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Tommy Unleashed on the IQ Podcast Network addresses veterans issues, public safety, and their involvement in music, literature, film, and television. along with entertainment news in the Southern California and Nationally.

Tommy Anderson
  • The Brett and Larry Podcast #9 with Carter Spotser (Ep 569)

    Chula Vista District Speech Competition winner "Student Speaker" Carter Spotser

  • The San Diego Young Republicans with Cynthia Kaui #1 (Ep 568)

    The San Diego Young Republicans Inaugural Podcast with Host Chairwoman Cynthia Kaui

  • The Brett Davis podcast with Dr. Kevin Cameron Ep567

    Dr. Kevin Cameron possesses a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, he is a licensed psychotherapist and a highly decorated combat Veteran and holds an Honorary Doctoral Degree and Honorary Professorship from LADC.Dr Cameron served nearly […]

  • Brett and Larry's Podcast #8 with Alan Kinzel (Ep 566)

    Alan Kinzel talks about the new Real Estate Commission Law

  • The Brett Davis Podcast with Cheri Sotelo Ep 567

    As a highly sought-after clinician and coach, Cheri Sotelo has worked with high-profile celebrities, athletes, influencers, and corporations, offering her expertise and guidance. She has been featured on renowned podcasts, news media stations, and international stages, sharing her […]

  • Brett and Larry's Podcast #7 Special Edition Blue Water Film Festival (Ep 565)

    Guests: Alex Rivest, Director & Producer of CANARYand T. Lindsey Haskin, Producer of RELENTLESS

  • Brett And Larry's Podcast #6 John Travolta Look Alike (Ep 564)

    Special Guest: Phil Francavilla (John Travolta Look-Alike) With many years of experience in the lookalike industry, this John Travolta lookalike, sound alike, and dance alike does a totally interactive show. “Tony Manero” is a character from the hit movie “SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER” or […]

  • Indian Motorcycle Shop Talk #5 - (EP 563)

    Sarah Andrew, Chela Alvarez and Brett Davis talk shop about Indian Motorcycle of San Diego

  • Brett and Larry's Podcast #5 Flipping Houses for a Living (Ep562)

    Flipping for a Living

  • Brett and Larry's Podcast #4 with Pastor Eric and Karen Smith (Ep 561)

    Pastor Eric Smith and his wife Karen witnessed firsthand the suicidal act of a young man on the Coronado Bay Bridge last week. This podcast will tackle the complex issue of suicide.

  • Brett and Larry's Podcast #3 with Dr. Matt & Dr. Kim Dickson (Ep 560)

    Dr. Matt & Dr. Kim Dickson from SouthBay Urgent Care in Imperial Beach TO talk about the severity of the sewage crisis stemming from Mexico. Especially about how it is now airborne.

  • The Republican Podcast Ep 2 with Paula Whitsell & Brett Davis (Ep 559)

    Cameron Celeste talks about why we need to gather signatures for the Anti-Prop 47

  • The Republican Podcast Ep 1 with Paula Whitsell & Brett Davis (Ep 558)

    Guest: Brian Erickson is running for San Diego Superior Court Judge Seat 41. He has had the privilege of serving the people of the state of California as a deputy district attorney and deputy city attorney for over 29 years. He currently prosecutes cold homicide cases utilizing DNA and […]

  • Brett and Larry's Podcast #2 (Ep 557)

    Conversation about the sewage crisis, entertainment and some local news

  • Indian Motorcycle Shop Talk #4 - (EP 556)

    Operations Director Sarah Andrew talks with Brett Davis about this weekend's Big Sale Event. She also talks about how she can help you fix your credit to purchase a bike.

  • Indian Motorcycle Shop Talk #3 - (Ep 555)

    Tim Broadhead, CEO and President of Indian Motorcycle of San Diego talks with Brett Davis about their Big Tent Sale this weekend starting Friday, Feb 9th till Sunday, Feb 11th.

  • The Brett Davis Podcast w Melinda Ann and Tony Renteria LUCA Ep 554

    Interview with Tony Renteria, Founder and CEO of LUCA, running for Mayor in Lubbock, Texas, and Melinda Ann, President of LUCA "Latinos United for Conservative Action.

  • Brett and Larry's Inaugral Podcast # 1 - (Ep 553)

    Welcome to our Inaugural Podcast show. After being on the radio for many years, we have decided to do a podcast together. Check us out every week on Thursdays at 5 pm. We'll cover news about sports, music, entertainment, and local news.

  • The Brett Davis Podcast with SD Young Republicans Cynthia Kaui and Cole Marting Ep 552

    Cynthia Kaui serves as the President of San Diego Young Republicans and as the Press Secretary for the California Young Republicans Federation. Cole Marting is a board member of the San Diego Young Republicans and the author of the Amazon #1 New Release, 'California's Toughest Challenges […]

  • The Brett Davis Podcast with Dan Rice_Vazquez Ep 551

    Interview with Dan Rice-Vazquez, Candidate for Chula Vista City Council District-3

  • The Brett Davis Podcast with Jeffrey Reiman Ep 550

    Jeffrey Reiman first started training people in the late 1990’s. In 2023 he decided to go on his own and start an online business. His goal is to help people of all ages.

  • Our Hometown with Dennis Kyle and Host Michael Monaco Ep 549

    Dennis Kyle has over 20 years of leadership experience in Technology and Communications related industries and currently serves as President & General Manager, CA for Wyyerd. In this role, Dennis has full purview over the P&L, Operations, development and growth of […]

  • The Greater Good Podcast Ep 548

    La Mesa Mayor Mark Arapostathis is a lifelong La Mesa resident, a teacher once honored as a County Teacher of the Year and Director of Theatre Arts at La Mesa Arts Academy. Known as Dr. A, he holds a doctorate in education from USD and SDSU. He served on the La Mesa City Council and […]

  • Our Hometown with Michael Monaco and Sophia Hoffman Ep 547

    If at first, you don’t succeed, just wait for the seasons to change — and maybe pick a different song—the Voice Contestant Season 23 and 24. Reba McEntire and Horan were the Coaches who came around fast to Sophia Hoffman's soulful sound. Confessing her second effort brought “so […]

  • The Greater Good Podcasts with Jeff Wohler _ Coronado Police Chief Chuck Kaye Ep 546

    Coronado Police Chief Chuck Kaye will retire on January 4, 2024 after five years with the City of Coronado. Kaye has served as the Chief of the Coronado Police Department since October 2018. He will be honored at the December 19 Coronado City Council meeting. The public is invited to […]

  • Indian Motorcycle Shop Talk #2 (Ep 545)

    Indian Motorcycle of San Diego CEO Tim Broadhead, Brett Davis and Chele talk about the Pet Adoption Event on Sat, Dec 16th, from 10-2 pm.

  • Indian Motorcycle Shop Talk #1 - (Ep 544)

    Indian Motorcycle of San Diego CEO Tim Broadhead talks about his incredible location and all the fun things happening.

  • Humanity Stoked Coronado Film Festival Ep 543

    The documentary features Pro Skateboarders Tony Alva, Lizzie Armanto, and San Diegan Tony Hawk, among others. The film is about the beauty in overcoming fear and other challenges facing humanity as seen by icons of pro skating, science, art, music, activism, and education, all of whom […]

  • Melinda Ann, President of Latinos United for Conservative Action Ep 542

    Melinda Ann, President of Latinos United for Conservative Action speaks to Host Brett Davis about what's happening in her community and what she is doing to lead by example

  • LOCAL SPOTLIGHT series in CIFF ShortsFest Ep 541

    Rachel Hroncich, Writer and Star, BEAUTY IS BLISS. Two friends unknowingly experience a major side effect after finally getting their hands on a mysterious new skin cream sweeping TikTok that removes more than wrinkles.andWhitney Wegman-Wood, Writer/Star of THE LAST BUTTERFLIES. After a […]

  • Coronado Island Film Festival Spotlights Director Aiden Keltner and Director John Rowe Ep 540

    AMAZING GRACE Director: Aiden Keltner Based on the true stories of many families, Amazing Grace tells the story of a single mother caring for her adult son with schizophrenia.JOHN COSBY: A JOURNEY IN ART Director: John Rowe An exploration into the life and journey of John Cosby, a […]

  • Why Abstinence is The BEST Option Regarding Sex and Marriage Ep 539

    The “Abstinence & Marriage Education Partnership” exists to ensure that every teenager in the country can hear a clearly reasoned, positive presentation on the benefits of abstinence until marriage and instruction on preparing for a healthy future marriage.To this end, the […]

  • Indian Motorcycle of San Diego Inaugural show with CEO Tim Broadhead Ep 538

    Indian Motorcycle of San Diego's inaugural podcast with CEO Tim Broadhead on the Brett Davis Podcast Show.

  • Coronado Island Film Festival spotlights Little Tommy doc w_ filmmaker Laura Castañeda EP 537

    Tommy Sablan is the first radio producer inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He is better known by his San Diego on-air moniker “Little Tommy,” and for decades, has entertained millions of people on radio and now television. He's popular in Southern California because of […]

  • Indian Motorcycle of San Diego Inaugural show with CEO Tim Broadhead

    Indian Motorcycle of San Diego's inaugural podcast with CEO Tim Broadhead on the Brett Davis Podcast Show.

  • The San Diego International Film Festival w_ Tonya Mantooth, CEO Ep 536

    Tonya Mantooth talks with Brett about the San Diego International Film Festival 2023

  • Coronado Island International Film Festival podcast series Ep 535

    Interview with Doug St. Denis, Founder of CIFF, and Merridee Book, CEO & Artistic Director, discusses the Coronado Island Film Festival Kick-off.

  • Brian BigCountry Conwell on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 534

    SGT BIGCOUNTRY, Brian Conwell talks about Life and how he has overcome so much adversity.

  • Rising Country Star Presley Tennant on Tommy UnLeashed Ep 533

    Presley astonished the country with her velvety, soul-filled vocals and ‘it girl’ image as a member of Team Kelly on Season 16 of The Voice at 16 years old;

  • John DeBello on The Greater Good Podcast with Jeff Wohler Ep 532

    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Director and Producer, John DeBello on The Greater Good Podcast with Jeff Wohler

  • Traits of Influencial coaches _ mentors with Coach Dan Boyle Ep 531

    Traits of Influential coaches / mentors with Coach Dan Boyle

  • The Real Tommy Unleashed with Jackie Hovorka and The Twelfth Letter Ep 530

    Jackie Hovorka (pen name: Jackie Anders) is an award-winning & best-selling author of the Phoenix Trilogy and Arion Rising novels published with Black Rose Writing and Static Pen Publishing. Her literary agent is Andy Clapp of the Cyle Young Literary Agency. Jackie is also an […]

  • How to get out of your head with Coach Dan Boyle Ep 529

    How to get out of your head with Coach Dan Boyle

  • The Healthy Skin Show with Dr. Jennifer Rullan Ep 528

    Dr. Jennifer Rullan and Guest Host Brett Davis talk about the myths and facts about skincare.

  • Can AI replicate an opera singer's voice??? Ep 527

    Can AI copy the voices of Opera singers?

  • Rafael Castellanos on The Greater Good podcast with Jeff Wohler Ep 526

    Rafael Castellanos was sworn into the Board of Port Commissioners on April 15, 2013, after an appointment by the San Diego City Council. He is the chair of the Port Environmental Advisory Committee. Commissioner Castellanos is also a partner with the law firm Solomon Minton Cardinal Doyle […]

  • The Healthy Skin Show with Dr. Jennifer Rullan & Guest Host Brett Davis Ep 525

    Dr. Jennifer Rullan and guest host Brett Davis talk about DR. Rullan's new podcast, The Healthy Skin Show, and how to take care of your skin from the sun.

  • Major General, William J. Walker on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 524

    The Honorable Major General William J. Walker Retired U.S. Army intelligence officer, Sworn in as Sergeant at Arms, U.S. House of Representatives on April 26, 2021, becoming the 38th person and first African American to hold this post since its inception in 1789. Served as the chief law […]

  • Michael Rannigan LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 523

    Conversation with Michael Rannigan, Navy Corpsman turned successful roofing biz owner "Doc's Roofing" based out of Texas.

  • Kim Alexis on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 522

    Brett talks to Kim Alexis about her amazing modeling career and what she is currently working on.

  • Brett and Larry_s Quickies Podcast with Debbra Sweet Ep 521

    Brett and Larry's first episode for their Quick Bits of News Nuggets with Special Guest Debbra Sweet, San Diego's very own CHER'd.

  • Dr. Melinda Silva and Brett Davis with Guest Blake Staring Ep 520

    Biohacks and Brawn with Dr. Melinda Silva and Brett Davis talk to Special guest Blake Staring about how to have better orgasms and increase sexual drive while getting in shape.

  • Maria Kachadoorian LIVE on Our Hometown with Michael Monaco EP 519

    Chula Vista City Manager Maria Kachadoorian . Role of the City Manager . CFO of the year 2018 - By San Diego Business Journal . What’s happening in CV . Measure P after 7 years . Homelessness – Bridge Shelter . City Employees/Great Place to work

  • Serge Dedina & Leah Hays on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 518

    Serge Dedina, Ph.D.., former Mayor of Imperial Beach and the Executive Director of WILDCOAST, a local non-profit (Del Mar) that works to conserve coastal and marine ecosystems and addresses climate change through natural solutions. WILDCOAST produced 2 shorts in partnership with SeaTrees […]

  • Billy Pratt LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 517

    Billy Pratt is the Producer, Director & Past President of Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation and Chairman & Co-Founder of Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame. Co-Producer of WATERMAN, a movie about Five-time Olympic medalist and Native Hawaiian Duke Paoa Kahanamoku and how he shattered […]

  • Sharon Bruneau LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 516

    Brett speaks candidly with Iconic Canadian Fitness Competitor Sharon

  • Harbor Police Chief Magda Fernandez on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 515

    Conversation between Harbor Police Chief Magda Fernandez and Jeff Wohler, President of the Harbor Police Foundation

  • Ryan Landry LIVE on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 514

    Ryan Landry is a former Army veteran that deployed overseas multiple times as an artillery non-commissioned officer. Upon leaving service, he became a patrol officer in Norwich.He founded the Everlasting Veteran Podcast, which focuses on highlighting the tough topics that aren't always […]

  • Paula Whitsell LIVE on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 513

    Paula is currently a commissioner on the Housing and Homeless Advisory Commission for the City of Chula Vista. She became involved with the Republican cause when she joined the Chula Vista Bonita RepublicanWomen Federated in 2009. After being on the Legislative committee for a couple of […]

  • Dr. Eduardo Reyes Live on Our Hometown with Michael Monaco Ep 512

    Guest is Dr. Eduardo Reyes Ed. D, Superintendent Chula Vista Elementary School District.

  • Armando Martinez on The Greater Good Podcast with Jeff Wohler Ep 511

    Armando is the Director of Security and Transportation for Valley View Casino Hotel. He leads a department of investigators and security officers who help cultivate the growth and the culture of exceptional guest service and safety. He has helped set these standards for the last 22 years. […]

  • Eric Ranks on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 510

    Eric Ranks is a self-starter, serial entrepreneur, and motivational speaker with a rich background in sales training, leadership, and digital marketing. With over 26 years of experience in sales and leadership and over a decade in digital marketing, he has lent his expertise to some of […]

  • Alicia Brav On the Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 509

    Founded in 2017, BRAV Consultations supports research-based trauma interventions across the lifespan and specializes in intersectionality and building solid program designs, organizational capacity, and sustainability. As a Co-Chair of the San Diego Regional Advisory Council on Human […]

  • Scott F. Snair (About Brain phones) LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 508

    Would You install a chip (brain phone) in your brain in place of a smart phone?Data analyst and author in Washington D.C. Scott Snair cautioned that we are about to enter a new phase of human existence, as people are merged with a technology that alters them, monitors them, and, in many […]

  • Scott Robinson on The Real Tommy Unleashed Ep 507

    You fought for this Country, You Deserve to own a piece if it!!! Scott Robinson is the Director of Mortgage Lending @ USA Homeownership Loans. A Marine Corps veteran who continues to serve the Veteran community on many volunteer platforms. Scott is a loving husband and father. In his free […]

  • Kris Kluzak LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 506

    Kris Kluzac is the head of Customer Support Training and former Head of Customer Care in NA for a global leader in sustainable energy. Enel X Way is a newly carved-out business line concentrating on emobility. They are under the umbrella of Enel, #69 on the Fortune 500 list last year.

