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A military and veteran centric variety podcast focused on current military and veteran topics, and current social issues.

Dave Doc Joslin
  • Episode 49 Gun Control Legislation

    In the long awaited Episode 49, Doc digs into recent gun control measures that passed the House of Representatives in early June: HR7910, "Protecting Our Kids Act" and HR2377 "Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2022".  These two pieces of legislation would accomplish nothing to […]

  • Episode 48 - The Freedom Episode

    In Episode 48, Doc takes a look at current events happening in Canada and Ukraine, and breaks down what's happening across the world today and how that compares to America and the freedoms that we have been provided; such as the right to assemble and have free speech (1st Amendment) the […]

  • Episode 47 - Unscripted and Unconventional

    Following Episode 46 - Rock, Jason and Doc started to talk about "stuff".  After about 20 minutes into the conversation Doc hit the record button - what we got was almost 2 hours of Warriors talking about Warrior things - unscripted and unconventional - this special edition recording […]

  • Episode 46 - The 98 Fund Alaska Project 2022

    In Episode 46, Doc is joined by The 98 Fund Posse; Rock DeRocchi and Jason Kostal join Doc in the studio, while Mark Weaver and Scottie Galloway dial in from parts unknown!Segment one kicks off with a recap of The Alaska Project 2021.  The crew digs into the highs and lows, the comedy […]

  • Episode 45 - Season 2 Close Out

    In Episode 45, Doc catches up on what's been going on since the last show, talks about how Bullets2Beans performed in Season 2, and then rolled into some announcement for 2022 and Season 3. Doc is on the move, and that means the show will be too!  Look for more news on this development […]

  • Episode 44 - Afghanistan, COVID and Supply Chain

    In episode 44, Doc discusses the fall of Afghanistan, the COVID Vaccine mandates and impacts to the supply chain across America.In segment 1, Doc goes over how he believes Afghanistan fell, why every warrior on the ground knew it would happen, and his theory of how there was such a great […]

  • Episode 43 - Remedy Alpine and COVID Vaccines

    In Episode 43, Doc talks about upcoming events in Alaska with Remedy Alpine, reviews a second coffee in the series from First Up Coffee Co., and finally shares some insights and opinions on the COVID vaccine controversy that is wreaking havoc across the nation. First Up Coffee Co.Remedy […]

  • Episode 42 - Doc's Rant

    In Episode 42, Doc goes off - hear the discussion around customer service and how this has sufferer through COVID and hear Doc's personal experience with the worst service imaginable.  In the Grind this Episode Doc reviews Black Ops Blend from First Up Coffee Company.  Finally, in […]

  • Episode 41 - Front Line Leadership

    In Episode 41, Doc Joslin is joined by long time friend, climbing partner, comrade and fellow Senior NCO, Adam Miracle.  They dive into a discussion of "Front Line Leadership" and explore elements of military leadership that carry over to our private lives, civilian leadership and our […]

  • Episode 40 - Memorial Day

    This week, Doc is rejoined by "Rock" DeRocchi from Episode 36 and The 98 Fund and the two discuss the true meaning of Memorial Day.  Also in this episode, the second coffee review from Devil Dog Coffee - "Get Some".Bullets 2 Beans HomeBullets 2 Beans StoreDevil Dog Coffee CompanyHero […]

  • Episode 39 - Gold Star Peak

    This week Doc J starts off revisiting some transition topics - the importance of resume formatting and proper expectation management for leaders exiting the services.  For the Weekly Grind, episode 39 kicks off a 3 brew series of coffee from Devil Dog Coffee Company - starting with […]

  • Episode 38 - Cancel Culture and the Afghanistan Withdrawal

    This week Doc takes a look at two current events in America driving the cancel culture even deeper into our society - and how ridiculous this practice is.  Doc reviews a private roast of coffee - roasted by Doc! And then in the final segment, Doc briefly reviews the Afghanistan […]

  • Episode 37 - Court Packing and The 2nd Amendment

    In episode 37, Doc J takes a look at the history of Supreme Court expansion, or "court packing", and discussed how it has been used in the past to achieve a political advantage. In segment 2, Doc continues the discussion on gun rights and reviews a paper published in the SIU Law Journal […]

  • Episode 36 - The 98 Fund

    In episode 36, Doc J connects with West Point classmates Mark "Rock" DeRocchi and Jason Kostal from Class 1998.  Enjoy the great discussion hearing of the careers of two military officers, their transitions from service, and finally the foundation that their classmates have started - The […]

  • Episode 35 - Danique Masingill & Leashes of Valor

    This week, Doc spends time with Danique Masingill from Leashes of Valor.  The discussion navigates through her time in the Navy, her transition from service, and finally how she landed on the mission of Leashes of Valor. If you are looking for a story of triumph over adversity, this […]

  • Episode 34 - Current Gun Control Legislation

    This week, Doc Joslin digs in deep, and breaks down eight different gun control measures that are currently being debated and reviewed in Washington.  Some are redundant, some are excessive and wasteful, and some are down right frightening if you are a current gun owner.  We revisit the […]

  • Episode 33 - Understanding the Ammunition Shortage

    This week, Doc Joslin digs into understanding the current ammunition shortage; social, political and other factors that have us in the situation we are currently experiencing, and trying to predict when things will "normalize" (whatever that means). In segment two, Doc provides some tips […]

  • Episode 32 - COVID Fog and KDS Introduction

    This week Doc shares his experience with getting the COVID vaccine and goes into detail on "COVID Fog" an associated cognitive deficit that is being discovered in patients that have recovered from the pandemic disease - it's like the gift that keeps on giving!  We review the FSU blend […]

  • Episode 31 - Resume and Interview Tips and Intro to Maverick Tactical

    This week, Doc Joslin discusses some resume and interview tips for transitioning service members.  We review "Flying Elk Coffee" from Black Rifle.  Finally, Doc provides an introduction to Maverick Tactical and reviews their body armor and fitness […]

  • Episode 30 - Catching Up!

    After a 2 month break, Doc Joslin returns to the show.  This week's episode catches up with what's been going in.  We review another coffee from Black Rifle - Freedom Fuel!  Also in this episode, Doc highlights the Scally Cap Mafia, a Facebook group dedicated to style, class respect, […]

  • Episode 29 - The True Story of the Rescue of CPT Rob Yllescas

    This week Doc Joslin shares the story of the rescue of CPT Robert Yllescas! Recently the book, "The Outpost" written by author and journalist, Jake Tapper, was made into a full blown Hollywood production.  They got the majority of the story right, but due to production reasoning, they […]