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The Authors’ Porch was created when CJ, a writer herself, recognized breaking into this field, became lonely. She noticed a need to design a space for authors at every height in their careers to join and grow. The Authors’ Porch puts authors first and becomes a premier destination for all at every stage in their career. From Live cast to a podcast, blog posts, and most recently, the magazine, The Authors’ Porch becomes a beacon of light, drawing you home to a porch where your family is standing by to usher you into your greatness.

CJ Ives
  • S3 Episode 31 Arnold Montgomery - Battlefield Missouri

    Visit us Arnold Montgomery served thirty years in the United States Army and retired with the rank of Colonel. His tours of duty include South Korea, Irag, […]

  • S3 Episode 30 Tammy Cohen - Text Messages to My Son

    Visit us at Tammy Cohen, has been partnering with top-tier corporate executives and entrepreneurs to develop their personal and professional brands for more than 20 […]

  • S3 Episode 29 - Cranky Superpowers - Steven Joseph

    Join us on The Authors Porch Steven Joseph is a first-generation American, the son of a Holocaust Survivor, a masterful attorney, seasoned negotiator, engaging […]

  • S3 Episode 28 - Shadowland - P.L. Hampton

    Join us on The Authors Porch at P. L. Hampton, an emerging dark fiction author, draws readers into a world of family, ancient artifacts, and the hidden shadows of […]

  • S3 Episode 27 - The Amber Menhir - Jonathan N Pruitt

    Join us on The Authors Porch Jonathan N. Pruitt is a lifelong educator, a former scientific researcher, and a provocative fantasy author. Rising from humble […]

  • S3 Episode 26 - The World Small- Kelly Anne Manuel

    Join us on The Authors Porch Kelly Anne Manuel is proof you can flip things upside down and become a prolific children’s book writer. She’s here with an array […]

  • S3 Episode 25 - Cruel Lessons - Dr. Randy Overbeck

    Where every great conversation happens: Grab a copy of our magazine. Dr. Randy Overbeck is an award-winning educator, author, and speaker. As an educator, he […]

  • S3 Episode 23 - WriterCon in Oklahoma - CJ Ives Lopez

    Hey Guys, I'm just off WriterCon in Oklahoma and want to share my experience. What a class act. Do you have a conference you want to share with us?

  • S3 Episode 22 - Pitching Like a Pro - Insider Tips from the Trenches of Literary Agent Meetings

    Ever wondered what it truly takes to impress a literary agent? Join us on this special episode as we unravel the hard-learned truths from the battlefield of book pitches. From […]

  • S3 Episode 21 - Plotting Your Course - CJ Ives Lopez

    Welcome to another exciting episode of The Authors Porch, where every great conversation starts. In this episode, we delve into the dynamic landscape of the busy author's world, discussing […]

  • S3 Episode 20 - Unexpected Crossroads - Tylia Flores

    visit us at Tylia L. Flores is a twenty-seven-year-old born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Despite her condition that affects her mobility, she does not allow it to […]

  • S3 Episode 19 - My Best Friend The Cat - Elizabeth Casanova

    visit us at Elizabeth Casanova is from a small border town deep in the South of Texas, where Space X blasts Rockets and people travel for food and music. […]

  • S3 Episode 18 - Planet Saviors - Raymond Hunter

    visit us at He almost didn't get to write it. Hunter almost drowned to death at age 19. The incident transformed his life. Also, at that age, he got married and […]

  • S3 Episode 17 - The HERO The FEAR and The Date - Rod Gilley

    Visit us: Rod Gilley is a writer of Horror, Thriller, and Fantasy stories. His debut novel will be ready for publication by the end of 2024. He is also working […]

  • S3 Episode 16 - Endless Times Vol II - Walter Steven Geeding

    visit us at Walter Stephen Geeding, ever since he ran away from home as a teen-ager to gallivant across North America with his best friend, has always been a […]

  • S3 Episode 15 - On Lonesome Roads - Dan Flanigan

    visit us at Dan Flanigan holds a Ph.D. in History from Rice University and J.D. from the University of Houston. He taught Jurisprudence at the University of […]