  • Sherri Zorn Live on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 505

    Sherri Zorn is the Founder and CEO of VodKucha Brand Cocktails. VodKucha is a sparkling combination of premium vodka, kombucha and all-natural fruit flavors. VodKucha was launched 8 months and is in 32 locations throughout CA. Sherri's goal is to get national distribution in the next […]

  • Jovon Quarles LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 504

    First African American to graduate Navy Seal program BUDS as the HONORMAN graduate.

  • Austin Gayne on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 503

    CEO Austin Gayne talks about S-force. There’s one thing in common with everyone who wears an S-force watch. It’s strength. Not physical strength - much more than that. Strength Overcomes.

  • Tanya Williams on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 502

    Tanya WilliamsCourage Christian Academy

  • Carla Clemon on The Real Tommy UnLeashed Ep 501

    Meet Executive Director Carla Clemon of VETCares, whose Headquarters are in Corona, California. VetCares Inc. VETCares is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing sustainable homeownership, financial-literacy education, and economic opportunity for the military communities.

  • Anylu Parra-Bailey on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 500

    Anylu talks about managing her floral business and her beautiful flower shop in Imperial Beach

  • Emmy® Award-winner Sean Kanan on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 499

    Sean Kanan has authored four books. His latest, Welcome to the KUMITE, is the second in the Way of the COBRA (WOTC) series, which draws on intimate personal stories to illustrate his strategies and philosophy for achieving success: “Transform yourself, and you can transform the […]

  • Shea Williams on UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 498

    CrossFit Athlete Shea Williams talks about CrossFit and what it means to her.

  • Ron Morrison & Josie Flores Clark on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 497

    Mayor Ron Morrison & Josie Flores Clark talks about what's happening in National City since they've been back in the saddle again. #Nationalcity, #Mayorofnationalcity, #mayor, #city, #citynews, #sandiego, #josiefloresclark, #ronmorrison, #iqpodcasts, #brettdavis, #podcast, #podcastshow

  • Ravi and Rajni Kharbanda on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 496

    Ravi and Rajni talk about assisted living at the Coronado Retirement Village. #podcastshow, #iqpodcasts, #assistedliving, #coronadoisland, #coronadoassistedliving, #assitedlivingchoices, #brettdavis, #podcastshow, #podcast , #gettingolder, #livingenlightenment #india

  • Don Spencer on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 495

    Don Spencer talks about Worldwide Hypnosis Training, Hypnosis Education, Forensic Hypnosis, Corporate Events, Motivational & Keynote Speaker, Worldwide Entertainment & Education. Don hypnotizes Arianna Gonzalez and Makenna Davis during the show to help them with their anxiety and […]

  • Mayor John McCann on Our Hometown with Michael Monaco Ep 494

    Mayor John McCann leading Chula Vista into the future

  • Gregory A. Daddis On The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 493

    Why Vietnam still matters!

  • Feeling the Super Bowl National Anthem Ep 492

    Chris Stapleton's Epic emotional rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl 2023

  • Tony Brooks LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 491

    Author Tony Brooks talks about his book, No one left behind

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel About the Grammys Ep 490

    About the Grammys and Sams Smith rendition of UNHoly

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel REBOOT Ep 489

    This is Marina's ReBoot episode. Get to know her as she talks about what she's been up to with 75 hard and shares her new podcast room which she will be sharing weekly as she gradually works to complete it.

  • Sycuan Chairman Cody Martinez on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 488

    Interview with Chairman Cody Martinez Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Nation. Cody is responsible for strengthening the East County tribe's business interests, golf resort and casino, and the historic US Grant hotel downtown, which is also owned by the tribe. |

  • Dr. Stanley Rodriguez on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 487

    Dr. Stanley Ralph Rodriguez is from the Santa Ysabel Band of the Iipay Nation, and a Tribal Councilman for the Nation, Director of Kumeyaay Community College, member for Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival, and a U.S. Navy Desert Storm Veteran. Dr. Rodriguez teaches at […]

  • Angela Brannon-Baptiste LIVE on Simply Local San Diego With Brad Weber Ep 486

    It's All About The Kids. Throughout San Diego County schools, 62% of the children are on meal assistance programs. As of March 2022, there are over 248,777 food insecure children in San Diego County. Our Feed The Kids program assists those families struggling to feed their children during […]

  • Alysia Smith Live on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 485

    Meet Alysia Smith, Principal at Holly Drive Leadership Academy which is a charter school established in 1999. Located in Ridgeview-Webster neighborhood in San Diego.The mission of the charter school is to establish a child-centered community and learning environment that will assist […]

  • Sandra Yacura LIVE on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 484

    The Institute of Reproductive Grief Care is the global expert in reproductive grief care. Sandra helps others understand the Institute's mission, goals, values and successes related to providing comfort to anyone dealing with reproductive loss. Contact: Institute of Reproductive Grief […]

  • Rudolph Shappee LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 483

    Rudolph Shappee, Chief Docent of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. He’s been involved in the acquisition and restoration of the Midway, and knows the ship and its history to an astounding degree. Having served aboard aircraft carriers, he knows Navy carrier life and history as […]

  • Dr. Moises Aguirre LIVE on Our Hometown with Host Michael Monaco Ep 482
  • Jennifer Bennie on The Real Tommy Unleashed Ep 481

    Jennifer Bennie is a Navy Veteran and a Penn State Graduate for a Naval ROTC scholarship. She was commissioned into the US Navy upon her graduation in December of 1999. Bennie then reported to Pensacola for Naval Flight School where she received her Naval Aviator Wings 3 days after 9/11, […]

  • Leroy J. Barrett III on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 480

    Dying to Learn By Author/Filmmaker Leroy J. Barrett III Movie Premiere and Fashion Show Sat, Dec 10, 20227-10:30 pm Rooftop Cinema Club atop The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego|

  • Deborah Scott LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 479

    DEBORAH SCOTTEXECUTIVE CHEF & PARTNER OFCOHN RESTAURANT GROUPCoasterra, Indigo Grill,C Level / Island Prime, VintanaAs one of San Diego’s most renowned celebrity chefs, Deborah Scott is knownfor her diverse tastes and ability to create innovative dishes with an emphasis […]

  • Mike Canada LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 478

    Professor Mike Canada – Mike Canada is currently the Chair and Associate Professor of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Applied Sciences at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott Arizona.Mike and his wife Caroline have lived in Coronado for over twenty years. They have three […]

  • Mary Johnson & Andrea Rojas on Our Hometown with Michael Monaco Ep 477

    Mary Johnson has been a Community Outreach & Education Specialist for St. Paul Senior Services for 8 + years. Prior to joining St. Paul’s, Mary enjoyed a career as a multi-agencyunderwriter in the mortgage banking industry. Following her passion to work with seniors, she completed a […]

  • CVFD Chief Harry Muns LIVE on Our Hometown with Michael Monaco Ep 476

    Fire Chief Harry Muns | City of Chula VistaHarry Muns was appointed Fire Chief on December 31, 2020. In 1991 Chief Muns was introduced to the fire service as a Fire Explorer with the La Mesa and San Miguel Fire Departments and then became a seasonal firefighter in 1995 with the California […]

  • Colonel Christian Ellinger LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 475

    Colonel Christian Ellinger serves as the Command Inspector General for the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California and the Western Recruiting Region. He has served 30 years on active duty.

  • Chief Roxana Kennedy LIVE on Our Hometown with Michael Monaco Ep 474

    Roxana Kennedy, Chula Vista Chief of Police.On December 30, 2016, Roxana Kennedy was appointed as the City of Chula Vista’s 24th Chief of Police. Chief Kennedy began her law enforcement career in 1992 after graduating from the Southwestern College Police Academy. She rose through the […]

  • Michael J. Penney on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 473

    Author, Speaker, Creator "What's your BOOM?"

  • David Dunn LIVE on Simple Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 472

    David Dunn was born and raised in San Diego and attended Morse High where he was a standout football and basketball player. He went on to play football at Bakersfield college. Then transferred to Fresno State and played ball there. in 1994/95 he was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in […]

  • Jim Holden LIVE on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 471

    Jim Holden is the founder of Fish for Life. Spreading The Love One Boat at a Time. Fish for Life is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Southern California. Our charter is to enhance the lives of special needs individuals by providing a complimentary fishing trip on the sea for them […]

  • Dr. Richard Ambrozic on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 470

    Dr. Richard (Rick) Ambrozic Expert in Anti-aging, Lasers and Regenerative MedicineIlluminare Wellness Center of Palm Beach, Florida. Leaders in Regenerative Medicine with over 40 years of combined experience. Have treated celebrities, athletes, and people from all walks of life from […]

  • Kiernan, Kathleen LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 469

    Dr. Kiernan is a pracademic, career practitioner backed by academic rigor focused on building and delivering capabilities to orchestrate a brighter and safer world. Kathleen Kiernan, Ed.DPresidentNEC National Security Systems (NEC NSS)

  • Raven Leigh Hilden LIVE on The Real Tommy Unleashed Ep 468

    Raven Leigh Hilden is the Founder and CEO of MilVet, a nonprofit that assists veterans and deployed troops worldwide. She founded the nonprofit to give back to the community and those who have served. As a military veteran’s spouse, She understands the complexities that veteran families […]

  • Neisha Hernandez LIVE on Our Hometown with Michael Monaco Ep 467

    Keeping Step with the TimesNeisha Hernandez, OwnerNeisha’s Dance & Music AcademyExecutive Director, Chula Vista Ballet870 Jetty WayChula Vista, CA 91914

  • Ron Morrision LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 466

    Council member Ron Morrison is running for Mayor of National City. Ron is a lifelong resident of National City and its immediate vicinity. Growing up in National City, San Diego County’s second oldest city, gave Ron a sense of a close-knit community, rich with history and diverse […]

  • Barbara Avalos LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 465

    My Name is Barbara Avalos and I was raised in National City next door to Saint Anthony of Padua Church, I attended Kimball Elementary & National Junior & Graduated from Sweetwater Union HighSchool where I received a Scholarship to attend Beauty School. Was married and had two […]

  • John Duncan LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 464

    John Duncan is running for City Council in Coronado. He is the only candidate endorsed for City Council by both the Coronado Police Officers Association and the Coronado Firefighters. John is Director of the Coronado Historical Association (CHA) Board of Directors and serves as Chair of […]

  • Robert Moreno LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 463

    “Robert Moreno is a former journalist who held local politicians accountable with his watchdog reporting.Now a candidate for Southwestern College Governing Board, Robert promises to improve the quality of education at SWC, create affordable housing for students and make teachers and […]

  • Manuel Medrano LIVE on Our Hometown with Michael Monaco Ep 462

    Food Waste Collection is Here!Manuel MedranoOffice of SustainabilityEconomic Development Department276 Fourth Ave.Chula Vista, CA

  • Dr. Zaihly Azar and Ron Morrison on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 461

    Zaihly Azar has earned a reputation as a skilled, compassionate dentist in San Diego by offering the most advanced care solutions for patients of all ages. Councilmember Ron Morrison is running for Mayor in National City!!! Lets hear what the next Mayor has to say:)

  • Yasmin Serrano LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 460

    16 year old singer Yasmine Serrano showcases her voice with a few teasers and talks about her life and singing career.

  • Aaron Moore on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 459

    Aaron Moore co-founded Thank You Heroes in 2016 with the goal of creating a real estate company that served the community and built upon the mission of giving back. With a background in sales, he combined his education from the school of ministry and training in finance to create a […]

  • Tammy Oluvic on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 458

    Tammy L Oluvic, CEO Saddles In Service has a mission. That mission is to provide mental health wellness and healing for Active Duty Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders, and their families that are experiencing or have been diagnosed with symptoms related […]

  • Jordan Marks on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 457

    Jordan Marks is running for Assessor/Record/Clerk “Serving San Diego County.” Jordan is endorsed by the current Assessor, Ernie Dronenburg, and the County Treasurer-Tax Collector, Dan McAllister because “Jordan is the most qualified candidate for this technical position and has the […]

  • Councilmember John McCann on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 456

    Election 2022: Chula Vista Mayor's Race with Councilmember John McCann

  • Mayor Mary Salas LIVE on Our Hometown with Michael Monaco Ep 455

    Help me welcome my very first podcast guest, Mayor Mary Casillas Salas as we discuss her favorite moments and accomplishments as a two-term Mayor of Chula Vista.

  • Mr. Edher Ramirez LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 454

    Secretary of the Hotel Association of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, México, Mr. Edher Ramirez, talks to Brett about vacationing in the City of Puerto Escondido

  • Paula Whitsell on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 453

    Paula Whitsell, Chairwoman The Republican Party of San Diego is a small business owner in Southbay. She lived and worked in Brazil for 17 years before returning to the San Diego area in 1989 with her family. She currently owns a small business in the Southbay area since 2004. She has […]

  • Dr. Maria Ladino Sturchler LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler EP 452

    Maria is a palliative care and board-certified emergency physician who cares for patients at San Diego area Scripps Health campuses, primarily focusing on Scripps Mercy Chula Vista. She is an immigrant and first-generation college graduate who achieved her calling as a physician on a […]

  • Bella Levy LIVE on The Real Tommy UnLeashed Ep 451

    Bella Levy is a product of the "American Dream". Her Russian roots has given way to develop a desire for change and help humanity. She is a Radiology "SuperSHEro" in scrubs in our community fighting the Covid war in multiple local hospital facilities.

  • Tonya Mantooth LIVE on Local Umbrella Media with Brad Weber Ep 450

    Tonya Mantooth, CEO and Artistic Director of the San Diego International Film Festival (Oct 19-23)

  • Jenny Barriger LIVE on Local Connections with Brad Weber Ep 449

    Jenny BarrigerSimply Local MagazineOwner | Publisher ▪︎ Simply Local Magazine

  • MaKenna Davis & Katarina Spinella LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 448

    MaKenna and Kat talk about how social media in social platforms make teenagers more susceptible to exploitation and mind manipulation.

  • Boyd Long LIVE on The Greater Good Podcast with Jeff Wohler EP 447

    Boyd is a Vice President at Valley View Casino & Hotel, a popular casino located approximately 30 miles north of San Diego, in Valley Center California. Valley View Casino; Hotel is a full-service, twenty-four-hour casino property that features 2000 slot machines, 20 Table Games, 6 […]

  • Janet Beronio LIVE on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 446

    Janet Beronio is the “international travel advisor” for the North San Diego Business Chamber. Janet retired from her “day” job as an executive in the hospitality industry for 35+ years a few years ago. She had previously served as Board Chair for the Chamber. Upon her retirement, […]

  • Samantha Hoffman LIVE on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 445

    Making Horse Sense of Horses with Samantha Hoffman

  • Jen Coburn LIVE on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 444

    Jen Coburn is a San Diego-based journalist whose new book Cradles of the Reich will be in bookstores soon.It is a mother-daughter travel memoir.

  • Sandra Scheller LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 443

    Keep your eyes OPEN even when they're SHUT!!!There is Still Hate out there!

  • Ron Donoho (1) LIVE on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 442

    Ron Donoho is the creator and editor of the San Diego Sun, a hyperlocal news site that focuses on the downtown San Diego region. The URL is: San Diego Sun covers all aspects of downtown living—from events like Padres Opening Day, Comic-Con and happenings at […]

  • Judy Beckett LIVE on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 441

    The Mission is to save and restore the lives of active duty service members, veterans, first responders, and frontline medical workers battling service related PTSD and physical trauma through equine-assisted therapy.All programs and services are provided 100% free of charge to the […]

  • Ron Donoho (2) LIVE on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 440

    Ron Donoho is the creator and editor of the San Diego Sun, a hyperlocal news site that focuses on the downtown San Diego region. The URL is: is about the Homeless Population in San Diego County

  • Tom Frederick LIVE on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 439

    Thomas Frederick IICRC Certified Water Damage Clean-up, Fire and Smoke Damage Clean-up & Mold Remediation. EPA Lead RRP Certified, Flir Certified, California State Licensing Board #926376. Remodel and Construction.Emergency Immediate Response, Residential and Commercial. Emergency […]

  • Janae Sergio on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 438

    Janae Sergio is a mom, wife, best-selling author, philanthropist, fashion entrepreneur, social media motivator and the Chief of Air Force Lodging where she manages a portfolio of 88 Air Force Inns. She is the Author of Perfectly Flawed: A Veteran's Journey from Homeless to Hero. The […]

  • Dr. Alicia Gwynn LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 437

    Dr. Alicia Gwynn, is an author, philanthropist , entrepreneur , president and CEO of Gwynn Sports a full-service marketing and design firm, wife of baseball great Tony Gwynn ,and President of the Tony and Alicia Gwynn Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to bettering the […]

  • Barbara Freeman, Lori Mitchell and Julia C.R. Gray on Simply Local San Diego Ep 436

    Current Exhibition: Turning Tides August 19 - September 3BFree presents Time for Women Artists (TWA)’s newest group show, “Turning Tides” The group will showcase their individual visions of what the theme means to them: ebb and flow, change, transition, the sea—and more. The […]

  • Polly Walshin on Simply Local San Diego with Brad Weber Ep 435

    Best Selling Author, "Daddy Issues" Docu Series The Invisible Pilot.My father was one of the largest drug smugglers in US history.

