Hustle Millionaire”, Executive & Business Coach, Host of Top-1% Globally Ranked Podcast “365 Driven”, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur. Tony has been an active entrepreneur for 20 years, having built and sold his  own companies for […]

  • Episode 53 - It All Starts With Mindset and Self Mastery With Nick McGowan

    Nick has owned multiple companies, overdosed on heroin, been divorced, and made a comeback and thrived after each experience. He is open to sharing all about what he learned, and how he got through it. Nick is a true underdog and extraordinary leader who challenges himself to […]

  • Episode 52 - Evolving Into Becoming A Stronger Leader With Sean Barnes

    Sean Barnes is a VP of A Large Oil and Gas Company in Texas. Sean is a tremendous leader and the host of the Way of The Wolf Podcast. Sean coaches clients on leadership and self-development in which he is able to give tips on how you can achieve your definition of success. Sean dive into […]

  • Episode 51 - How To Be A Unapologetic Man With Mark Sing

    Mark Sing is a dating coach who specializes in working with entrepreneurs … peak performers … and ambitious men who haven’t quite figured out how to achieve success in dating. As an entrepreneur, he resonates with men who have a “growth mindset.” He uses Neurolinguistic […]

  • Episode 50 - Successful Tips For Building Your Business With Julie Traxler

    Julie has over 20 years of experience working with small business owners.  She’s led clients through acquisitions and mergers, always keeping the needs and priorities of the business owner in mind.  Julie is an expert at project management, change management, communication, coaching, […]

  • Episode 49 - How Being Consistent Can Lead You To Becoming Dominate In Life and Business With Alex Sanfilippo

    Alex started his first business at the age of 10. He began selling used golf balls in my neighborhood and realized that I enjoyed generating sales and keeping track of profit margins. When the recession hit in 2007-2008 he shifted focus to a position at an aerospace company and moved his […]

  • Episode 48 - The Power Of Breath Work With Nick Wingo

    Nick Wingo spent the early part of his life as a firefighter paramedic where he saw things that most people could never even understand. After retiring as a firefighter Nick has put his passion into conquering his PTSD and helping others to do the same. He also gained a whole new […]

  • Episode 47 - Using Jiu-Jitsu as An Outlet With Paul Tokgozoglu

    This is Paul's second time on the show and Paul is talking about his new Podcast, "Jiu-Jitsu Outlet. Paul and I dive deep into how BJJ and MMA help millions of people with Mental Health and can help people develop the mindset to achieve anything they want in life. We talk more on what it […]

  • Episode 46 - Finding Ways To Beat Addiction & Indictment With Steve Cloward

    After getting sober from 14-year battle with opiate addiction, Steve found himself facing a federal indictment that sent him to prison. After he lost his freedom and was released, he realized he had also lost his identity, confidence and purpose and he wasn’t sure if he’d end up […]

  • Episode 45 - How Sales, Crypto, NFTs, and Poker Can Change Your Business With Andrew Sayles

    Andrew Sayles has been a Crypto Hustler since 2017. He started out just investing, but his passion for education led him to starting crypto and NFT groups to help educate others. Through the years, Andrew has became an expert on crypto trading, gaming NFTs, and tokenomics. You can find […]

  • Episode 44 - Entrepreneur On Fire With The "PodFather" John Lee Dumas

    John Lee Dumas is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award winning podcast where he interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs who are truly ON FIRE. With over 2500 episodes, 1 million + listens a month, and seven-figures of annual revenue, JLD is just getting started. Visit to set […]

  • Episode 43 - No Time For Losing The Right With Addiction With Justin Hazouri

    Justin Hazouri became medically addicted to Benzodiazepine (Benzos) in which it caused him to have a medical induced brain injury. The Benzo withdraws could kill a person and in his case made it difficult for him to combat being in rehab and trying to get clean. Justin beat the addiction […]

  • Episode 42 - How To Elevate Your Payroll With Charles Read

    Charles J Read is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), U.S Tax Court Practitioner ( USTCP), member of Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC) and the Founder of GetPayroll. Mr. Read’s companies have provided full-service payroll services, payroll tax services, and other […]

  • Episode 41 - How To Fill Your Storehouse With David Gutierrez & Stuart Grazier

    David and Stuart started a business real estate investing when they were active Naval Officers with the intention of creating a faith-based business. Being active-duty military members at the time of Storehouse’s inception, we wanted to focus on serving those who serve this country, […]

