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Provide a place for service members and veterans to go listen, share, and get information on many different topics i.e. sharing funny stories, info about transitioning out of the service, mental health, VA claims and benefits, suicide prevention, etc.

Brian Colburn
  • Brotherhood of Marine Corps Riders - Semper Fi Fund

    Tom Kircher, CWO4 Marine Corps ret, and I had the pleasure of riding together as members of the Brotherhood of Marine Corps Riders (BMCR) for many years. BMCR is a nation wide club that has been raising money every year for The Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi Fund is a non-profit who helps […]

  • An American story

    Ahmed Khalil, Major USMC, is an individual who is the epitome of the American success story. Although he has seen his share of challenges growing up in Iraq, he is now a successful career Marine officer leading today’s Corps into the future. Tune in and hear his amazing story. The Field […]

  • The case of Michael Cassidy

    Michael Cassidy, is a former military officer who tore down a Satanic altar erected in the Iowa Capitol. He currently faces a hearing next week to dismiss the hate crime charges that were filed against him. Ben Zeisloft wrote the article for The Sentinel to make Americans aware of this […]

  • Judy Pino - The advocate with a voice

    Judy Pino is a spokesperson for the Independent Women’s Forum and The LIBRE Initiative. Judy is a an accomplished journalist as well as TV personality. Currently, she runs the strategic marketing operations for The LIBRE Initiative, a nonprofit organization focused on advocating for […]

  • Helping fellow vets heal with Jeremy Stalnecker

    Jeremy Stalnecker is a former Marine Corps officer. Who has seen and dealt with the hardships of combat. He has battled his own inner demons and is now helping others do the same. He is the founder of The Mighty Oaks Foundation. A non-profit dedicated to helping America’s military […]

  • Still serving and helping others

    Originally, this was aired as episode 89. We recently learned that this outstanding Marine is no longer with us due to an unforeseen event. I am deeply grieved over this and our thoughts as well as prayers go out to the family. Till Valhalla brother. We now have the watch. Know that you […]

  • Instability around the World (part 2)

    The instability and conflicts around the world has been the talks on all new media outlets. In today's show, we will get the thoughts and opinions of several past guests as a panel to get their thoughts and opinions on the matter. As we are all different, we have different perspectives […]

  • Instability around the World (part 1)

    The instability and conflicts around the world has been the talks on all new media outlets. In today's show, we will get the thoughts and opinions of several past guests as a panel to get their thoughts and opinions on the matter. As we are all different, we have different perspectives […]

  • Preparing for the unfortunate

    The recent passing of our 29th commandant, General Alfred (Al) M. Grey, made me think about what his family must be going through. It also made me think of another family I spoke to that lost their service member unexpectedly as well. The family had no idea what to do regarding reporting […]

  • The ego can lead us to injuries

    Over the short time frame I’ve been in this world, I’ve had my share of injuries and the surgeries that come with them in order to repair what was damaged. When I was in going through the ranks while in the service, the ol’ cliche of “run it out” when you had an injury was a […]

  • A not so politically correct show

    Rob Carluccio is a retired Marine Corps Ordnance Officer. He is a combat tried and true combat veteran. As a Chief Warrant Officer, it was his job to provide true and solid answers not only to his commanding officer but also to the leadership of his command. His honesty and delivery has […]

  • Coming full circle

    Recently, I had to make a somewhat of an emergency trip to move my mother across country. This was not the first time, her and I made this type of voyage. It was very not the best experience to put it nicely. As the trip drew nearer and nearer, I found myself a bit anxious and to be quite […]

  • Hurry Up and Wait

    One thing that even to this day I can't shake off, is the 15 minutes prior early to being somewhere. While in the service, this concept was taken a bit to extreme by NCO's. SNCO's, and officers. When you arrived whereever you needed to be at whatever time, you had to play the waiting […]

  • Pay Yourself First

    I had a conversation with my wife, if you wait to invest at the end of the month, you’ll never do it. It’s better to pay yourself first before you pay anything out first. I heard this concept before. My wife had also told me about it as well. It wasn’t until Story about the book I […]