  • Lisa Pan LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 434

    Lisa Pan is a freshman at The Bishop School.She is a singer/songwriter, actress and model.IG:_lisapan

  • JoAnn Fields LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 433

    JoAnn Fields is an active and strong advocate for communities of color. The Covid-19 pandemic magnified the lack of programs and services to serve the Filipino and Asian Pacific Islander community. She successfully launched a Filipino Covid-19 Taskforce, a professionals Filipino […]

  • Jacob McKanry LIVE on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 432

    Jacob McKanry's Miracle StoryCoronado High School Student shot while trying to sell a necklace through OFFER-UP!Hospitalized for 4 months and survives...

  • Echo Bodine LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 431

    Echo Bodine is known internationally for her work as a spiritual healer and writer. Echo first discovered she was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing at the age of 17. Her abilities include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (sensing), and […]

  • Pavel Sfera LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 430

    Pavel is a dedicated humanitarian, using his knowledge and talents for various projects, including rebuilding homes following many natural disasters for the underprivileged throughout the USA, lecturing the needs of sustainable nutritionally dense food security throughout the world. Pavel […]

  • Michael Monaco & Brad Weber on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 429

    Michael Monaco & Brad Weber Introduces "Our Hometown", a monthly newsprint publication with a circulation reaching over 37,000 Chula Vista residents beginning in Sept.

  • Brooke Preece LIVE on Local Umbrella Connect with Brad Weber Ep 428

    My name is Brooke Preece, I am a professional portrait photographer located here in San Diego. I specialize in creating magazine worthy headshots and beauty style portraits. Offering my clients, a celebrity of a day makeover and portrait experience. My latest campaign is the "40 over 40 […]

  • Angela Brannon-Baptiste (Part 2) LIVE on Local Umbrella Connect with Brad Weber Ep 427 part 2

    Part 2 Due to technical difficulties Angela Brannon-Baptiste, the co-founder and President of the Board of the It's All About the Kids® Foundation.

  • Angela Brannon-Baptiste ( Part 1 ) LIVE on Local Umbrella Connect with Brad Weber Ep 427 Part 1

    Part 1 - Due to technical difficulties Angela Brannon-Baptiste is the co-founder and President of the Board of the "It's All About the Kids® Foundation". She has dedicated her life to helping children - Feeding the kids!!!

  • Jamie Piearcy LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 426

    Jamie N. Piearcy recently graduated from Coronado High School. She is the author of "The End of Heaven" and "Visions of You and Me". When she's not writing, Jamie can be found making jewelry, dancing ballet in the studio or doing contortionist acts.

  • Michele Westberry LIVE on Local Umbrella Connect with Brad Weber Ep 425

    Michelle Westberry is a 25 year marketing veteran from east to west coast. Started with print in 1999, escalated into digital in 2008 working for Google, Yellow pages and more and now she is back where she started- print. Publisher of Connector Magazines, she has started her very own line […]

  • Magda Fernandez Chief Of Police, Port of San Diego on The Greater Good Ep 424

    Police Chief Magda Fernandez was sworn in on May 19, 2022 at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier. In that moment, she not only became the department’s first Latina chief, but the first in the county.Fernandez joins a small group of women who have ascended to the position of police chief […]

  • Erica Pinto and Teresa Martinez on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 423

    Discussion with Erica M. Pinto Chairwoman Jamul Indian Village of California and Teresa Martinez - Compliance Extraordinaire

  • Greg Renz LIVE on The Real Tommy UnLeashed Ep 422

    Gregory Renz served the citizens of Milwaukee for twenty-eight years as a firefighter, retiring as a fire captain. He was involved in a dramatic rescue of two boys from their burning basement bedroom. For this rescue, he received a series of awards, including induction into the Wisconsin […]

  • Dave Maggard LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 421

    Dave Maggard serves as the Executive Director of the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation. He leads a dynamic team of philanthropic professionals responsible for supporting non-profits battling substance abuse and human trafficking in the seven states served by In-N-Out Burger. Prior to his […]

  • Merridee Book LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 420

    Executive Director Merridee Book talks about the The Coronado Island Film Festival Nov 9-13Screenings | Premieres | Parties

  • Pedro Gomez on Local Umbrella Connect with Brad Weber Ep 419

    Mercedes Benz of San Diego has been on Strike since June 2022. Listen in to hear the reasons why with Pedro Gomez.

  • James “Jim” Floros LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 418

    Jim is a 38-year nonprofit professional—29 years as a CEO. Jim started his nonprofit journey at the World Headquarters of Project Concern International where he last served as the Director of Community Relations. Jim then took his talents to the Burn Institute of San Diego, where he […]

  • Ken Moss LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 417

    Ken Moss, MBA, MSA | Division Manager/Mortgage Originator/RealtorCell: (949) 274-2089Office: (916) 542-1668915 Highland Pointe, Suite 250Roseville, CA 95678NMLS: 242274 | DRE:

  • Beth and Brad Thorp on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 416

    A New Creation, finding meaning in the midst of tragedy

  • Megan Beauvais LIVE on Local Umbrella Connections with Brad Weber Ep 415

    Megan Beauvais, REALTOR®, GRI COMPASS - Kensington4134 Adams Ave, Ste 105, San Diego CA, www.MeganB.comCA Dre# 01426805REALTOR® OF THE YEAR, SD Association of Realtors®SDAR Circle of Excellence, GOLD award recipient, 2016-20205 STAR AGENT, VOTED BEST […]

  • Baxter Simpson on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 414

    The Film Making Career of High School student Baxter Simpson

  • Mark Goblowsky on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 413

    Mark Goblowsky is a former US Air Force veteran. When his son Josh was 3 years old, he was involved in a horrific car accident that left him cognitively impaired. Mark became Josh's permanent caretaker and helped raise him to overcome his challenges. Josh announced that he wanted to write […]

  • Sandy Slaven & Dawna Lee Heising on The Real Tommy Unleashed Ep 412

    Sandy Slaven talks about her new faith based film called "The Rose Wagon" in which Dawna Lee Heising had a starring role.

  • Eugene Wheldon Live on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler EP 411

    Eugene Wheeldon is the Department liaison officer for the Southern California Special Olympics. He is also the Peer Support and Crisis Intervention team leader. He is currently a Department Homeless Outreach Officer. Harbor Police Police Officer - Patrol/ Airport/ Maritime

  • David Grepe LIVE on Local Umbrella Connections with Brad Weber Ep 410

    Project Manager David Grepe with the National City Chamber of Commerce

  • Brett Rapkin LIVE on Local Umbrella Connections with Brad Weber Ep 409

    CIFF and Safe Harbor have partnered to screen a great Documentary from HBO Directed by Brett Rapkin, "Weight of Gold" is a film tied into Mental Wellness Month and was produced by Michael Phelps.

  • Dave Lehmann LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 408

    Dr. Lehmann has successfully built businesses from $10 million to $2 billion annual sales. As a leader and member of the management team he has experience in many aspects including strategy development and business investment, research and product development, engineering, operations, […]

  • Brett Davis LIVE on Captain & Co Ep 407

    Justin interviews Brett about his products for weight loss.

  • Jefferey Scott LIVE with Captain & Co Ep 406

    Jefferey Scott talks about the growing economy of AIrBnB...

  • Jamie Johnson, Exec Director Solana Beach Chamber On Local Umbrella Connections Ep 405

    Jamie Johnson, Executive DirectorSolana Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau

  • Mary England on Local Umbrella Connections with Brad Weber Ep 404

    Mary England, President & CEOLa Mesa Chamber of CommerceP.O. Box 94, La Mesa, CA

  • Kimberly Seilhamer LIVE on The Real Tommy UnLeashed Ep 403

    Kimberly Seilhamer is a produced, award-winning feature film writer, director, producer, and television content creator. She is a member of the WGAw and a Marine Corps veteran. Aside from the big screen, some of Kimberly's projects have been seen on SciFi, Showtime, Chiller, Netflix, […]

  • Captain & Co Justin Ibarra with Brett Davis Ep 402

    Justin Interviews Brett Davis!

  • Ray Shay on Local Umbrella Connections LIVE with Brad Weber EP 401

    Ray publishes the Community Hub newspapers reaching more than 15,000 homes per month in 4S Ranch, Del Sur and Santaluz areas of San Diego in association with Local Umbrella Media.

  • Ron Donoho LIVE on Local Umbrella Connections with Brad Weber Ep 400

    Ron Donoho is the creator and editor of the San Diego Sun, a hyperlocal news site that focuses on the downtown San Diego region. The URL is: year, Ron was one of 100 writers picked to be included in the national Bulletin Project for Independent Journalists. […]

  • Simona Valanciute and Zhanna Talanova on Local Umbrella Connections with Brad Weber EP 399

    Simona serves as CEO of San Diego Oasis, an award-winning organization with almost 50,000 members, focused on healthy aging and intergenerational programs. Simona was recruited to Oasis to merge two independent nonprofit organizations into one efficient, regional organization (you may […]

  • Raechel Kadoya on Local Umbrella Connections with Brad Weber Ep 398

    Soichi Sushi opened on Adams Avenue in 2019 and was among the five local restaurants that were recognized by Michelin last fall as “new discoveries” when the company paused publishing its annual guide due to the pandemic.Master chef Soichi Kadoya, whose nearly three decades-long sushi […]

  • Keelin Washington on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 397

    Keelin is the Survivor Advocate and Mental Health Coach at Generate Hope a safe house that provides healing and a real way out. She has spoken at Shared Hope International, The Washington Times podcast, Debx/Amplified Voices among many more. Keelin has created training videos and […]

  • Taylor Dunn and Mark Christopher Lawrence Ep 396

    Taylor Dunn Comedy Show Producer speaks to MarkChristopher Lawrence (known for his role as esoteric D.J., Tone Def, in the 1994 satirical rap documentary, Fear of a Black Hat. He has appeared in popular films such as Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Tales From the Hood, Planet of the Apes, […]

  • Diana Drummey on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 395

    100 Year Anniversary of the Coronado Flower ShowApril 23 -24 Sat 1-5, Sun 10-4

  • Ben Midler Holocaust Survivor on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 394

    Never Forget the Holocaust!History should Not repeat itself!Lessons learned from the Survivors!

  • Todd Tanghe and Bill Hughes on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 393

    Fundraiser for Coronado Police Officer Association to purchase and restore an antique 50's Chevy Deluxe to replicate a squad car from that period.

  • Juan Baca on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 392

    Juan Baca Is Vice President SECURITY/ENTERTAINMENTCasino SecuritySycuan Casino | Singing Hills Golf Resort

  • Raika Djalali and Tiffany Lewis on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 391

    Raika Djalali is the Founder and CEO of Join all. Raika is committed to continuously seeking new opportunities to learn about each individual's experience with third party fertility, from a donor or surrogate’s expectations, a physician’s expertise and aspiring parent’s hopes and […]

  • Elena Castaneda Live on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 390

    Mariachi Singer/Performer Elena Castaneda talks about her life and her love for Music

  • Kerri Jeter Live on The Real Tommy UnLeashed Ep 389

    Kerri Jeter is a proud Army VetHERan, a hardworking momma of five and a veteran spouse. She started this company to build community, camaraderie and connection by sharing the stories of otHER women warriors.She remains committed to championing diversity through authentic storytelling.

  • CEO Tad Parzen on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 388

    Tad Seth Parzen is the President and CEO of the Burnham Center for Community Advancement.He also serves as strategic philanthropy and community initiative advisor to the Burnham Foundation. Previously, Mr. Parzen headed Parzen Civic Solutions, providing strategic vision, management and […]

  • Greg Justice on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 387

    Greg Justice is the Author of Pride & Discipline, The Legacy of Jack LalanneCo-Founder / Partner at Scriptor Publishing Group, C0-Founder, CEO at National Corporate Fitness Institute - NCFI and Owner at AYC Health & Fitness

  • Unfiltered & UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 386

    Marina is Unfiltered & UnBroken on todays show!

  • Ray Anderson LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 385

    Ray Anderson is the founder/owner of MAXT SPORTS ACADEMY & TEAM MAXT STRENGTH SPORTS in Murrieta, CA. Ray has been a certified personal & sports performance trainer for the past 45 years. He is also a USAW Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Certified Sports Performance […]

  • Laura White Ludvik on Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 384

    Laura White Ludvik is a San Diego native and fundraising professional for over 20 years. Currently the President of the USS Midway Foundation, she has had several leadership roles with organizations focused on serving underprivileged communities throughout San Diego: Casa de Amparo, TERI […]

  • Debbie Ethell LIVE on CoExist with Coe Lewis Ep 382

    Debbie Ethell has followed a group of more than 400 elephants since she was eight years old. As a conservation research scientist she realizes how important it is to share what she’s learned with others.In 2015 she founded The KOTA Foundation for Elephants as a way to teach people in […]

  • Author and Reporter Karl Coyne LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast EP 381

    Author and Reporter Calling from Poland

  • Taylor Dunn LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 380

    Taylor talks about his production with Comedian David Lucas and Friends on March 18th2 Shows!!! 7pm and 9:30pmLaugh Factory Downtown San DiegoBuy tickets at:

  • Young Guitar Prodigy Charlotte Milstein LIVE on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 379

    Meet Charlotte Milstein, a 12 Year old amazing and talented guitarist. Charlotte has only been playing for the last two years. She was one of the winners of Coronado's Talent.

  • Blake Morgan on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 378

    “Blake Morgan has a voice that was made to be heard on the radio . . . inspired songwriting and passionate performances.”—Billboard MagazineBlake has recorded and produced music’s brightest luminaries, from Lenny Kravitz to Lesley Gore. The recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, […]

  • Part 2 - Dr. Bob Goldman on The Brett Davis Podcasts Ep 377

    About Dr. Goldman: He holds two Physician & Surgeon Medical Degrees and two Medical Doctorates. He co-founded and served as Chairman of the Board of Life Science Holdings and Organ Inc, biomedical research & development companies that had over 150 medical patents under development […]

  • Melancholy Ghost LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 376

    50 Shades of Grey was not a Romantic Film!! Understanding BDSM Basics with Melancholy Ghost

  • Dr. Robert Goldman LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 375

    DR. ROBERT M. GOLDMAN MD, PHD, DO, FAASP.World Chairman-International Medical Commission.Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board-A4M.Founder & Chairman-International Sports Hall of Fame.Co-Founder & Chairman-World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.President Emeritus-National Academy […]

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 374

    The Disturbing Trend!!! Whats going on with females on Social Media dehumanizing the loves of their lives/Significant others?

  • Greg Cope White LIVE on The Real Tommy UnLeashed Ep 373

    At first glance, you may think me the inveterate bon vivant (which I am) and not the man in camouflage who can command troops and hit a target five hundred yards away with an M16 (which I can do). Back when I was a skinny, insecure eighteen-year-old, I enlisted in (um, I cheated to […]

  • Corrie Vaus LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 372

    Corrie Vaus is an award-winning video journalist who spent more than 20 years reporting for Ch 4 San Diego and NBC7. She's earned 16 Emmy and 9 Golden Mike awards. Corrie currently serves as multi-media director for the San Diego Harbor Police Foundation, and producer of the training Help […]

  • Mia Bertelsen LIVE on Ask Dr. Melinda Ep 371

    FDA Approved Weight Loss Medicine GLP-1 helped my patient lose stubborn fat and stop hunger pangs when all other diet options failed.