  • Episode 40- Trust The Process With David Boutte

    David has been recognized for his marketing, networking, community development, and advertising skills both online and offline. David is adept at team-building, task management, strategic planning, investor relations, social media marketing, and PR. He has been involved in crypto and […]

  • Episode 39 - How To Make MASSIVE Impact Through Podcasting With TJ Bradfield

    This is TJ’s second time on the show (formerly went by TJ Bell). In this episode, TJ and I dive deep into proving massive impact, finding the right room to get into, how to network, and so much more. Tj and I talk daily and challenge each other to get better. It’s an honor to talk […]

  • Episode 38 - Translating The Warrior’s Mindset From The Corp To Your Scaling Business With Zachary Green

    Zachary Green served in the Marine Corps for 8 years. He decided to become a Commissioned Officer and decided to pursue other ventures. After 9/11 happened Zach became a volunteer firefighter and created an invention out of his car that would revolutionize Fight Fighting Gear forever. […]

  • Episode 37 - A Sales Masterclass With Joe Graham

    Joe Graham grew up in a small town in the Midwest.  He never thought about going into sale until a life changing moment when his company downsize. Being a dad and husband he took a risk on a 100 percent commission job. Winner of multiple awards include presidents Circle 2019 2000 2021 […]

  • Episode 36 - Owning Your Sh*T With Marshal Gillen

    Marshal Gillen is an award-winning speaker and primal performance coach who has helped his clients earn over $124M in revenue. Over two million people have been impacted by his work. He’s come a long way; he’s overcome addictions, poverty, and hardship to be the leader he is today. In […]

  • Episode 35 - Using Rituals To Heal Trauma With Cael The Shaman

    Cael The Shaman was eager to find his purpose and find what made him happy. After a traumatic event and trauma that did not resonate with him became a Shaman and started changing his lifestyle. What he found was the rituals and practices he conducted change lives and can build a […]

  • Episode 34 - Using Artwork As An Outlet With Franky Castle

    Franky Castle grew up in “The Jungle City'' Anaheim, CA. The area was drug infested, gang violence, everything that type of neighborhood. He watched his father battle demons and battled them himself. He even ended up in jail and needed a way to start his life around. He started a […]

  • Episode 33 - How To Live A Fit Life With Al Morentin

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed Al Morentin. After going blind due to Glaucoma and getting my vision back with Cannabis oils Al founded FECO USA. Al has utilized my 30+ years as a successful holistic practitioner to create CBD and Superfood formulations that […]

  • Episode 32 - How To Make Mountains Move For You With James Owen Roberts

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed James Owen Roberts. James is a Consultant, Empowerment Coach, 2 x Paralympian, TEDx Speaker, Author and Host of The Mindset Athlete Podcast. In this episode, James and I dive deep into finding out how you can use mindset to get […]

  • Episode 31 - How To Get In Alignment With Your Purpose with Dr. Patty Martin

    Episode 31 - How To Get In Alignment With Your Purpose with Dr. Patty Martin This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed Dr. Patty Martin. Dr. Martin l is a Consultant, Writer, Podcaster, Entrepreneur,and Scientist. Dr. Martin decided to go through the educational route […]

  • Episode 30 - How Sales Can Change The Game For You With - Daniel Blue

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed Daniel Blue. Daniel is a Forbes Financial Contributor, 7 Figure Business Owner, Podcast Host of How Winners Win, Speaker, Best Selling Author, and overall inspiring thought leader. Daniel shows people how to tap into their 401K […]

  • Episode 29 - How To Bring The Bat To All Scenarios Of Life With David Chametzky

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed David Chametzky. Dave is a Ted X Speaker, Business Owner, Podcast Host, Certified Peer Recovery Advocate, and overall inspiring thought leader. Dave gives us an inside look at how we can bring positivity to everyday life. Dave […]

  • Episode 28 - The Leader Who is The Eternal Learner With Jeff Seckendorf

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed Jeff Seckendorf. Jeff Seckendorf is a life-long educator – flight instructor, scuba instructor trainer, mentor to scores of up and coming film directors, and instructor on hundreds of film workshops. Jeff brings decades of […]

  • EPISODE 27: Creating a position for Differing Disabilities with John and Mark X. Cronin

    This week on The Winners Paradigm Podcast we have John and Mark X. Cronin are the father-son team that created John’s Crazy Socks, a social enterprise with a mission to spread happiness. They bootstrapped their business into the world’s largest sock store. John is not only a business […]

