Always in Pursuit


‘Always in Pursuit’ podcast is about striving for a better version of yourself every day, always a work in progress. Take this journey with me as we talk to guests who are Always in Pursuit.

Mike Burke
  • Season 2 Finale with Mike and Mike

    In this episode of our podcast, we kick off with a discussion about the challenges of being an infantryman and the debate over who makes the better host for the show.We then delve into some of our favorite episodes from this season, including the highly downloaded episode featuring […]

  • Green Beret, Harvard Graduate and CEO/Founder Logan Leslie

    Logan always knew that he wanted to live life differently and sought ways to challenge himself. After the 9/11 attack, he knew that the military was the logical route. When he joined, he attended the premier military leadership school, Ranger School. He decided to go to Special Forces […]

  • The Twisty Path: Michael Rodriguez Chooses a Life of Purpose After Service as a Green Beret

    Michael “Rod” Rodriguez grew up surrounded by men who’d served their nation - and his pursuit of the same life of service showed him humanity at its best - and also at its most depraved.After seeing the humanitarian crises in Somalia and Haiti up close, Rod chose the life of the […]

  • Service, Yoga and Non-Profits with Kevin Keaveny and Jessica Bugbee

    Mike met Kevin and Jessica through the Veterans Yoga Project where Jessica was an instructor while Mike and Kevin were her students. In this episode, they talk about why they joined the military and some of the good and bad of military service. They all had different reasons for joining […]

  • Taking Ethics Beyond the Classroom into the Field with Benjamin Ordiway

    CPT Benjamin Ordiway is a Philosophy Instructor at the United States Military Academy at West Point. After serving as a Cavalry Scout in the 82nd Airborne and Cavalry Officer, he made a shift to Civil Affairs and served in 1st Special Forces Group. In 2020, he pursued his Master’s […]

  • From Serving in the Army to Leading it: Patrick J. Murphy’s Blue Collar Journey from Congress to the Pentagon and Beyond

    Growing up in a rowhouse in blue-collar North Philly gave Patrick J. Murphy a full education before he ever stepped foot in college. Those humble beginnings launched him into a career in the law, service in the Army, and ultimately into the halls of Congress as the first veteran elected […]

  • Inventing Your Own Success with Matt Butler

    Matt joined the Air Force to travel the world, but initially he only joined to do one enlistment. But after the events of 9/11, he was called to dedicate his life to flying the skies as a crew member of Joint Surveillance Target  Attack Radar System (STARS) program.  After spending two […]

  • No Muscle Cars - Retired Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman John Wayne Troxell Reflects on a Life of “Putting In The Work”

    One NCO’s first experience in combat completely changed the trajectory of his life - and put him on a focused path to a lofty goal: help every member of the joint force be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to fight in the most disadvantageous terrain on their worst day – […]

  • Building Connections, Ukraine and Leadership with John Spencer

    Colonel John Spencer is a scholar, author, combat veteran, scholar, and is recognized across the globe for his expertise in urban warfare. He enlisted in the Army and quickly rose to become a senior non-commissioned officer before becoming an officer. In this episode, Mike and John talk […]

  • The Journey to Recovery with Michael Sugrue

    SGT Retired Michael Sugrue served as a police officer for 14 years and also served in the Air Force as an officer in the Raven Program. After 8 years as a police officer, he would answer a call that would forever change his life. What ensued for the rest of his career can be described as […]

  • Seeking a Life of Significance with Larry Broughton

    Larry Broughton has an incredible wealth of knowledge – he’s a bestselling author, Green Beret, and award-winning speaker about leadership and entrepreneurship. Larry opens the episode talking about the Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) and how he gives […]

  • Fueling your Purpose with Herman Estrada

    CSM Herman Estrada opens this episode with his origin story as a troubled young kid who got into a lot of trouble, which resulted in him moving out of the home as a teenager. Homeless and struggling, he eventually was able to get a construction job. After a life changing injury, he knew […]

  • Not Just the T-Shirt Guy: Nick Palmisciano’s Journey as an Entrepreneur, Filmmaker and Author

    “What are you gonna do when you get out, start a veteran t-shirt business like everyone else?”It’s likely a joke we’ve all heard, but without West Point grad and former infantry officer Nick Palmisciano, the concept of being a high-profile veteran entrepreneur wouldn’t really be […]

  • Brave Enough to Make Life-Changing Decisions with Freddie Bennett

    Freddie came from humble beginnings in the United Kingdom, he described his upbringing as not terrible but a difficult one. So naturally as he envisioned his life as an adult, money was the central theme to that vision. After he graduated college, he sought out employment in the […]

