Intentional Disruption

CEO and Marine Corps veteran Mike Demo walks you through quick hit tips to reduce the Burn Out of owning a business. We will walk through ways to gain time back in the day for you to spend on becoming a better version of yourself. We will help solidify your marriage oh and we will also help you make significantly more revenue flow through the doors.

  • Overnight Success with the Matthews Twins

    Today I speak with two brothers I have known for over 25 years. Eric and Evan Matthews were former teammates and classmates who have persevered through significant adversity to be in the position to serve others in their chosen fields.  We discuss the path to overcoming early childhood […]

  • #122 62 ways to fund a business

    Today's episode discussed how many ways there are to fund a business and some of the pitfalls I have noticed in the funding process.    I will also share some insights as I continue preparing for my collaboration with the University of Connecticut in August.  Please help the show by […]

  • #121 UCONN EBV 2023 Prep

    Today I am discussing the mindset behind my prep to be a presenter, panelist and judge for the University of Connecticut's Entrepreneural Bootcamp for Veterans.  My discussions with the attendees will relate to acquisition of businesses instead of going the start-up route.  Hopefully […]

  • Too much on your plate?

    In this episode of my podcast, the Intentional Disruption Podcast, I delve into the overwhelming feeling of having too much on my plate. I discuss the symptoms and common causes of this issue, emphasizing the importance of identifying the problem and being open to fixing it. I share a […]

  • #119 Define your Power List

    In this episode of the Intentional Disruption Podcast, I want to share with you a workshop that had a significant impact on me and can also benefit your business and personal circle. I recently reflected on my mentor, Ryan Niddel, and the exercise I went through to identify the people who […]

  • #118 Here's how two clients lost $10m each

    In this episode of the Intentional Disruption Podcast, hosted by Mike Demo, he shares a story about the significant financial losses that can occur in a business due to easily fixable issues. Mike discusses two clients who have lost eight figures each in funding opportunities and millions […]

  • #117 Lessons from The Choice Factory

    The Intentional Disruption Podcast, hosted by Mike Demo, explores a wide range of topics with a focus on personal growth, marketing strategies, and business insights.  In this episode, Mike discusses the lessons he learned from the book "The Choice Factory" by Richardson. He emphasizes […]

  • #116 $40m in sales made easy

    In another no frills episode Mike shares the key shifts made inside his clients businesses to generate $40m in sales this year.  In many organizations the simple and effective thing we do well becomes boring and we feel the need to innovate away. Mike's clients had some of this but also […]

  • #115 Visionaries need good implementers

    Today I want to discuss the critical relationship between the visionary (owner) and implementer inside of businesses. I will give real world examples from the week inside my consultancy and share why it is critical to have a good working relationship between these two roles.  Having a […]

  • #114 Memorial Day thoughts

    Today is a day of reflection, gratitude and rededication. There are many who say this weekend should be a somber day.  I understand the feeling. So many do not understand the sacrifice of those who have served. Many take advantage of liberties not available in places we have fought.  […]

  • #113 Say what? Asking the right questions.

    In this podcast episode, I'm talking about the crucial art of asking questions the right way. Drawing from my extensive experience with social media groups on veterans and entrepreneurship, I dive into the importance of asking specific questions to get high-quality answers. I also shed […]

  • #112 Equity for Employees?

    In the latest episode of my podcast, Intentional Disruption, I'm discussing equity in business. I talk about the potential problems that can arise when giving someone an ownership stake in your business, such as additional reporting and complicated buyout processes if the company is to […]

  • #111 Acquisition Speed Bumps

    If I told you things always go to plan I would be lying. It doesn't happen in your business and sometimes it doesn't happen in mine as well.  In today's episode I will walk you through some of the friction that came up in side a potential acquistion and funding round.  Having solid […]

  • #110 Always accountable

    No frills or music for this one. Today's episode is about taking accountability for the results of our business, relationships and every aspect of our being.  I had some setbacks recently that left me more stressed than I should be. To use current terms, I was a bit triggered by the […]

