The Truths We Hide

Annette Whittenburger

Welcome to the all new podcast “The Truths We Hide” created by A Wild Ride Called Life. We share people’s stories of triumph and how they how are overcoming them. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday. 

  • Episode 145 with Honorable Cheryl Mason

    The incredible journey of the Honorable Cheryl L. Mason began amidst the picturesque foothills of Appalachia, in Portsmouth, Ohio. From a tender age, she learned invaluable lesson that life presents us with opportunities to overcome obstacles and leave a lasting imprint on others. Known […]

  • Season 3 Ep 144

    In this episode, we will be speaking with Jazz Canon, the co-founder of Legend Group an Afghanistan Humanitarian Evacuation Group that is highly involved in the Afghanistan disaster. She helps American families and those who are on the run, to escape certain death from terrorism.  This […]

  • Episode 143 with Jazz Cannon

    Jazz Cannon is a co-founder of Legend Group, an Afghanistan Humanitarian Evacuation Group that saves trapped Americans, Afghan Allies, Christians and other Minorities from the Taliban. Her goal is to restore America’s Honor in Afghanistan. For Jazz, the fight is personal. She was […]

  • Season 3 Episode 142

    Born into poverty to a drug-addicted mother, Rebecca Contreras had been a “lost girl” for almost two decades when, at age 19, she found herself to be a drop out, welfare-dependent teenage mother. As a high school dropout with substance-abuse and emotional trauma tendencies, she was […]

  • S3 Ep 141 with Erin Michelle and special guest Trenton Hooker

    Not only will we be digger deeper Into Domestic Violence with Erin Michelle, we will also have a special guest from our local news station here In Central Texas 25 News KXXV, Trent Hooker.  Trenton Hooker Executive Producer, 25 News KXXV Trenton is an executive producer at 25 News and […]

  • S3 Ep 140 with Brian Big Country Conwell

    BRIAN BIGCOUNTRY CONWELL is a retired Army SGT who llost his left leg on Ft. Riley KS, on January 7th 2014. His right leg contains 30 screws 4 plates and a 10 in rod. SGT BIGCOUNTRY is a Pro Athlete that competes all over the USA and other Countries! He has founded the first ever Tattoo […]

  • S3 Ep139 with Frank Manteau

    Frank upon graduating Union Local High School just six day later he entered Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, SC and is now a Veterans of the United States Marine Corps. He obtained the rank of Sergeant while on active duty and was honorably discharged after 7 1/2 years. After the […]

  • S3 EP 138 with Erin Michelle

    Erin Michelle who been through hell and back yet still keeps smiling and has a heart of gold. Why has she decided to share her story even amidst off all her heartache? " I want to help women and men understand and process what they may be going through and encourage the healing journey by […]

  • Season 3 Episode 137

    Jennifer Hobbs. is a combat veteran, wife of a combat veteran, and mother on a mission to follow my purpose to change the world, helping one person at a time. She shares her story of growing up in a single parent family home that came with challenges of its own to joining the military at […]

  • Season 3 Ep 136 with Keith McKeever

    Keith McKeever was raised around the real estate industry. His parents sold log homes, were both Realtors, and held rental property as well as fix and flip homes. After losing his father to cancer at the age of sixteen Keith felt lost. It wasn't until enlisting in the U.S. Air Force as a […]

  • Season 3 Ep 135 with Avery Stenstrom

    Avery Stenstrom is an 18-year-old high school senior who began her writing journey at the age of 14 one summer day while spending time with family on vacation in West Virginia. Avery's journey into writing came as she struggled to come to terms with her early childhood trauma and her […]

  • Season 3 Ep 134 with Shanique Dupree

    Shaniqua Dupree is a Business Consultant and Income Strategist at Launching With Purpose, a mom of three, a United States Navy Veteran with 11 years of service. But most importantly she is a faithful believer in Jesus Christ. It’s because of her faith in Him that she decided to write […]

  • Season 3 Ep 133 with Shawn Barksdale

    Born into wedlock to Darlene Carden & Calvin Barksdale. Shawn was born April 19, 1976. Shawn was caught in a vicious cycle when his father was incarcerated while he was only 4yrs old. Although Shawn had gained a foundation of respect and a hard work ethic from his grandparents and […]

  • Season 3 Ep 132 with Ericka Kelly

    Ericka E. Kelly is professional speaker, executive coach and trainer. In this position, she is a global professional where her leadership skills are utilized to add value and to develop companies in their effectiveness and production goals. She helps thousands of leaders to become better […]

  • Season 3 Ep 131 with Dr. Rob Garcia

    Rob Garcia's last interview saw him returning from a Middle East deployment, losing his mother to cancer and living with his sister in his hometown as he figured out his next steps. A nervous breakdown would follow, culminating in him quitting his job and committing to entrepreneurship […]

  • Season 3 Ep 130 with Haeli Whittenberger

    In this Episode my daughter, Haeli and I dig deep into what life is like as a military child and having a parent who struggles with mental health. Haeli talks about what she saw and how that changed her way of life.  This is a never before talked about episode in which we see through the […]

  • Season 3 Episode 129 Theresa Carpenter

    Theresa Carpenter is an active duty naval officer and storyteller with 25 years of service. She overcame decades of trauma and self sabotaging behavior through acts of service and is committed to paying that journey forward. Her podcast S.O.S. Stories of Service features people from all […]

  • BONUS EPISODE ...The Wall Between Two Lives

    Come listen to this very special episode about a very special project happening this month.  I do not normally try and talk about myself but this one was needed.  Do not forget to follow us at for updates on everything that we are working on.  You can support […]

  • FOCUS part 2 with Steve Sims

    In this episode, Steve Sims shares why he chose to focus on small businesses and new entrepreneurs. He also shares how he started his Speakeasy events. They are exclusive and no one is the same. Listen here for more.  You can find more on Steve Sims in the May podcast guide at […]

  • FOCUS (part 1) a 2 part Series with Steve Sims

    In this episode, Steve Sims shares how he balances life, work, and business. How do you Focus on all those things? Listen here to find out how he does it and why.  You can find about Steve Sims in the May Podcast guide at --- Send in a voice […]

  • Episode 128 with Michael Hsu

    "As an emotional trauma healer I help others heal anxiety, anger and depression from the ground up through healing the emotional traumas that take place in our homes such as intergenerational and childhood traumas. I have written two books about this and I have had my practice Heal From […]