  • From the Profession of Arms to Professional Athlete with Alejandro Villanueva

    There are two qualities that will make anyone successful in the military - hard work and dedication. West Point grad, former 1/75 Ranger and freshly-retired NFL player Alejandro Villanueva breaks down how those same two qualities, over time, can make you successful anywhere - from […]

  • Applying Life’s Lessons with Tony Nash

    From a young age, Major Tony Nash has had an analytical mind and looked at life as a series of lessons. In this episode, Tony talks about how losing his father impacted him and how it would set a lot of things in motion for the rest of his life. He was lucky though and a role model […]

  • How to Enhance Your Life with Mindfulness and Yoga with Dr. Daniel Libby

    In this episode, we talk with Dr. Daniel Libby who is the founder of Veterans Yoga Project (VYP). He talks about how he got started in yoga, mindfulness, and veteran support. His admiration for veterans and the realization that we invest a lot in Soldiers and their training. However, we […]

  • Contender for “The Most Interesting Man Alive” - AJ Yawn

    Admittedly, we’ve interviewed some interesting folks on this show – but not too many AS interesting as former Florida State basketball player, Army veteran, cybersecurity expert and social media influencer AJ Yawn.Yeah, that’s a lot.AJ’s journey from military brat to influencer, […]

  • Using Fiction to Tell our Stories of War with Darin Pepple

    In this episode Mike sits with Darin Pepple to talk about his time in uniform and his book; Dodge Bomb: Outside the Wire in the Second Iraq War .Darin realized when was young that the traditional path wasn’t for him. In this AIP Episode Darin and Mike talk about how that drove him to […]

  • No Pressure - Active Duty Master Sergeant is the Guiding Force Behind Superman

    We’ve all known people with the occasional side hustle - the part-time gig that puts a little extra money in your pocket - but you’ve never met anyone with an after hours job like Phillip Kennedy Johnson.Phillip is an active duty Master Sergeant who serves as a trumpeter in the U.S. […]

  • A Candid Conversation about No B.S. Workplaces with Kim Scott

    Kim Scott is best selling and critical acclaimed author of Radical Candor: Be a Kick Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity and Just Work: How to Root out Bias, Prejudice and Bullying to Build a Kick-Ass Culture of Inclusivity. Both of these books are must read for any leader or person to […]

  • Surviving Your Own Inner Critic with Chelsea Porterfield

    This is our first episode with Mike Lavigne at the helm. He’s serving as our new co-host and has been a longtime fan and supporter of AIP.In this episode - in the 100 years of its existence and the dozens of years it’s been under 24 hour guard, there have only been five women to serve […]

  • An Education on the Evolution of War and Profession of Arms with MG Mick Ryan

    Major General Mick Ryan is a general officer in the Australian Army. He has held positions from Troop to Brigade level as an Officer and as a General where his positions have spanned the globe. He holds a Master’s Degree from John Hopkins University in International Public Policy. His […]

  • The Good Life and a Better Future with Mike Lavigne

    Mike Lavigne has served across the Army as a Public Affairs specialist, with time in Eighth Army, TRADOC and most recently leading the Sergeant Major of the Army’s “This is My Squad” initiative. Throughout his career, he has helped to make sure that soldiers' stories are told and […]

  • Stepping into the Ring with Hannah and Chris Wagstaff

    Hannah Wagstaff is a 14-year-old MMA Fighter with a professional record of 3-1. She is also a white belt in Jiu-Jitsu and a balanced fighter with a great ground game, while still holding her own when she is standing. In this episode Hannah and her father, Chris, talk about how she got […]

  • Solitude and Building Relationships with Mike Erwin

    Mike Erwin is the founder of Team Red, White and Blue which has the mission of enriching veteran’s lives by connecting them with communities through fitness and social activities. This community has over 190 locations across the country, 200,000 members and close to 250,000 check-ins […]

  • A Cautionary Tale with Tyr Symank

    Tyr Symank is Green Beret, author, contractor and currently the Program Manager at Black Rifle Coffee Company. He is a man of many talents and even more stories. In this episode we got a chance to sit down with Tyr (after 5-6 reschedules) to talk about relationships, Afghanistan, […]

  • Growing Grit is a Journey with David Fivecoat

    David Fivecoat is a retired Colonel, author, executive coach and loves to help people become better leaders. In this episode David and Mike talk about leadership, relationships, growing grit and core principles to effective habits. How these are important aspects of success in and out of […]

