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“To the brave and faithful, nothing is impossible.” A podcast where Navy Chief, Reden Dionisio, talks to our brave and faithful military veterans and service members. We discuss their time in service, sacrifice and success after service. How they’ve been able to apply the lessons they’ve learned in the military to life after, in their second service. Learn how you can apply the same principles in order to succeed in business and in life. This Podcast is sponsored by Fortis Et Fidelis, a brand dedicated to honoring the brave and faithful.

Reden Dionisio
  • 125: Thank you for the Support

    “Time is the most precious gift we can give. Use it wisely.” In our last episode of the Brave and Faithful podcast, I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for the support with the show and our brand, Fortis Et Fidelis. This podcast is brought to you by Fortis Et Fidelis. […]

  • 124: Genuine Leadership with Mike Soto

    "I will let you fail, but I won't let you be a failure."  You only fail if you don't learn from your mistakes and the lessons it teaches you. Mike Soto is a Navy Chief who shares with us his experience going up the ranks to becoming an senior enlisted, genuine leader. He shares with us […]

  • 123: How to purchase your first short term rental

    Alex Jarbo is a Marine Veteran, leaving the Corps to pursue Real Estate, and is now a developer and manager of Short Term Rentals (STR). Listen in as he shares how you can find and purchase your first STR in your area, how to look for unique properties and how to lean heavily on people […]

  • 122: Challenges of Military Transition with Brian Niswander

    "There's a hidden and open job market. Get connections and network to find those hidden/unadvertised jobs."  Brian Niswander has spent over 30 years of experience both in the public and private sector. He is an Air Force veteran and the founder of, an organization […]

  • 121: Hear These Truths with Jeff Clark

    "As a leader you should never let WE be a hollow word." Jeff Clark served 12 years in the Air Force before being medically retired. It wasn't long before he was back working in the government service as a civilian leader. Since then, he's created a podcast called Courses of Action and […]

  • 120: From Commander to Crown with Dr Corinne Devin

    Dr. Corinne Devin is a U.S. Navy Commander, Orthodontist, Speaker and Author of the book, Commander to Crown: Lessons learned as a Naval Officer, Orthodontist, and Beauty Queen. While serving in the Navy, she's also been a triple crown holding queen all the while using her time to engage […]

  • 119: Bet on Yourself with Remi Adeleke

    Remi Adeleke is a former Navy Seal turned best selling Author, Actor, Writer and Director. He was born in Nigerian royalty, but after the death of his father, his family moved to the Bronx, NY. Growing up the odds were stacked against him. Throughout his time in the Navy, there were many […]

  • 118: Providing hope for other Vets with Travis Partington

    Referring to podcasting, "It's a huge sandbox, you can make your sand castle any way you want it." Marine Veteran Travis Partington's advice to aspiring podcasters is to first have your why and your success/failure criteria figured out. Go check out Oscar Mike Radio, a place for veterans […]

  • 117: How to pass your NCLEX with The Boot Nurse

    Kevin Gibson, AKA The Boot Nurse returns to discuss military life, experience as an ICU Nurse, and his passion for Coaching and Mentoring.   Guest Links: The Boot Nurse  Book Recommendation: 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs This podcast is brought to you by Fortis […]

  • 116: Transcend limitation with Mike Liguori

    "There's always another level to get to; same game, different levels." Mike Liguori is a Marine Veteran, Mindset Coach and the author of "The Road Ahead & Miles Behind" which is a story of redemption, healing between a Father and Son. He shares with us how he stumbled upon meditation […]

  • 115: With failures comes success with Tim Jensen

    Tim Jensen is a Marine and the Chief Strategy Officer at Gruntstyle, LLC which provides more than apparel, but instilling pride in self, in our military and in our country. He shares with us his journey with the company and what they are doing now to help the veteran community through the […]

  • 114: Take care of yourself so you can take care of others

    Solo episode with update on recent reenlistment, change of duty station, and taking caring of ourselves so we can better care for others. --- Support this podcast:

  • 113: The Millennial Veteran with Jenna Carlton

    "Start messy, start unprepared, because life is short. Don't overthink it just do it."  One of the main issues with millennial veterans is lack of community that leads to isolation. Knowing this, Jenna, a Navy Veteran turned content creator and host of Vet Chats on Instagram, started a […]

  • 112: Finding someone you can learn from with Frank Fields

    "Forget what you can't do, and do something they will never forget." Frank Fields is an Army Veteran who lost his legs while serving in Iraq. He talks about overcoming the obstacles on the way back to being in better physically and mentally. Learning from his failures, now he's helping […]

  • 111: Helping Veterans navigate post combat struggles with Andrews & Wilson

    Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson are Navy Veterans and best selling authors with over 20 books written, some made for TV and Movies that will soon be out. Their mission is helping fellow veterans navigate post combat struggles through their faith based fiction series that includes, “The […]

  • 110: The Art of Writing with Keith Kappel

    "It is, what it is. A great reminder to accept reality and identify what you can do within that to move forward. Keith Kappel is a Navy Veteran and currently a content writer for the non profit Bunker Labs, highlighting other veterans in their next mission.  Guest Links: […]

  • 109: Opportunities in every setback with Dr. Geri Lynn Maples

    Geri Lynn Maples was a military spouse and is currently a caregiver for her husband. She is also the Blue Star Family Director for the Dayton and Southwest Ohio chapter, Professor at Miami University (OH) and a 2020 Elizabeth Dole Fellow. She shares with us her story as a military spouse […]

  • 108: Claymore Vets with Maria Salazar

    Creating a community where you are thriving, not just surviving. Maria is a Marine Veteran and the Founder of Claymore Vets, a non profit cultivating a creative and connected community of Military Veterans, First Responders, and Artists through clay and arts. She shares her story of how a […]

  • 107: Hope for the Warriors with Lee Bonar

    "Pride and ego will kill you." Lee Bonar served the Marine Corps for 33 years retiring as a Sergeant Major in 2018. After retiring, he joined Hope for the Warriors, partnering with over 100 organizations in their mission to provide assistance to combat wounded service members, their […]

  • 106: She Vets it with Althea Williams

    "No matter your experiences, you still have a purpose." Althea D. Williams is not your average veteran, having earned her bachelors and masters before joining the military. She was inspired by other family members who served, but was ultimately medically retired due to suffering with PTSD […]

  • 105: Serving those who served with John Martin

    "Instead of saying thanks, give thanks." John Martin is the Director of Aftercare for the University of Health and Performance (UHP) at Camp FitOps, ensuring UHP graduates have a lifetime of support in the form of veteran peer groups, individual coaching, employment assistance, mental […]