The Basic Vet

A basic veteran’s general outlook on life. It’s disgruntled and full of Xennial angst.
  • Dear Millenials

    A little about millenials. This is just to keep me in the seat recording. I decided not to go full blast on the generation since I myself, am one. All hail the Elder Millenial!Support this podcast at —

  • I'm Back, And PA Still Sucks

    After an almost three year hiatus, TBV is back, and just as bad as ever. This episode is just me getting back in the chair and recording, so don't expect much. Support this podcast at —

  • White Castle and Philanthropy (not in that order)

    In this episode I cover which burger is truly King. I also talk about philanthropy n shit. Support this podcast at —

  • PA Sucks, Pot Helps

    In this episode TBV discusses a little about what life is like in Pennsylvania. Spoiler alert: It's not good. One thing that helps traverse the treacherously old fashioned mindset here, is weed. It also helps thousands of veterans with a myriad of issues. FB: […]

  • TBV's First YouTube Episode!

    TBV is growing up, and apparently just hit puberty because it can't figure out where to land. The Basic Vet is now on YouTube and this is a sample of what's coming next.Here's the link to the video: […]

  • Use Your Turn Signal

    Another song that I got bored and made. It has a great message. Support this podcast at —

  • Dre in Tokyo

    I started screwing around on GarageBand and this crap came out.Support this podcast at —

  • Cyberpunk 2077 and WTF America???

    This episode I didn't use any notes. I just wrote topic headings and rambled on. Hope you like it? Yea the question mark is on purpose. The content is in the title. FB: […]

  • Motorcycles Suck, and It's Your Fault

    All throughout the world people love motorcycles. They also hate them. It's definitely your fault, so how do we fix it?This episode is one that I'm passionate about, but since I'm not legally allowed to say certain things, you'll just have to bear with me while I make it listen-worthy.FB: […]

  • Santa Is A Weirdo, But Mine Isn't!

    Merry Something! Today I cover how Santa is viewed in different parts of the world. I'm pretty sure Italy's Santa is in the Mafia. I also cover what MY idea Santa is like. This is my last episode until Friday, so get in those listens and join me next week for more!FB: […]

  • Fruitcakes Are Pretty Cool, Being PC Isn't

    Today we cover those heavy, weird fruitcakes that always seem to make it to the party from Gram Gram and never get eaten. Maybe we've been too hard on them! Then we talk about the whole Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, PC bullshit. At the end, I let you all know how much work that you've been […]

  • Male Privilege Made Me Do It

    Today we talk about the message behind TBV, and I even get a little deep as to why TBV came into existence. We all hurt sometimes, and sometimes we need a nice kick in the ass to get up out of that dark place. There is definitely a light at the end of that tunnel, and it took a certified […]

  • Don't Be a Sell Out

    Today TBV talks about mermaids and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and how they relate to a conversation with a strange 10 year old.Oh, we also talk about a special vendor that Jarheads and civilians alike will appreciate because he gives a big chunk of his profit to a great, and vital […]

  • Idiots In Traffic

    Everyone has probably been frustrated while driving, sometimes through no fault of their own. Are you sure you're not in the wrong? Today we cover 4 way stops, as well as a particularly frustrating situation that many people don't understand. I'll clear up exactly what you should do in […]

  • Social Media Links! New TBV Email! Fan shout-out!

    I finally got to creating the social media stuff for TBV.Links:Podcast Main - - @the.basic.vetFacebook - - thebasicvet@gmail.comSupport this podcast at — […]

  • Healthy Bullying, The Vaccine, and a Conspiracy

    In this episode we cover a couple of controversial topics, once of which we will never be rid of.You'll be surprised by today's sponsor, and you'll also still hate wearing a mask by the end.Yes this episode is shorter, because I'm a procrastinator and started late. But I said Friday, and […]

  • IDGAF vs. Ignorance and Military Myths

    This episode explores and defines the IDGAF mentality, and compares it to ignorance. BIG DIFFERENCE!It also covers a few common myths about people that join the military, which may hold truth.Make sure to listen to our new sponsor as well! Super stoked.Support this podcast at — […]

  • Episode ZEEERO!

    It's here! It's Late! Whatever. The intro episode will cover a little about the show, and a little about the miracle of flight.Song: More Plastic - Razor [NCS Release]Music provided by NoCopyrightSoundsFree Download/Stream: Support […]

  • The intro for every future TBV episode

    just a thirty second intro piece for every episode. First one drops Black Friday!Support this podcast at —