  • You catch more flies with honey

    In the Corps during my time, warrant officers had a negative stereotype for being major @$$ chewers, abrasive, always right due to their expertise, or “lieutenant killers” as a whole. While that may be the case for some of my counterparts, I always tried my best to build bridges and […]

  • The power of auto-suggestion

    I just got done reading again one of favorite books Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It is amazing that each time I discover something new within its pages. One of these being auto-suggestion. This is a very real thing. Our mind is a such powerful thing that a thought or idea can […]

  • What makes Gen Xers different?

    Not trying to draw a line in the sand here, but what makes us “gen x” folks different from other generations? Is it because we grew up in between some of the coolest technological advancements? Or, is it because we helped shape and brought some really cool things to industries like […]

  • New year new goals

    2024 is already here. What will you accomplish during this rotation around the sun cycle? A lot of people around this time make plans and new goals. Some will start but not all will get to the finish line. Where will you fall? Join me and let's chat about it.Sponsored by:Castle Global […]

  • Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

    The holidays are finally here and the year seems to have blown by. Are you better or ahead than you were at the beginning of the year or six months ago? As we reflect on this year let’s also take the time to acknowledge all our fellow service who are out somewhere across the world […]

  • VA claims process

    I've heard from several vets I talked to that the VA website or process can be overwhelming. Today, we will have a brief familiarization with the VA's websites and how to submit a claim. If you have not submitted a claim and would like to know how, this is the show to […]

  • The Lifelong Educator

    Glen Galindo is a former U.S. Marine Corps Officer as wells the former national director for a U.S.-based logistics company responsible for operations in Latin America. He is the founder of the Minga House Foundation in Colombia. This non-profit organization was founded to host & […]

  • The Globetrotter

    John H. Davis is a decorated combat Army veteran with multiple tours in Afghanistan. He has since dedicated himself to veteran advocacy, receiving congressional, legislative, and local recognition. His current mission is to provide information for veterans how they can live healthier and […]

  • Happy Birthday Marine Corps

    From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli... Marines have answering the call since November 10, 1775. Today, we honor our beloved Corps and all those who have and currently claim the title of United States Marine. OHRAH!!! GITSUM!!!! Anyone who wants to jump on the show and […]

  • The Black River Bloodbath Metal Band

    Like a majestic Phoenix rising from the crumbling ashes of its own fiery destruction, Black River Bloodbath emerged from the smoke and ruin of a previous band. And like that same Phoenix they were born anew in passion, in purpose, and driven to succeed; to create the type of metal that […]

  • Life in General

    They say being alive is not just about the destination but about the journey. Because in the end, we will all end up at the same place. Let’s be real. How are you or how can we make a difference in this journey we call life? Join us and let’s chat about it. Sponsored by:Castle Global […]

  • Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Awareness

    As part of mental health and suicide awareness month, Todd Burnett, Ps, joins our show. He is a National Clinical Psychology Lead and Suicide Prevention Operations Administrator within the Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Todd will talk to us more of what can be done not […]

  • Making big decisions

    I’m at a crossroad right now regarding a surgery I am scheduled to have. Although I proudly wear my battle wounds, it does make me think if I could have done things better. Join me tomorrow and let’s chat a bit. I’d like to get someone’s opinion and see if you’ve ever been in a […]

  • The Mad Hatter

    Jorge Cortijo, AKA La Sombra (The Shadow), is a retired Airman of 21 years and a hat maker. His passion for good fashion and style, steeped in the world of fine tobacco and bourbon, has led him to become a prolific creator of men’s and women's hats in a wide variety of styles. His […]

  • Alpha Stim

    Alpha Stim is a device that gives small electrical stimulation to your neuropaths and is scientifically proven to help with PTSD, anxiety, depression, pain management, and more. Raoul has been helping veterans to reap the benefits of this device and is very passionate about the work he […]