  • Progress Equals Perfection by Jeramiah Solven

    Jeramiah Solven is a former Army Ranger Officer with time in the 75th Ranger Regiment. After his time in the Army, he made a change and dove into entrepreneurship. He is the founder of Conquer Academy which helps leaders win through personal and group coaching, podcast, newsletter, and […]

  • The Power of Mindfulness with Jon Macaskill and Will Schneider

    In this episode Mike talks with Jon Macaskill (Former Navy Seal, Mindful Coach) and Will Schnieder (Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation instructor) about the mindfulness movement. They started a Podcast called Men Talking Mindfulness, the hope is to bring awareness to the power of the […]

  • Science Fiction, Strategy and Leadership with Max Brooks and Steve Leonard

    In this episode Mike talks with best selling authors Max Brooks and Steve Leonard about their recent works “To Boldly Go: Leadership, Strategy and Conflict in the 21st Century and Beyond”. This book is a collaboration project with over 30 authors. They use science fiction to talk […]

  • The Family Foundation with Steve and Kadi Gowin

    Steve is a veteran of the United States Army and Law Enforcement. His family has Founded the Company Targeted Motivational Engagement (TME). This family is one of winners, they have worked as a team to establish a brand that is rooted in competition, support and constantly moving forward […]

  • Why High Performers need a Coach with Dale Walls

    Dale is the founder of Lion’s Guide. An executive coaching company helps high performers up their game. Dale is a former Marine; he also built a technology company that became one of the largest in the region. After selling that company he knew he wanted to add value to people’s […]

  • Be a Better Veteran with Vincent “Rocco" Vargas

    Vinny is a former Army Ranger, Prison Guard and Border Patrol Agent. He has since moved on to become the founder of Beteran and actor on the popular TV show Mayan MC. Vinny has amassed a huge following because of his relatable content and giving it to people straight. He has a podcast […]

  • The Twenty-Year War with United Valor

    The Twenty-Year War is a photo book that tells the stories of the Veterans that fought in the Global War on Terror. It’s produced by Beau Simmons and Former Army Rangers Dan Blakely & Tom Amenta. The forward was provided by General Joseph Votel, U.S. Army, Retired. In this episode […]

  • Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow

    LTC (R) Oak McCulloh retired from the United States Army after 23 years of service. Oak spent his last years in the Army and time since focusing on entry level leadership. Arming them with the mindsets and tools to become leaders that leave legacies. In this Episode Oak and Mike discuss […]

  • Eating Glass with Mark Jacobsen

    Mark Jacobsen is an Active Duty Air Force Officer, who currently is a professor at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. Mark started his career as pilot and later transitioned to extensive work in drone programs. Also, Mark is an amazing author, his books include Eating Glass and […]

  • Reflections on a Life of Service with Scott Schroeder

    If you’ve been listening to Always in Pursuit podcast or Mike’s previous unit Podcast called Kill Tank Radio then you’ve hear him mention CSM (R ) Scott Schroeder. Scott retired after 32 years of service in the Army and after completing his time as the FORSCOM CSM. Since that time […]

  • The Importance of Tough Conversations with Lily Garcia

    In this episode we talk with Major Lily Garcia who instructs at West Point. Her course teaches students how to understand emotions, bias and how this can affect leadership. One of the topics she discusses is how to have tough conversations. How our own upbringing can affect the dialogue […]

  • Mindset is Key W/ Marius Iliescu

    Marius is originally from Romania and now resides in Luxembourg. Last year he made a decision, the life of a Corporate Lawyer slugging away everyday in the grind wasn’t living. So, he made the hardest decision of his life and set off on a new path. One that has led him on a journey […]

  • Run Your Own Race with Jamie Ferguson

    In this episode with Jamie we talk about his time in the United States Navy, how he was part of the first submarine crew to launch tomahawk missiles into Desert Storm. What life on a submarine is like and what his aspirations were. However, Jamie suffered a catastrophic accident that left […]

  • Steve Leonard: AKA Doctrine Man!

