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A podcast showcasing the diverse stories of service members, veterans, military spouses and military supporters. No story is to small. 

  • A Conversation with Tab Bartley, USMC Veteran and President of the USA Veteran Employee Organization

    Tab Bartley better known as #BluntBartley shares her story of overcoming physical post-birth trauma while serving in the Marine Corps, her political run for Indiana State Senate, and where she is now. Tab is truly the veterans veteran, and with genuine compassion, she is always available […]

  • A Conversation with Vice President of Fulcrum Public Affairs LLC Josie Villaneuva

    This incredible Mexican-American powerhouse shares her story coming from Texas to Indiana to the halls of Congress, to being the Vice President of Fulcrum Public Affairs. Drawing on her experience in the political realm, Josie provides insights into the dynamics of legislative processes […]

  • A conversation with Alicia Figliuolo, Marine Corps Veteran and NAILED IT! Finalist

    From Battlefields to Baking: Join us in this special podcast episode as a Marine Corps veteran Alicia Figliuolo takes on the 'Nailed It' challenge, proving that resilience and precision aren't just for the battlefield. Get ready for some epic baking triumphs and delightful surprises as […]

  • A Conversation with Marine Corps Iraq War Veteran and Real Estate Agent Ellie Pruett

    The Latina She Served podcast is a platform for military and community leaders and influencers.Meet Marine Corps Veteran turned Real Estate Guru Ellie Pruett. Ellie overcame many obstacles to get where she is today. Her resilience and strength are a story to be heard.  To connect with […]

  • A Conversation with Army Veteran, Actress, and Pin-Ups for Vets Ambassador Linsay Rousseau

    Before becoming an award-winning actress, Linsay was a public affairs journalist in the Army. Listen to our incredible conversation about overcoming obstacles, facing post-traumatic effects, and having a successful career as an actress on multiple platforms. Make sure to catch her at […]

  • A Conversation With Marine Corps Veteran & Entrepreneur Amy Jo Wagner

    Amy overcame it all! From childhood to adulthood, hear her amazing story of overcoming obstacles and building your own brand. To connect with Amy click here: Support the Latina She Served PodcastFB: Latina She Served with Liz Hensel | FacebookInstagram: […]

  • A Conversation with New York Times Best-selling Author Brigid Kemmerer

    Welcome back to Season 3 of the Latina She Served Podcast with Liz Hensel! We are kicking off this season with a  New York Times Best-selling author Brigid Kemmerer. After reading A Curse so Dark and Lonely, I HAD to find out more about this incredible author. For more information on […]

  • Marine Corps Sgt Marcus Chischilly: losing his leg in Afghanistan did not stop him from living his best life

    United States Marine Sgt Marcus Chischilly from the Navajo Nation is a father, husband, motivational speaker, adaptive athlete and just an inspiring person! We discuss his time in the Marine Corps, his injury, life after becoming an amputee and life after service.This is a very raw […]

  • Crime Junkies? Where you at?! My conversation with Margot from the Military Murder Podcast

    Meet Margot! The voice behind the Military Murder Podcast a podcast for the true crime enthusiast.  We deep dive into Margot's background, how and why she started her podcast, motherhood, finding balance, and of course some true crime stories.Support and follow […]

  • Thirsty Thursday: Coquito

    Thank you to Marine Corps Veteran Aura of Substance M. Bakery for sharing her coquito recipe with us! Make some and tag us if you tried it! Support Aura: Substance M. Bakery (@s.m.bakery) • Instagram photos and videosFB: (3) Latina She Served with Liz Hensel | FacebookInstagram: Latina […]

  • Writers Wednesday: The Lost Guardian by K.N. Timofeev

    Writers Corner is kicking off by showcasing the first chapter of The Lost Guardian by K.N. Timofeev! Submit your submissions to Buy the Lost Guardian by K.N. Timofeev The Lost Guardian eBook : Timofeev, K. N.: Kindle StoreFollow K.N. Timofeev: […]

  • Ariel Viera- filmmaker, travel vlogger, my grade school friend and our 9/11 memories

    Ariel and I attended the same grade school, Blessed Sacrament in Queens NY. We were sitting in our classroom when the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers occurred. Ariel and I reflected on this day, discussed our memories of being there, just kids. A very raw conversation with my old […]

  • Superior Judge Frison- Tatted, educated, Veteran

    Superior Judge Frison took the social media world by storm by being known as “the tattooed Judge” A Marine Corps Veteran, a graduate of Harvard and Georgetown University, we discuss the impact don’t ask don’t tell had on her Marine Corps life. She gives tips to any law school […]

  • A woman, a motorcycle and her dog travelling around the world! Meet Jess Stone!