  • Remembering 9/11

    It was 9/11 this week. 22 years later, it still seems like yesterday and how this event completely changed the world. I’ll share my point of view when this tragic event occurred. Where you and what were you doing on that day? Join me and share your story. Sponsored by:Castle Global […]

  • Wondering around the world: Japan

    I once heard, traveling cleanses your soul and expands your horizon. I couldn’t agree with this any more. Although I have been to Japan and lived here on many occasions, I never really ventured out to take advantage of its full beauty. The same goes for my wife who is actually from […]

  • Being a lifelong learner: Think and Grow Rich

    They say leaders are readers. This an important element not only in the military but also in the private sector. It is so important in the Marine Corps, that there is a reading list that the senior leader, The Commandant, has a required reading list for each rank. I myself have enjoyed […]

  • Politically incorrectness: I ate that for breakfast for 20 plus years

    In a day and age where everyone is easily offended, for many years I had the pleasure of living in political incorrectness. There were no pronouns, many genders, race, religion, etc to worry about. We poked fun at each other during good and bad times. Sometimes during really bad […]

  • Staying connected

    Last week I attended my first official high school reunion. Funny that no matter how much time passes with certs friends, once you reconnect, it seems as if no time has passed. The same can be said with buddies from your military career. Let’s talk about it during the show. Engage with […]

  • Still serving and helping others

    Russell McClure served for many years in the Marines as a transportation maintenance professional. He still serves community as a an EMT first responder. Not only did this hard charging motivator work with me, he was one of my best mechanics. He joins our show to share stories both from […]

  • Marriage and the Military

    While I’m no marriage/relationship expert, I’ve had my share of learning experiences on this topic. Divorce and breakups are a common theme when it comes to being in and out of the service. I guess the theme of today’s show could seen as what would I say or share with my younger […]

  • Foretelling the future

    If you have not heard any recordings of Earl Nightingale I highly recommend you do so. This gentleman was an iconic American radio personality as well as an author. I have been listening to him everyday as part of my motivational morning routine. I am starting to notice that a lot of […]

  • Creating the song, The Only Way, and “Combat Vet Vision’s” new Intro

    Creating the song, The Only Way and “Combat Vet Vision’s” new intro.I have been working on a song with my wife and it has been a great experience and comes with therapeutic values . The thought of doing such a thing can seem overwhelming and Expensive. We got our song from Alexander […]

  • Happy birthday America - Our post 4th of July show

    What is the meaning of 4th of July? I can’t speak for the rest of the people but I can honestly say celebrating 4th of July goes beyond burgers, hotdogs, and beers. What is the meaning of 4th of July to you? Join me on the show and let us know. Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • Getting out of the service: Expectation vs reality

    I guess this can be considered a continuation to episode 26. Nonetheless, the more prepared we are for whatever journey is to come, the better. While getting will come with its own set of challenges, due diligence is the key. I will expand a bit further on today’s show on some things to […]

  • Deployed and Delirious_ Humorous Tales While Overseas

    We found a boat!!!! Let me tell you about the time we found an abandoned boat in Iraq. We called it the USS Minnow. Although it took in water like the Titanic, did not have a motor, and was a pain to row, for a brief moment, this thing provided us some relief and made us forget of our […]

  • Demystifying Movies/TV

    I love a good war movie. I prefer the classics like The Dirty Dozen, Sands of Iwojima, and in that era. Basically, if it has John Wayne in it, I like it. However, us military types are the worst people to watch those types of movies. Especially if the movie has been made in the last two […]

  • Being removed from the trenches

    In today’s day and age of social media, everyone has some type of voice or opinion. This is fine and your freedom as free American. The problem often lies when some people such as actors, musicians, TV media personnel, politicians, etc., think everyone “should” get on whatever […]

  • Grief and Loss

    At my age, I've had my share of losses. Unfortunately, this is an area that I've been more than I can count. This week, someone close to me passed away and it has hit me quite hard. Funny how death is the one thing that is guaranteed and yet it's so hard to terms with. I'm curious to hear […]

  • Tom's Journey

    Tom is a Marine Corps veteran who has seen both the good and bad that life can throw at you. He has battled his own demons and found a calling as a podcaster as well as utlizing social media to share his story. He joins our show to tell us some of that story and whatever else that comes […]

  • Frustration Equals Aggravation

    I have always strived to be a lifelong learner and constantly moving forward. Maybe it's trade of being an overachiever. I don't know? It seems the more I learn about different things that mainly in the end it helps others, it can be frustrating when others don't see the benefits of the […]

  • Lady Justice. Are you still with us?