  • #109 Efficient onboarding and billing

    In this week's episode, I'll be answering a question from one of our listeners. I'll be sharing with you three indispensable apps that have transformed the way I manage scheduling and invoicing in my small business. These apps have helped me improve my business's efficiency and […]

  • # 108 Built to sell takeaways

    In this episode I reflect on valuable lessons from the book "Built to Sell" by John Warrillow, and how he has applied these lessons to his marketing company. I emphasize the importance of reviewing and disrupting processes that are not serving the business efficiently and explain how the […]

  • #107 Zero Down Acquisition Mistakes

    If you are interested in acquiring or growing a business you have no doubt seen posts referring to "zero-down" business buying (or real estate) strategies. Many of these folks are great people but a significant portion are not what you may call credible.  There are very interesting ways […]

  • #106 Leading your toddler

    Business managers, we all know how hectic work can be, but have you ever thought about the importance of stepping back and focusing on what really matters? In this episode, I share my experience of taking care of my two young children while my wife was away for the weekend, and the […]

  • #105 Mismanaging layoffs destroys culture

    In this podcast, I delve into the critical importance of staying true to your principles and keeping it real. With a captivating example of a business that charges large sums for advice yet lacks integrity and authenticity, I drive home the point that true success goes beyond the bottom […]

  • #104 Don't loss lead

    In this podcast episode, I discuss a conversation I had with a social media influencer regarding their marketing strategy in which I point out the significance of generating sufficient revenue to avoid adopting a loss leader strategy. To achieve revenue neutrality, I go over optimization […]

  • #103 Only being good cost $500k

    Ever made a mistake and wonder what the impact will be? Today I have the ability to show you.  As leaders we need to work to continually hone our craft. I had a conversation recently that reminded me of the critical role systems have inside business.  See I realized one of my clients […]

  • #102 Finding your voice

    In this episode, I reflect upon my struggle with accepting praise and acknowledging my wins. Despite receiving numerous awards and medals throughout my life, including in the military, as a franchise owner, and in the corporate world, I have never been comfortable with it. I often feel a […]

  • #101 Simplicity and the word NO

    In this podcast, I discuss the importance of saying "no" and the importance of simplicity in business. I share my own struggle with saying no and how I have seen clients struggle with the feeling of  being overwhelmed despite their success in their businesses. I emphasize the need for […]

  • #100 Redefining the Mission

    In this podcast, I reflect on reaching episode 100 and look back on key events that have shaped my path to today.   I share my personal journey from running a past business which failed due to my inability to delegate properly.  I discuss how working with my own coach revealed the […]

  • #99 3 things ELITE parents and biz owners do

    Today I discuss the interesting intersection of parenting and business ownership. One may thing they are divergent but they have quite a few similarities.  I will cover three main points, actionable items  and offer you a complimentary opportunity to create the company (or family) you […]

  • #98 Seal the deal... on Valentines day and in business

    Today I share a skill that has led to untold success in both sales and personal relationships.  Feeling heard is crucial to making a prospect decide to become a client. In this short episode I share the first secret to growing your closing percentage. For more information feel free to […]

  • #97 I need your help..

    Today I pose a question that is designed to help you create a massive shift in your business over the next 12 months.  All I need is your input. Please leave a review on itunes with whether you would like more tactical tips for your business or if you would prefer to hear from other […]

  • #96 How AI Chat can make money and save time

    In this episode of the "Intentional Disruption" podcast, we discussed the benefits of using AI chat tools to save time and improve ROI for your advertising budget. We discussed how AI chatbots can automate repetitive tasks such as client scheduling on social media messenger apps, creating […]

  • #95 Make the shift today

    New year's goals already giving you anxiety? Business plan is already taking hits? Is your family life making you stressed out? The issue I faced for years is possibly the one you have too. It's that nasty cycle where we take a hit and push on. We're tough, we can deal with it later.... […]