  • S3 Episode 14 - Backstory - William Sargent

    visit us at William Sargent is a NOVA consultant, author of 27 books about science and the environment, and a recipient of The Boston Globe's Winship Award. In […]

  • S3 Episode 13 - Beyond - Andrew Howell

    visit us Andrew Howell wrote and illustrated his debut graphic novel, Beyond, a comedic supernatural thriller. His work earned him the 2022 eLit Awards Silver […]

  • S3 Episode 12 - Our Lying Kin - Claudia Hagadus Long

    visit us at Claudia Hagadus Long is the author of five prior novels: Josefina's Sin, The Duel for Consuelo, and Chains of Silver (a trilogy of Colonial Mexico, […]

  • S3 Episode 11 - Next of Twin Jass Aujla

    Visit us at Jass Aujla is a Canadian South Asian author of suspense-thriller fiction. When she isn't working on one of her twisty novels, she can be found writing […]

  • S3 Episode 10 - Bashert Larry Goldsmith

    Visit us: Larry G. Goldsmith is an author, financial sleuth (forensic CPA), and attorney. His professional experiences are woven into believable and authentic […]

  • S3 Episode 9 - Beyond Heaven's Gates Daisy Paige

    visit us at Daisy Paige was born in August of 1973 and lives in a small Texas town. Although she has tried to move away many times, she always finds herself back […]

  • S3 Episode 8 - Mid-flight Lisa Wilkes

    Visit us at Mid-Flight - Lisa Wilkes Lisa Wilkes has spent 13 years as a flight attendant, jetting across the globe and collecting inspiration for her writings. […]

  • S3 Episode 7 - Gertrude The Cow - Lisa Baker

    Visit us Gertrude the Cow Gets in Trouble Somehow - Lisa Baker Lisa Baker was an elementary music and Jr. High, and culinary arts teacher for 15 years, until […]

  • S3 Episode 6 - Poetic Expressions in Nursing - Susan J Farese

    visit us at Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN, a native of New Jersey, is the owner/ president of SJF Communications, San Diego, CA.SJF Communications, originally […]

  • S3 Episode 5 - Alaska Blaze - LoLo Paige

    Visit us at LoLo Paige is an award-winning author and former wildland firefighter whose debut novel, Alaska Spark, has received several awards for best indie […]

  • S3 Episode 4 - THE TA LĘ SERIES - Yessoh GD

    Visit us at Yessoh grew up in a small city on the Ivory Coast, also known as Côte d'Ivoire, officially the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, a country on the southern […]

  • S3 Episode 3 - Friend of the Devil - James Irving

    visit us at  James V. Irving was born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He is a University of Virginia (UVA) graduate majoring in English. He holds a law […]

  • S3 Episode 2 - Abstraction - Sam Weis

    Visit us Sam Weis is an accomplished abstract painter, a 12-string guitarist/recording artist, and an award-winning songwriter. She grew up in Eastern Iowa and […]

  • S3 Episode 1 - Tales of the C.O.C Raids - Josh Plato

    Visit us Josh Plato earned his philosophy degree from Lake Forest College before enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, where he served for 14 years. While […]

  • S2 Episode 50 - Tuscany Bay Books - Richard Paolinelli

    Visit us at Richard Paolinelli began his writing journey as a freelance writer in 1984 and gained his first fiction credit as the lead writer for the first two […]

  • S2 Episode 49 - Noble Betrayed - Dylan Brennan

    Visit us Dylan Brennan is a 16-year-old writing prodigy living in London. An avid reader, student and musician, Dylan has recently proven his academic excellence […]

  • S2 Episode 48 - Raspas Con Mi Con Grandpa - Eliza Garza

    Visit us at Eliza Garza is a speaker and entrepreneur in South Texas, where she owns and operates a Mexican street eats business specializing in raspas! Eliza is […]

  • S2 Episode 47 - Sh*t Isn't a Dirty Word - Karin Nahmani

    Book an interview now - SH*T isn't a Dirty Word - Karin Nahmani Karin is very passionate about what she does. Karin holds a Bachelor in Science and credentials as a […]