    Over the last few years, I have had my share of courtroom sessions. From divorce court and going after individuals through claims system, I have come to understand a thing or two about our system. I have won in come cases and lost in others. However, I had my day and was able to express […]

  • What is Patriotism and is it Dead

    More and more there are videos on social media of people either trashing our nation on one side and overly patriotic on the other. But really, is patriotism gone? Does it take tragedies like 9/11 to remind us how good we really have it? I'd like to talk about this from two perspectives, […]

  • Are our constitutional rights being restricted?

    Lately, I have noticed on social media and other news outlets of high-profile news personnel being let go by their organization. Some for being outspoken or some for spreading inaccurate information. Is our first amendment right being infringed upon? Even on social media, I have found […]

  • Intrusive Parenting

    In the military, we would always talk about "intrusive leadership." This is the type of leader that not only leads from the front but also who is involved in the lives of those under their care. For the last 20 years, there has been a huge shift between parents and their roles when it […]

  • A Warrior in a Garden

    I believe Bruce Lee once said, “It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a battlefield.” It seems over the last couple of years there is a huge push de-masculinice men as a whole. There is a front to “soften” our society to the point where everyone gets insulted […]

  • Herostock

    Jason Steiner served honorably in the Marine Corps as an amphibious assault vehicle operator and as a marksmanship instructor for his command. He is the founder of Herostock. This is an event where veterans can come together, as well as supporters, to share camaraderie and network with […]

  • My deployment diary - Pt 1

    When America dials 911 the Marine Corps always answers. Going onto someone else’s backyard in the name of freedom brought its own set of challenges at the home front and while deployed. Here I will share my experiences leading up to the deployment and while I was on it. Join me and […]

  • Thoughts on a little bit of this and that

    Ever had one of those days where your thoughts are all over the place? Today is one of those days. Let’s see what happens 😂

  • You Call, We Haul

    Jason Binder spent 20 years in the Marine Corps as a Transportation Logistics Professional. While in the service, Jason and I worked together at a very demanding command where all our logistics personnel had to bring their A-game at all times. He now brings that level of intensity in the […]

  • VA and How Veterans Are Winning

    Lately, I’ve had several veterans call me back regarding their updated disability rating with the VA. This has been great news to me. Let’s talk and see how you can also reap the benefits. Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • It happens to the best of us

    Unfortunately, there will always be someone who will try to take advantage of others. There are so many scams out there, veteran or civilian related, that it’s hard to keep track. Before you know it, you’ve been scammed for a couple of thousands or even more. I too fell for a scam a […]

  • Let’s talk MOTOR TUH!!!!

    Kevin Frantum joins our show to talk about his career in the Corps and to talk about the equipment we used while we served. In a nutshell, Kevin and I got to play with real life Tonka toys during our time in the Corps. Yes folks, we will talk Motor T stuff and more. Anyone else who would […]

  • Getting help when Offered

    A lot of times, we tend to reach out or silently ask for help in the hopes that someone listens. However, when someone does offer help or a solicited solution, oftentimes we don’t take it. I know from an offering point of view it can be frustrating. Why is that? Why do we shy away from […]

  • Tenacity and Grit - Part Deux

    Ken Crenshaw is back for part two of our show. We will continue talking about hard work, never giving up, and never surrendering teamwork. These words among many others such as the 14 leadership traits from the Corps or the 11 leadership principles have been the foundation to success in […]