  • Episode 26 - Top 3 Things I Learned In 2022 So Far

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast I touch up on the Top 3 Things I learned so far in 2022. As I approach the next chapter of my life, I felt it was the perfect time to talk about some of the strides I had made that have led me to tremendous progress. We talk about gratitude, […]

  • Episode 25 - How To Identify Your purpose With Mitch Lomazov

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed Mitch Lomazov. Mitch came from immigrant roots in which he was instilled with a different myself on how he perceived the world. Mitch used that same mindset to push himself into achieving his goals. Mitch went to the #2 […]

  • Episode 24 - How The Immigrant Mindset Can Lead You To Dominate in Entrepreneurship With Shaahin Cheyene

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed Shaahin Cheyene. When Shaahin was 15 he started his own company, Called Herbal Ecstasy in which he flipped his legal product into a BILLION dollars of revenue. Shaahin even invented the first publicly traded vaporizer company […]

  • Episode 23 - Building The Next Generation of Leaders with Wes Woodhouse

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed Wes Woodhouse. Wes is a Fighter Pilot for the Air Force, Marathon Runner, Mastermind Host, and Attention Performance Coach. Wes’s mission is to prepare this generation for becoming the next generation of leaders! Wes is living […]

  • Episode 22 - The Power of Consistency with Adam Bird

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed Adam Bird. Adam is the CEO of Heros Media Group and Founder of HMG Beverage LLC. Adam made the tough choice to leave the military and become a single father. For 15 years Adam made it day in and day out because he knew what he […]

  • Episode 21 - The Art of Becoming A Serial Entrepreneur with Michael Morgan

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed Michael Morgan. Michale is a Serial Entrepreneur in which he owns 9 fitness centers in the state of Missouri and is currently under contract for a 10th. Michael was a history teacher for 10 years before he took his leap in […]

  • Episode 20 - The Power Of Being In the Room With the Right People With David Siegel, CEO MeetUp

    This week on The Winner’s Paradigm Podcast we interviewed David Siegel the CEO of MeetUp. David had an inspirational story where he went to postgraduate school and figured out that he wanted to consult businesses but later found that he wanted to lead a company. With various experiences […]

  • Episode 19 - Reaching From Deep Within TJ Bell

    TJ Bell is one of the most impressive people I have met in my life! TJ has been through the tough times in life where his decisions and path early on did not resemble where he wanted to be in life. He developed a drinking problem early on at 15 and even got locked up for 3 months because […]

  • Episode 18 - Hitting Rock Bottom and Realizing It’s Time to Take the Leap Shavelle Camargo

    This week on The Winners Paradigm, we interviewed Shavelle Camargo. Shavelle is from Fresno, California and is a business owner who has been through the toughest times known. She has multiple degrees, licenses, and certifications to better herself for her craft. Initially she planned to […]

  • Episode 17 - Telling You What You Need To Hear Not Want To Hear With Shea Stevens

    Have you ever surrounded yourself with people who tell you what you want to hear not what you need to hear? How did that work out for you? Today, we interviewed my colleague and good friend Shea Stevens. She is a Loan Officer by trade and specialties in refinancing and purchasing homes. […]

  • Episode 16 - Hyper-focusing in on Your Ideal Customer Avatar with Callye Keen

    How do you figure out who your ideal customer avatar is? Today, we have Callye Keen on the show. Callye is a legend/expert in product development and manufacturing. He has multiple companies where he has collaborated with the largest companies in the world. Callye was able to do so simply […]

  • Episode 15 - Crushing Resiliency with Alaina Nadig

    Why do we stay content and settle for less? Today, we have Alaina Nadig on the podcast detailing what it is like to go through the motions and lack your purpose. Alaina was a Red Seal Pastry Chef for 10 years and a Heavy Equipment operator where she worked insane hours, had no social […]

  • Episode 14 - Becoming Who You Are Destined To Be With Erik Allen

    Episode 14 - Becoming Who You Are Destined To Be With Erik Allen What makes a person want to change their life trajectory? We were blessed to have Erik Allen on the show for this episode. Erik grew up in a broken home and endured trauma that eventually led him down the path of living a […]

  • Episode 13 - From The Streets To Becoming a Leveled Up King with Aaron Roybal

    Have you ever flipped the script from going down a destructive path to evolving as a person who gives back and teaches others, “The Life” ain’t it? In this episode, we interview Aaron Roybal who has been a Coach and Mentor for the past 20 years. Aaron focuses on teaching the youth […]