  • #94 5 Free tools to Grow your Business

    One of the major problems today's business owner faces is finding the right tools to grow and optimize your business.  Today I will share tools that I use to help grow my clients business (and my own) Whether its worksheets my clients use or digital branding tools I include it here.  […]

  • #93 Do you own or operate your business

    Today I pose a question that I had to ask myself years ago. It has come up multiple times in client conversations over the last few months and I wanted to share my thoughts.  I learned years ago that delegation properly accomplished allowed for greater success. I did it inside my role in […]

  • #92 How I will generate $15m in profit for my clients in 2023

    Happy new year! Today's eposide will take you on a detailed discussion of the keys to sucessfully implementing your plan to achieve success in 2023.  In 2022 my clients who followed this process averaged 25% growth with one achieving 41% growth. That is a multiple six figure increase in […]

  • #91 Gratitude inside Family and Business

    As Christmas approaches and the year is wrapping up I wanted to share an area of opportunity that I am working on.  I share this area of improvement because there is a good chance you have a similar one that you are struggling with.  Since my childhood I have had trouble expressing […]

  • #90 Deal Funding lessons learned in 2022

    Today I wanted to share the lessons learned from my work with 26 companies in 2022.  I will be covering some tips that have helped make deals run smoothly as well as the things that created massive friction points.  I discuss takeaways I have for what I need to improve on in 2023 and […]

  • #89 Hit the ground Running in 2023

    Today I give 4 tips to ensure your 2023 is massively better than your 2022 results.  These 4 items are critical to ensuring your business accelrates into Q1 and beyond.  As always if you have questions feel free to reach out. 

  • #87 Gratitude, even for the small things

    Happy Thanksgiving!  I wanted to share a struggle I have been working on and today seemed the perfect day to bring it forward.  If you are listening today there is a chance there is stress and "things" weighing you down. Business, the economy, relationships.. they all carry weight.    […]

  • #85 Lessons from Junior Achievement

    This week I volunteered as an instructor for Junior Achievement. It is a program to help teach America's youth about business, economics and how to upskill to get into the field you want as an adult.    In today's episode I discuss how the lessons delivered to this 5th grade class can […]

  • #85 We're in a fix

    Happy birthday to my fellow US Marines out there! On todays episode I won't be giving investment advice or offering securities but I do want to walk through what the interest rate market has done for new growth opportunities I have seen.    Without answers to this situation many small […]

  • #84 Excellence in Execution

    Today I discuss one of the biggest things holding most business owners from the growth, revenue and life they have always wanted.  I was having a conversation with leadership at a Fortune 500 company regarding their technology suite. Similar to the main street business this company has a […]

  • #82 Opportunities lost forever

    Today's podcast comes on the heels of a dear family friend passing a few days ago.  My message relates to your personal life but it has implications inside of your business as well.  When I ran my first business I tried to outthink my competition. I tried to dedicate more time and […]

  • #83 Lessons from the Emergency Room

    Good morning You may notice that this episode did not come out on Monday. Today I am going to share some very personal behind the scenes information on what's happening at the Demo household.  My goal in doing this is to help you understand the process of managing chaos and incertainty […]

  • #81 Shifting from dark to light.

    Today's episode comes off the heels of my son carrying a 104* fever for a week. Personally it was very tough and exposed some breakdowns in process and communication. In business it took everything and put the emergency brakes on.    Shifting from the darkness to to the light requires […]

  • #80 It takes two..

    Today I discuss the importance of having a fantastic partner in life to help enrich every other function of life.  I discuss the value of open an honest conversation in a relationship and being able to find the common mission. That mission can be kids, health, business or any shared end […]

  • #79 Expect to self rescue

    In a rare occurance I had to record this one a few times. The lessons and takeaways are extremely timely but the analogy honestly made me frustrated as I saw the white house response to Hurricaine Ian.  In "super storm" Sandy I had to pull a woman and her car out of the storm surge. She […]

  • #78 Becoming Elite w. Tim Grover

    Today I share lessons from my trip to Salt Lake City. I met with Tim Grover author of "Winning" and 'Relentless". He was the performance coach for Michael Jordan, Dwanye Wade and Kobe Bryant. He discussed the reasons the elite performers in life operate on a different level than 99% of […]