    Jess Stone is riding around the world in her motorcycle with her dog to raise money for Girl UP a nonprofit focused on women empowerment! We discussed her passion for this nonprofit and how she trained her dog to stay on the motorcycle and the incredible movement she has started! This is […]

  • Meet Kim! USMC Veteran and CEO of Bada$$ Beauties a beauty company with Military Women and First Responders in mind

    Kim is the CEO of Bada$$ Beauties. A beauty company paying homage to women in the military and first responders. We discuss her time in the Marine Corps, deployments, and the struggles females in the military face when trying to just be themselves when it comes to make up. Check out her […]

  • Military Moves During Times of COVID and publishing a book! Say hi to Hillary Raymer

    Today’s Guest is Military Spouse and Author Hillary Raymer! We discuss military life, moving during times of COVID and all things book publishing!Buy her new book Until Forever here: Hillary Raymer – BohoSoul PressFollow her on TikTok: Hillary Raymer (@hillary_writes) TikTok | Watch […]

  • Justin Eggen, USMC Combat Veteran, National Award-Winning Poet, AND running for State Representative for Florida's District 87

    Justin Eggen, Floridian and Marine Corps veteran is running for State Representative for District 87. There are so many layers to Justin! We discuss his time before the Marine Corps, during after, what led him to publish his numerous poetry books and WHY he's running for State […]

  • Leave No Paws Behind USA a nonprofit advocating for military families and their pets

    Leave No Paws Behind USA was founded by Liz Hensel, your host! This is her story on how this nonprofit was formed, the difficulties faced when transporting a pet to and from an OCONUS location, and what the organization is doing to advocate for military families and their pets.Leave No […]

  • Founder and Owner of the Veterana Shop, US Army Veteran Claudia shares her story

    Claudia served in the US Army and after leaving the service she realized there is not enough representation of female Veterans which is what motivated her to launch her e-commerce shop to fill in that gap. Follow Claudia:Veterana Shop (@veteranashop) • Instagram photos and videosShop: […]

  • Dulce Vasquez Candidate for Los Angeles City Council District 9

    In this episode Dulce and I discuss her WHY, her why as in Why is she running for City Council! An immigrant, a daughter of immigrants, she wants to make a difference for her city listen now! From her website:Dulce’s story is not unlike many other immigrant stories across Los Angeles. […]

  • Kailey Brown, Co-Founder of Military Wild a nonprofit for military families to connect with the outdoors

    Kailey Brown is a soon to be Air Force Spouse to her partner Sarah. After moving thousands of miles away from her home in the USA to Guam, she found the outdoors to be her therapy and that is how Military Wild was born. This episode is a little bit of Kailey's incredible story! One day […]

  • Frank Molinar, author of Financial Dominance YOUR BATTLE PLAN FOR A RICHER LIFE: Military and Veteran Edition

    Frank Molinar and I discuss some do's and don'ts to set yourself up for financial success while in the military and after! His book is available now! Unlike anything written or illustrated before, the new book is an extension of Frank’s mission to clear the financial clutter and chaos […]

  • Deon Green- after 21 years of service, Deon went from soldier to business owner and launched her own luxury nail business line

    Deon Green is a mother, wife, veteran, military spouse and now BUSINESS owner! She can really do it all! We discuss what life as a dual military family was like, deploying while the kids stay with dad, retired life, and launching her business. Deons’ social media handle: Press on […]

  • Nick, a Marine Corps Veteran who biked Across America in honor of Cpl James Currie

    Nick is a Marine Corps veteran who decided to bike across America in honor of Cpl James Currie, a marine who died from an accidental overdose. His mission is to bring mental health awareness to the military.  Adopted from Russia, we discuss his story, overcoming adversity, and where he […]

  • MaryJo McConnell from Army Nurse to Actress, here is her story.

    MaryJo McConnell Is a veteran of the Army Nurse Corps. After completing her time with the Army she went into acting. MaryJo has been featured in numerous TV shows, film, National and OFF Broadway Productions. My personal favorite show she has been in is called Hunters and you can find it […]

  • Andrea Connell USMC Veteran and owner and founder of Wild Experience Gear

    Andrea shares her Marine Corps story, meeting her husband and eventually opening up her own company called Wild Experience Gear. From her website:Feel badass, wild and strong.Our mission is to equip outdoor enthusiasts with the knowledge and supplies needed to be prepared for any […]

  • A Navy Veterans' fight to change an Other Than Honorable Discharge code: Autumn's Story

    Autumn,  a Navy Veteran and K9 Handler, fought hard to  have her Other than Honorable discharge code changed after being FALSELY accused of drug use. Her persistency paid off  and she WON her case to have her discharge code to be changed to a general under honorable, however her fight […]

  • Leander, black, gay and married to his sailor- the spouse perspective

    Leander, a dear friend and former neighbor of mine shares his story of meeting his spouse and being married and gay while his spouse serves in the Navy. FB: (3) Latina She Served with Liz Hensel | Facebook`IG: @latinasheservedSupport the Show.

