Veterans talking about mental health issues and finding purpose after/service and the storm
  • Majestic AF brings you Smoke’em If you GØT’EM

    Host of MajesticAF Shawn laugier brings a new podcast to the world with Smoke’em if you GØT’EM Shawn talks about current events is more interactive with the live audience watching and it’s a more laid back podcast and will be filmed anywhere and every where he wants he wanted a […]

  • Whats to come if season two part 2: the rise of the collective and movement

    Advertisement on what’s to come! --- Send in a voice message:

  • MajesticAF season2 episode 6: Mario Miramontes

    This episode Shawn sits down with Mario a marine vet to talk about the resources the va has to offer new experimental drugs(special k) treatment and finding purpose --- Send in a voice message:

  • MajesticAF season 2 ep5: Veteran family (hello from the outside) guest lensi Merriman & David Ables

    In this episode of MajesticAF host Shawn sits down with two of his dear friends to talk about the Mental health issues & how they affect veterans & impact their families members. Guest Lensi is a nurse & has family that are Vets. She discusses her own battle with mental health […]

  • MajesticAF season 2 episode 4: addiction and getting sober

    This week Shawn sits down with dear friend Emily Kief to talk about addiction and the journey to becoming sober --- Send in a voice message:

  • MajesticAF: rabid rhino on the loose

    This episode Shawn sits with army vet and talk about how he found purpose in mix martial arts after battling addiction --- Send in a voice message:

  • MajesticAF season 2 episode 2: ian maddog dalaney marine veteran

    Shawn sits down with a marine with a true warriors heart and an amazing story of beating the odds --- Send in a voice message:

  • Season 2 episode 1 Cory Timberlake kayaking therapy

    This episode our Shawn laugier talks to Cory Timberlake a marine Iraq war veteran talk about his businesses how we met and how he found purpose kayaking --- Send in a voice message:

  • Final episode season 1: Clinton Duncan from mullet to viral super star.

    Shawn sits down with a veteran who found purpose and just being him from rocking a mullet to viral fame Shawn saved one of the best for last . Stay MajesticAF till next season coming soon --- Send in a voice message:

  • Episode 10 Joe rapisarda: my brother from the start

    This week Shawn chats with Joe rapisarda one of his first battle buddies form basic. They talking about crypto currency’s , joes pod cast like raps caps and tactical pause. He teaches Shawn techniques about stoping anxiety with breathing techniques. All chat about how he got in to […]

  • MajesticAF episode 8: the grillin vets stoping veteran homelessness with a grill

    On this episode of MajesticAF I get to speak to a battle buddy from my basic training days and his buddy the grillin vets (Darwin Archie and satona Bailey) both combat infantry vets on a mission to end veteran homelessness with their skills on the grill --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • MajesticAF episode 7 Amber McCarthy: motherhood

    On this MajesticAF episode I sit down with my dear friend Amber McCarthy to talk about the stress of motherhood and a rough childhood. She is an warrior so please tune and listen to her story. --- Send in a voice message:

  • MajesticAF episode 6 colonel David Lange Air Force veteran author and much more

    This episode I have the honor to sit with colonel David Lange as he took time off his book signing tour. To speak to me on his views of how the military has to address the mental health issues that affect our men and women in the armored services. he also talks about his book and his time […]

  • MajesticAF episode 5 return of Jeff pushman talking about the run times in the military

    This episode of MajesticAF is about the good times in the military we don’t like to act like we didn’t have a blast during our time of service --- Send in a voice message:

  • MajesticAF episode 4 Tyler Larsen the pride of the marines!

    MajesticAF episode 4 we get talk to a good friend of ours and marine corps combat veteran about what he’s doing to push himself forward after the service --- Send in a voice message:

  • MajesticAF episode 3 Jeff pushman part 2: finding purpose in dark places

    MajesticAF brings a part 2 with Jeff pushman an infantry combat veteran talking about dark times with depression after the service --- Send in a voice message:

  • MajesticAF episode 2 with Jeff pushman :never giving up always Charlie mike (talks about depression)

    This episode of MajesticAF we dive into the raw side of being a veteran after service. Me and Jeff talk about losing purpose after the military depression ptsd veterans suicide and mental health issues that effect out veteran community tune in --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • MajesticAF episode 1 doc sabbath finding purpose with music

    This is the first episode of MajesticAF with host Shawn laugier and his guest one of his combat medic doc sabbath! They speak on life after the service and how doc giving back with his folk music while he finds purpose after service --- Send in a voice message: […]