  • Tenacity and Grit

    Hard work, never give up and never surrender, teamwork these words resonate with me as I recall my time in the military. These words among many others such as the 14 leadership traits from the Corps or the 11 leadership principles have been the foundation not only for my success but my […]

  • Falling from grace

    As we move forward to be a better version of our past, there will be times where life events will test you. Sometimes we may take the higher and better road. Or, sometimes we will chose the road that will set us back or lead us down the wrong path. Please join the talk on our show and […]

  • Camaraderie

    Very few people in life come close to really experiencing the true meaning of this word. Only those of us who’ve had the opportunity to share a trench, foxhole, boot camp, field exercises, deployments, etc can really say that they have experienced true camaraderie. You can go anywhere […]

  • Warrior Companion

    Jack Bodolosky is an Army Combat Medic who has dedicated his life to helping his brothers and sisters post his military career. He joins our show to tell us his story as well as talk about the organizations he supports. For those of you who have a service animal or would like more info, […]

  • New Year New You

    Now that 2023 is here, what resolutions, plans, and goals have you made for yourself to accomplish this year? We will also share and discuss the time off taken and for what purpose. Join our show today and let’s have a chat. Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • Preparation equals less perspiration

    Growing up in the Corps, it was always preached to me that the more we sweat in training the less we bleed in combat. As I am maturing in life post my military career, I find the previous to be oh so ever true. Today I will share with some things to think about so that you can set […]

  • Letting 💩 go

    Why is it so hard to let go of stuff that keeps us in a rut or stuck? Why is it so much easier to hold on to that baggage and be miserable instead of being in the precious moment? Join me today and let’s talk about it. Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • Hey there killer!!

    Cesar Sterling served honorably in the Marine Corps. He is now a successful business owner. He joins our show to tell us his story as well as the challenges he faced post-service. It’s important to say that he was also my first roommate in the barracks at my first unit. Yes, we have […]

  • Why is change so hard?

    Funny word “change.” Why is it that we as human beings struggle with every aspect of the word. We’ll dive a little a deeper into this topic as well as discuss ways that can help us cope when change presents itself. Join me on the show and let’s have a chat. Feel free to come on […]

  • Marine Corps Birthday

    Since 1775, The United States Marine Corps has been protecting this great nation of ours. Today, we take the time to honor Marines across the world past and present as well as thank them for their service. Happy birthday, motivators. Semper Fi and OHRAH!!!!Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • From struggling to helping others

    Steven Crane served in the Marine Corps. After getting out of the service, he struggled with homelessness. A common trend in the veteran community. After many years of fighting the much complicated VA system, he made it his mission to help other vets get the benefits they deservedly had […]

  • Man’s best friend

    Today we discuss our relationship between man and dog. This relationship goes back thousands of years that can only be described as almost symbiotic. What is it about these four legged furry creatures that can have us go gaga over them? Tune in and let’s talk about it. Put your […]

  • Gotta keep them birds flying

    Brooke Bottensek, 1st Lt USMC, has been serving in the Corps for 5 years as an Aviation Grounds Officer. She joins our show to tell us about her Marine Corps experience as well as her latest deployment on a British aircraft carrier. This will be a cool show. Joins us for more. By the […]

  • Back in Da Suck!

    It’s amazing how certain events, sights, and smells can transport you to any place and even time. Something happened to me that took me right back to being deployed to a combat environment. Join me as I process all this and share it with you. Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • A Marine, a Voice, and a Platform

    Brian Colburn joined the Marine Corps immediately after high school. After serving honorably as an infantryman, he transitioned into the private sector to serve his community. He is the owner of the podcasting company SitchRadio. He will share stories about times in the Corps as well as […]

  • Devildog on two wheels

    Lucas “Joker”Geboo served in the Marine Corps until 2016. After being medically retired due to a combat injury, he got into the motorcycle industry as a builder and mechanic. He also races in the Harley category and is a sponsored racer. We’ll find out more about this adrenaline […]

  • Let’s talk finances

    Finances can be a delicate subject in relationships. In the service, we are lucky that our admin folks conduct periodic audits with us to ensure all our pay information is accurate. Additionally, we are encouraged to put money away in a savings plan to get us on the road to investing. […]