  • S2 Episode 46 Me and Mr. Monks - Dawn Blair

    Me and Mr. Monks - Dawn Blair Book your spot today Nurse overcomes Lyme disease with her rescue dog's help. Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week is observed […]

  • S2 Episode 45 - Summons to Berlin - Joanne Intrator

    Dr. Joanne Intrator’s highly anticipated memoir, “Summoned To Berlin” describes the challenges she faced and overcame during her decade-long search for restitution for 16 Wallstrasse, […]

  • S2 Episode 44 - Wrong side of the Working Man - Justin Dipego

    Wrong Side Of A Working Man is a ground-breaking modern-day adult illustrated fantasy novel set in the contemporary world in which Alex Cides wakes to find his wife has disappeared, his […]

  • S2 Episode 43 - Mental Health Uncensored - Keri Cooper

    Keri Cooper, LCSW, is the owner of Keri Cooper Holistic Therapy in northern New Jersey. In her private practice, she counsels teens and works to give them the tools they need to navigate […]

  • S2 Episode 42 - The Secret Realm - EO Worth

    E.O. Worth is a true guardian for the Earth. She has hiked with wolves, swam with wild dolphins and felt the pounding paws of a cheetah run before her. Her travels brought her to many […]

  • S2 Episode 41 - Unexpected Moments - Daisy Paige

    Daisy Paige was born in August of 1973 and lives in a very small Texas town. Although she has tried to move away many times, she always finds herself back in this little town. She has three […]

  • S2 Episode 40 My Sanity Quest - Vickie Jo

    visit us at Vickie Jo is a persevering individual. She achieves her goals through self motivation, asking for help and relying on God. She was healed of her […]

  • S2 Episode 39 - Mindless Behaviors - Beatrice Adenodi

    visit us Beatrice Adenodi reveals our mindless behaviors by ripping our masks off, one at a time. Because we are steeped in biases at a young age and replicate what […]

  • S2 Episode 37 Fairy Knights - Dames Handsome

    Learn how you can get involved with The Authors Porch Dames Handsome is a teacher who loves making stories for the younger ones. A small-town Wisconsin native, he […]

  • S2 Episode 36 Blood Red Ivory - John Stamp

    See how you can get involved with The Authors Porch John Stamp was a Special Agent of the NCIS and FBI. He was also a Police Officer in Charleston, South Carolina. […]

  • S2 Episode 35 Rubble to Champagne - Vivianne Knebel

    Checkout ways to get involved with The Authors Porch Vivianne Knebel an author that is best known for her two memoirs, From Rubble to Champagne, and Lessons Learned […]

  • S2 Episode 34 Blood and Bones - Ariel Dawn

    This episode brought to you by Ariel Dawn grew up as an avid reader and is a creative soul. What started out as writing reviews for indie romance authors led to […]

  • S2 Episode 33 The Last Roman - BK Greenwood

    This episode brought to you by I moved a lot as a kid. As a result, I attended seven different elementary schools. Books became my coping mechanism. They replaced […]

  • S2 Episode 32 The Lost Ship - Jeff Lucas

    The episode brought to you by Jeff Lucas graduated from Stanford and did grad work at Columbia. He coached a high school volleyball team to a state championship, the […]

  • S2 Episode 31 Eternal Sunshine - Amanda Forry/Fino

    Book your spot today “Writing comes within my soul while the words flow out of me.” As a certified disability advocate, CP gal, and author of beautiful and […]

  • S2 Episode 30 Learn to Love - Dr. Thomas Jordan

    Book Your Spot Now Dr. Thomas Jordan, who has helped thousands of individuals and couples enjoy more fulfilling relationships and experience more satisfying, […]

  • S2 Episode 29 Demitasse Divorce - Richard Cirulli

    Book your spot now Richard Cirulli is an author, playwright and founder of the Demitasse Players, a 501 (c ) (3) charity. Founded on the mission to write and […]

  • S2 Episode 29 - Those Who Hunt Wolves

    Book Your spot on the show Born in Colorado Harrison Taylor author of the breakout novel Those Who Hunt Wolves found his love for literature in the oddest of places, […]