  • Alan Kinzel & Larry Delrose LIVE on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 370

    Coronado's Talent!!!Sat, Feb 26, 20227:00pm LIVE SHOW!!!Buy Tickets at: WWW.CORONADOSTALENT.COM

  • Nicole Wakamatsu LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 369

    Why Arizona is a Great Market to invest in for RealEstate!

  • Sangita Iyer LIVE on Coexist with Coe Lewis Ep 368

    Sangita Iyer is a National Geographic Explorer, multiple award-winning nature & wildlife filmmaker and broadcast journalist, and a biologist. Sangita has recently produced a 26-part short docu-series about Asian elephants, funded by the National Geographic Society’s storytelling […]

  • Major General Tony Jackson on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 367

    Major General Anthony L. Jackson, USMC (Ret)Retired from the United States Marine Corps on January 1, 2012 after more than 36 years of service.During his Marine Corps career, primarily serving as an infantry officer, he had the privilege of command at every rank from Second Lieutenant to […]

  • Alice Minirth LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 366

    "Residing in downtown San Diego, Alice has been an active participant in polyamory for many years. She actively educates about the polyamory lifestyle and what it encompasses."

  • UnBroken and Off the Rails with Marina & Tim Ep 365

    Just Sayin

  • Kent Harle LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcasts Ep 364

    San Diego's Original Solar Installation Company, Stellar Solar has been around since solar's beginnings in San Diego in 1998. Since then we've established ourselves as the premiere solar installer in San Diego, having installed on over 12,000 rooftops in the area. We've also been voted […]

  • Derith Mason with Artistic Florals on Umbrella Connection with Brad Weber Ep 363

    Derith MasonOwner Artisitic Florals

  • Stacey Oliver LIVE on Umbrella Connections Ep 362

    MIND BODY SOUL MagazineStacy Oliver,

  • Leigh Steinberg on The Brett Davis Show Ep 361

    A conversation with Super Agent Leigh Steinberg about his EPIC Super Bowl Party.

  • Marshall Terrin and Justin Myers on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 360

    Former US Marine, Marshall Terrin founded several businesses and reached the seven Figure mark. He owns multiple businesses through his holding company and is a prominent start up mentor.Former US Sailor, Justin Myers spent his career hunting Somalian pirates in dangerous foreign waters […]

  • Tim Aaron on UnBroken with Marina Teel (Part 2) Ep 359

    UnBroken and Off the Rails with Marina and Tim

  • Polly Walshin (Part 2) on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 358

    Best Selling Author, "Daddy Issues" To be seen in April the Docu Series The Invisible Pilot.My father was one of the largest drug smugglers in US history.

  • Polly Walshin (Part 1) onThe Brett Davis Podcast Ep 357

    Best Selling Author, "Daddy Issues" To be seen in April the Docu Series The Invisible Pilot.My father was one of the largest drug smugglers in US history.

  • Dawna Lee Heising on The Real Tommy UnLeashed Ep 356

    Meet award-winning actress, model, martial arts expert, celebrity host and the creator of "Eye on Entertainment" Dawna Lee Heising

  • William J. Ganley III LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep355

    William J. Ganley III | Vice President, Chief of Humane Law Enforcement San Diego Humane Society |

  • Tim Aaron Off the Rails on UnBroken with Marina Teel (Part 1) Ep 354

    UnBroken off the Rails with Tim Aaron- Part 1

  • Dave Eaton LIVE on Umbrella Connections with Brad Weber Ep 353

    Dave Eaton talks about the importance of doTerra Essential Oils.

  • Olivia Fellus Live on Umbrella Connections with Brad Weber Ep 352

    Olivia Fellus is a double board certified licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine herbalist.She owns and operates a private practice in the North Park, and University Heights neighborhood of San Diego. Olivia specializes in pain reduction, sports injury recovery, depression […]

  • Brett Davis on UNBROKEN "Come Back" with Marina Teel Ep 351

    She's Back! Marina Teel is Back with a Vengeance. Marina Teel talks to Brett Davis CEO of IQPodcasts about her thoughts on the Demise of America.You can listen to her show on or IQ Podcasts youtube channel.

  • Malin Burnham LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 350

    MALIN BURNHAMMalin was born, raised and has lived in San Diego his entire life. He graduated from Point Loma High School, then received his B.S. Degree from Stanford in Industrial Engineering in 1949. He joined his father’s Real Estate Brokerage firm as employee number fourteen. Upon […]

  • Jeff Kremer LIVE on COEXIST with Coe Lewis Ep 349

    THE CONSERVATION GAMESet against the backdrop of a heated national debate on captive big cats in America, THE CONSERVATION GAME follows the story of Tim Harrison, a retired cop who makes a bombshell discovery while undercover at an exotic animal auction. He starts to suspect that […]

  • DESTINY on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 348

    Singer and Song writer Destiny just finished her first semester at Berklee College of Music in Boston. She talks about her performance with Beyonce's ensemble and how she balances school and performing.

  • Fernando Hernandez LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 347

    Meet Principal of the year 2020-2021 Fernando Hernandez who talks to Jeff about Perkins Elementary School. As Its Homeless Student Population Surges to 40%, Perkins K-8 Is Learning to Adapt... Born and raised in San Diego, Principal Hernandez attended Chula Vista High School, UCLA for a […]

  • Kurt Bevacqua on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 346

    Kurt Bevacqua is a former Major League baseball player. He played from 1971 to 1986.Bevacqua is notable for his performance during the 1984 World Series when he hit two home runs and had a .412 batting average as the San Diego Padres' designated hitter.

  • Shyanne Smith on Local Umbrella Media LIVE with Brad Weber Ep 344

    Shyanne Smith is a 16-year-old High school senior at Health Science High And Middle College. Shyanne is the middle child of three girls and although Shyanne isn’t a twin, she shares a birthday with her younger sister. Both Shyanne and her sister Chanel are both born on January 7 th but […]

  • Mark Christopher Lawrence on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 343

    Mark Christopher Lawrence (born May 22, 1964) is an American character actor, stand-up comedian and voice-over artist. He is known for his role as esoteric D.J., Tone Def, in the 1994 satirical rap documentary, Fear of a Black Hat. He has appeared in popular films such as Terminator 2: […]

  • Dr. Owen Johnston on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 342

    Dr. Owen Johnston, PT, DPTAdvanced Physical Therapy & Wellness3810 Rosecrans St. San Diego, Ca 92110

  • Karen Salvaggio LIVE on The Real Tommy UnLeashed Ep 341

    Karen Salvaggio is a race car driver, a motor car influencer and a public speaker. She's an expert at helping people find, follow & live their dreams. Her 30 years on the race track has taught her to overcome extreme challenges; and now she uses those lessons to coach her clients on […]

  • Taylor Dunn LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 340

    Taylor is bringing stand-up comedy to Coronado Island with Crown City Comedy. In partnership with Penny Rothschild at Emerald C Gallery, Not only are they determined to host regular events right here on Coronado, but they also offer a class to teach Stand-Up Comedy to people brave enough […]

  • Deacon Jim F. Vargas on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 339

    Deacon Jimmy F. Vargas, OFS, as President and CEO, oversees allfacets of Father Joe’s Villages, the largest homeless servicesprovider in Southern California. This includes the comprehensivehousing and supportive services offered through St. Vincent de PaulVillage, the Village Health […]

  • Michelle Westberry on Local Umbrella Media Live with Brad Weber Ep 338

    VB Connector Magazine - launching in early 2022 - is a new multimedia program which combines the powerful reach of a hyper locally targeted neighborhood direct mailed magazine with a business networking and referral group program, and a community give-back program.Utilizing proven tools […]

  • Diane Doherty LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 337

    Diane Doherty is the Executive Director of Your Safe Place - A Family Justice Center, a division of the San Diego City Attorney’s Office that provides wraparound services to survivors of domestic and family violence, elder abuse, sex trafficking and sexual assault. Diane joined the City […]

  • Shiela Aston on Local Umbrella LIVE with Brad Weber Ep 336

    Shiela Alston is Founder of WellnessRE Magazine,Real Estate Agent, Designer, Podcast Host and Healthy Home Advocate!​

  • Alma Dang and Penelope Deciré LIVE on Perfectly Imperfectas Ep 335

    Alma Dang entrega su nombramiento como reina de belleza del certamen Mrs. Latina Global. Ella es una celebridad en la comunidad hispana por sus coronas ganadas y por su labor altruista.Penélope Deciré nueva reina Mrs. Latina Global 2021-2022 su trayectoria.

  • Tom Madeyski LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 334

    Tom Madeyski serves as District Executive of overnight camping programs for the YMCA of San Diego. He has lived and worked at Camp Marston in Julian for 31 years and has served in YMCA overnight camping for 42 years. In his role, he oversees three camps: Marston and Raintree Ranch in […]

  • The REAL Tommy UnLeashed with Guest Best Selling Author Steve Synder Ep 333

    Meet Best Selling Author Steve Synder discuss his book and now documentary film "Shot Down" which is the winner of 20 national book awards, SHOT DOWN is set within the framework of World War II in Europe and recounts the dramatic experiences of each member of a ten man B-17 bomber crew […]

  • Chuck Chaldekas LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 332

    Retired Navy Seal Chuck Chaldekas talks about the Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument Fund (VUMMF) www.vummf.org501c3Volunteers NeededYou can reach Chuck at 619.895.3096

  • Chris Peters LIVE on Local Umbrella Media Ep 331

    As a husband and father of three Chris Peters has a lot to work for.As former Division I water polo player for the University of California, Irvine, began his career working in financial sales. Chris soon realized that he missed the camaraderie, team work, fast paced decision making under […]

  • Aymerick Rondeau on Local Umbrella Live with Brad Weber Ep 330

    Aymerick Rondeau is a french immigrant who came to America in search of a dream and has turned the mid-century modern furniture industry on its side.

  • Perfectly Imperfectas Show 2 Ep 329

    El altar de muertos es una tradición mexicana ancestral.Recordamos a Chuncky Sánchez, mùsico y activista.Pepe Torres pintó un mural del rostro de Chuncky, charlamos sobre el estilo de vida de Barrio LoganThe Day of The Dead Alter is an ancestral Mexican tradition.Remembering Chunky […]

  • Quade Kelley LIVE on Local Umbrella Media with Brad Weber Ep 328

    Quade is one of 36 Kid Reporters in Scholastic Kids Press. He is 12 years old, in 7th grade, and lives in Encinitas, CA. This is Quade’s 2nd year in the Scholastic Kids Press program. He has interviewed Olympic athletes, and covered stories including biochemist Jennifer A. Doudna and […]

  • Kristel Dela Rosa & Taylor Dunn Ep 327

    Comedians Kristel Dela Rosa & Taylor Dunn are bringing comedy to Coronado Island. Taylor started Crown City Comedy to Coronado as a workshop and is debuting his students at their showcase this Friday, October 29th at the Emerald C Gallery along with some featured comics.

  • Ken Gilden LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 326

    Ken Gilden is a Lead Instructor for Animal Fire Rescue and provides trainingfor County of San Diego Animal Services, San Diego Humane Society, and has partnered up with ASAR to teach Wildland Fire Animal Evacuation Classes.Since 1997, Gilden Family Chiropractic has been working to provide […]

  • Perfectly Imperfectas Ep 325

    History of the Catrina with designer Aurora Osuna with Model Nicole Topete. Restaurant Entrepreneur Lorenia Salvivar talking about traditional cuisine of Dia De Los Muertos and a little about her own history.

  • Dana Cornelius on The Real Tommy UnLeashed Ep 324

    Dana Cornelius is the Executive Producer at Taller Films; Creator of the new "You were Taller Over the Phone" Dramady Series.

  • Thyra Rutter LIVE on Coexist with Coe Lewis EP 323

    Thyra Rutter is Founder of Arte for Elephants which was started as a "side gig" for two California artists longing for a way to make a difference in the lives of captive elephants. Over the past six years, Arte for Elephants has grown and evolved from a simple art business to a travel, […]

  • Ricardo Villa LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 322

    Chairman Ricardo Villa speaks about the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event, which annually recognizes community and business successes at the Iluminada gala. The Illuminada name was established around 16 years ago to illuminate the community, to provide light and […]

  • Arman Eckelbarger LIVE on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 321

    Arman has been training for almost 40 years and have worked with a lot of people during that time. I am an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Age Management Coach and Consultant to NSP Nutrition.He has an Online Coaching Program called Elite Exec Method where he works […]

  • Janell O'Meara LIVE on Local Umbrella Media with Brad Weber Ep 320

    Mauli Ola is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals living with genetic diseases. Harnessing the healing powers of the ocean, we introduce surfing and ocean-based activities as natural therapies. — May the wave heal us all.

  • Tonya Mantooth CEO SD Int. Film Festival on Local Umbrella LIVE Ep 319

    Tonya Mantooth is CEO & Artistic Director for the San Diego International Film Festival. She is a ten-time Regional Emmy award winner with over 60 International Telly and ADDY awards. In 2012, Tonya took over the San Diego International Film Festival with a vision to bring […]

  • Chris Ellinger and Cynthia Salonista LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 318

    Chris Ellinger and Cynthia Salonista talk to Brett about the Coronado Oktoberfest

  • Joshua Self LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 317

    Joshua Self, Preparing for the 2021 Mr. Olympia Masters Physique! Joshua has won the Arnold sports festivals Physique and model competitions.

  • Angelica Ayala Muller LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep316

    The importance of Mom and Pop Book Stores.

  • Grammy winner Sheri Pedigo LIVE on Take it Back with Tommy and Tina Ep 315

    Sheri Pedigo is a three time Platinum Album and grammy nominated country songwriter from Nashville, TN. She will be talking about her documentary called Father Me. www.fathermethedocumentary.comIt's an amazing film about the relationship between fathers and sons.

  • Lotus Kundalini &Tyler DeLorean on Take it Back with Tommy and Tina Ep 314

    Lotus Kundalini is a Los Angeles attorney/actress, animal rights, 2nd Amendment advocate, and philanthropist. Tyler DeLorean who lives in the UK, is the son of famous car designer John DeLorean. He is fighting to get the rights back to the DeLorean brand and re-introduce a new car. They […]

  • Casey Castillo Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 313

    As Interim CEO and Vice President of Administration and Chief FinancialOfficer, Casey provides oversight for all financial, administrative, humanresource, and information technology operations. Casey brings more thanten years of nonprofit management, executive, and financial experience […]

  • Buying Your Piece of Paradise with Kaushal Ep312

    Threat to San Diego Homes

  • Robby Robinson Steps out of Retirement and is LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 311

    The Black Prince of Body Building talks about Fitness and his plans to step back on Stage

  • Susan Munsey LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 310

    GenerateHope! There Is A Way Out. Girls Caught in the Web of Sex TraffickingShe was a young teenager feeling lost and alone. Seeking approval and love, she was led down a path that ultimately destroyed her life. This scenario is all too common for hundreds of girls, who become victims of […]

  • Jane Piana LIVE on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 309

    Jane Piana is the exwife of the late Legendary Bodybuilder Rich Piana. She is co-owner and operates 5% Nutrition, a hardcore body building supplement company.

  • Nicole Paquin LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 308

    Nicole Lynette Paquin is an author of Contemporary Women's Fiction, Chick-Lit, and YA. She spent twenty-five years on stage singing her heart out as a live music performer in her hometown of San Diego before becoming a published author and media personality. Her novel, Sofia Madison and […]

  • Joe LaCerra LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 307

    First ever Pro Mr. Classic Physique America 2020, Joe LaCerra is the Owner/Operator of Hometown Health and Fitness in Mays Landing, New Jersey. They are a family-owned fitness center in South Jersey. He and his father are business partners. His goal for 2021 is simple, defend that title! […]

  • Douglas Farell LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast EP 306

    Meet the Amazing Douglas Farell. Stuntman, Actor and Motivational Speaker

  • Marcus Bovee on Take it Back with Tommy & Tina Ep 305

    Marcus Bovee II is Director of Theatrical Sales at Deepwater Productions & Founder/CEO Impact Releasing/VetFlicks. Tommy and Tina talk to Marcus about the new Movie Narco Sub which will premiere in San Diego next month.

