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The Panjwai Podcast is an interview-based podcast documenting the experiences of veterans that served in the Panjwai District of Afghanistan. The Primary focus is the experiences of the hosts, Curtis and Luke, and their unit at COP Sperwan Ghar in 2012. As the show continues into its second season, the focus is expanding to include other units and other eras of combat in the Panjwai District. Our hope is to present an authentic and human retelling not only of the experiences, but of the effects those experiences had on those that were there.

Curtis Grace and Luke Coffey
  • Episode 52 - Finale

    This week on The Panjwai Podcast we bid our final farewell, as we close out the show after 3 seasons,52 regular episodes and 8 bonus episodes.   We go back to the beginning, to answer some of our questions from Episode 1. We discuss what we learned from our guests about the fight in […]

  • Episode 51 - The Daughter

    This week on The Panjwai Podcast we are joined by “Sarah”, an Afghan-American who served in Afghanistan as an interpreter, mostly in the Kandahar and Helmand provinces. Sarah talks to us about her journey to serving, her experiences in Panjwai, Zharey, Helmand and Kandahar at large. […]

  • Episode 50 - The General

    This week on The Panjwai Podcast we are joined by retired 4 Star General Robert “Abe” Abrams. General Abrams served as the commander of RC South in 2012-2013 while simultaneously serving as the Commanding General of the 3rd Infantry Division in Fort Stewart, Georgia. General Abrams […]

  • Episode 49 - Commanding Panjwai

    The week on The Panjwai Podcast we journey all the way to the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York to speak with Colonel Trey Rutherford. In 2012, then Lieutenant Colonel Trey Rutherford commanded 1-23 Infantry Battalion out of Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington. We […]

  • Episode 48 - This Is Nowhere

    This week on The Panjwai Podcast, we are joined by SFC Kyle Chattin. Kyle was a team leader and squad leader in Bayonet Company 1-38 Infantry, stationed at COP Sperwan Ghar and Masum Ghar in 2012-2013. 1-38 relieved B/1-64 (also Bayonets) going into Winter 2012, during a fighting season […]

  • Special Announcement

    Luke and Curtis here, to announce the end of the regular production of The Panjwai Podcast, at the end of Season 3.    Season 3 Concludes with the release of its finale on April 18th 2022.    All merchandise in our online store 50% starting today!   […]

  • Episode 47 - Screaming Eagles

    The week on The Panjwai Podcast we have Davitt joining us to talk about his time as a Company Commander in the 101st Airborne division in 2010. Davitt talks about the 2 month long operation to air assault into the horn of Panjwai and lay the groundwork for what would become the Village […]

  • Episode 46 - The Empire Strikes Back

    The week on The Panjwai Podcast we welcome our first guest from across the pond. Kieran Rafferty was a Royal Marine Commando in the British Armed Forces. Kieran served most of his combat time in Helmand and Iraq, but for four months in 2006-2007 he served at Sperwan Ghar, assisting ODA […]

  • Episode 45 - The Lion of Kandahar, Part 2

    This week we continue our lengthy chat with Maj(R) Rusty Bradley, commander of ODA 331 and author of Lions of Kandahar. Rusty dives immediately into the intense combat on the assault of Sperwan Ghar, and we talk about the future of Panjwai and Kandahar. It was a great pleasure to spend […]

  • Episode 44 - The Lion of Kandahar, Part 1

    Almost every Panjwai veteran has read, or heard of the book Lions of Kandahar. We read it before and during our deployment, and the story of Major Rusty Bradley and the seizure of Sperwan Ghar in 2006 is one the best told modern adventure stories set in the Global War on Terror. This […]

  • Episode 43 - Another Point of View

    In the beginning of Season 2, we ran a 3-Part series about the Panjwai Massacre, where SSG Robert Bales walked off Village Stability Post Belambai and murdered 17 Afghan Civilians. This week, we bring you another point of view, from one of the senior NCO's of the Uplift detachment, […]

  • Episode 42 - Hard Choices

    This week on the Panjwai Podcast we are joined by SSG Kevin Nguyen. Kevin is an infantryman and member of the US Army Marksmanship Paralympic Team, and a 2020 Paralympian. Kevin talks to us about his 2012-2013 deployment to FOB Zangabad in Panjwai, where he was wounded after stepping on a […]

  • Episode 41 - The Operator

    This week on the Panjwai Podcast we are joined by Zack Harrison. Zack is a former Green Beret and member of SFOD-D (Delta Force),  and was a member of Rusty Bradley’s ODA 331 During Operation Medusa in 2006. Zack talks to us about his journey to Special Forces, the operation to seize […]

  • Episode 40 - Doc

    This week we sit down with SFC Dave Salvador, Combat Medic. SFC Salvador was SPC Salvador in 2012 when he deployed alongside 1st Platoon, B/1-64 to COP Sperwan Ghar in Panjwai. As the Platoon Medic, Doc Salvador was one of the most seasoned of all the soldiers at Sperwan Ghar, supporting […]

  • Episode 39 - The Mad Hatter

    This week we sit down with Corey Hatt, owner and operator of Mad Hatter Industries, a Canadian Apparel company and Mental Health initiative. Corey is also a two time veteran of Panjwai and Kandahar, having served twice in Panjwai in 2006 and 2009. Corey talks to us about his experiences […]

  • Episode 38 - Researching Panjwai

    This week on the Panjwai Podcast we speak to our very first Civilian who served and worked in Panjwai. Matt was a DOD Researcher, a Department of the Army GS employee tasked with detailing the ins and outs of culture, politics and government in Panjwai. Matt talks to us about his training […]

  • Episode 37 - The Warrior (Part 2)

    This week we conclude our interview with 1SG Ronnie Morgan, as he details his time as a Squad Leader in 3rd Squad at Sperwan Ghar. Ronnie talks about keeping his men strong and his platoon from falling apart, as well as the unique challenges that set the Panjwai fight apart from his […]

  • Episode 36 - The Warrior (Part 1)

    This week The Panjwai Podcast returns with full episode once more with the start of Season 3.   We are joined this week by 1SG Ronnie Morgan. 1SG Morgan served as an infantry squad leader in Bravo Company, 1-64th Armor Battalion at COP Sperwan Ghar and the Panjwai District Center in […]

  • Bonus Episode 6 - Deployment Life

    As we reach the homestretch towards the end of 2021, and the beginning of Season 3 of The Panjwai Podcast, we bring you a special Christmas Present in the form of our Sixth bonus episode. In this episode, we talk about Deployment Life. The living conditions, the food, the recreation and […]

  • Bonus Episode 5- The Kit We Would Bring

    As we close in on the premiere of Season 3 of The Panjwai Podcast, we offer up another bonus episode where we discuss the gear, kit, and weapons accessories we would have taken to Panjwai if we knew what we knew now, or based on what is currently available. Part bitch session, part think […]

  • Bonus Episode 4 - The Panjwai Podcast Talks TV

    Join us for another Bonus Episode of The Panjwai Podcast, as we talk about the portrayal of military service on television.    Apple: Spotify: Google: Podbean: iHeartRadio: […]