Women With an Effed Up Mind

Cases, resources, and making change when it comes to sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence & the lack of mental health help/stigma in the US Military.

  • Let’s Go & Watch It

    If you haven’t already seen it, it’s time we riss up and speak out like Battle Cry: Fighting Assault In The Military. I’ve been MIA for my own sake of mental health. But this was the fire I needed. I’ve missed y’all and hope you’re still here --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • It’s Been Awhile

    Hey hey hey! It’s J Marie here. It’s been a whole year since the last episode dropped in, so I wanted to just drop in so hi and that’s we’re here and ready to do the damn thing! New intro, new vibe, everything especially with gearing up to get out of the military. If you’re new […]

  • I. Need. You.

    Hiiii I’m still here and I told y’all we’re still doing work outside of just social media. This is a HUGE opportunity for us to be the voice and I want to continue to be your voice even outside of the podcast. --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • No Accountability

    Well well well… case is officially officially closed with my domestic violence and the good ol boys club wins again… so here ya go --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/itseffedup/message

  • “You’re Not Gonna Report It, Are You?”

    It’s the million dollar douche question to ask, ain’t it? You’ve probably seen her TikTok or news showings, but Kacie is an AD Airman, who’s seeking justice in a corrupt criminal justice system inside the military and out. She has the courage to speak out given all the hardships, […]

  • I’m Still Here

    Here’s what I’ve been up too. I know it’s been awhile but bare with me. Just wanted to let y’all know I have not gone anywhere, just handling life by the balls. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/itseffedup/message

  • Who Are YOU Outside of The Uniform?

    We welcomed back Lani from Kruse Corner and Six from Cancelled for Maintenance to bring back our monthly Roundtable! What could this month entail? How about just being YOU. Recognizing your own self and identity outside of the uniform, the rank and being more to it because one day you […]

  • Gender Doesn’t Change Human Status

    I know I know, it’s been awhile… but I had the pleasure of speaking with Army veteran James who served over the course of 10 years in active duty and reserves. He’s also an MST survivor who is finally sharing his story! --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • New News. I’m okay. Life’s a Beech.

    Sometimes life just happens and gets the best of us, but here we are. Life changes, green weenie strikes again and so much more. Thank you for all who have reached out and so much more. We’re not out of the fight, but things are just changing is all. --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • Growth Exists, Even When You Don’t Think So

    time for the random rambling talks with yours truly. Realizing self growth is needed and working towards it. Reminding you, that it work out. It will get better. There is light. I believe in you. But also welcome to my squirrel episode, and crappy sound quality 😆 --- Send in a voice […]

  • Changing The Narrative With Injustice

    Our biggest motto is we’re here to ruffle feathers and this episode might just do that. We were joined with former LtCol Stu Scheller, who asked for accountability with the tragic event in Afghanistan in August of 2020. Were not here to discuss that though. We changed the narrative and […]

  • Drop Pack & Smell The Roses

    Finishing the month out with our faves, on our monthly Roundtable. Joined again by Lani from Kruse Corner and Six from Cancelled For Maintenance for some much needed therapy to discuss how tired of we are of the clout chases using the same unoriginal ways to do nothing. The vet community […]

  • Taking on Vegas with Bourbiz

    Spotlight Sunday we’re going to showcase Bourbiz! A 501(c)(3) nonprofit that partners with the Veterans Success Resource Group, and brings camaraderie and resources for all across the military community. Jess from Resilient & Rowdy joined us to spotlight such an awesome thing. The […]

  • New Year, New Things Coming

    HERES TO 2022! Coming up on our one year, new series & many things including getting out of the military! So small chat to bring in the new year. So hope y’all enjoy going back to work after the leave block and holidays! --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • Intro triggered !

    Welcome to the podcast! A podcast for women, by women. Here’s to a beginning of bringing awareness of an ongoing issue with women in the military. Today’s episode is introducing us, and discussing an issue of one of the hosts, and Sgt who’s being ridiculed by the military community […]

  • “Be The Change You Want To See” & This Is Your Sign.