  • S2 Episode 28 - Stone Cold

    Book a spot on the show Sarah Humphreys lives in Lehi, Utah, and is a die-hard fantasy nerd that can’t stop talking about dragons and anime. She is trying to get […]

  • S2 Episode 27 Jasper-n-friends

    Book your spot today I was born in Phillipsburg, NJ, we moved to Maryland in 1979 and bought a Poultry farm.  In 1985 I joined the US Air Force, married my wife […]

  • S2 Episode 26 Calmed - Jennifer Hobbs

    Book your spot today Jennifer Hobbs is an Army Veteran whose compassion and humor reaches far and wide through her drive to connect with and support others. She has […]

  • S2 Episode 25 It all Began in Brooklyn - Vito Altavilla

    Don't forget to book your spot Author Vito Altavilla has a background as an industrial researcher and has participated in many technological breakthroughs. Now […]

  • S2 Episode 24 Johnny Butterflyseed - Tarisa Parrish

    Book your spot today: Tarisa Parrish is known as an accomplished butterfly farmer. She and her partner, Michael Vera, live in central Florida and own an online […]

  • S2 Episode 23 The Squirrel Wrangler - William Joseph Roberts

    Book your spot today In a previous lifetime, William Joseph Roberts was once an F-15 mechanic and Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. He has traveled the […]

  • S3 Episode 22 - Welcome to the CEO's Table - Stacy Mayer

    Book your spot today Stacy Mayer is a Certified Executive Coach and Promotion Strategist on a mission to bring more diversity to the leadership table by doubling […]

  • S2 Episode 21 Take it to the Arena - Patricia Bates

    Book Your Spot Today: Canadian author Patricia Bates writes dark and edgy historical and contemporary suspense romances. Because to bleed is to survive, but it's by […]

  • S2 Episode 20 Locked Away Left to Die - Ericka E. Kelly

    Book Your Sot Today: Ericka E. Kelly is a professional speaker, executive coach, and trainer. In this position, she is a global professional where her leadership […]

  • S2 Episode 19 The Cops Kid - Heather Weidner

    Book your Spot today Through the years, Heather Weidner has been a cop’s kid, technical writer, editor, college professor, software tester, and IT manager. Vintage […]

  • S2 Episode 18 Caged - Lara Sabanosh

    Book your spot today Lara Sabanosh, the author of Caged, has dedicated her life to helping others. Beginning in her youth as a volunteer and continuing through her […]

  • S2 Episode 17 Chelle's Sin City - Chelle Rose

    Book your spot today Chelle Rose fell in love with reading when she picked up her first James Patterson novel as an adult. She loves writing and always has. Writing […]

  • S2 Episode 16 Beneath the Surface of The Skin - Alan little

    Book your spot today Born in the small city of Rockingham N.C. To a beautiful mother and father and raised alongside five amazing siblings. As a writer, The name […]

  • S2 Episode 15 Plague of Flies - Laurel Anne Hill

    Book your spot today Meet The Author - Laurel Anne Hill Laurel Anne Hill—author and former underground storage tank operator—grew up in San Francisco with more […]

  • S2 Episode 14 The Pulse

    Book your spot today Real name: José Castro D.B.A.:Khalid Rasheed D.O.B:9-9-78 Home Town:Houston Texas(Third Ward) Race: Black(Mother)/Father(Afro Latina) Recent […]

  • S2 Episode 13 What kind of Romance

    Book your spot today Morgan Powell is a writer of romance, western and love

  • S2 Episode 12 A Warrior Strategist

    Book your spot today Meet The Author - Dr. Rob Garcia Chairman & CEO at SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine and works as Executive Director of Strategy at IQ […]

  • S2 Episode 11 A Calling

    Book your spot now Meet The Author - Alan T. Black I was raised and grew up in the United Methodist Church. While I do proudly embrace my background and personal […]

  • S2 Episode 10 Babe In The Woods

    Book your spot Yvonne Wakefield, also known as Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield, is an internationally exhibited and published artist and author who lives and works from a […]