  • Its a great day to be alive! Happy Birthday to Liz! USMC veteran, TBI/PTS advocate, and your host!

    Liz Hensel, shares her story on why birthdays' are so important to her. Here is just a short part of her story. Dont forget to like us on IG and FB @latinasheservedSupport the Show.

  • Kristen Timofeev, USMC Veteran, Author, Teacher

    Kristen was my person when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I loved sitting down listening to her story! After serving honorably in the Marine Corps, Kristen went on to publish Five books, all while being a special education teacher. Here is her story!Buy her book on Amazon: Souls […]

  • Tashina! Marine Corps Veteran turned Baker and creator of the Edible MRE kits

    Today my guest is Tashina Coronel, Marine Corps Veteran turned baker and the brains behind the completely edible Meals ready to eat kit! Now available on her website!Show note: There is mention of infant loss and miscarriage's in this episode. ..To order some delicious treat from Tashina […]

  • Season 2- September 11th My Reflection

    Welcome to the Season 2 premiere of the podcast. In this episode, my husband Michael and I share our reflections on the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.Music/Artist Darryl Worley- Have you Forgotten?..As always your support is most appreciated follow us on IG and FB […]


    summer summer break y'all!!! That's a wrap for season 1!!I will be back with new episodes and a little something new for season 2! So stay tuned and catch up on previous episodes! Find us on IG and FB: @latinasheservedwithLizHenselSupport the Show.

  • Joshua DeFour, Marine Corps Veteran and director of the short film, "The 11th Order"

    Joshua DeFour is a Marine Corps Veteran and director of The 11th Order,  a short film that showcased the heroic actions of Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter and Corporal Jonathan Yale in Ramadi, Iraq. Joshua and I discussed his time in the Marine Corps, dealing with post traumatic stress, […]

  • Sam Powers, ambassador of the Ronin Foundation discuses how Brazilian Jui Jitsu can help cope with the everyday stressors of being on Active Duty

    Today my guest is Sam Powers, a GySGt in the Marine Corps, he discusses his time in the Marine Corps, and how Brazilian Jui Jitsu helped him cope with the stressors of his job. Sam is a CID agent, and has worked with NCIS, where he has seen the worse side of the Marine Corps. BJJ has been […]

  • Mitchelene Francis Bigman, Native American from the Crow Tribe, Army retired, two tours in Iraq, MST survivor, and now giving back through Native Dances

    Mitchelene Francis Bigman, is a Native American Army veteran from the Crow Tribe, who served two tours in Iraq. We discuss her time in service,  MST, self-medication to cope with PTS and how she overcame that by turning to Native American dances. She is the founder of the Native American […]

  • Peruvian Immigrant, Air Force Veteran, served in Iraq after having her daughter, here is Carolina's incredible story

    My guest this week is Carolina, she’s a Peruvian Air Force veteran whose family immigrated to the USA seeking asylum from the terrorist that plagued the country at the time. Her family moved to Cleveland, Ohio and that’s where she enlisted in the Air Force. She had a daughter and then […]

  • Two Sisters immigrated from Peru one chose the path of an Army Officer, one became a Marine Corps Sergeant! The conversation gets real.

    Alexia and Fio were born in Peru and immigrated to the United States. From there Alexia chose to join the Marine Corps and Fio commissioned in the Army. They discuss why they chose to join the service and how it led to where they are today. Fio a Commander,  and Alexia a Marine Corps […]

  • Leaphy Kim: Marine Corps Veteran, Actress, Stuntwoman and Cambodian Proud!

    Leaphy Kim is a Marine Corps veteran turned stuntwoman and actress. Born in Philadelphia, but with strong Cambodian roots, Leaphy is proud to bring diversity to the film industry. Listen to her incredible story and catch her on "The Rookie". Support the Show.