    Rolling into the holidays, joined by Zach aka Veterans With a Sign. What a good conversation, that had me in tears from laughing but SO many good points made. Ranging from generational military change, mental health, brovet culture, and just life. Enjoy the shenanigans --- Send in a […]

  • We Aren’t The Cookie Cutter Type, We’re Also Using The Extra Dough

    Finally a collab episode with Jess, from Resilient & Rowdy podcast! She’s an Army Veteran, MST Survivor, Mental Health Advocate and just as ready to make things change like we are! We discuss the Military Justice Improvement & Increasing Prevention Act. Our thoughts and long […]

  • There’s Life Outside the Uniform

    THERES MORE TO LIFE OUTSIDE THE UNIFORM. This months Roundtable with Lani from Kruse Corner and Six from Cancelled for Maintenance, we discuss that nobody gives af when you leave the military. Utilize the resources to build your future and be a better YOU. Your shiny medals, your stripes, […]

  • *tap* *tap* IS THIS THING ON?!

    Santa came early so we decided to test our new toy from an oh so gracious human. WE’VE GOT US A NEW MICROPHONE. So gooood byeeeee echos and hello some good ol sound quality mixed with my Monday rant of shenanigans. Also…. Daily reminder to not judge us from our first episode and sound […]

  • This Isn’t a Sunshine & Rainbows Type of Step

    What does the title mean? It means this step in change isn’t ready to be made. It isn’t going to be all “sunshine & rainbows” because there are steps that need to be addressed. So with the Military Justice Improvement & Increasing Prevention Act, why do we think we can […]

  • Case Closed

    I’m sad. I’m mad. I’m confused, but not surprised. My case has finally been closed and no notification of it until my VLC had to make some phone calls. So it might be triggering for people --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/itseffedup/message

  • Dancing Frog, & Burning Turkeys Kind of Therapy

    It’s time for our monthly Roundtable with Lani from Kruse Corner & Six from Cancelled for Maintenance. What’s this months shenanigans entail? Well whole lot of randomness, singing and your friendly reminder to not set your house on fire with a frozen turkey. You’re welcome. […]

  • Burnt Out and It’s Okay.

    Sometimes life gets the best of us, and I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to take care of you. If you get burnt out, burn out. It happens, but you’ll get back on the saddle. Take care of YOU. Some welcome to my rambling --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • IM BACK With a Random Ted Talk

    Hello peoples. Personal life took priority to wrap school up, and a bunch of other things. So here’s a 10 minute ted talk randomness --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/itseffedup/message

  • Since When Is It A Competition To Just Not Be A D*ck?

    ROUND TABLEEEE TIME! With Lani from Kruse Corner and Six from Cancelled For Maintenance Podcast. This month we discuss more so on the fact that people don’t really mean what they put out. It’s a business to people, not the matter of legitimacy of helping people. Exploiting them and […]

  • Dive Down The Rabbit Hole: PFC LaVena Johnson.

    PFC LaVena Johnson was only 19 years old when she was murdered in Iraq. One of the biggest cover ups in the military, yet her family still can’t find justice after 15 years. Why is that? How was the Army able to rule this a suicide STILL? How are people not more upset and talking about […]

  • “You’re Not As F*cked Up As a Football Bat, As You Think You Are.”

    This week we were joined by Virgina Cruse who is the author of, “The Soldier’s Guide to PTSD: How to No-Sh*t Reclaim Your Life,” a Soldier-to-Soldier guide for overcoming PTSD and Moral Injury that gives step-by-step guidance on how Service Members can take their lives back. […]

  • Just Saying The Words, Domestic Violence, Doesn’t Do Justice

    First off… kind of wonky at the end. My b but October brings Domestic Violence Awareness Month and that is exactly where we’re at with this ‘forgotten crisis,’ the awareness stage. It’s not enough. Where’s the policies? Then you want to add it into the NDAA and out of commands […]

  • Take Care of YOU

    Need a little pep in your step? Some extra motivation? Or somebody to just remind you that it’s okay to take care of YOU? Welcome to this weeks random episodes of updates, motivation, and just rambling with yours truly --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • “Here’s Your Straw, Now Suck It Up.”

    It’s that time for our Effed Up Friday Segment and monthly Roundtable with Lani from Kruse Corner Podcast, Six from Cancelled For Maintenance Podcast, with our special guest Rachelle from The Enduring Campaign. We’ve turned this into a therapy session with good friends, how to decide […]

  • You’re More Likely To Be Convicted For a Speeding Ticket, Than Rape.