  • D_A Summer Stephan on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 304

    District Attorney Summer Stephan has devoted her life to protecting children and families, providing justice to the most vulnerable, and is a national leader in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

  • Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler EP 303

    Cristiano Amon is president and chief executive officer of Qualcomm Incorporated, and also serves on the Company’s board of directors. Amon assumed the role of CEO on June 30, 2021.Amon began his Qualcomm career in 1995 as an engineer, and during his tenure, has helped shape the […]

  • Yehudi (Gaf) Gaffen on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 302

    Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen has been involved in domestic and international construction for over 35 years, working for construction companies, construction managers and real estate developers on projects ranging in value from less than $1 million to billions of dollars. He began his career […]

  • IBAC Team on UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 301

    President Eric Gutierrez, and Athletic Director David Spencer with the Imperial Beach Athletic Club (IBAC) a social welfare organization 501(c)(4) talks about how they host different events to give back to youth sports, their local high school and community.

  • The Rhinehart Brothers on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 300

    The Rhinehart Brothers talk about their Musical Production Tanner Maverick's Book of Sound

  • Liz Faraimo on Local Umbrella LIVE with Brad Weber Ep299

    Founder and CEO of Care Excellence Team, Liz Faraimo speaks to women to uncover what they want out of life.

  • Melinda Forstey on Local Umbrella Media LIVE with Brad Weber Ep 298

    How Serving Seniors navigated the difficult pandemic year.

  • Dr. Kevin Murphy LIVE on Ask Dr. Melinda Ep 297

    Dr Kevin Murphy - expert in healing the damaged brain in a revolutionary way without prescription drugs. Dr Murphy has treated thousands of patients with PTSD and depression using a holistic and nonsurgical approach.

  • Caitlin Rother LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 296

    WAS REBECCA ZAHAU MURDERED OR DO YOU BELIEVE SHE COMMITTED SUICIDE?Interview with New York Times Bestselling Author Caitlin RotherAuthor of Death on Ocean Boulevard: Inside the Coronado Mansion Case

  • Jennifer Mojica Academia live on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 295

    Author of "The Story of Nero, the Mexipino Superhero" on Celebrating Cultural Diversity

  • Marcus Bovee II on The Take it Back Show with Tommy & Tina Ep 294

    Marcus Bovee representing Deep Water Distribution talks about a theatrical release of their new film Narco Sub in San Diego.

  • Barbara Cafaro on Local Umbrella LIVE with Brad Weber Ep 293

    Local Umbrella Media Group proudly presents Runway Chardonnay Charity Fashion Show & Wine Tasting in collaboration with Wear Art Live Art (WALA), Aimee Fuller Hat & Jewelry Designs and Nori’s Nosh Catering. Music and Sound Production brought to you by DJ Legvcy and Depth AV with […]

  • Vick Vanucci on Local Umbrella LIVE with Brad Weber Ep 292

    Vick Vanucci, Owner of Pachamama on Adam’s Avenue in the Kensington / Normal Heights San Diego talks about her restaurant and the truly amazing food they serve. This place is stunning and the ambiance is a breath of fresh air.

  • Post Pandemic Office Etiquette on Posh Overnight with the Princess Maryanne Parker Ep291

    Maryanne gives us advice about Post Pandemic office Etiquette

  • Casey Dugan LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 290

    Practicing Sound and Vibration therapist Casey Dugan talks about his travels to Nepal and his store Gum Saan in old Town San Diego.

  • Comedian Kristel Dela Rosa LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 289

    Kristel Dela Rosa talks about her life, her weight loss and her struggles including her claim to becoming a Comedian. Kristel also won the Ultimate Tag on Reality Parkour Competition.

  • Legendary Actor Erik Estrada LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast (1) Ep 288

    Legendary Actor Erik Estrada who was the heart throb of CHIP's back in the 70"s is Celebrating with the Stars for the Chrisagis Brothers CD Release Party scheduled on July 31st at 6pm in Rayland Ohio. Tickets are in limited supply. They are selling fast so get them while you still can!!! […]

  • Bryan Pate on Local Umbrella Media LIVE with Brad Weber (1) Ep 287

    Bryan Pate CEO and Founder of ElliptiGO, Inc.There is simply no other device that provides a low-impact, full-body, time-efficient workout that is as fun and comfortable as an ElliptiGO bike. If you’re a current or former runner, fitness enthusiast or just want to enjoy exercising […]

  • Tammy Oluvic LIVE on Local Umbrella Media with Brad Weber Ep 286

    Tammy L Oluvic, CEO Saddles In Service has a mission. That mission is to provide mental health wellness and healing for Active Duty Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, First Responders, and their families that are experiencing or have been diagnosed with symptoms related […]

  • County Supervisor Jim Desmond LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 285

    Jim Desmond is a U.S. Navy Veteran and graduate of San Diego State University, he also happens to be our San Diego County Supervisor. During his time in the navy, he met his future wife Kerri! They have two kids who live in North County San Diego. Just last year, he retired after 33 years […]

  • Todd Tanghe LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast EP 284

    A conversation with Todd Tanghe, President of the CORONADO 4th of JULY Events. Parade and Fireworks. Todd is also known as Dr. Electric!!! He is the man to go to for any Electrical needs!!! 619.423.4800

  • Kathy Garver LIVE on The Take it Back Show with Tommy & Tina EP 283

    Kathy Garver, the teenage heartthrob from the hit series Family Affair (1966–1971), was no one-hit wonder, but a journey woman actress who appeared in such classic films as Night of the Hunter and The Ten Commandments long before she became a television icon. Kathy Garver's “Surviving […]

  • The End of 1031 Exchanges with Adam Nishikawa on Finding your Piece of Paradise with Kaushal EP 282

    Adam grew up in Southern California and attended PLNU, Fermanian School of Business. Upon graduation, he obtained his real estate license and began a career in commercial real estate. Story after story he learned about investors who started small and created generational wealth through […]

  • Roosevelt Williams III, President of Young Black & ‘N Business LIVE on Local Umbrella Media EP 281

    Roosevelt Williams III, President and CEO of Young Black & ‘N Business (YBNB) We help early entrepreneurs grow their professional network by offering high value exposure opportunities and provide entrepreneurial content from real entrepreneurs. “No one can do everything, however […]

  • Daniel D. Beintema LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 279

    Listen in on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler and President of the USS Midway Foundation Dan Beintema today at 12:30pm.Daniel D. Beintema, President, USS Midway Foundation has enjoyed a career of service, from life as a Naval Aviator, to the City of Chula Vista, to the San Diego […]

  • Michael Gier Award Winning Director_Producer LIVE on Local Umbrella Media Ep 280

    Michael Gier (guy-er) made a living as an entertainer for most of his life. In 2009 he started Gier Productions, LLC a full-service global production company. His most recent project is “Wounded Heroes” about Veterans & 1st Responders, Post-Traumatic Stress, the very high suicide […]

  • Leanne Donelson on Local Umbrella LIVE with Brad Weber Ep 278

    Owner of Spring Shutters and Blinds at Spring Shutters and BlindsExperienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Advertising, Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, and Email Marketing. Strong media and communication professional […]

  • Mayor of Poway Steve Vaus LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 277

    Mayor Steve Vaus is in his second term as mayor of Poway. Prior to his first mayoral election in 2014, he served on the Poway City Council for two years. In December of 2018 he was unanimously elected as the Chair of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and served two […]

  • Brian & Shawn Chrisagis Ep 276

    The Chrisagis Brothers talk about their event "Celebration with the Stars" happening on July 31st in Rayland Ohio with Legendary Stars such as Lindsay Wagner, Loni Anderson and Erik Estrada

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel - Along with Tim Aaron CEO Nicky Rottens Ep 275

    UnBroken with Marina Teel and Guests Tim Aaron CEO of Nicky Rottens in Coronado along with his producer John Ippolito

  • Antwone Howard LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 274

    Antwone talks to Brett about what kind of work is involved with being the Good Will Ambassador for Attorney King.

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 273

    Life, Love & Happiness

  • David Davenport & Bahman Djalali on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 272

    David Davenport is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and a senior fellow at the Ashbrook Center. He is the coauthor of four books and is working on a new book about America’s civic education crisis. David is also a regular columnist for the Washington […]

  • John C. Jensen on Local Umbrella Live with Brad Weber Ep 271

    The Nice Guys have been a part of San Diego since 1979, helping local families and individuals who, through no fault of their own, have fallen on tough times. Our goal is to get people back on their feet and self-sufficient. The Nice Guys serve the San Diego community and our only reward […]

  • Sandy Moul is LIVE on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 270

    Sandy Moul is the founder and president of Emblem Communications, a San Diego-based public relations and marketing firm. She has been a communications practitioner for over 20 years, working with organizations in a wide range of industries including security and defense, law enforcement […]

  • Darrick Thomson LIVE on Coexist with Coe Lewis EP 269

    Darrick Thomson – Cofounder of “Save Elephant Foundation” based at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. A former firefighter from Toronto who met his wife and fellow conservationist Lek Chailert and moved to Thailand dedicating him self to the protection of captive and wild […]

  • Floyd Stayer and Mia Rivera on Take it Back with Tommy & Tina Ep 268

    Life After Oblivion Director, Floyd Strayer, and Co-Producer and actress, Susan Farese, join Guest Host Mia Rivera and Tommy and Tina to discuss the short film whose script was written by Tommy Anderson and Title song co-written by Tina Hargett, Mark Ontiveros, Nick Ontiveros and […]

  • Sidney Loiseau on Finding your Piece of Paradise with Kaushal Patel Ep 267

    South Shore Appraisals was created in order to offer appraisal and consultation services that assist individuals and companies with understanding how they can yield the highest return on their investments. Through South Shore Appraisals, Sidney and his team of qualified experts offer […]

  • Diane Cavagnaro Live on Posh Overnight with Maryanne Parker EP 266

    "A work of art that happens to be worn on your head" is the best way to describe the creations of master milliner Professor Diana Cavagnaro.

  • Sean S. Daneshmand, MD _LIVE_ on The Greater Good with Jeff Wohler Ep 265

    Sean S. Daneshmand, MD. Physician and Director of Scripps Clinic Division of Maternal and Fetal Medicine has focused his career on developing programs to improve resources for women and children to ultimately improve clinical, quality of life, and health outcomes during pregnancy.

  • Shirley Smith (Realtor) LIVE on UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 264

    Local Realtor Shirley Smith talks about Women Empowerment and how she supports Women in Business. She has Authored 5 books with Bantam and 2 became best sellers.

  • MTO and Lucky Morales LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 263

    Racial Wars and the need for Solutions...

  • Alfie Carrero With Brad Weber on Local Umbrella Live!Ep 262

    Marine veteran, who found cannabis after his time in service. It brought him pain relief and anxiety relief. He made it a goal to get into the industry in California, so he moved back here, and started from the bottom with SDRC. He now works in every department of the company in various […]

  • Tom Britt with Brad Weber on Local Umbrella Live Ep 261

    San Diego based monthly directmail publication company LocalUmbrella Media announced theirpartnership with the Towne PostNetwork (TPN), an Indiana-based crossplatform publishing company. Throughtheir agreement, San Diego businesseswill be able to post their online listingsto […]

  • Nick Holmes and Ever Chinoda LIVE on Coexist with Coe Lewis Ep 260

    We are on the steering committee of The Royal Foundation's ( United for Wildlife Southern Africa Financial and Transport Task forces (along with Ever Chinoda) and my role within the ZCA is to focus on combating the illegal wildlife trade (IWT) with the […]

  • Malena Lowe LIVE on Local Umbrella Media with Mia Bertelsen Ep 259

    Melina Lowe talks about the Eastlake Farmers Market and her Women's Business Entrepreneur course

  • Josh Perry & Lupe Coons LIVE on UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 258

    Marina talks to Guests Josh Perry and Lupe Coons about Keyboard Warriors

  • 17 Emmy Winning News Reporter Joe Little LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 257

    17 Emmy Winning News Reporter Joe Little

  • Heather Clark LIVE on Take it Back with Tommy and Tina Ep 256

    Heather is a US Navy Combat Veteran and owner of Merica Flex, a wellness company for veterans and first responders.

  • Eve Mauro LIVE on Posh Overnight with the Princess Ep 255

    An accomplished fashion model turned actress, this Sicilian-American performer booked her first job in Madonna's 'Hollywood' music video in her early twenties. She is also a writer and producer.

  • Brian Koehn LIVE on Beyond the Bridge with Brad Weber Ep 254

    Media Publisher: Hyper local community building via “Local Leaders.” Sales & Mental health via “Flourish.” New Member of Local Media Umbrella

  • Daria Thomas - San Diego, Attorney LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 253

    The "Little Man's Attorney"She handles the small cases for people who can't afford the big law firms. Small car accidents, small business disputes, small burn cases, small slip and falls, and even write up small trusts for those who can't afford an expensive trust lawyer. She helps […]

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 252

    Co-parenting from different States with Josh Perry and Lupe Coons

  • CEO, Latif Hamilton, LIVE on Posh Overnight with The Princess Maryanne Parker Ep 251

    Latif Hamilton is CEO and Co-Founder of SpiritHoods. SpiritHoods is a brand dedicated to the celebration of life, and to the connection with yourself, the animal kingdom, and those around you. We design animal inspired products that create extraordinary experiences and help people to […]

  • Greg Reid LIVE on the Brett Davis Podcast Ep 250

    Dr. Greg S. ReidKeynote Speaker, Dr. Greg Reid is a Master Storyteller, who will make you see what’s possible.Experiencing Greg on stage is like a roller-coaster you’ll never forget, with twists, turns and surprises that will ignite your senses leaving you on your feet screaming for […]

  • Dean Lister LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 249

    Dean Lister 3X world champion of jiu jitsu (ADCC)Former top ranked UFC and Pride FC fighterAdvocate of head trauma recovery and betterment

  • Your Celebrity Smile on Posh Overnight with the Princess Maryanne Parker 248

    Dr. Catrise is a trail blazing expert in the field of dentistry. She is a #1 best selling author and an award winning Cosmetic Dentist to the Stars like Cardi B, Wendy Williams and Anthony Anderson to name a few.

  • Clemente Casillas LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 247

    Clemente Casillas talks about Battle of the Badges and CYAC which was founded in 1991, from its humble beginning of a backyard gym, Community Youth Athletic Center has grown into an organization that has continued achieving significant change in improving the lives of kids "One round at a […]

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 246

    Goal Setting for Life

  • Melodie Ortiz Nungesser _Live_ on Beyond The Bridge with Brad Weber Ep 245

    Melodie Ortiz Nungesser Melodie has expertise and in-depth knowledge about most business processes,marketing, and communications. She has a degree in Business management and 20+ years in developing multiple brands. With a boom in technology and the urbanization today, people are turning […]

  • Michael Patterson LIVE Beyond The Bridge with Brad Weber Ep 244

    Our mission is to move society forward though legalized Cannabis.

  • The Brett Davis Podcast LIVE with Joseph Edwards Ep 243

    Joseph Edwards is a 6 year Navy Veteran from Enterprise Alabama. After his military service, Edward decided to pursue a degree in business administration, while to pursuing a career as a songwriter! Did we neglect to say that Edward has a great voice.

  • Kammy Burnett _LIVE_ on Take it Back with Tommy and Tina Ep 242

    Kammy Burnett is an Actor, Comedian , Writer/Creator, Voice Talent and third generation Los Angeles born native.

  • Raabia Hawa _LIVE_ on Coexist with Coe Lewis (1) Ep 241

    Executive Director Raabia Hawa talks with Coe Lewis about the Ulinzi Africa Foundation in Kenya.

  • Lee Haney _LIVE_ on The Brett Davis Podcast ep 240

    Get to know Legendary IFBB Body Builder Lee Haney who holds the record of 8 Mr. Olympia Titles and is former Chairman of the President's Council on Physical fitness and sports. He is also the Author of Fit at Any Age (Exercise to stimulate not Annihilate). […]

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel Ep 239

    Marina talks about living life today and overcoming the setbacks with choosing to stay OPEN despite orders from the Governor's office.

  • Ask Dr. Melinda LIVE w_ Jeannie Baldomero founder of the ROOTED program Ep 238

    Jeannie Baldomero is the founder of the ROOTED program, and is a mentor of moms with teen girls by equipping them with resources and tools to help their daughters through this awkward stage without risky relationships.