  • S2 Episode 9 I'll do it when

    Book your spot today Suzanne Renee has dedicated her life to improving the quality of people's lives. As a direct result of years of personal development studies, […]

  • S2 Episode 8 Silent Freedom

    Book your Spot Today: Aurea Franklin is a veteran of the 101st Airborne Division. During her service, Aurea received two Bronze Star Medals for meritorious service […]

  • S2 Episode 7 From fantasy to horror

    Disabled Army Veteran, Law Enforcement Veteran, husband and super dad by nature. David Viergutz is the author of several novels and short stories from every flavor of horror. Take the […]

  • S2 Episode 6 Trauma Informed

    Vince Bellitto is a trauma-informed coach that helps you create radical shifts in communication, optimize performance, and achieve self-realization by empowering you to access and transform […]

  • S2 Episode 5 Beguiled

    Book your spot today: New York-born Alonzo Strange is an author that needs little introduction thanks to the great success of his hot selling four-part series, Tit 4 […]

  • S2 Episode #4 In The Hole

    Book Your Spot Ben Levin is an autistic teenager who has been in love with stories ever since he was a little boy. “Stories constantly pop into my mind like magic […]

  • S2 Episode #3 Katz Island

    Book your spot on the show Author Katherine E. Soto- Creating New Worlds is a writer of fantasy novels. She was born and raised in California with a few teen years […]

  • S2 Episode #2 - The Christmas Spirit

    Book your spot on the show today: Tom Leihbacher has lived in Briarcliff Manor, New York for most of his life. After graduating from Briarcliff High School and then […]

  • S2 Episode #1 - The Humble Alpha

    Book Your Show Today Steven Eugene Kuhn is a U.S. Military combat veteran who has been hand-picked to consult with some of the most influential people in the world […]

  • Episode 50, Mirror Images

    Book your spot on the show We welcome fellow author and podcaster CJ Robinson to The Authors porch. Join the authors and airways group: […]

  • Episode 49, This Too Shall Pass - Marisa Billions

    Book your Spot On The Show Meet The Author - Marisa Billions Marisa Billions is a high school English teacher in Southern California. She holds a bachelor’s and […]

  • Episode #48 Witty Women

    Book your spot Today E has a thing for writing witty women, swoony men, and the steamy scenes that bring them together.  An American from the Midwest, she now lives […]

  • Episode #47 The Devil Pulls the Strings - JW Zarek

    Book your spot today: J.W. helps catch naughty folk for the Government. He's taught English Conversation in Japan and can analyze anyone's handwriting. He's sailed […]

  • Episode #46 Today I Decide - Richard Kaufman

    Book your spot now: Richard Kaufman originally hails from Belleville, NJ. He proudly served in the United States Army from 1986 to 1988 before a temporary break in […]

  • Episode #45 Just Like My Dad

    Book Your Spot Today: Elizabeth Johnson- Brooklyn, New York native, Elizabeth Johnson is a break-out author with a very promising writing career ahead of her. Signed […]

  • Episode #44 That's What She Said

    Book your spot on The Authors Porch now: Sedona Ashe is the exciting new voice in paranormal shifter romance and epic urban fantasy. Hailing from a small town in […]

  • Episode #43 Self Publishing Mastery

    Book your spot on The Authors Porch: A.G. Billig – Writer, Inner Transformation Coach, Founder of Self-Publishing Mastery A.G. Billig is a published author, […]

  • Episode #42 On The Page Author Services

    Book your Spot on The Authors Porch Christy and Debbe are Author PA's who created On The Page author Services which created a platform to match PA's with authors so […]

  • Episode #41 Letters of Love

    Book Your spot on The Authors Porch: Let's welcome Melissa Desveaux to The Authors Porch Melissa experienced loss through miscarriage and stillbirth, which set her […]

  • Episode #40 Birthday Wishes & 2022 Kisses

    Book a spot on The Authors Porch In this episode CJ thanks everyone for a fantastic birthday and announces some 2022 projects. Follow CJ: […]