  • My experience with Poetic Theatre Productions Veteran Voices: Conscious Community as Ritual

    I had the amazing opportunity to be part of a writing workshop for veterans and military families. I had no idea where this journey would take me, but here it is. I worked on this piece of poetry for the past six weeks and then preformed it twice via zoom. For more information on this […]

  • Daniel Sharp creator of Pop_smoke_official, infantryman, meme creator, podcast host.. the conversation gets real

    Today my guest is Daniel sharp! The face behind the memes of pop_ smoke_official! Daniel is a Marine Corps veteran with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as an infantryman. We discuss his time in the Marine Corps, serving with other MOS’s, the MST situation in the military […]

  • Jess, USMC veteran and creator of Liborisk a travel community for the armed services and veterans

    Today my guest is Jessica! She is the creator and founder of LiboRisk - a travel community for armed service members and veterans! Jessica is a Marine Corps veteran and was a combat correspondent/ public affairs specialist while she was in. She shares some of her incredible travel […]

  • Sara Samora, USMC Veteran, a trailblazing journalist and a graduate of Columbia University with a Masters in Journalism

     Today my guest is Sara Samora, she is a Marine Corps veteran and is now a journalist in Houston Texas for the Houston Business journal. We discuss her journey in the Marine Corps, enlisting at 28! Her transition into journalism and how it led her to be a board member on the Military  […]

  • Nicole- Air Force Veteran who went from backpacking Europe to founding and living on an animal Sanctuary in Bulgaria

    Nicole, an Air Force veteran from Philadelphia now lives in Bulgaria, founded and runs The Traveling Menagerie Sanctuary and Rescue. We discussed life after the Air Force and the difficulties she faced living abroad as an American veteran. A horse lover and an advocate for animals this […]

  • Amy Schweizer, USMC Spouse and author of, "I will be okay: Adventures of a military kid"

    Amy Schweizer, 11 year Marine Corps spouse, author of “I Will be okay: Adventures of a Military Kid.” Founder of Tiny Troops soccer, a program designed to fit the the military lifestyle of kids in the midst of PCS season. We discuss the struggles and realness of what it is like to be […]

  • Hazel, Puerto Rican USMC Veteran- Foster Care, The Marine Corps, Racism, Egotism and Bidets- we talk about it all!

    Hazel and I discuss her encounter with racism and misogyny she faced in college and the Marine Corps. Her story shows a different take on serving in the Marine Corps and regardless of the amounts of time she physically or figuratively gets beaten down she will always rise up. Her moto is […]

  • Nonprofits You Should Know

    On this episode I discuss Nonprofits you should know! Headstrong ProjectWounded Warrior ProjectSemper Fi FundClaymore VetsVeterans Adventure GroupLeave No Paws Behind USASupport the Show.

  • Justin “Jello Cups” changing the “Veteran” narrative with Veterans Adventure Group

    On this episode our guest is Army veteran Justin, “Jello Cups” the founder and president of Veterans Adventure Group, a nonprofit organization that offers veterans adventure therapy by providing the support and guidance allowing veterans to participle in extreme adventures like […]

  • Lucy- Cuban/Puerto Rican Army Veteran Advocate for Military Sexual Trauma Victims

    In this episode, Lucy discusses growing up in New Jersey, how the death of her father lead her to the Army, her own sexual assault experience and how it eventually led her to be an outspoken voice for other victims of military sexual trauma. She has been featured on ABC News, CSPAN, is […]

  • Julie- Parris Island/ OCS Drill Instructor

    Julie is a retired Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps. Iraq war veteran, drill instructor at Parris Island, Sergeant Instructor at Officers Candidate School, she shares her story of overcoming difficulties in the Marine Corps and how it lead to her living her best retired life. Support […]

  • Anna, Military Spouse and Financial Tips

    Anna Beasley, Financial Advisor with 1st Command. Anna is a Marine Corps spouse who has been with her Marine for over 10 years. This world traveler who has reached the summits of Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, and Machu Picchu is here to share some financial tips to start 2021 right! […]

  • Maria of Claymore Vets

    Maria left Peru and came to the USA as a child due to terrorism in the country. Joined the Marine Corps after 9/11.Mother of three. Iraq war veteran. Zumba instructor. And now non-profit starter: founder and director of Claymore Vets helping veterans heal through art therapy. Maria’s […]

  • Laura; Colombian Born Marine and her time as Marine Security Guard

    My next guest is Laura. Laura is a Colombian born Marine Corps veteran who served six years in active duty. We will discuss her journey in the Marine Corps as well as her experiences as a Marine Security Guard stationed in Paris, Chad and Barbados’s! Support the Show.

  • Elyse Puerto Rican Marine, Pageants, Journalism, She's just getting started

    Elyse.My next guest is Elyse. She has served 15 years in the United States Marine Corps. Aside from a successful Marine Corps career Elyse has also competed in pageants, winning her first title ‘America’s Miss’ in 2011. She’s also a former Miss Delaware Collegiate, Miss Puerto […]

  • Virginia. Honduran Born. Lioness in Iraq, and was sworn as a U.S. Citizen in Saddam Hussein's palace.

    Virginia.My first guest is Honduran born Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq. We will discuss growing up Honduran, her time in the Marine Corps to include her time as a Lioness in Iraq. How she was the ONLY female Marine to receive her American Citizenship in Saddam […]

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