  • Miguel Aguilar LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 237

    CEO Miguel Aguilar SELF MADE

  • Posh Overnight with the Princess Maryanne Parker Ep 236

    Why are People internally "UnHappy" when you Succeed?

  • The Brett Davis Podcast Live with Michael Ryan Ep 235

    Michael Ryan had a dream to play professional football. His dream was cut short due to a near fatal "brain trauma" injury on the field.

  • Molly Mychaels and Katia Callahan LIVE on Beyond the Bridge w_ Mia and Lulu Ep 234

    Molly Mychaels is the Development Officer at Sharp Healthcare Foundation where she oversees the annual giving program at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center which encompasses capital campaign work.Katia Callahan started the page Food to go last year when the pandemic hit in order to support […]

  • When it's time to say Goodbye Ep 234

    UnBroken with Marina Teel as she talks about moving forward when you're in a non progressive relationship.

  • Cop Shop L.A. It's like dialing 911, but for the movies! Ep 233

    Former Volunteer Officer with LAPD and Former owner of Repossession company. Ceo Founder of Cop Shop L.A. Mario Garcia still refurbishes Police cars, but the main focus now is Police car rentals and law enforcement talent for film.

  • The Brett Davis Podcast LIVE with Meagan DePaulo Ep 232

    Meagan DePaulo, a native New Yorker, is a certified massage therapist, experienced registered yoga teacher and author. Aside from teaching the yoga over 13 years, Meagan has mentored and coached many new yoga teachers and novice health and wellness practitioners to honing their craft […]

  • The Brett Davis Podcast _Live_ with Ben Landry Ep 231

    Ben Landry talks to Brett about the importance of clean toxin free water.

  • The Brett Davis Podcast _LIVE_ with Travel Journalist Sam Russell-Ep 230

    Brett talks to Travel Writer Sam Russell about his Top 10 travel destinations to visit.

  • Coexist with Coe Lewis - Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA) Ep 229

    The Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA) was founded in March 2020 by Robin, Luke and Suzanne Brown. Their diverse skill set is evident from their biographies. This dynamic founding team foresaw the need for a passion-driven, well-coordinated, and concerted wide scale effort to address […]

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel, Ep 228

    Marina discusses when friendships and relationships blur lines, and how it may ruin friendships - AND MORE!

  • Biyanka CEO of Be Fit 4 Health _LIVE_ on The Brett Davis Podcasts ep 227

    Biyanka talks about her guests on her radio show "Be Fit 4 Health" on The Answer Hawaii which AIRS on Sundays at 10Am / AM 690.

  • Wellness Expert Stoney Lee Grimes _LIVE_ on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 226

    Stoney has been in the Health & Wellness Industry for over 38 years and is deeply passionate about helping others improve their well-being and make positive changes in their lives.

  • _Stars and Bars_ Jaz Williams _LIVE_ on Everything with Rebecca Jade Ep 225

    Jaz Williams is a sound designer, engineer, songwriter, vocal arranger and producer that has been in the music business for 20 years. He travels the country partnering with studios and working with hundred of artists on musical projects.

  • Hollywood Fashion Stylist Sam Russell with Maryanne Parker Ep 224

    The Wardrobe Department is a costume, fashion and design resource based in Los Angeles, California. Founder Sam Russell is a native of Austin, Texas and has been a fashion leader to familiar faces and various productions in the Hollywood landscape since 1999. When Sam made the transition […]

  • Questions & Answers for Marina Teel Ep 223

    Marina introduces the most important person in her life, her mini me and she answers personal questions from her listeners.

  • Dr. Recovery, Regenerate, Restore & Renew _LIVE_ with Brad Weber Ep 222

    REGENCARE FOUNDER, DR. RICHARD AMBROZIC, is the leading expert inREGENCare Treatments and anti-aging medicine. Dr Ambrozic’s recent endeavors include being the personal physician for NFL’s 4X Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski.

  • CEO Alex Watson _LIVE_ On Take it Back with Tommy & Tina Ep 221

    Tommy and Tina speak with Alex Watson of Watson Guitars. Learn how Alex turned his love for music and engineering skills to create an incredible business.

  • Larry Laverty _Live_ on COEXIST with Coe Lewis Ep220

    While involved in a 30-year career as a Hollywood actor, Larry was prompted to activism on behalf of threatened wildlife, most notably the buffalo of Yellowstone Country. In 2021, he recently released the film Where Buffalo Roam, intended to call attention to Yellowstone Park’s […]

  • Sandra Veum of Mariposa Style LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 219

    My business is Sandra Veum of Mariposa Style. I specialize in styling women, men, teens, and groups. I do closet evaluations, shop for people, have shopping tours, work with businesses on dress codes, give styling presentations, and contribute to the shopping blog for the San Diego […]

  • Calm a Bitch Down - Non Alcoholic CBD Wine Ep 218

    Dr. Melinda Silva talks to CEO Scott Rickett about CBD benefits and non alcoholic wine infused with CBD

  • Jeff Wohler, Pres & CEO SD Harbor Police Foundation on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 217

    Jeff talks about The Harbor Police, The Foundation and Sex Trafficking.

  • Chula Vista Chief of Police Roxana Kennedy LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 216

    Chula Vista Police Chief Roxana Kennedy talks about the importance of vaccinating Law Enforcement and the crucial role they play in the lives of their communities.

  • Bardi Toto LIVE on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 215

    Bardi TotoBranding Genius | NYT Author👩🏼‍💻CEO PR/MediaFirm📖 NYTimesAuthor #ThePowerofAsking 🌐 Forbes,ABC,NBC,CBS,BOLDTV.📺 TVPersonality2️⃣nd in 🌎 for Branding#hawaii 🌴

  • Too Funny and 1 Hunay Ep 214

    Where is Marina? Carlos and Justin in Studio with Marina calling in.This is pretty funny!

  • C Christie Craig LIVE on Beyond The Bridge with Brad Weber Ep 213

    Publisher, Media & Marketing Expert, C Christie Craig is helping physicians grow their practice through lead generation. I help my clients devise their narrative to tell their story .Two decades in the entertainment industry of building teams, brands & driving strategic business […]

  • Brad Askren Live on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 212

    Brad Askren is best described as a, “serial entrepreneur”. In 2001 Askren ventured into the financing and real estate business and soon after launched a mortgage lending firm and ran it for the next 10 years while also investing in real estate now for over 17 years. He is driven by a […]

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel - Challenge of owning a gym during Covid. Ep 211

    Marina talks to CEO Brett Davis about the challenges she faced as a gym owner during this pandemic and the backlash she received from her Mayor in IB

  • Korey Kingston _LIVE on Everything! with Rebecca Jade Ep 210

    Korey Kingston is a professional drummer, drum instructor, the host of both The Drum Brigade Podcast and The #Acceptance Podcast, as well as the owner and creator of Drum Brigade/ Drum Brigade School. Through his company Drum Brigade, Korey is spreading the message of acceptance in the […]

  • The Brett Davis Podcast on Gratitude Ep 209


  • Ice Ice Baby - Get Ready for Valentines! Ep 208

    Ice, Ice Baby! Proven Etiquette Strategies to warm up your frosted relationships for this Valentines.You can reach me at

  • life-is-magic--Life-after-divorce-series-part-1-never-been-single Ep 207

    This is Part 1 of my new series titled Life After Divorce. Every second and fourth Monday every month at 9 a.m. PST, I will be sharing my journey & experience of managing my life after leaving a 28-year relationship & 19 years of marriage. I share advice and tips on healing, […]

  • How-to-escape-a-painful-life-in-a-cult-live-a-life-of-freedom-with-sherrie-berry Ep 206

    Sherrie Berry is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and published author under the pen name Harper Woods. Sherrie was born and raised deep in the Motown culture of Detroit, MI, as a devout member of the Jehovah's Witnesses religion until leaving the religious cult in her mid-forties. She […]

  • Commercial Real Estate outlook in SD 2021. Ep 205

    Josh Ohl has been analyzing data for CoStar for almost 20 years. CoStar is a global leader in commercial real estate data and analytics. Ohl gives us a snapshot of how the real estate market is doing overall in America's Finest City as we kick-off 2021. We discuss the commercial, retail, […]

  • Too Funny and No Hunay Ep 204

    Too funny and No Hunay (No Marina) on this eposode. Brett Davis is Guest

  • Mia Rivera on Take it Back with Tommy and Tina Ep 203

    Mia Rivera is an award winning writer, actress, producer and proud U.S. Army Veteran. Her short comedic film, Lizzy's Plan has achieved 100 awards in film festivals in 13 countries so far.

  • Beyond the Bridge with Local Umbrella Media and Brett Davis Ep 202

    Interview with Brett Davis CEO and Publisher of IQPodcast Media and Host Of KCBQ The Answer San Diego

  • Michael Fisher Owner of Coronado Taste of Oils on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 201

    Michael Fisher, Retired Navy Veteran of 24.5 years, Permanent Coronado Resident since 1999. Owner (with his wife Ruth Ann Fisher) of Coronado Taste of Oils for a little over 3 years. Coronado Taste of Oils is now considered a gourmet grocery store vice a tasting room (due to COVID […]

  • Sgt. Scott Bligh on The Brett Davis Podcast Ep 200

    26 year San Diego Sheriff Helicopter Pilot Sgt. Scott Bligh has served with the US Navy and worked as a helicopter pilot deploying from ships in the roles of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and surface surveillance and control (SSC). He is currently the supervisor for the fire-rescue program […]

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel - Stop living your life for others! Ep 199

    Marina talks about the dynamics of living her life through the happiness of others.

  • Coexist host, Coe Lewis with Leif Cocks founder of The Orangutan Project, Ep 198

    Leif Cocks founder of The Orangutan Project talks with Coe Lewis about securing the survival of critically endangered orangutans.

  • StrongerThan Ever - My Fitness Journey, Ep 197

    Dr. Melinda Silva shares her fitness journey with Mia Bertelsen freelance writer for Local Media Umbrella.

  • Alicia Summers on The Brett Davis Show, Ep 196

    Anchor/Reporter CBS 8 - San Diego News, Alicia Summers talks about her career and juggling life while raising a family

  • UnBroken with Marina Teel - Being judged by family members, Ep 195

    Unbroken with Marina Teel and How being judged by family members affects other relationships.#unbroken #marinateel #iqpodcasts #podcasts

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    Back in the day...

  • Me Myself and I with Unbroken Ep. 193

    Marina Teel shares her story about her struggles with weight, suicide and a relationship that changed her life. ibfitness.netpresented by IQPodcasts Sponsored by Attorney

  • Life is Magic Podcast - Ep 4 - How To Reprogram Your Child's Brain with BrainWorx, Inc. Ep. 192

    Alma Galvan is the CEO of BrainWorx, Inc. BrainWorx. BrainWorx has programs that teach adults, children, parents, educators, and other professionals how to stimulate brain development through simple, scientifically proven techniques that reduce anxiety, improve behavior, and foster focus […]

  • Organizational Leadership Program at PLNU, Bo Bae with CB Ep. 191

    Dr. Bo Bae earned her Ph.D in leadership studies with a specialization in Higher Education Leadership, at USD. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Wheaton College and her M.A. in student Affairs Administration in Higher Educational Ball State spend more than 12 years teaching and […]

  • Country Singer, Jeremy Laub with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 190

    Jeremy is a Country singer/ guitar player with Whiskey Ridge Band. Born and raised in San Diego, CA. He is a part time musician and full time father and friend. Jeremy is a lover of fun times with people. whiskeyridgesandiego@gmail.comFB: @whiskeyridgebandsdIG: @whiskeyridgebandPresented […]

  • Our Nation's Heroes and Rescued Horses - Take it Back with Tommy & Tina Ep.189

    Tammy is a Southern California native that has travelled and lived all over the world due to being a Navy spouse. She is married with two sons. Tammy founded Saddles In Service in order to give back to our men and women who serve our nation and communities every day! She is passionate […]

  • How To Give Yourself A Chance in Life - Life is Magic Podcast Ep. 188

    In Episode 2 of Life is Magic, I have a conversation with my friend and fashion designer, Kenneth Barlis, and how he was able to make it as an internationally celebrated, recognized, and successful Celebrity Fashion Designer in Hollywood.Kenneth Barlis is a globally recognized brand that […]

  • New Beginnings with Too Funny, 1 Hunay Ep. 187

    Marina Teel is with Carlos the Bartender, and Justin LaFrantz- Owner of LaFrantz Contracting and Design, INC talk about struggling businesses and how relationships are suffering during these trying times. Presented by Attorney King Studios with Unbroken on IQ Podcasts.

  • International Mind Body Practitioner, Author, WWCA Israel Leader Sheryl Puterman with CB Ep. 186

    Sheryl is the Founder and CEO at Nourishment Vitality.She is an author, international speaker, and the WWCA (World Women Conference & Awards ) Chapter Leader in Israel Sheryl is an internationally trained and Certified Mind-Body Nutrition & Wellness Practitioner. She is also an […]

  • Lobbyist for the Animal Welfare Institute, Dr. Joanna Grossman with Coexist Ep. 185

    Dr. Joanna Grossman leads the equine program and is a lobbyist for the Animal Welfare Institute in Washington, DC. She was previously the organization’s federal policy advisor, advocating for a wide range of animal protection issues on Capitol Hill. Her writings and work have been […]

  • Building your Dream Home, Ben Ryan with Kaushal Patel Ep. 184

    Ben Ryan is the President of Tourmaline Builders. Tourmaline Builders is San Diego's premier design and custom home builders, and crafting luxury homes. Tourmaline Builders: https://tourmalinebuilders.comKaushal: kpatelsdhomes.comPresented by Attorney King Studios with Kaushal Patel on […]

  • Award Winning Radio Host, AJ Machado with Brett Davis UnLEashed Ep. 183

    AJ Machado is an award winning radio host, writer, and former stand up comedian. He's hosted winning radio shows on stations all over California and spent the last 19 years as morning host on a variety of San Diego radio stations. He recently launched his own platform "AJ and Sara Radio" […]

  • Founder of Global Dream Maker, Baylan Megino with CB Ep.181

    Baylan Megino is a mentor for leaders finding new direction, and the Founder of Global Dream Makers. She believes when you create your dream that you will be able to help others do the same, and as a result, there will be peace in the world. With her workshops and events, she helps people […]

  • How To Live The Life You Want After Painful Life Situations with Life is Magic Ep. 180

    In this first episode of Life is Magic, I wanted to start it off by sharing with you my story and take you on a journey when it all started for me when I was a six-year-old girl living in the Philippines. The first 15 years of my life were full of adversities, but I still managed to turn […]

  • Project Coyote, Michelle Lute & Worth A Dam, Heidi Perryman with Coexist Ep. 179

    Michelle Lute is part of the Project Coyote. Project Coyote is a national non-profit organization based in Northern California whose mission is to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science and advocacy. Our representatives, […]

  • Comedian, Craig Shoemaker with Take it Back with Tommy & Tina Ep.178

    Craig Shoemaker has had a career in show business spanning over three decades as a stand-up comedian, actor, author, writer and producer. He was named Funniest Male Stand-Up Comic at The American Comedy Awards on ABC and has garnered two Emmy Awards.Website: […]

  • Hormones Fixed my PTSD, Mike Norton with Ask Dr. Melinda Ep. 177

    Mike Norton owns a smoothie business called Robeks in Mira Mesa, San Diego. Mike was born and raised in San Diego and he loves the weather and being outdoors hiking and mountain biking whenever possible. He enjoys going to the gym a few times a week while maintaining a decent diet thanks […]

  • Business & Relations with Unbroken Ep. 176

    Marina Teel is with Brett Davis- CEO of IQ Podcasts, Carlos the Bartender, and Justin LaFrantz- Owner of LaFrantz Contracting and Design, INC talk about struggling businesses and how relationships are suffering during these trying times. Presented by Attorney King Studios with Unbroken on […]

  • Adrian the Photographer with CB Ep. 175

    Adrian is an internationally published High- Fashion and Commercial Photographer based in San Diego; published in over 30 magazines including Cosmopolitan, and Elle offering all kinds of photography services for people, brands and businesses. […]