  • #77 It's a 2 man job

    Today I explore how picking up a entertainment center for the playroom can grow your business massively.  I will discuss the concept of leverage inside your business and its proper implementation.  We will dive into the two key players on the leadership team of elite businesses and how […]

  • #76 That 9/12 feeling

    There is now a generation who does not remember 9/11. That means they cannot remember 9/12 either.  Today I want to have a heart to heart on what has changed and what needs to change to bring back the unity we held so dear on that day.  This isn't a political episode as both sides have […]

  • #75 Joe Meisch - Inventor, Engineer, US ARMY Vet

    Today's eposide with Joe Meisch provides insight into the iterative process of manufacturing and invention. There are a lot of takeaways you can use in your business as you consider a new product or service.  Joe created the Temple Massager to fill a gap he identified in the market. His […]

  • #74 Cult or Culture: Labor Day thoughts

    On this Labor Day I share thoughts on the role of the business owner in creating a culture of empowered growth.  Over the last few years corporate America has been on a crusade that isn't aligned with the beliefs of the majority of Americans. Are you actually hurting your corporate […]

  • Front End Mastery

    Today I start a conversation on how elite businesses guide their clients through the scheduling experience.  As you listen assess where your business falls with the processes I mention. No shame or guilt, where you are is simply a starting point.  The companies that implement the […]

  • #72 Emergency room reflections

    Today I wanted to get a little vunerable and discuss the stories of growing up in an entrepreneurs family when it isn't going right.  We had a bit of a scare and I had to bring my wife to the emergency room. Quite a bit happened and it brought back some feelings and memories.  I wanted […]

  • #71 101: Back to Basics

    Today I discuss some real life examples of needing to go back to basics inside business. I break out the key reasons we exist as businesses and how to excel at the little things that make you stand out.  I do this in preparation for being a judge for the University of Connecticut's […]

  • #70 The future is now!

    Today on the Intentional Disruption podcast I am taking you behind the scenes on not only the massive growth that has occured inside my company, The Delta Enhancement Group, LLC, but teh why behind it.  The conversation is related to entrepreneurship, small business incubators, […]

  • #69 A Nice time to grow 41%

    My client grew his business over 41% by learning his numbers. No fancy ads, affiliate specials or click funnels.  His business has so many new customers that we're looking to open multiple additional locations.  Today I have a nice chat about business finance and how knowing the basics […]

  • #68 Your standard is THE standard

    Recently I had a post garner a fair bit of attention. I talked about how I had delegated out a call that could have a significant financial impact to my business and my family.  I wanted to break the WHY behind this in greater detail for you here. See so often we end up out of alignment […]

  • #67 Let's talk about DEBT baby...

    Today I am discussing the good the bad and the ugly of DEBT.  We will discuss the ways to properly use debt inside your household, how you can generate revenue using debt inside your business and how you can create passive income streams with no money out of pocket.  For more on how […]

  • #66 Do you know these key figures in your biz?

    Today I am discussing lessons from the recent acquisitions and consulting clients I have the pleasure of working with. Whether you are running a business or want to buy a business the key metrics for success come down to managing the data. Knowing not just the raw goods costs but also the […]

  • #65 Claiming your Independence

    Today's episode of the podcast is focused on your independence. Not from British tyranny or taxation without representation.  I am focusing in on your personal and financial freedom. As a business owner the next 24 months will be pivotal in your ability to create generational wealth for […]

  • #64 Knowing your Burn Rate

    In the last month I have been guiding select companies for their growth and scale, expansion and acquisitions.  One of the key pieces you need to know is something that these established businesses were not readily able to produce.  If you do not know these basics it is hard to forecast […]

  • #63 (live) Your best week ever

    Today I take you though a must do to grow your business, your family and yourself.  Pardon the live stream audio but the message was important to my clients and I had to share.  Do you control your life or do the urgent things control you? Do you feel like you are on the "right path" Do […]