  • Episode 12 - Advocating Plant Based Medicine With Sgt G

    Why have we allowed a stigma of THC/CBD and psychedelics to continue if there are proven facts on how the products are healthier alternatives than opiates? In this episode, we interview Sgt G from the Stoned Vet USMC podcast. Sgt G is a 100% Disabled Veteran who advocates and teaches […]

  • Episode 11 - The Importance of Changing Your Perspective with The Stoic Entrepreneur

    In this episode, we interview The Stoic Entrepreneur (Tim Holloway) An Entrepreneur, Marketer, Podcast Manager, Author, Podcaster, Christian Leader, Mindset Trainer, and my  Mentor. Tim continually finds ways to help out those around him day in and day out. Tim has remarkable guidance in […]

  • Episode 10 - Today You Decide with Richard Kaufman

    Today You Decide with Richard Kaufman In this episode, we interview Richard Kaufman, An  Army Veteran of 23 who battled from drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, PTSD, and blindness. Richard’s story is truly riveting due to the fact that he almost got kicked out of the service and […]

  • Episode 9 - Taking the Leap Into Entrepreneurship with Lewis Vandervalk

    Taking the Leap Into Entrepreneurship with Lewis Vandervalk In this episode, I interviewed Lewis Vandervalk the Podcast Host and Founder of the Blue Crocus Experience, The Co-Owner of Integrity Junk Removal and Demolition, and The Owner Blue Crocus Solutions. Lewis did a phenomenal job at […]

  • Episode 8 - Why CBD is Challenging Traditional Medicine with Gary Roberts

    Why CBD is Challenging Traditional Medicine with Gary Roberts In this episode, I interviewed Gary Roberts, a 16 year plus Firefighter, Podcast Host, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer at Pure Body Xen. Gary destigmatizes the use of CBD and how it was originally used by doctors before […]

  • Episode 7 - Rise Up with Lindsey Hanlon

    Rising Up with Lindsey Hanlon In this episode we interview Linsey Hanlon, a Mother, Entrepreneur, Business Woman and Fellow Podcaster! This episode allowed us to see how a mother of 4 was able to manage her time and focus on what really matters to her most! Helping People! I […]

  • LL#3

    LL #3 In this episode I own up to my failures and detail how I failed to handle some situations that I have been working my buttocks on. I could reminisce on how I failed and lost progress but I choose to move forward and revise, reassess, and retool so I ensure future problems do not […]

  • Episode 6 - The Esoteric Philosophy and Podcast Essentials with Paul Tokgozoglu

    The Esoteric Philosophy and Podcast Essentials with Paul Tokgozoglu In this episode we interview Paul Tokgozuglu about Esoteric Philosophy and Podcast Essentials as a basis for our understanding. I have had the pleasure of conversing with Paul a bit over the last year and a […]

  • LL #2

    LL#2 In this episode we show gratitude to those who haven taken care of us and are currently helping us accomplish our mission. This was an in depth live look at how we can reassess our current relationships in order to be successful  In order for us to reflect and learn […]

  • Bonus - Live Look #1 (LL #1)

    This is the first of a new segment called, "Live Look". These are episodes of my findings and discoveries the same day versus weekly drops. The Live Look episodes are an inside scoop of how processed the podcast interview or experiences in my life. Can't wait to give y'all an […]

  • Episode 2 - The Challenge Part I

    This is the first part of a series. The Challenge is giving up one thing to contribute to making you successful in the long run. In this Case, I gave up a bad habit of decompressing while playing Madden which caused me to lose sleep affecting my gains and head space. The goal is […]

  • EPISODE 5 - Removing Your Ego

    In this Episode we dive deep into my failures with having an EGO in the past. I failed because I let pride, ignorance, and stubbornness dictate my life. Here's how I was able to rewrite that narrative: 1. Evaluate Inner Circle 1. Evaluate you Relationships 1. […]

  • Episode 3 - What is your definition of Success?

    In this Episode, we jump into examining how we can prepare for achieving our level of success. 1. Define what your level of success is? 1. What is untapped potential? Everyone’s end game is different, not all people have the same goals/values. Tell me what is your […]

  • Episode 4 - How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

    In this episode we evaluate how we would like our legacy to go! Check out: How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen to understand how you can see the clear picture of how your life measures to those around you! This is a deep one where I get to dive deep into […]

  • Episode 1 - The Intro

    In this episode, We establish who The Winners Paradigm. 1. We define the definition of what the Winners Paradigm is. 1. We discuss what does your definition of success means. 1. I breakdown who I am and how I was able to overcome adversity to be serving you the message of how […]