  • Episode #39 Changing the Narrative

    Book your spot on The Authors Porch: F.D. Fair is a paranormal romance author who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She is a wife and mother to three […]

  • Episode #38 Climate Change over 40,000 Years

    Book your spot today: Hari D. Sharma is a Ph.D. civil and geo-environmental engineering expert, whose research has been published in renowned technology journals […]

  • Episode #37 Learn from a Chief

    Book your spot on the show: Ralph Ave is a Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force Reserves who currently serves as a Federal employee for the […]

  • Episode #36 Oh What a Klutz

    Book Your Spot Today: "Sedona Ashe is the exciting new voice in paranormal shifter romance and epic urban fantasy. Hailing from a small town in Tennessee, near the […]

  • Episode #35 What's cooking on the pages.

    Book Your Spot Today: Melissa Bourbon is the national bestselling author of more than twenty-five mystery books, including the Book Magic mysteries, the Lola Cruz […]

  • Episode #34 From Russia with love.

    Book your spot on The Authors Porch: Evelyn Puerto reads just about anything and writes in multiple genres. When she married, she inherited three stepdaughters, a […]

  • Episode #33 The one that made you cry

    Book your spot on the show Award-winning author Tina Hogan Grant was born in England and moved to the States in 1979. After moving to California, she became a […]

  • Episode #32 - Dreams of a Daughter

    Book your Spot on The Authors Porch Viki Esther Chang has been a YouTube Channel interviewer and producer for her channels since 2016. She believes we all should […]

  • Episode #31 Bikers and Taboo Romance

    Book your spot on the show Aviana West is an erotic romance author in romantic suspense, contemporary, and dark romance sub-genres. She writes BDSM, Mafia, MC, […]

  • Episode #30 50 Shades of Blood

    Book your spot today Melissa Sercia is an award-winning Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance author with a passion for philosophy, mythology, and all things […]

  • Episode #29 What About The Forgotten?

    Book Your Spot Today Clyve Rose has been writing historical romance fiction for the best part of two decades. She works in the historical romance, fantasy, and […]

  • Episode #28 - Heretics & Poetry

    Book your Spot: Beth Hildenbrand lives in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. She is the author of the Dark Fantasy novel Cain Heretic Son. She has also published a book of […]

  • Episode #27 True Loaf

    Book Your Spot on The Authors Porch L. Austen Johnson is an award-winning writer, designer, and disability advocate. She studied English, Archaeology, and Astronomy […]

  • Episode #26 The Adventures of Emerald

    Book your Spot on The Authors' Porch I am Victoria J. Hyla (Victoria Hyla Maldonado) and the author of the Hearts Drawn Wyld trilogy (In Death We Part, Running in […]

  • Episode #25 Hitchiking the world away

    Book a spot on The Authors' Porch Sophie is a personal assistant to a high net worth person and their family, along with a super creative mind.  She hosts a […]

  • Episode #24 - Small towns and wild flowers

    Book your spot today. Shawna Rodrigues’ roots are in a small town and a big family. Her appreciation for beauty stemmed from the orchards, lakes, and mountains of […]

  • Episode #23, Let's Get Royal

    Book Your Spot Today: Luvy Lubker has researched Queen Victoria’s family for over 7 years, and the Victorian Era for 10, as she read about Charlotte Bronte and […]

  • Episode #22 Just clear off the table and go for it

    Join us on the porch: Loren Beeson is a dreamer, artist, radiologic technologist, and author who loves animals and people. Always writing short stories as a young […]

  • Episode #21 - If you want to write, you will

    Book your spot on the show today: Born in the medieval town of Wexford on the east coast of Ireland, K K Weakley played in Selskar Abbey and other castle ruins as a […]

  • Episode #20 You're Going To Suck Until you Don't - Rusell Nohelty

    Book your spot today Russell Nohelty is a USA Today bestselling author, publisher, and consultant. He runs the small press Wannabe Press and The Complete Creative, […]

  • Episode #19 Becoming a Well Rounded Author

    Tonight we welcome Joyce Reynolds-Ward to The Authors Porch. Joyce Reynolds-Ward is a speculative fiction writer who splits her time between Enterprise and Portland, […]