  • #62 Mission Fatherhood 2022

    I wanted to take the time to have a reset for Fathers Day. Recently I posted episode #58 The Kids Aren't Alright. It was more than a play on an Offspring song (especially if you listen to it.) We need to have a conversation as a nation. Not about right or left. Not about taking away […]

  • #61 Internal rate of return. Know your numbers

    Today we are sharing a live stream discussing the critical numbers most business owners under $5m in revenue do not know or correctly track.  I have had multiple clients that were in the same boat. Knowing these data points will change a few things. 1) your goal setting will be based in […]

  • #60 Do this! Earn 100k in extra profits.

    Today I share a free tip that will generate a normal small business owner an extra 100k in a year easily.  I have implemented this for business owners and the long term impact is as follows: More time for your family - Very important for long term success. More efficient communications - […]

  • #58 The Kids aren't alright

    Today's episode is a bit somber but it will give you a very actionable item.  Parenting and leadership share many commonalities. When I discuss growth with clients we talk about who is the visionary and who is the implementer.  In parenting there are similar responsibilities and […]

  • #57 "Anti" Social Media

    In episode 57 I discuss the double edged sword that is social media. As a business owner you need to get the word out about your services but the internet can be quite a toxic place.  Today I discuss the decision I made to mute many of my groups that I am a part of eventhough there are […]

  • #56 Fatigue makes cowards

    In today's episode I discuss the degredation of output that comes with fatigue.  Fatigue can take an "A" level performer and revert them to the mean. Errors, poor judgement, negative attitude and more follow.  As a leader, parent, high level producer your results will trend downwards if […]

  • #55 I get knocked down

    So the worldwide sensation that has been ruining lives since late 2019 finally came to our doorstep. I spent the week in isolation but everyone still got sick.  it’s a terrible thing to see your young children sick. I wanted to share the shift in mindset that is making this event not […]

  • #54 UN Breaking the Habit

    Today I discuss taking back your power when your process gets destroyed by external forces.  One of my biggest holdbacks has been keeping a routine. In this episode I discuss the power of my morning routine and why I am taking it back. 

  • #53 Business Basics: Joint episode with Keith McKeever

    Today's podcast is a first. I wanted to share a conversation from a podcast I was a guest on.    I was interviewed by Keith McKeever from the Battle Buddy Podcast. This is a longer format episode compared to my normal format. I think the questions he raised are worth the additional time […]

  • #52 Intentional Parenting (Baby Update)

    Good morning!  As I type this it is Easter Sunday. My podcasts are not normally completed this close to launch but the week threw a curveball my way.    Our baby girl arrived a week early.  I was able to experience first hand how Intentional Parenting can create the culture and […]

  • #51 Perfectly Flawed w. Janae Sergio

    Janae is coming on the podcast to discuss her journey. She went from being homeless to serving in the Navy. She took her passion for fashion and turned it into a multiple 6 figure business.   She discussed how the skills learned in the Navy aided her transition into business management […]

  • #50 Beyond Homo Sapien with Paul Tokgozoglu

    Today I am excited to share the journey of Paul Tokgozoglu, the President and CMO of @podcastpowertrain on Facebook as well as the host of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast.  We have a fantastic discussion of some of the charitable works they are conducting to benefit natural disaster […]

  • #49 Bust a move... with Jason Anderson Founder

    Jason Anderson is a Army vet (Apache pilot... you'll understand why i typed this 30 seconds in) He has a fantastic business designed to help military servicemembers with their transition from duty station to duty station.  His service goes above and beyond real estate to help with […]

  • #48 Major Data with Albert Bellamy, USMC

    I was very excited to have a conversation with today's guest. Al Bellamy () is the "the Marine who smiles at spreadsheets" He was an enlisted Marine who went to the dark side (kidding Al! ) As a part of that journey he turned around multiple underperforming units through the use of data […]