    In this episode, we spend time with Steve Leonard, one of the Godfathers of military blogging. He was doing it long before it was cool. We talk about the origins of Doctrine Man, current military issues and how sharing stories is a key part of our ability to connect. With no shortage of […]

  • Silent Bridge (Combating Sex Trafficking in Asia)

    This is a special release episode for an organization we are proud to be affiliated with. Silent Bridge is an organization that combats human trafficking in Asia. Not only do they rescue these young children, but they also assist them to develop long-term life plans. We would like to […]

  • Leadership through Dog Mushing w/Dallas Seavey

    The Iditarod dog mushing race is often called “The Last Great Race,” and Dallas Seavey is one of the big names in that great race. The son of a 3-time winner, he has endured and triumphed on his own, and is currently tied for the most wins at 5. This year he is set to smash the record […]

  • Medal of Honor Recipient MSG(R) Leroy Petry

    Retired Master. Sgt. Leroy Petry was an Army Ranger for 16 years -- and for his actions in Afghanistan in 2008, became the second living recipient of the  Medal of Honor in the modern era. Since his 2014 retirement from the Army, he’s been a strong veterans’ advocate and works […]

  • If I can, I Must with JJ Wilson & James Boyd from Adyton

    JJ Wilson and James Boyd are former Green Berets. Along with their friend Jeff Prosek. They took their experiences from their time in uniform, academia, and the tech world to form the company Adyton. After COVID-19 derailed their initial plans, they pivoted — and created a way to […]

  • Step to the Edge W/ Zach Carbo Part 2

    Part of the amazing saga that is Zach Carbo's life. In this episode talks about the end of his time in Ranger Regiment, growing in the world of wingsuits, base jumping and free falling. Zach is a true super hero! Zach Carbo on Facebook Zach Carbo on Instagram Epic ShitZach Talking […]

  • Step to the Edge W/ Zach Carbo Part 1

    Zach has always lived his life on his own terms. This has given him a perspective that is unique and inspiring in its simplicity. Do not over think it, sometimes you must trust your ability and step to the edge. In depth discussion with Zach in this episode, from his childhood, time in […]

  • Hard and Heavy Things W/Matthew Hefti

    Matthew Hefti is the author of “A Hard and Heavy Thing”, veteran and lawyer. He has a perspective that is thought provoking and incredibly insightful. In this episode we talk about his work as an author and the Air Force as a EOD Tech. How all that wove together and manifested its way […]

  • Owning Your Past W/Lorin Lynch

    Lorin Lynch is one of the most physically capable person I have met in my life. His focus on fitness has helped him through difficult times. He uses social media to provide tips on fitness, life, diet advice and how to keep the fire burning. His transparency in this episode is inspiring […]

  • Memorial Day W/ Keith Nightingale

    This episode we are joined by the master storyteller Keith Nightingale. Keith is a living legend and has an amazing ability to tell the story of our country. We discuss the sacrifices made by many from WWII to the Global War on Terrorism. Keith has firsthand knowledge of a lot of the […]

  • We are the 22 W/Mikel Brooks

    Mikel Brooks is the founder of We are the 22. A veteran program to tackle suicide head on, his team responds to calls with the help of multiple agencies in Arkansas. They will go to the veteran, establish safe plans and address any situation that arises. Mikel dealt with some serious […]

  • Thought Partner W/Kevin Kermes

    What is a thought partner? That is a question Kevin gets a lot. In this episode we explore the answer and so much more. Kevin has helped people that are highly successful reach new levels of success and also to find their purpose. I learned a ton from Kevin, extremely humbled to sit-down […]

  • What's Your Fight?? W/ Dr. Rio Kazmi

    Dr. Kazmi is the definition of being Always in Pursuit. He has overcome unbelievable adversity in the pursuit of freedom and success. While being an  illegal immigrant in the United States. A doctor, engineer and patent holder, with a level of patriotism that left me inspired. You will […]

  • Power of Perception W/ Police Chief Matt Brown

    Matt Brown has been in spent 20 plus years in Law Enforcement. His time has given him an amazing ability to look at all perspectives, apply it  to community relations and  leadership. In this episode Matt talks about how his pursuit of being a life-long learner and the service of others […]

  • The 15-Year-Old Crime Reporter

    Colin Scroggins is a Crime Reporter for the CNAW Eyewitness News, covering crime in the Chattahoochee Valley. If that is not impressive enough, he is 15 years old. He has amassed a large following for his ability to report on the scene and taking feedback from the community. Incredibly […]

  • Mentorship and Perspective W/UW ROTC

    In this episode we talk with LTC Miller and Cadet Rosenthol from University of Washington in Seattle. We have a dialogue about leadership from the Junior Officer, Senior Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer. A multi-faceted episode with some great perspectives about how to build teams and […]

  • The One and Only Jax Scott

    Jax defines the phrase burning the wick at both ends. From Podcasts, Blogs, Cyber Security in and out of uniform. She is making a huge impact in a lot of arenas. We were fortunate enough to get some of her time to talk about mentorship, business and Cyber Security. A wealth of knowledge, […]