  • Nutrition is the mission

    Good nutrition is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whatever you are putting into your fine tuned machine you call “self” can have a big impact, good or bad, on your health as a whole. On today’s show, we will talk about nutrition as well as some other things that […]

  • Life Advice with Uncle Dan

    Dan Stevenson comes back onto our show to share his thoughts on many different things about life. So gather around the fire.Engage with us!Facebook - Podcast - by:Castle Global Services - […]

  • One shot one kill

    Carlos Rios served in the Marines as a Scout Sniper. After many years of living the grunt life, he traded in his gilly suit and now serves as a police officer for the city of Hialeah, Florida. He will share stories of glory while in the Corps as well as his transition back to civilian […]

  • Chief Seibert

    Aaron Seibert is back on our show. He will update us on the work and progress he does through the organizations he supports. We will also do some “Field Op” talk on whatever comes to mind. Tune in and join the conversation. Combat Vet Vision - […]


    As I went through my military career, I would hear fellow service members looking forward to not having to exercise and meeting weight standards. The fact of the matter, gaining weight and living a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous to mix for a lot of health issues. Today, we will talk […]

  • Let’s get naked and real

    Our guest today is Christian Higgs. He served in the Marines for over 13 years. He currently is an administrator as well as a participant of a nudist group in Haulover Beach, Florida. Here, he teaches the benefits of being comfortable in your own skin as well as providing a safe […]

  • Expectation vs Reality - v 2.0

    On this show, we will talk to Stuart Kowalczyk. He served in the Marine Corps for 4 years as a ground intelligence officer. He joins us today to give us his point of view on his time as a Marine officer. He will also talk about his expectations of what it was going to be like going to […]

  • Expectation vs Reality

    Stuart Kowalczyk was in the Marine Corps for 4 years as a ground intelligence officer. He joins us today to give us his point of view on his time as a Marine officer. He will also talk about his expectations of what it was going to be like going to the fleet and the reality of things. A […]

  • Travel can help soothe the soul

    Whether we are going on a walk-on journey of self-learning or just a vacation, traveling opens our minds to new things. As the entire world picks up the pieces after these two years, more countries are opening up their doors and allowing people to enter their borders. As service members […]

  • Building resilience through adversity

    As service members and as well as in our personal lives, we will go through tough times. Life is full of ups and downs. Celebrate and enjoy the ups as much as you can. The question is, what to do when times of hardship are upon us? This is where we build resilience. In today’s […]

  • Celebrating America’s Independence

    The great US of A just got done celebrating its’ 246 birthday. As most of go back to our lives after chowing down lots of burgers and hotdogs washed down with some good ol’ American barley drinks, it’s important to reflect on the freedoms our forefathers bestowed upon us. Today, […]

  • Let’s talk about joint health

    Being in the service will take its toll on the body. Doesn’t matter if you were ground pounding the deck with infantry or hanging out with the support forces. Injuries don’t care what MOS you are or were. This is because we are in an environment where we train like we fight as well […]

  • Growing up in the military - Part 2

    Joseph R Correa is the son of the host for The Field Op. Like his younger sister, he grew up and was exposed to military life as a dependant. Today, we will hear about some of his experiences as well as his point of view on what was like to live such a lifestyle. Engage with us!Facebook […]

  • The bird keeper and the influencer

    Jonathan Gangloff was in the Air Force for 5 honorable years. While in the service, he used his F-16 avionics mechanical background and started applying it to enhancing Toyota vehicles. He started uploading his videos onto YouTube and now has a huge following on his channel. Tune in and […]

  • The Price of Freedom and Pursuit of Happiness

    Steve “The Wiz” Wisnoski is back again to share his adventures with us. He is currently traveling through Panamá with his fiancé Mariyori. While traveling there, he encounters several immigrants who are traveling through to the US seeking asylum. Their stories are unbelievable and […]

  • Creating an Exit Strategy

    My guest today is Charvetz Scott. He is a retired USMC GySgt who has a diversified portfolio of investments as well as passive income. Whether you are fully retiring or venturing on your own having an exit strategy and creating a plan is the key. We will talk about this and more on […]

  • Why is comm always messed up?