  • #47 A "Timely" Update

    Times they are a changing.. but Mike Demo had never heard that song... In today's episode I discuss my decision to shirk my responsibility to my family and take the easy route. I will also talk about the immediate ramifications it created. This quick hit episode is a reminder of the power […]

  • #46 My State of the Union at 40

    Today's podcast will run through my lessons learned as a husband, father, child, friend and business owner.  This is an episode 40 years in the making... because its my birthday.  Reflection is important in business. It saves marriages. It makes you a better parent, friend and human. […]

  • #45 Nickels holding up dollars

    In episode #45 of Intentional DIsruption I discuss a $20 fix to a problem that has taken up thousands of dollars of productive time. Many "influencers" show you all the great stuff they do. This episode isn't about my clients that have experienced 20% growth YTD. It is about a mistake I […]

  • #44: Chris Kirwan - Irrevrent Warriors

    In episode #44 of the Intentional Disruption podcast we will hear from Chris Kirwan. Chris is a USMC cvet and the Greensboro, NC coordinator for Irrevrent Warriors, a Vet non-profit focused on providing a community for Veterans. They are commited to reforging the bonds that military […]

  • #43 Sales isn't rocket surgery

    Today on the pod I share a lesson that converted a 6 figure sales conversation. Whether your service is B2B or B2C the simple tactical shift I discuss in this episode will increase your conversion ratio, your top line revene and probably your profit percentage as well.  Take a listen to […]

  • #42 Be the change

    On this episode of The Intentional Disruption Podcast, Mike Demo discusses the amazing value provided by becoming a mentor. He tells the story of how his own mentor changed his life for the better, and offers tips on how you can do the same for your mentee. This insightful conversation […]

  • #41 Biz Valuation 101

    As a veteran and successful businessman, Mike Demo knows a thing or two about growth. In this episode of The Intentional Disruption Podcast, he shares his tips for rapidly improving the value of your business. This is essential listening for any entrepreneur looking to take their business […]

  • #40 Growth through Gratitude with Rick Kaufman

    Today I host U.S. Army vet Richard Kaufman, host of the "Vertical Momentum" podcast.  We discuss his journey through military service, substance abuse and how almost losing it all propelled him on his current path. He discusses lessons learned from his mentor Gary Vee and how gratitude […]

  • #39 MLK Day thoughts

    Just the other day I was organizing my basement and I came across my copy of "why we can't wait" by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  With all of the movement in society to push away from seeing someone for the content of their character and instead looking to fractionalize them and break them […]

  • #38 Addition by subtraction

    Today we discuss a problem business owners have way too often. How do you focus your organization on growth when you're at capacity time wise, mentally physically?   I will walk you through the why's I learned while growing my sales organization by 100% during recession years. Some of […]

  • Intermission is over

    After a hiatus to focus on being a dad, husband and handyman we are back to recording.  Things have changed and this podcast will reflect it. It's a good thing I promise. We will be focusing on the mentality topics as before but now with a larger focus on small business growth. There […]

  • #36 First Father's Day Thoughts

    Happy Father's Day!  Today I recorded in studio with my son Ryan as I reflected on the role I will play in his life. I also discuss how my father shaped much of my current paradigm.  I discuss the role of fathers in the lives of children and how that relates to personal development and […]

  • #35 a note to Ryan from the hospital
  • #34 Ineffective communication

    Hello again! I am back from my honeymoon and have a great episode for you today.  Effective sales communication is not very different from everyday communication. If you want something you need to tell someone.  How often have you used words like should, could, wish, maybe, possibly […]

  • #33 judge not...

    Hello again from the island of Kona. Today we discuss how outlets natural instinct to be irritated/annoyed or frustrated creates second order effects that can harm your growth.  Let me know in the comments or on IG what you think of the sound quality. You can reach me @usmc3782 on IG. 

  • #32 life skills and business skills...

    today we come to you from Kona, Hawaii. I say we because my blushing bride Lauren joined me for this quick hitter.    Today we we discuss how life skills and business skills interact on a daily basis. This episode and some others over the next two weeks are live, unedited and designed […]

  • #31 thoughts on productivity

    Fun fact, today I am getting married!   this episode has some gems during my early morning drive to the office. I dive into how I create a competitive advantage over my peers in sales and relationships.    Drop me a note @usmc3782 on IG about this one. I know it will provide value. 