  • Brett Davis and Everything! with Rebecca Jade Ep. 174

    New Host, Rebecca Jade, is with guest Brett Davis speaking about her new journey with Everything with Rebecca Jade podcast.Rebecca is an accomplished singer/songwriter, and has been singing as long as she can remember. Growing up in a musical home, she has been exposed to an extensive […]

  • Kelly Sorenson, Ventana Wildlife Society with Coexist Ep.173

    Kelly Sorenson first started as a wildlife biologist focusing on saving endangered species in the wild, including work with peregrine falcons, bald eagles and California condors. As Executive Director for Ventana Wildlife Society since 2003, Kelly led the effort to establish the […]

  • Baseball Legend Jacque Jones talks about the event called All Hands on Deck with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep.172

    Former Baseball Legend Jacque Jones is supporting the San Diego youth by making sure over 100 Families in need get the Thanksgiving they deserve. All Hands on Deck is a fundraiser event that will take place on November 14, 2020 which starts at 4pm. This is a private event with limited […]

  • New York teacher, Rafael Silva & San Diego Teacher, Mia Bertelsen with Ask Dr. Melinda Ep. 171

    Rafael (or Rafi) is a 9th and 10th-grade Humanities teacher at the Flushing International High School in Queens, New York. Before his teaching position in New York City, Rafi has had the amazing privilege of working in public schools across the country, including schools in Denver, San […]

  • Shelley Alfaro and Her Riding Group Chrome Divas with Angel Hacker of Indian of San Diego Ep. 170

    General Manager Angel Hacker has guest Shelley Alfaro, a 3 time Indian owner, active member in the IMRG, and Chrome Divas of San Diego! Shelley is an inspiration to women riders across the country for her experience, passion, and has amazing stories about how riding is her therapy. Get to […]

  • Crystal Reiki Master, Author, Certified Medium & Tarot, Contessa Miller, with Take it Back with Tommy & Tina Ep. 169

    Contessa is a Crystal Reiki Master, Author, Certified Medium & Tarot/Oracle Intuitiv, a retired Kern County, California Sheriff's search and rescue diver/tracker, Military mom & veteran wife, actress, and active YouTuber with both a Crystal & Meditation Channel and a Channel […]

  • Body Beautiful Spa, Monica Samaniego, with CB Ep. 168

    Monica Samaniego is the co-owner of Body Beautiful Spa, which is located in Bay Park near SeaWorld. Monica and her partner opened this spa as the pure intent to provide wellness and to create spa were people can come in and treat themselves in a nourishing environment. Body Beautiful Spa […]

  • Bill Toone is the Founder of ECOLIFE Conservation with Coexist Ep. 167

    Bill is an internationally renowned conservation biologist and explorer. From the foothills of California where he pioneered the early years of the California condor recovery program to the remote forests of Madagascar where Bill had his life forever changed, he has collected unusual […]

  • Home Run with Unbroken Ep. 166

    Marina Teel- Host of Unbroken and Owner of IB Fitness , Brett Davis- CEO of IQ Podcasts, Justin LaFrantz- Owner of LaFrantz Contracting and Design,INC, and Carlos the bartender tell their home run stories of going all the way with a person. Presented by Attorney King Studios with Unbroken […]

  • I Am Beautiful International Seminar with CB Ep.165

    Inga Läänemets- World Women Conference and Awards of Estonia, Piret Kesküla is the leader of Estonian Beautician Union, and Katrin Saarloo has worked in the field of beauty services for 16 years as a beautician, spa therapist, trainer, owner of a beauty salon in Estonia. The aim of the […]

  • Captain Paul Watson is a Marine Wildlife Conservation Activist with Coexist Ep. 164

    Captain Paul Watson is a marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist. Watson was one of the founding members and directors of Greenpeace. In 1977, he left Greenpeace and founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. A renowned speaker, accomplished author, master mariner, […]

  • Ritz is coming to San Diego - Kaushal Patel Ep.163

    Jason Wood is identifying new investment and development opportunities for Cisterra. His strategic and successful development oversight and years of experience structuring transactions is demonstrated through projects like the award-winning DiamondView Tower adjacent to Petco Park in […]

  • Second Base with Unbroken Ep.162

    Marina Teel- Host of Unbroken and Owner of IB Fitness , Brett Davis- CEO of IQ Podcasts, Justin LaFrantz- Owner of LaFrantz Contracting and Design,INC, and Carlos the bartender talk about their experience on getting second base which starts with looking someone in the eyes.Presented by […]

  • Chuck from Law Tigers is With Angel from Indian of SD Cast Ep. 160

    Chuck Deez Abney, Marketing and Public Relations Manager at LAW TIGERS in Southern California, joins Angel Hacker on IMSD cast to discuss the importance of representation, insurance, and what Law Tigers does for the motorcycle community.Visit them at […]

  • Artist, Creator and Entrepreneur, Kaila Methven with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 161

    Kaila is a true artist in how she creates, designs and thinks. Entrepreneur Kaila Methven might be a KFC heiress; (Methven’s family owned Rainbow Chicken Unlimited, a South African Company that at one time supplied 90% of KFC’s chicken), but Kaila Methven is a success in her own […]

  • Hollywood Movie Producer, John Duffy with Take it Back with Tommy & Tina Ep.159

    John Duffy was born in South Bronx, New York, USA. He is a producer and actor, known for Miracle in East Texas (2019), A Sunday Horse (2016) and Men of Gray - The Flying Squad (2019).Visit his movies on by Attorney King Studios with Tommy […]

  • Hemp CBD Wellness Company, Ashley Brown, with CB Ep. 158

    Ashley Brown is a former holistic esthetician, mama, and owner of Hemp CBD wellness company, Sacred Beauty. Sacred Beauty products are made with organic, full spectrum hemp cbd and botanical ingredients designed to uplift your mind, body, and soul. We believe in filling your cup first, […]

  • Black Mamba All Women Anti Poaching Unit, Craig Spencer, with Coexist Ep. 157

    Craig Spencer, Director of the conservation NGO Transfrontier Africa", started the Black Mamba All-Women Anti-Poaching Unit in 2013, to tackle the sudden surge in rhino poaching in the western boundary of the Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa. Starting with 6 young women from the […]

  • First Base with Unbroken Ep. 156

    Brett Davis- CEO of IQ Podcasts, Sarah Morga- Executive Assistant of IQ Podcasts, Enrique Salazar- VP of Laugh Factory, and Justin LaFrantz- Owner of LaFrantz Contracting and Design,INC talk about their experience on getting first base with a person among other interesting stories. […]

  • Coronado Photographer & Resin Artist, Spring Dyer, with CB Ep.154

    Spring Dyer is in Coronado, California based Photographer and Resin Artist Spring Dyer has been exhibiting art and photography since 2000. Spring discovered her passion for painting and creative expression early in life and has recently added the power of resin. Spring’s education is in […]

  • Leader of World Women Conference & Awards Chapter Atlanta with Lakisha James Ep. 153

    World Women Conference & Awards Atlanta Team (WWCAATL) will host an event for our youth, Covid-19 Youth Awareness Round Table Talk. World Women Conference & Awards Atlanta Team (WWCAATL) is excited to host this event, as their purpose is to empower women and youth to tell their […]

  • Traci Lynn Cowan is a Health & Wellness Expert & Celebrity Host with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 152

    Traci Lynn Cowan is a Health & Wellness Expert & Celebrity Host in California. She is Martial Artist who teaches women self defense who have been in a domestic violence environment. by Attorney King Studio […]

  • Kristie Orosco- Cultural Resource Specialist, Conversation with the Chairman of Sycuan Casino Ep. 151

    Kristie Orosco is a San Diego based environmental professional, focused on regional preservation of biodiversity and ethnoecology. Ms. Orosco received her BA from CSUSM in Environmental Studies - Native American Studies, and currently is the Resource Specialist for The Sycuan Cultural […]

  • How Christie Craig used Bioidentical Hormones to Survive with Ask. Dr. Melinda Ep. 150

    Christie Craig tried everything and nothing was working until Dr. Melinda recommended Bioidentical Hormones and saved her life. Christie Craig is a Publisher, Media & Marketing Expert, and she is currently helping physicians grow the practice through lead generation. She helps her […]

  • Awarded Executive Coach, Rea Wilke with CB, Ep. 149

    Rea Wilke aka Coach Rea is an awarded Executive Coach, with the passion to help make the difference in the world. Miss Wilke is an entrepreneur, Leadership coach, sales strategists, business advisor, and marketing strategists. Expert in NLP Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Personal and […]

  • Housing Crisis in San Diego - Todd Gloria with Kaushal Patel Ep. 148

    Todd Gloria is running for Mayor of San Diego . As the son of a maid and a gardener, Todd Gloria doesn’t come from wealth or privilege. A third-generation San Diegan of Filipino, Dutch, Puerto Rican, and Native American descent, Todd grew up in Clairemont, where his parents worked hard […]

  • Connie Edwards McGaughy & Kaleigh Rhoads with Coexist Ep. 147

    Connie Edwards McGaughy believes the key to protecting animals begins with changing our attitudes and appetites about what we put on our dinner plates. As the creator, photographer and voice behind The Carrot Underground, a popular vegan recipe and lifestyle blog, Connie shares her […]

  • Owner and CEO of Finish the Book Publishing- Susie Schaefer with Take it Back with Tommy & Tina ep.146

    Susie Schaefer’s love of books goes far beyond the feel of a fabric cover or the smell of a library. Her passion for helping authors put out high-end quality books and market them successfully brings her tremendous joy – especially when they become an Amazon Best Seller.Susie hails […]

  • Growing Up with an A-type Sister, Danny Teel, on Unbroken Ep.145

    Danny Teel talks with his sister Marina about what it was like growing up with an A-type sister and how it may have affected his views/communication with women he dated. You may find Marina at www.ibfitness.netPresented by Attorney King Studios with Unbroken on IQ Podcasts.

  • Chief Peacekeeper, Scott Levin, with Your Business Reality, CB Ep. 144

    Scott F. Levin Esq CDFA is the Chief Peacekeeper and founding partner at San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law. Scott is a unique family law attorney in that he helps people resolve conflict and divorce without ever going to court. He serves exclusively as a mediator and as such he […]

  • The Heart & Soul of IQ Podcasts, CB, on Take it Back with Tommy & Tina Ep. 143

    Cristal Balk also known as CB is the Founder of Unstoppable Marketing Solutions. Unstoppable Marketing Solutions was founded by the idea of filling the gaps in the Marketing world. One of the major gaps is the lack of branding and awareness due to the zero understanding of how it […]

  • San Diego Realtor, Joni Burnett with Your Business Reality, CB Ep. 142

    Joni Burnett, Realtor in San Diego for over 30 years. Joni works with Keller Williams Realty the largest Real Estate Company in the World. Joni is born & raised in San Diego and she grew up in a small family business environment. Due to her experience with small businesses, Joni was […]

  • Multiple Award-Winning Journalist & Filmmaker, Sangita Iyer, with Coexist Ep.141

    Sangita Iyer is a multiple award-winning journalist, and a nature and wildlife documentary filmmaker. She's also the director and producer of the globally acclaimed epic documentary, "Gods in Shackles", which was nominated at the United Nations, and has garnered 13 international awards. […]

  • Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, Dustin Bogle, with Tommy & Tina Ep. 140

    Dustin Bogle is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach with almost 20 years experience in the fitness industry. He started his fitness journey in high school where he lost 60 pounds of body fat and quickly realized that he wanted to help others to transform their […]

  • A Guys Perspective about Relationships with Type A Personality, Brett Davis, with Unbroken Ep. 139

    Brett Davis gives his opinion about a guys perspective being involved with A- type women personality. Presented by Attorney King Studios with Unbroken on IQ Podcasts.

  • Educator, Poet,​ and Entrepreneur, Mr. Viet with CB Ep. 138

    Viet Mai is an educator, poet,​ and entrepreneur from San Diego, CA. Upon finding his voicethrough spoken word poetry, Mr. Viet connects with community leaders throughout San Diegoand other cities to inspire young people, promote civic engagement, celebrate art and culture,and elevate […]

  • Reclaim your Mental & Spiritual Health through frequency, Michael Bennett, with Take it Back with Tommy & Tina Ep. 137

    Michael Bennett exudes the healing power of 528hz through his Native American Indian Lakota Love flute. Michael has opened many hearts, excited the imagination, inspired self-belief and evoked the emotions of his audiences as they reclaim their mental, physical and spiritual health […]

  • Emotional Mindfulness with A Sip Of Reality Ep. 136

    How do you allow yourself to process the emotions that come up in your daily life? Do you allow yourself to honor what’s coming up for you, even if it means that you have to cancel your plans and events that you are required to be a part of? Let's dig in. IG: […]

  • TV Host & Entrepreneur, Abelardo L. Rodriguez with CB Ep.135

    Abelardo L. RodriguezDuring the course of his TV career and work he had a calling to go within and sit in silence, a stark contrast to the stress of work he had been dealing with, which was the catalyst to a deep awakening. This then lead synchronistically to discovering and attending a […]

  • Why Alpha Women have a Tough Time in a Relationship With Marina Ep. 134

    My guests are Coe Lewis, a 35 year Radio Broadcaster and legend. She is also a cofounder of the NSEFU Wildlife Conservation Foundation in conjunction with her anti-poaching foundation in Zambia. Cristal Balk is an entrepreneur, maketing consultant, international speaker, international […]

  • FREE ALL CAPTIVE ELEPHANTS (FACE) & Buffalo Field Campaign with Coexist Ep.133

    Robin Vitulle, Co-Founder, Vice President and on the Board of Directors of FREE ALL CAPTIVE ELEPHANTS (FACE) since the nonprofit’s inception in 2017. Robin began her advocacy for elephants in 2013 while learning of the elephant poaching crisis in Africa. As an animal lover all of her […]

  • Mother of a Combat Veteran with Take It Back with Tommy and Tina Ep. 132

    Lisa Hiering specializes in helping Veterans navigate the SSDI application process to greatly increase their chances of getting approved for benefits. Lisa sharpened her skills as a Social Security Claims Specialist.She had to leave her job at Social Security, which she loved, in 2014 […]

  • The Updates on COVID Testing with Ask. Dr. Melinda Ep. 131

    Charles Strongo has 30 years’ experience in business management and operations. Mr. Strongo has been in the in vitro diagnostic business for the past twenty-Four years, since 1995, the beginning of the “over-the-counter” in-vitro diagnostic industry and has managed annual budgets […]

  • Dra. Angelica, CoPublisher del Libro De Cero al Éxito con Your Business Reality, CB, Ep. 130

    Angelica Benavides (Underwood), experta desarrollo humano, es una líder influyente y global. La Dra. Angélica es la Líder del Capítulo de Texas para la Conferencia y Premio Mundial de la Mujer. Ha sido reconocida en Daytime National TV, NBC, USA Today y Fox. Es la fundadora de […]

  • ADU Granny Flat 101- Financing your ADU with Kaushal Patel Ep.129

    Oscar A. Gastelum has over 24 years experience in Mortgage banking in the Southern California area. He is characterized as a visionary, strategist, and tactician. Oscar prides himself for his consistent record of delivering successful results in growth, revenue, operational performance, […]

  • Business Owner & Indian Motorcycle Fan, Adam Exum with Angel Hacker Ep. 128

    Adam Exum currently has two motorcycles that he owns. Adam has a 2019 Indian Darkhorse and a 2008 Harley Davidson Custom Sportster. He loves both equally but has a much closer relationship to my Darkhorse as she sets me free. Adam is a single dad of two beautiful little girls. Scarlet […]

  • Maryanne Parker with Take It Back with Tommy & Tina Ep. 127

    Maryanne Parker is a celebrity coach and award-winning entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and the founder of Luxury Etiquette Institute and Manor of Manners, a company that specializes in International Business, Social, and Youth etiquette. She has almost a decade of experience in […]

  • No Judgements with A Sip Of Reality Ep. 126

    Inner judgment can be debilitating. Often times we are more aware of the outside judgments and hardly loom within to recognize our inner judgments which are our negative labels and narrative we have developed. In this episode, Denise and Kahila discuss how they recognize their personal […]

  • Dr. Hans Parge with Your Business Reality, CB Ep. 125

    Dr. Hans Parge background is biomedical research and pharmaceutical drug discovery. His basic training was as a structural biologist and X-ray crystallographer. He did his PhD in Trinity College in Dublin and did post doctorate work in Berlin at the Free University , the University of […]

  • Bobbi Brink is the Founder and Director of Lions Tigers & Bears with Coexist Ep.124

    Bobbi Brink is the Founder and Director of Lions Tigers & Bears, a globally accredited big cat and exotic animal sanctuary in Alpine, California. Bobbi has been working with and advocating for captive big cats, bears and other exotic animals since the early 90s, after witnessing […]

  • CEO of Chicano Federation of San Diego, Nancy Maldonado with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 123

    Chicano Federation's mission is to invest in underserved communities through a variety of programs aimed at building resiliency and promoting self-sufficiency. Our vision is for our diverse communities to thrive. Chicano Federation programs and services address San Diego's most critical […]

  • Survivor Janet Hook with Take It Back with Tommy & Tina Ep. 122

    Janet Hook had the whole world in front of her, a successful fashion model, a creative artist among others. That was until a tragic car accident nearly cost her life, the result of which left her disabled. Many people who have gone through these trials often do not come out as balanced […]

  • Rafael Silva, MD For Kaiser Permanente with Ask. Dr. Melinda Ep. 121

    Rafael Silva, MD, Board Certified Staff Physician at Kaiser Permanente for 20+ years and serves as Equity, inclusion,​ and Diversity Community Leader. Presented by Attorney King Studios with Ask. Dr. Melinda on IQ Podcasts.