    Caity is standing up and speaking about her rapist, who is now fighting for an appeal for his ONLY 3 year sentence after sexually assaulting 6 women. She’s calling on those to start standing up for ACCOUNTABILITY. That’s all we want, is accountability for those who do wrong. To give […]

  • Preventing Veteran Suicide, One Step At A Time

    If there’s an organization I love to talk about, it’s Irreverent Warriors. They’re doing the damn thing, and organizations like this are so important, ESPECIALLY given the times. It’s all about camaraderie, meeting new people, and enjoying each other’s company. Forgetting the […]

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About It…

    We’re continuing to bring awareness that it is okay to get help. Mental health matters and it does not discriminate, no matter the branch, gender or what your experience is. It is not dedicate to one set thing. We brought on Ernie Mariscal, who is a 21 year combat Army vet, and […]


    I can’t believe we made it this far already, but we couldn’t have done it without our listeners and followers! Y’all are so amazing and helping us grow and do the damn thing! We’re just getting started and even announced a new step we’re taking soon 😉 so here’s to you all […]

  • F*ck The Stigma, Go Get The Treatment

    This week we talk to Jasmine, another female Marine, who stood up and said.. “I need to do this for ME,” after experiencing MST. She helps shine the light on ending the stigma on getting the proper help you need. You won’t wear the uniform forever, so you have to peal the layers to […]

  • Bro, Do You Even Vet?

    FIRST EDITION ROUND TABLE! With my favorites, Lani from Kruse Corner Podcast and Six from Cancelled For Maintenance Podcast. Exposing the truth of BroVet culture and how they just suck. The mental health stigma as well. So we ask… what’re you ACTUALLY doing to help change the culture? […]

  • “You’re On a Military Base, You’d Think You Were Safe.”

    Lauren was a Sgt in the Army who knew that for her sake mentally and physically, med board was the best route. Even though one of the worst feelings is grief, and watching you career and goals just crumble with no control. She’s an MST Survivor, who’s raising her voice to ruffle […]

  • Since When Do We Have To Rate Mental Health?

    Effed Up Friday brought the fumes of bs that Friday entails and bad leadership… mainly just ranting and b*tching, sorry not sorry. This is a coping mechanisms. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/itseffedup/message

  • “I Found My Purpose… I Live To Serve.”

    Not only is Kara a Marine sister, but she was also Ms Veteran America Finalist in 2020, that help homeless women, even with dependents. Sharing her story with many resources with it as well. Kara is such a strong, genuine person, who turned dark times into light, surviving from child […]

  • “We Already Know You’re a Barracks Bunny, & Your Hair Doesn’t Help.”

    Effed Up Friday brings you another glorious and just effed up story. It’s different than most, but that’s what we’re here for. To give a platform to share your story & experience within the effed up system of our US Military. Autumn shares her story of an illegal discharge from […]

  • “Military & Mental Health, Just Don’t Seem To Work Together.”

    We brought on a fellow Marine sister, Shannon. Who not only has made history for women in the Artillery field of the Corps, but she’s now helping those that need help when battling mental health and homeless by coffee! Her non-profit, Happy Bean Project is doing the d*mn thing. Also […]

  • “I’m Finally In a Good Place to Stand Up.”

    If it wasn’t for this woman, we don’t know if Women With an Effed Up Mind would even be a thing. Dalina was a huge push for us to kick it and do what we do. We were angry for her and needed to speak, which later turned into doing what we do. Her viral TikTok crying, because justice […]

  • “This Isn’t Just Data For a PowerPoint Slide.”

    Rambling on to summarize the subcommittee meeting (07/20) in regards of the findings and recommendations of the Independent Review Committee on Sexual Assault in the military. We’re quite impressed with the IRC and that Congress is recognizing that Domestic Violence is an issue as well. […]

  • “Instead Of Addressing The Issue, I Was Kicked Out Of The Platoon.”

    This week we brought light to an organization, founded by Smiles called, Vigilant Valkyrie. That bring women together, to show the camaraderie to each other as active duty women and veterans. She also brought a different perspective as an MP (Military Police) and having a first look of […]

  • “He Was Issued a Ruc Sac, Not You.”

    Service members have it hard enough when they encounter domestic violence, but what about military spouses? Nobody cares about them, because they don’t wear the uniform. To kick of Season 2, we brought on Operation Foxhole, who’s doing the d*mn thing to help military spouse domestic […]

  • Don’t Be a Dick Cheese, We’re All Americans.