  • Episode #18 Live Shamelessly

    Join us on The Porch: Veronica Crystal Young is a HealthCare Corp Executive for 0ver 30 years, a leadership, resilience & change coach, award-winning speaker, […]

  • Episode #17 K.T. Egan

    K.T. is a hopeless romantic and dreamer and has been writing since she was a little kid. Currently, she is the author of contemporary romance novels All You Hold On To and The Family […]

  • Episode #16 L.M. Archer

    Welcome L. M. Archer To The Authors Porch About L.M. I was first drawn to writing as a way to express my feelings when oftentimes, I found that I couldn’t say them […]

  • Episode #15 Annette Whittenberger

    Welcome Annette To The Authors Porch Annette is a U.S. Army veteran who served seventeen years and four months as a Chemical Officer. During her service, she had two combat tours in Iraq […]

  • Episode #14 Tanya Ross

    Tanya Ross was born and raised in San Diego County, her “happy place.” Although Southern California is a particular kind of paradise, she desires a world where everyone is kind, […]

  • Episode #13 Author Luna Tibling

    Welcome Author Luna to The Authors Porch Luna is an openly transgender and non-binary author of fiction and  poetry who loves representing the LGBT+ community in an accurate  and […]

  • Epiode #12 Kimberly Daye

    Welcome Kimberly Daye to The Authors Porch KIMBERLY ANN DAYE is an author, poet, and lover of Christ.  Earning her Bachelor’s degree in Communications, her Master’s  in English, and […]

  • Episode #11 Loren Beeson

    Author Loren Beeson is a dreamer, artist, radiologic technologist, and who loves animals and people. Always writing short stories as a young child and young adult, she knew she wanted to […]

  • Episode #10 Mia Bolden

    Welcome Mia Bolden To The Authors Porch Mia is an Entrepreneur, Empowerment Life Strategist, and also a Public Speaker from Pensacola, Florida, where she owns and operates Beautiful You […]

  • Episode #9 LoLo Paige

    LoLo Paige is an award-winning author and her debut novel, Alaska Spark,  Book One of her Blazing Hearts Wildfire Series, won a 2020 Indie B.R.A.G.  Medallion award. The true-life story […]

  • Episode #8 Joanne Angel Barrycolon

    Joanne Angel Barrycolon is an Author, Speaker, TV Host and certified holistic personal trainer and owner of holistic fitness, Intuitive healer, cosmic energy healer, creator of the chakra […]

  • Episode #7 Krissy Regan

     Krissy Regan is The Wellness Poet, an Author, Poet, Speaker, and Wellness Warrior! She creates stories and poems that inspire and connect people to themselves and the world around […]

  • Episode #6 Patty Holmes

    Welcome Patty Holmes to the Authors Porch Pregnant at seventeen with no high school diploma in Mexico, Patricia never envisioned herself achieving the American dream. Although Holmes wanted […]

  • Episode #5 Devante & AnTonia Jackson

    Welcome to The Authors Porch Devante & AnTonia Devante Jackson is a first-time author of "The Boy" He believes every boy and girl should read this book and his Mom is his biggest […]

  • Episode #4 Nicole Paquin

    is a Women's Fiction/ Chick-Lit Author Nicole Lynette Paquin She has been recognized as a storyteller from a very young age. Nicole started writing as a creative and cathartic outlet in […]

  • Episode #3 C.O Valt

    Welcome to The Authors Porch, tonight we are talking to C.O. Valt to discuss her series "For The Children With Love". Join in and ask questions Books by C. O. Valt Follow C.O. […]

  • Episode #2 Author Amazingly Shermaine

     Amazingly Shermaine is the Author of "I Move A lot and That's OK " Follow Shermaine: Follow The Authors Porch: […]

  • Episode #1 Anastasia & CJ

    Welcome to The Authors Porch presented by ILO Multimedia RGV Tonight we are talking to the builders of the Porch. Author CJ Ives Lopez AKA Auntie Nann and Author Anastasia Ashley Come and […]