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Welcome to the Create, Launch, Monetize Podcast, where we show you step-by-step how to create programs, products, and services, podcasts, and businesses from scratch, launching and monetizing them.  You become the crowned authority in your category.  Think about this show as a life boat for your business in this ever-changing digital age that allows you to grow at rapid speed to navigate the open waters of the current industry.  When you leverage the CLM Strategy for your business, podcast, book, or service, you will be recognized as the go-to Leader.

We’re excited to have you listen to the show to break away from all the noise, stand out, and know for sure that what you will execute will have lasting long-term results.  There is so much fluff, so many different strategies, so many different paths to take, how do you know “the one” is the right path?  It always seems that someone else’s strategy is amazing and they make millions while you constantly go over your notes from the tens of hundreds of webinars only to not earn revenue, not retain clients, and stay broke.  Now you don’t have to.

In a tactical way, Anthony Franck and Sean Douglas, with Military level accountability, will take you along the ride on the journey of our own creation, launch, and monetization of our assets and our businesses.

  • S4 EP 7: Marketing For E-Commerce Sellers with Andrew Maff

    Are you in the e-commerce category? How are you marketing your store? Should someone have an Amazon store or a Shopify store? In this episode, all this and more have been answered! There's so much to marketing and when you add in the different platforms e-commerce sellers can use to sell […]

  • S4 EP 6: Signature Book Formula with D Arlando Fortune

    Do you want to become an Author? Do you know what you want to write about? How would you like to have someone with you each and every step of the way to help you navigate your book writing journey? In this episode, D Arlando Fortune talks about his Signature Book Formula to guide you in […]

  • S4 EP 5: Podcast Monetization Secrets with Phil Better

    Do you want to monetize your podcast? Do you know how many different ways have been used to monetize? How big of a difference would it make for you if you followed what was in this episode, and clicked the links in these show notes, and discovered tried and true methods of monetizing? In […]

  • S4 EP 4: Creating, Launching, and Monetizing Your Agency with Hilary Russell

    Are you ready to launch an agency, or have you already? Was your launch a success or just mediocre? What was your biggest learned lesson in your whole process? Hilary Russell From TRC joins the show to discuss what she has learned in launching a 6-7 figure agency. Listen is as she breaks […]

  • S4 EP 3: Why Digital Real Estate Isn't Just A Side Hustle with Nick Wood

    Are you looking to start a lucrative side hustle? Did you know digital real estate comes in many forms, and can be very profitable? Do you know how to build a very simple and clean website? If not, no worries! In this episode, Nick Wood talks about how he created a digital rela estate […]

  • S4 EP 2: As It Relates To Podcasting with Simona Costantini

    Have you thought about launching a podcast? How about launching a whole podcast production agency? Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of a podcast? How it all works? Who's behind the mic, the editing, and the marketing? In this episode, we learn from Volt Productions CEO, Speaker, […]

  • S4 EP 1: The 7-Figure Expert Dr. Noah St. John

    What's your goals for 2024? Do you want to break habits like most people? Do you want to elevate your career? Of course you do! Do you want to achieve something very few people ever will? In this episode, Noah St. John talks about his 12 Week Blueprint, his 7-Figure Expert book, along […]

  • S3 EP 8: The Harder I fall, The Higher I Bounce with Max James

    Do you feel resilient? Do you feel like you are able to overcome every hardship, every trial or tribulation? How do you feel once the darkness comes into your life? In this episode, Author Max James talks about his book, The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce, a business memoir for […]

  • S3 EP 7: Your Lifestyle Is Killing You with Juan Williams

    Did you know that your lifestlye may be killing you? Did you know that changes to your health habits, although difficult, can prolong your life? What habits do you need to change that will allow you live a more healthy lifestyle? In this episode, Juan Williams talks about how is lifestyle […]

  • S3 EP 6: The Power Of 5 with David Bernstein

    Do you know what five things you need in life? Of course there are more, but do you believe that there are five core things you must have to live a healthy and happy life? In this episode, David Bernstein talks about his discovery while practicing medicine that led him to write his book, […]

  • S3 EP 5: Leading a World Movement to Bring Life Coaching to Kids with Renaye Thornborrow

    What is life coaching for kids and how does it help children and families? How is child life coaching different from therapy or counseling?  How do you know if your child need s a life coach, a mentor, or therapist? In this episode, Renaye Thornborrow joins the show to discuss what she […]

  • S3 EP 4: The Five Elements of Relationships with Dr. Vicki Matthews

    Have you ever wondered what your personality type is? Have you ever wondered why you get along with one type of group and not the other? Do you want to learn more about yourself and finally receive actual facts about why you are the way you are? In this episode, Dr. Vicki Matthews joins […]

  • S3 EP 3: The Business of Neuroscience with Zach Paul

    We're BACK!! After a brief break, we are honored to bring to you our friend, Zach Paul, who's in the business of Neuroscience. Zach has the ability to show you how to break free from Negative Thinking And Self-Doubt forever using the S.H.A.R.K. Method. Discover The 5-Step S.H.A.R.K. […]

  • S3 EP 2: Creating A Master Connector Mentality with Steve Spiro

    Do you value connections? How do you connect to those around you, whether it be in person or online? Do you have a database of people that you use to connect your inner circle to? In this episode, Steve Spiro talks about how he has become known as the "Master Connector." Check out his […]

  • S3 EP 1: Creating, Launching, and Monetizing Your Humor with Lisa David Olson

    SO, you think you're funny? Do you want to package that humor into a profitable speaker business? Can you improv? Can you make people laugh? If not, want to learn how? In the first episode of 2023, Lisa David Olson explains how she monetizes humor to create an improv comedy sketch […]

  • S2 EP 30: Separating Real Marketing From "Facebook-preneur" Marketing with Parker Nash

    Have you ever been randomly DM'd and pitched services you didn't ask for? Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they immediately start talking about how great they are and you're a fool if you don't follow them or buy their programs? Are you tired of following the "gurus" […]

  • S2 EP 29: The Lion Within with Chris Grainger

    Are you a Father who wants to become closer to his family? Are you living the biblical principles, or do you even believe in God? What if I told you that there is a handbook that was created that men should follow, and most importantly, all Father's should memorize? In this episode, Chris […]

  • S2 EP 028: Creating and Exiting Your Business For A Profit with Nathan Hirsch

    Ever wondered if you could sell your entire business, not just the products or service? Do you host a Podcast and wonder if someone would actually buy it? We cover than and more in this episode with serial Entrepreneur, Nathan Hirsch. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and currently the CEO of […]

  • S2 EP 027: Our Excuses Are Killing Our Businesses with Alex Terranova

    In this episode, Podcast Host, Bestselling Author, and Recovering Asshole, Alex Terranova, goes very vulnerable with Sean Douglas as they they share life, business, and relationship war stories. Life's not easy, but you already knew that. There is a way to manage it better, and today's […]

  • S2 EP 026: A Wealth of Connection with Vincent Pugliese

    How connected do you need to be to be successful? Ever heard, your network is eqaul to your networth? And your networth is your network? On today's episode, Vincent Pugliese dives deep into building connections, building relationships, and how your business can thrive if these aren't […]

  • S2 EP 025: The No BS Guide To Recovery with Dana Glden & David Marion

    In this exicting and often nail biting episode, Dana Golden & David Marion talk about how business success grew from just money to drugs, destruction, death, prison, and ultimately, gaining more than they could ever imagine. You will not believe what happened until you listen to this […]