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Join us on a DEEP Dive into Hoarding Issues! We talk about every aspect that is involved! From trauma & mental health to real estate, first responders and the journey of being an AKOPTH – Adult Kid of Parents That Hoard. Creating a space to talk about hoarding is the first step in shifting HOW we approach this with compassion, kindness & awareness. Please join us & be sure to send us a message with your thoughts!

Tammi Moses
  • Misconceptions in Hoarding

    There are a lot of myths & misconceptions I have found that surround the issue of hoarding. In this episode I talk a bit more about the crisis state it usually takes to get movement in these situations. Please know you are not alone and we are beginning to collectively raise our […]

  • Richard Kaufman - Caring for Those Who Couldn't Care for Us

    Richard Kaufman is an author, podcast host and Army Veteran that believes in paying it forward. He is a caring son, father, husband and friend that ensures the people in his circle know they matter.  Please take a moment to listen to this important conversation about caring for our loved […]

  • Joanne Angel Barry Colon - Understanding Your Chiron Wound

    Joanne Angel Barry Colon is Certified Wholistic Personal Trainer, Intuitive Healer and Cosmic Energy Reader that understands the importance of looking at the entire person! Please take a listen as we talk about the Chiron Wound and how that impacts our lives. We all deal with various […]

  • Dylan Pruitt - E-Recycling Makes A Difference!

    Recycling is a very common conversation within the realm of hoarding! What can we do with all those computer monitors, laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices?  Please listen to this episode where Dylan and I have a great discussion about e-Recycling and how that can help […]

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - Escalating the Issue

    Please join us and take a listen the next steps we are taking regarding the hoarded property we are cleaning up. It's a daunting task and we are working toward an amicable solution - even if it means setting precedence.  You are not alone! Join Us in The Hoarding Solution Community!  […]

  • Ceci Garrett - Healing is a Journey

    Ceci Garrett is a determined and caring survivor who has a deep awareness of what it’s like to support a Parent Who Hoards (PWH). She also has been featured on the show “Hoarders” and shares about that experience from her perspective. That experience highlighted the need for […]

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - A Place For Us

    An Invitation to Join Us  Do you often wonder who will “get it” if you start talking about the struggle of dealing with a loved one that hoards? Please join us for an open gathering for folks dealing with hoarding issues. We are meeting on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST […]

  • Tuesday's with Tammi - I'm Not Responsible for Their Mental Well-Being

    Have you ever heard that "you are responsible for your parent & their hoarding issues?" If so, this episode is for you. For us who have heard it.  Take a listen here & let us know your thoughts.  If you are ready to look at hoarding differently, join us in The Hoarding Solution […]

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - Extreme Self Care Matters

    Your Extreme Self Care Matters!  It doesn't look the same for everyone, yet everyone needs to figure our what it means for them! If you struggle with Extreme Self Worth, please join us!  --- Send in a voice message:

  • Creativity & Organization with THE Leather Master Donald Dodson

    Donald Dodson is the amazing owner of Dodson Designs where he crafts fine handmade leather goods with a creative flair! He is a life-long artisan who loves sharing his interests with others, he has explored many arts including: jewelry, printmaking, pottery, woodworking, and painting, all […]

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - Reparenting is Real

    Struggling with your own trauma is valid! Sometimes this stems from difficulty in our childhoods that we need to address.  Please take a listen & know you matter & are worthy & valuable! […]

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - Boundaries Are Beautiful & YOU Need Them!

    Boundaries are a badass way to protect your physical & mental space.  Take a listen as I talk a bit more about the importance of this self-care skill!  You matter, you are worth it & you can set a boundary like a boss!  Join us in Extreme Self Worth if you struggle with […]

  • Tuesdays with Tammi - What Resources Are Right in Front of You?

    Sometimes we get the blinders on about what is right in front of us! Here is some encouragement to review what is right around you & see how it may best serve you.  --- Send in a voice message:

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - Verbal Assault Can Still Occur

    Even if you plan ahead & get the agreement of the person that hoards for a clean out - it can still be horrible for the person who is helping.  Join us in The Hoarding Solution Community as we shift the paradigm on #hoarding & the humans impacted by it.  Feel free to connect!  […]

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - The Courage It Takes to Confront

    It takes a lot of courage to deal with a hoarding situation and a loved one that hoards.  Please take a listen as I talk the courage it takes to face this head on.  If you are dealing with a loved one that hoards, please join us in The Hoarding Solution Community.  --- Send in a […]

  • Niurka Castaneda - Initiating the Change You Want to See In The World

    Niurka Castaneda & Initiating the Change You Want to See In The World Niurka is on a mission to give, restore and recover HOPE! She is doing this one story at a time while highlighting organizations and individuals contributing to our wounded military and veteran community. She serves […]

  • Tuesdays with Tammi - "Giving" to The People In our Lives

    What if you can't or don't want to go home for the holidays due to toxic or difficult family relationships?  Know that you are not alone in this & that there are many of us that navigate this during the holidays.  Take a listen to the idea of being present, using your boundaries and […]

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - Self-Care in the Season

    Thank you for taking a listen to this important topic! Your self-care matters & it's important to remember this! If you are struggling with feeling valuable or worthy, please join us in Extreme Self Worth!  #akopth #ylith #thehoardingsolution #trauma #recovery #healing #selfcare  […]

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - Taking Control of Your Holidays

    Do you struggle with difficult family situations?  Have you considered that you can choose who to spend your holidays with and when you celebrate? Take a listen to this episode where I talk about options for YOU this holiday season.  #akopth #ylith  Struggling with a family member that […]

  • Nestor Molina - Just In Case Emergency Prep

    Nestor Molina is the owner of Just In Case - Emergency Prep LLC where the focus is helping people be better prepared for a disaster. Family is a very important piece of the puzzle and JIC wants all families to learn and be prepared before the next disaster hits. Nestor lived through […]

  • Tuesdays With Tammi - Real Words About Hoarding

    Hoarding is still a largely misunderstood issue. It's way more than clutter and far more devastating than many folks realize. Please take a listen as I share about hoarding, clutter and frankly, hell.  If you are looking for more authentic conversations around hoarding, please join us in […]