  • #30 (Live on IG) Putting yourself out there

    Tonight we cover a question from listener @youthxlct related to the benefits to opening yourself to opportunities.    For those listening live on Instagram @usmc3782 thank you for joining! I hope the tips provided are beneficial!   Drop a review and let me know what you think of the […]

  • #29 A quick interruption can save the day.

    Today we discuss failure and how a quick hack can stave it off.  I also have an update on an event coming up this weekend that many of you have asked about. This is a quick episode with a lesson you can apply daily. I hope it helps. 

  • #28 Reconnecting with self

    Today we begin discussing the physical and spiritual world. In March I went to a camp with Ryan Niddel and 12 other men.  In one evolution we were given a tool to connect with our inner spiritual self. This was an modified version of a evolution from Wake Up Warrior that was changed to […]

  • #27 Rise in gratitude

    Today we discuss why my daily 5:30 alarm asks me to rise in gratitude. We also discuss how lucid dreaming can allow you to set intentions or find clarity.    Leave a a review for me on this episode. I am curious to know how what I discussed works for you. 

  • #26 Braking news.. that’s not a typo!

    Today is a quick hitting lesson translated through the lens of the real world. Learn a bit about my weekend as I faced a decision all entrepreneurs face on the regular   todays issue is identifying if a task is important or urgent. What is the difference and why does it matter to you? […]

  • #25 Drinks on me!

    Join me as I discuss the longest detox in my adult life, why I did it and what it could do for you.    If you find value in this podcast please share it with someone and leave a review. Each review mathematically increases the opportunity to impact more lives.    You can reach me on […]

  • #24 Quick hitter - Make a shift

    Today I spend just six minutes discussing what may be holding you back. No filler, no music just something you can change today for success tomorrow.

  • #23 Who is the Albino Rhino??

    I hope episode #23 finds you well (as so many corporate emails wish)    Today we finish a great conversation on mindset with Chris Corbett. This conversation has many nuggets that could help with improving mindset and outlook.   I hope you find as much value in this as I did. 

  • #22 What is an Albino Rhino????

    Today is part 1 of 2 learning lessons from an old friend with an amazing story.    Listen in as we discuss the driving factors to overcome substance abuse, poverty, homelessness and broken homes. This was one of the more inspiring stories I have heard and I am glad I was able to bring […]

  • #21 A butt for every seat

    Today we take a journey through my past and potentially save you hours worth of work on your next major purchase.  We've all done it, scrolling the web or stores to find the perfect item at the best price. What if I told you you are losing a much more valuable asset...time.  In this […]

  • #20 You're getting divorced

    More than half of marriages end in divorce. If you talk to the people involved most of the time it wasn't their fault.  Today I begin the postmortem of my divorce which ended a relationship that spanned half my life on and off at the time it finally ended.  My personal development coach […]

  • #19 Why 212* matters to us

    Today we discuss #growthhacking and #inspiration in the podcast. When an entrepreneur is trying to get their business off the ground there are many unknowns and added stresses.  In today's episode we look at how a basic book titled 212* the extra degree by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson […]

  • #18 Alignments aren't just for cars

    I was up before the sun came up today. The last month has been very tough. Ever felt that way? Today I discuss what happens when your actions are not in alignment with your purpose. I hope it brings you value and helps you get on the track you are destined for. 

  • #17 18 years later

    Can you believe it has been 18 years since the towers fell? Where were you? How did you feel? How did it impact your life?   Today I discuss some of the ramifications of the events of that day and talk about some of the root causes of the events of that day. I also discuss the fact that […]

  • #16 Abandoned in a truck.