    It seems while in the Corps, every time we would go anywhere, there was always an issue with communication. As in, we could not talk from one position to another. If we couldn't talk, we couldn't request the 3 B's. Those are beans, bullets, and band-aids. We can apply this concept to […]

  • How about we bring back accountability!

    Where has accountability gone? That is the question in today’s topic. Not only recent personal events, as well as noticing in general, have led me to believe that accountability has gone UA. UA means AWOL for my Army brothers and sisters. Very few people are accountable for their […]

  • A Call to Arms

    For the last 10 years, there has been a crisis slowly creeping that will impact national security. What is that you ask? Recruitment numbers are drastically falling each year. This should be a huge concern to all of us. Especially for a nation that fills its ranks with volunteers, […]

  • Entrepreneurship

    Jose Baro is an entrepreneur who left the corporate world and venture into the dog breeding world. Although the road has not been easy, he has found success and made a name for himself. He will also share his point of view of what it was like to have a family member in the service. If […]

  • Escaping and Evading the Enemy

    Whether you are getting out of the service after one enlistment or retiring after 20, it is a life-changing event that comes with its own challenges. Although we can’t be 100% ready for it, proper prior planning will help ease some of the angst that comes with such a life-changing […]

  • Transitioning Out of the Service

    Whether you are getting out of the service after one enlistment or retiring after 20, it is a life-changing event that comes with its own challenges. Although we can’t be 100% ready for it, proper prior planning will help ease some of the angst that comes with such a life-changing […]

  • Get your motor running!!

    The relationship between motorcycles and service is one that goes back many years. Whether active duty or veteran, service members love their bikes. Today, I will talk about that relationship, my experience and attraction to motorcycles, as well as some stories of me in the service and […]

  • Leadership vs Likership

    What constitutes or defines a good leader? Well, that is the magical question for our show this week. Not only will we talk about this during our episode, but I will also share some stories that relate to the subject, and hopefully you the lister will interact with me during our show. […]

  • A Phoenix Rising

    Bliven "Bliv" Roman is a 5 year Army Combat Medic who currently serves her community as Ms. Tampa and as Military Advocate. Although she has had a lot of success post her military career, Bliv has also had personal challenges that have pushed her to the edge of her limits and into the […]

  • From a lens's view

    Doug Stidham (Cpl, USMC) will enlighten us and talk about his time in the Marines. Doug is a passionate photographer who now sees the world through the lens of his camera. He will share his story as well as projects he is working on and organizations that he supports as well as is […]

  • A Warrior Princess

    Karalyn (Kara) Martin USMC Sgt, is on our show today to talk about the veteran advocate work she currently does as well as competing in beauty pageants. She was just featured on Lester Holts MBC Nightly News. Tune in to learn more about Kara and her outreach work. Engage with […]

  • Going Internal

    Although my PTSD has at times felt like it has gotten the best of me, I am still here slugging away every day. This is a somewhat continuation of the show when I had Aaron Seibert on Feb 24th towards the end. I'd like to finish the point I was making and how to take better care of your […]

  • So you want to open your own business

    Jovan Muñoz (Sgt, USMC) talks about his time as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist in the Marines. Jovan is a successful business owner who is doing million-dollar contracts as a disabled veteran-owned business.Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • A different approach to personal well-being

    "Chief" Seibert is back to talk about different approaches to health and wellbeing. He is currently living in Ukraine and will shed some light on the current situation from someone who is living there.Engage with us!Facebook - Podcast - […]

  • More on VA Claims and Benefits

    Jane Babcock, retired Army and CVSO, is back to talk more on VA claims and benefits. She now dedicates her time and experience as a County Veterans Service Officer to help veterans and transitioning service members how to maximize their VA claims.Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • A veteran, a bike, & Latin America

    Steve Wisnoski, LtComndr, US NAVY retired, joins our show to talk about his travels around Latin America on a motorcycle. He will share with us stories about his travels as well as give us an insight as to what led to this journey.Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • Hard times make for strong men

    Jorge Vientos (USMC) tells his Marine Corps story. He also gives us an insight into the struggles he faced after his time in the Corps and how he was able to overcome them. Jorge is currently growing a car detail business in addition to being a farm owner.Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • You gotta start from the beginning!