  • Bridging the Military and Civilian Divide

    Korey Cress has a unique perspective on the military. Never have serving himself, but many of his friends have. Also he  understands how the business world can benefit from military perspective, in other ways how the military can learn from the private sector. He is an entrepuner at his […]

  • The Italian Chef Philosopher

    Lucas Migliorelli is an Italian Chef that travels and impacts people around the world. Him talking about his life, journey and lessons learned is incredibly insightful. He has found a gap and moved to fill it, finding a niche that has allowed himself and others to thrive. Towards the end […]

  • Your Passion is Worth It

    Brent and Tracey Shaw have an amazing story. He was a Police Officer, she was a Real Estate Agent and investor. After the market crash in 2008 they knew something had to change. They found themselves leading thousands and paving a way neither of them ever expected. Amazing leaders and […]

  • Naked and Unafraid part 2

    In part 2 Chad Jenkins serves as the host and we walk through my life. We deep dive on it all, the good, bad and ugly. This is for two purposes; to inspire others to do the same with people they trust. Also, to show that transparency is the key to connection. Leaders need to do this more, […]

  • Naked and Unafraid part 1

    In part 1 of 2 episodes Chad Jenkins serves as the host and we walk through my life. We deep dive on it all, the good, bad and ugly. This is for two purposes; to inspire others to do the same with people they trust. Also, to show that transparency is the key to connection. Leaders need to […]

  • Trauma, Veteran's Hill and Living with it all W/ Chad Jenkins

    Chad Jenkins is a leader we should all strive to be, humble, intelligent and inclusive.  In this episode we talk about success he's had and some of the realist talk we've had so far on AIP. This episode is the one that we all need to hear, if we don't realize and dive into what troubles […]

  • Live Life on the Offense with Jay Tiegs

    In this episode we talk with Jay Tiegs, a CPT in the United States Army.  We discuss leadership and how to take life head on. A very insightful leader full of energy it’s no surprise he has a thriving coaching and consulting business. Jay is also part of a program called 75 Hard and […]

  • Founder of From the Green Notebook, Joe Byerly

    Joe Byerly is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army and also the founder of From the Green Notebook. A blog/forum where leaders from across the world share leadership lessons, experiences and tips. An innovative leader and entrepuner this episode is a treasure trove of […]

  • Strategic Foresight w/ Matt Thompson

    Matt is the definition of success, accomplishing a ton in his life and he is still moving forward in big ways. In this episode he talks about how his life has shaped his mentality and work ethic. Working through adversity has strengthened his desire and given him purpose. Also he gives us […]

  • My mate from Australia, Ben Horton

    Ben Horton is the founder of Ironside Coffee and podcast, also a former veteran himself. In this episode we talk about successes, failure and how to take feedback as a leader. Incredibly intelligent, Ben provides insights all of us can learn from. I'm huge fan of his company, podcast and […]

  • Keep Climbing/ RIP Matt, We will miss you

    Matt Nyman is a man that you will stand in awe of , his accomplishments prior to his injury are amazing such as being a Ranger, SFOD operator. He worked on cyber-security with American Family and with a veterans group that summits the worlds highest mountains,  Adaptive Grand Slam. On […]

  • UltraBeast

    Will Dinwiddie (UltraBeast) is a man that has competed at Strongman, Arm-wrestling, MMA and even Ultra-Marathons. His ability to push through adversity, injuries and self-doubt is inspiring. In this episode we unpack his mentality, drive and deep-rooting desire to help people. High-energy […]

  • No Road Map to Success W/ Eric Gordon

    In this Episode we talk with Eric Gordon. He talks about his life and how there has been multiple audibles called throughout. He highlights the mistakes made and what he has learned from them. we talk about some of the issues plaguing our country and what each one of us can do to be part […]

  • Martin Luther King Jr Message

    Quick episode about today and the power of words. 

  • Trust Yourself w/ Steve Corcoran

    In this episode we talk with Steve Corcoran, my father in law. His travels of the world, mistakes made and opportunities seized. He truly is one of the most interesting people in the world. A fun and educational episode. Hope you enjoy! 

  • Kaffee Klatsch w/Mike Hefti

    Army Major Mike Hefti is one of the best officers in the business. This conversation is packed with tons of tips on how to stay at the top of your game. He has managed organizations with 4,500 people. His experience isn't just in the military as he has time in Law Enforcement and other […]

  • We must Thrive with Daren Koehler

    In this Episode Michael Burke talks with Daren Koehler a resiliency expert and coach. Talking about connection, the challenges it develops and what we all need to do to be a little better. Great episode to get this journey started. Hope everyone loves listening to Daren as much as I do.