  • Navy Veteran with Special Operations, Colton Lewin with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 120

    Colton (Colt) Lewin is an 8-year Navy veteran with special operations experience in the Middle East and Africa during the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). Since hanging up his uniform in 2019, he completed his undergraduate degree and is currently working towards completing a graduate […]

  • John Little, UFC Judge and Author with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 119

    John Little is a native of Canada and is an author and writer in the fields of martial arts, bodybuilding and physical conditioning. John Little is considered to be one of the worlds top authorities on Bruce Lee's training methods and philosophies. His articles have appeared in many […]

  • Directora de Operaciones CERCA, Jacqueline Valenzuela con Your Business Reality, CB Ep.118

    Jacqueline Valenzuela es parte de creación, implementacion y coordinacion de proyectos que conlleven a impulsar energías limpias en Baja California Sur desde CERCA A.C. Presentado con Attorney King Studios con CB. Website: […]

  • Owner of WLKS, Austin Wilkes with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 117

    The story behind WLKS started with the natural beauty of Southern California’s coastlines, oceans, and mountains where Austin Wilkes lived and breathed an active lifestyle of surfing, sports, hiking and snowboarding. Quieter moments sought in reflection and connecting with nature and […]

  • Meet the Survivor Tommy with Take It Back with Tommy and Tina Ep- 116

    I have been troubled since I opened up on the show last Thursday and the reason is because I should have led up to why I couldn't pay my electrical bill and ended up sleeping in my car. I can apply what I went through to a lot of people and one of the reasons I have to do this show. […]

  • Founder of Baja Ride Company, Kevin Johnson with KristaDoesNumbers Ep. 115

    Guest, Kevin Johnson, is co-owner and founder of Baja Ride Company. Kevin always had a love for off-roading and working on his own equipment. After working for the Las Vegas Police Department as a civilian in the IT department, Kevin started his own off-roading tour business, with his […]

  • Life Decisions of Denise & Kahila with A Sip Of Reality Ep. 114

    What can you expect from us on each episode? Raw, authentic, and honest conversations about life’s ups and downs and solid solutions formed by our personal and professional experiences.On this episode we talk about how outside judgements could influence our decisions in life, and how […]

  • CEO and Founder of Epic Fighting, Jason Stewart with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 113

    Jason Stewart is the CEO and Founder of Epic Fighting and her has been in Real Estate for many years. His passion for MMA Fighting and the love for his family was his biggest inspiration to take action. Jason had a rough start in life but he managed to turn it around. Presented by […]

  • Bookkeeper Debra Resnik with Your Business Reality, CB Ep. 112

    Debra Resnik is a San Diego Bookkeeper, specializing in all business type start-ups and contractors, Including Government contractors with prevailing wages. I also offer training for owners or their personnel, for businesses with cash flow issues, shoe string budgets, or just want to do […]

  • Mike Veale & Victory Wallace with Coexist Ep. 111

    Mike Veale is a southern California native who has worked extensivelywith animals for the majority of his conservation career. From a young ageMike has been passionate about the nature, wildlife, and anything he coulddo to protect it. He focused on gaining any experience he could from […]

  • Lidia Anderson , Publicist Susan Farese with Take It Back with Tommy & Tina Ep. 110

    Lidia Anderson, Wife of Tommy, with Publicist Susan Farese and Founder of SJF Communications talk about their experience with Tommy and how they all met. The purpose of our show is to let people know that no matter when in their lives they have a choice. Whether it is PTSD, Depression, […]

  • San Diego Realtor- Kaushal Patel with KristaDoesNumber Ep. 109

    Guest, Kaushal Patel, is a results-driven professional who always puts her clients' needs first. With over a decade of living in San Diego, Kaushal is well versed in the many different communities that make up America's Finest City. In addition to being a Realtor, she considers herself a […]

  • Poet Valerie Peterson with Ask Dr. Melinda Ep. 108

    Valerie Peterson is a Poet from Portland Oregon and she has been telling stories, from a woman's point of view over 25 years, to help bring awareness to issues surrounding divorce, incarceration, and Mental illness. Dr. Melinda Silva is running a competition from July 1- July 31st. She […]

  • President & CEO of SimpleTime Ricardo Villa with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep.107

    Ricardo Villa is the Native of San Diego, Ricardo graduated from the University of San Diego and began his career as a Human Resource/Budget Analyst for the City of San Diego Water Department. Ricardo now works at SimpleTime and it does PEO and Staffing. Presented by Attorney King Studio […]

  • Jewelry Owner Leo Hamel with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 106

    Leo Hamel has been in the Jewelry industry for 41 years. His store is Award Winning and it is San Diego’s rated #1 Jewelry Store in 2019. He also has the Leo's Fitness Lab which is the only one in San Diego. Aside from that Leo has a high end boutique and consignment store. Check out […]

  • Singer, Songwriter, Actor, and Model Rebecca Jade with Brett Davis Unleashed Ep.105

    Rebecca Jade is an actor, model, singer, and songwriter based in San Diego. She is an award-winning vocalist with four albums and a fifth one on its way. She is a solo artist and a singer for Shella E. She is also a member of Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact with Jake Najor. Rebecca's music […]

  • Owner Mario Hernandez with Your Business Reality, CB Ep. 104

    Mario Hernandez is the Founder,Planet of Entrepreneurs and the Founding Partner of Caribbean Contact Center in Honduras. This includes outsourcing customer service, sending emails, scheduling meetings, and much more. Presented by Attorney King Studio with CB on IQ Podcasts. […]

  • Military Warrior of the Month Tommy Anderson with Brett Davis UnLeashed Ep. 103

    Tommy Anderson was honored and celebrated at the IQPodcasts studio as our Military Warrior for the Month of July 2020. We are happy to announce that Tommy will be joining our IQPodcasts family and will host a new show called Take it Back with Tommy and Tina which airs weekly on Thursdays […]

  • Angel Hacker on IMSDCAST with Owner Tim Broadhead and Brett Davis Ep.102

    Host: Angel Hacker with Owner Tim Broadhead and Cohost: Brett Davis UnLeashed. This is an exciting moment for Indian Motorcycle of San Diego to showcase their Excellent Service and Products. Presented by Attorney King Studio with Angel Hacker on IQ Podcasts. […]

  • Movie Producer Richard Siegelman with KristaDoesNumbers Ep. 101

    Guest, Richard Siegelman, owner, and founder of Trick6Films, is an actor and producer. In this interview,​ we discuss his journey to becoming an actor and now producer of movies. From being an undercover police officer to competing in pro bodybuilding. Richard's story is both […]

  • IQ Podcasts: A Sip of Reality with Denise Alba and Kahila Hedayatzadeh Ep. 100

    A Sip of Reality is two soul-sisters who are also therapists, wine lovers, and very passionate about helping people, especially women change their lives for better. On this podcast, we will have conversations that will empower you, inspire you, and encourage you to step into a life that […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Open Mic with Makenna with Aliana Silva Ep.99

    Open Mic with Makenna is spreading awareness about mental health issues specifically with teenagers. Her Co-host Aliana Silva created a poetry writing competition in order to help teens express themselves through poetry and writing. She has partnered with Makenna to start this poetry […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Your Business Reality, CB, with Digital Marketer Doc Williams Ep.98

    Doc Williams got his start in digital marketing over 10 years ago and has worked with a wide array of companies along the way, from ESPN to AppSumo to Vaynermedia. He also changed job types, too, from being a teacher at community college to a CTO and CIO in three different startups. But […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Chairman Sycuan Cody Martinez Ep. 97

    Cody Martinez is the Chairman of the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation. He talks about Sycuan Casino and Resort and what you should expect when visiting there. Presented by Attorney King Studio with Brett Davis UnLeashed. https://www.sycuan.com

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLEashed with Actor Tommy Anderson Ep. 96

    Tommy Anderson is a Veteran, Retired Firefighter, Medic, Actor, Artist, Screen Writer, Spreaker and Author of Haboob Wind which just recently became an Amazon Best Seller. You can learn more about Tommy at https://www.thetommyanderson.comPresented by Attorney King Studio with Brett Davis […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Open Mic with Makenna and Yvonne Portillo Davis Ep. 95

    Yvonne Portillo Davis AKA Bon Bon. She is Makenna's older sister. Open Mic with Makenna was a discussion about High School Relationships advice and about following your path after High School. Follow Yvonne on her Instagram @JustdessertsbybonPresented by Attorney King Studio with Makenna.

  • IQ Podcasts: Your Business Reality, CB , with Dr. Silva & Sarah Morga Ep. 94

    Dr. Silva and Sarah Morga are successful entrepreneurs who tell us their successful tips on how they balance both work and the household. Visit us at and you may also find me at Presented by Attorney King Studio with CB.

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Teacher Cody Kuhlken Ep. 93

    Cody Kuhlken has been teaching English at Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley for 13 years. He currently teaches AP Language and sophomore college prep English, and he serves as the English department chair. A San Diego native, he graduated from Chaparral High School in El Cajon and […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Steve Bulette Ep. 92

    Steve Bulette graduated Monte Vista H.S. in 1989 where I wrestled for all four years. I went on to wrestle with ​San Diego State University and earned a bachelor's in Mathematics. I was then hired as the head wrestling coach at Monte Vista H.S in 1996 and continued to teach Math and […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Coexist with Larry Laverty Ep.91

    Larry Laverty was given a small camera for Christmas when he was fiveyears old. A few years later his budding love of animals led him to jointhe Sierra Club and the Audubon Society. Then came the distractions of​education, competitive sports, and a 30-year acting career inside […]

  • IQ Podcasts: KristaDoesNumbers with Marina Teel Ep. 90

    Guest, Marina Teel, is the owner of IB Fitness in Imperial Beach, California. She has a forensic background but her love passion for fitness led her to buying her own gym. Marina talks about though starting a new gym was exceptionally time consuming the rewards from enduring the process […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Tracey Delisle Ep. 89

    Tracey Delisle is the creator and Chief Business Development Officer for Certified Access Services. Tracey helps small businesses through inspections, surveys, consulting and education. Visit her at Presented by Attorney King Studio with Brett Davis UnLeashed.

  • IQ Podcasts: Open Mic With Makenna Introduction Ep. 88

    Open Mic with Makenna is about open conversation with many different subjects from people everywhere. My show will focus on subjects such as teenager and real world problems that are happening. My cohost for the day is my sister Madison. Presented by Attorney King Studio.

  • IQ Podcasts: Your Business Reality, CB, with Bestselling Author Russell Nohelty Ep. 87

    Russell Nohelty is a USA Today Bestselling author, speaker, and six-figure creative entrepreneur. He’s raised over $170,000 on Kickstarter, built a mailing list of over 20,000 people, and exhibited at more than 150 events since 2016. Now, he teaches creatives how to lead a complete and […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Councilman Ron Morrison & Josie Flores-Clark Ep. 86

    National City Former Mayor/ Councilman Ron Morrison and Josie Flores- Clark Executive Assistant to Former Mayor Ron Morrison along with Co-host Cristal Balk on IQ Podcasts presented by Attorney King

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis Unleashed with Viktor Meier Co-Founder of Glice Skating Rinks Ep. 85

    Viktor Meier is Co-Founder and CEO of Glice Eco Skating rinks in Luzern, Switzerland. The rinks are made from Glice which is an alternative to ice. Glice meets the expectations of professional ice hockey players and ice skaters. You may visit him at http://www.viktormeier.comPresented by […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Tim Broadhead, Indian Motorcycle of San Diego Ep.84

    Tim Broadhead is the owner of Indian Motorcycle of San Diego. The Indian Motorcycle store has incredible service, extraordinary products and knowledgeable employees. Tim made sure to build a fun team with a positive atmosphere for when ever person who walks in the store feel like they are […]

  • IQ Podcasts: KristaDoesNumbers with Relationship Therapist Kristine Grant Ep. 83

    Guest, Kristine Grant, is an experienced marriage and family therapist and author of Relationshift. She has taught college courses and is a retired school psychologist. Kristine has spoken at conferences throughout the United States and has had numerous appearances on television and […]

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    Cristal Balk is the Founder of Unstoppable Marketing Solutions and host of Your Business Reality with CB. Brett Davis, Attorney Tom, and Cristal talk about the 5 Strategies for Businesses to Survive using Business and Marketing techniques. Presented by Attorney King Studio with Brett […]

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    Paz Ellis has been writing since childhood. Her writing journey began with journaling, poetry, and short stories. She grew up in a household of voracious readers. When she was about twelve-years-old her mother gave her a wonderful gift- her first hardcover book. It was a beautiful copy of […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Coach Kurt Hines Ep. 80

    Kurt Hines is a Motivational Speaker. He is known as Coach Hines not only as a football coach but to the rest of the World. He is presently at Coronado High School and has years in both East and West Coach. Kurt speaks openly about his life on IQPodcasts in Attorney King Studio including […]

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    The Loan Queen, Adrianna Gibbons with Western Capital Mortage along with her talented and musically artistic husband Quentin Gibbons talks about marriage, music, real estate and so much more. Presented by Attorney King Studio with Brett Davis UnLeashed.

  • IQ Podcasts: KristaDoesNumbers with Multiple Six-figure Business Owner, Hollie Tkac Ep. 78

    Guest, Hollie Tkac, is an email + social marketing strategist and copywriter for online coaches who want to grow their business, expand their client base, and be a source for good and transformation with the work they do. She is a multiple six-figure business owner who has helped hundreds […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Principal of Morse High School, Dr. Cynthia Larkin Ep. 77

    Principal Dr. Cynthia Larkin for Teacher/ Educator for the month of March 2020 Award. Cynthia is a professional educator who was created several educational courses from the African American perspective. She has taught English & Literature and is now the Principal of Morse High […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Teacher Hernan Sias Episode 76

    Hernan Sias is a Financial Algebra teacher at Eastlake High School. He is also a realtor/agent at eXp realty, owner in Pipeline Insurance agency and Co-founder of Business Bros Podcast to help you become a better you so that you find purpose and happiness in life. Presented by Attorney […]

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    Michelle Thompson helps entrepreneurs and small business owners and gets tasks off their plate by outsourcing with Virtual Assistants. Presented by: Brett Davis UnLeashed on IQ Podcasts at Attorney King Studio.Visit us at our website

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    Emergency Room Pediatrician, Dr. Erika Sidney is Doctor of the Month for April 2020. Presented by: Brett Davis UnLeashed on IQ Podcasts at Attorney King Studio. Visit our website at

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    Carlos A. Perez, DC, RMT is a Holistic Chiropractor, Sound Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer with over 17 years of professional experience in holistic medicine. Driven by a compassionate calling to be in service with Spirit, Carlos blends the ancient wisdom of African […]

  • IQ Podcasts: Brett Davis UnLeashed with Coach O Episode 72

    George Ohnesorgen is also known as Coach O by people lucky enough to have him as a Coach. George gets the Teacher Legend Award for February 2020. George Worked 36 years as a Teacher, Coach, and Administrator at Chula Vista High School. He ended his career and retired as Ass. Principal at […]