    Ken Crenshaw (Corporal 93-97, USMC) joins us to talk about his time during the Marines. He was stationed with 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing at Tustin Air Station. Currently, he is a DoD firefighter at Ft Rucker.Engage with us!Facebook - Podcast - […]

  • Focusing on Mental Health

    Navy Veteran Dr. Yvonne Jackson, a licensed therapist, and counselor joins our show to talk about mental health and how it affects service members as well as vets. She will share some stories about her time in the Navy and the great work she is doing after her military career.

  • The Space Force

    Major Kaoru Elliott has been serving in the military for 12 years. He joins our show to share his interesting military career in the Air Force. He will also talk about his experience in the new branch of the military, The Space Force.Follow us on Facebook - […]

  • So you wanna be a Marine_

    Gino Osorio, MSGT, USMC active, joins our show to tell his story. MSGT Osorio has been a Marine for over 22 years. He has spent the last 11 years recruiting in San Diego, Sacramento, and Chicago. He will talk about the good times and bad as well as share the challenges he faces as a […]

  • The Road Warrior

    Scott “Mad Max” Gilman (CWO5, USMC retired) joins us for a brief time to enlighten us with his knowledge. He will talk about his time in the Corps, joining the warrant officer ranks, the hardships he faced on his deployments, and his personal struggles that led him to his transition […]

  • Let's Talk about VA Claims and Benefits

    Jane Babcock (Retired, formerly nationally accredited, County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO), & SFC, US Army/Army Reserve) is here today to give us an insight into VA benefits, claims process, and how to find you nearest free accredited VSO Rep. As a former CVSO, the information she […]

  • Growing up in the military - Part 1

    Pilar Correa was born and grew up as a Marine Corps dependent until her father retired from the service in 2014. She joins our show to give our listeners her perspective on what life was like as a dependent.Engage with us!Facebook - Podcast - […]

  • Man On A Mission

    Jaime Puerta (Cpl, USMC) is a successful business owner in the state of California. Although Jaime has dealt with adversity both in and out of the service, nothing prepared him to deal with the loss of his son Daniel due to Fentanyl in March 2020. Through this unfortunate tragedy, Jaime […]

  • Getting into Government Contracting

    Daniel Stevenson (CWO3, USMC retired) joins us for a chat on the show. He will tell us his time in the Marines, why he decided to get out and his transition, his thoughts on civilian life as a former warrior, and why he decided to become an overseas contractor.Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • Veterans Transition Support

    Russell Levy has been a military advocate for many years. As a former lawyer and through his non-profit, he assists services members who are still on active duty, transitioning out, or veterans already. We will talk about his non-profit and the many opportunities available […]

  • Marine Corps Birthday

    Since 1775, The United States Marine Corps has been protecting this great nation of ours. Today, we take the time to honor Marines across the world past and present as well as thank them for their service. Happy birthday, motivators. Semper Fi and OHRAH!!!!Engage with us!Facebook - […]

  • Warrior Built Foundation and PTSD Foundation of America

    Aaron Seibert (Chief, USN retired) talks about his life in the service as well as the road that led him to work with veterans post-military service. He will talk about the work he does through the non-profits he works with as well as provide helpful assistance information.Aaron "Chief" […]

  • I can’t believe I’m still here

    Francisco “Pacho” Correa served for honorably 21 years in the US Marines. In 2013, years of bottled emotions, as well as traumatic events that occurred in his personal life as well as the military, finally caught up to him. He will share with you what led up to that point and he got […]