    Today I take you back to my childhood. In hindsight our parents do the best they can with the tools they have available.  This lack of knowledge creates many of the personality traits that become embedded in our psyche. It may be OCD, being messy, being nervous or any of the plethora of […]

  • #15 Unlocking your weekly potential

    I have struggled severely with anxiety and being crippled knowing how much I need to accomplish to keep a business or career afloat.   Today I share a high level review of how I plan out my week so I can feel the power that comes from setting intention. I sincerely hope it helps empower […]

  • #14 Why not?

    As I type this the day before the episode launches I think back to when I recorded it. If you're anything like me you have felt the inertia caused by inaction.  In business it can mean life or death when the time comes to innovate, to decide.  In today's episode I tell a story from an […]

  • #13 Why are sales down?

    In this Labor Day mobile recording we discuss the problem faced by many sales leaders and business owners.  As a leader I struggled to balance the volume of sales activity with the quality of the sales process utilized. I know as a consumer I am turned off from hype men that cannot […]

  • #12 Lessons from Elvis

    The biggest thing you can do in life is to save the life of another according to mythology. This isn't true because you need to be able to help yourself before you help others.  Today I discuss the psychological path that leads one to commit to taking over responsibility for another's […]

  • #11 Disconnecting with nature

    Today I take you on a walk through the woods of Connecticut and discuss the need for high performing business leaders to leave the day to day behind and reconnect with their inner divinity.  As someone who passed up the big city for the suburbs I get many will say the hustle and bustle […]

  • #10 Elevate to gain perspective.

    See what you can achieve

  • #9 When ish hits the fan

    Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth according to Mike Tyson.  Today I talk about the real world where everything is not puppies and rainbows. The entrepreneur life is not without its bumps and being able to handle the adversity is critical to success.      I am […]

  • #8 News flash! It's a great time to be alive!

    Today in Intentional Disruption we tackle the impact that agenda based news and information outlets are having on your psyche.  I invite you to have an open mind as we see how the negative energy broadcast by the media outlets is harming your business, marriage and parenting abilities.  […]

  • #7 It's all about the Benjamins

    Episode #7 discusses the need to have a plan financially to be successful. This isn't always a sexy topic but I will bring you a fun story about how a old school Nintendo taught me lessons that are now taught by Dave Ramsey and others.   If you would like to reach me directly you can […]

  • #6 22 a day is too many

    Today is a somber episode that dives deep into the darker parts of the human experience. The hashtag #22aday comes from the military world but it applies to each of your daily lives.    Today I discuss signs of distress and discuss some of my real world experiences with suicide. I […]

  • #5 What is SHILT? Why do you want to keep it?

    Happy Hump Day to those who need to make the move to pursue their passion! Today's episode we will discuss a feeling or emotion that has played a major role in my early life.  Shame and guilt are the claws that pull you back from success like crabs do to each other in the fisherman's […]

  • #4 Doing more may just get you less

    Today we discuss the difference between feeling busy and getting things done. To often as an entrepreneur we have a focus on the urgent and potentially non-important activities we "need to do"  In order to fully achieve success we need to focus on the important actions that will drive […]

  • #3 You think too much - Prospecting in corporate America

    Today we discuss a common sales issue. How do you bring relevant value to the marketplace while ensuring you hit your activity targets?   It is an issue faced by millions in corporate sales jobs where quantity is valued over quantity. The marketplace has changed ans simply smiling and […]

  • #2 My first business at age 24

    In this episode I discuss my journey to becoming an independent business owner at the age of 24. Here we set the stage for some of the struggles faced by many veterans and disadvantaged communities.    A special thanks to Dom for the assist with some of the audio enhancements you will […]

  • #1 Hi my name is....

    8 year USMC veteran Mike Demo discusses transitioning from the military, finding ones purpose and living the life you were destined to live.   This episode, along with several of the early episodes begins to tell the story of who I am. As the episodes progress we will get more and more […]

  • What is Intentional Disruption?

    Today we discuss the origins of Intentional Disruption and what you can expect in the coming months.    Whether you are a high level entrepreneur, work in the corporate world or are a transitioning veteran there will be something here for you.    Come with me as I give insights from […]