    That’s a wrap for Season 1! Take this weekend to remind yourself, that at the end of the day, We. Are. All. Humans. We’re Americans. We all have different views, different experiences, it just boils down to be a decent effing human. Happy 4th of July weekend! Enjoy it and be safe. […]

  • “I Turned My Trauma Into Art Therapy”

    We wrapped up PTSD Awareness Month with… HEALTHY COPING. One big thing we preach is treating trauma in a healthy way. We brought on Amanda, who’s a MST and PTSD Survivor that turned trauma into beautiful jewelry. We showcased her beauty at Bead Priks, to show another outlet of healthy […]

  • “I Was Retaliated Against For Exposing The Sexual Assault Problem.”

    Adam Derito is probably the saltiest of all salt dogs. Air Force Academy, Marine Corps OCS, and now a paratroop in the Colorado National Guard. He’s been fighting his case for YEARS now after being retaliated against for exposing the problem of sexual assault for over 30 people, […]

  • “I Tried To Leave, Then He Boot Stomped Me Into The Curb.”

    This week we welcomed Jessica, who is a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and came on to share her story. We’re trying to make a change here in the states, but we recognize this is a global issue. She suffered through a lot, for the sake of job, just to be rammed roded, and not […]

  • On The Path To Make Sh*t Happen, Will You Be Joining Us?

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT AND A WHOLE LOT OF KNOWLEDGE ON THIS EPISODE!!! Brought back Army Veteran, Lobbyist, and podcast host of Carry On, Lindsey Rowland! We discuss the Military Justice Improvement & Increasing Prevention Act, as well as, the Military Family Violence Prevention Act. What […]

  • “The Scent of The Candle Smelled Like The Shampoo & Sent Me Back To That Night.”

    We recognize sexual assault isn’t just a woman’s issue. It’s a male issue. More like a human issue. So we brought on Army National Guard Veteran, Paul Lloyd, who’s a MST Survivor, Sexual Assault Advocate, founder of Phoenix Project and website owner of Hope After MST. He’s […]

  • Misinformation Can Kill

    Bringing back my girl, Lani Hankins, for this weeks Effed Up Friday Segment! Just rambling on and talking domestic violence, and how FAP is a joke! Random episode, with knowledge, stories and whatever. But we’re going to keep screaming about DV, till more bring light to it and make […]

  • “He Was Somebody I Thought I Could Trust.”

    This episode we had Jai Wu, USMC Vet, MST survivor, and co-owner of Office Wook Clothing. She talks about her story and helping educate. Her story isn’t our usual. She didn’t report hers. She swallowed it like a pill, and it still haunts her, over 10 years later. --- Send in a […]

  • No Consistent Stats Since 1999? Get Your Sh*t Together.

    *Bonus Episode* full of education when it comes to Domestic Violence. We talked about the Military Family Violence Prevention Act, Subcommittee conducted on May 25th, 2021, resources and just the run down of educating you. --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • #BeADecentEffingHuman2021

    CALLING ALL MOVEMENT LOVERS! Welcome to my random af Effed Up Friday segment this week and telling you to just be a good human. Check on your fellow people’s. BE A PART OF ACTUALLY STOPPING THE 22. And we kind of promote a new nonprofit we we’re introduced too, called Operation […]

  • F*ck Your 22 Push-ups. What’re You Doing to Actually Stop It?

    Lani, from Kruse Corner podcast, joined me once again to kick off PTSD Awareness Month. The biggest take away from it is, what’re you doing to stop the 22? It’s no longer an awareness thing, it’s about doing the d*mn thing. Even if it’s as simple as texting a buddy. It’s not a […]

  • Your Voice Is Your Most Important Tool

    Kind of a random, short, but motivational episode this week. Sorry for the background noise too. Oops. I know, weird. Recapping D.C. with WorthTen20, and just the importance of your voice! Adapt, overcome, that’s what we service members do, right? We stand up, stand tall, and shout from […]

  • Spice It Up, & Join the Movement Against DV

    *WARNING* this episode is a little more vulgar than most, but you can hear the frustration with my case. If you’ve been following along, here’s for spicyness for you. If you haven’t, please refer too, “Screams from Silence,” then “You Should Be P’d Off Too.” You as my […]

  • Educate Yo Self & Be a Pain In The Ass

    We share the stories, talk about how effed up things are, but are you educated? Do you know your resources? Do you know the process? Majority don’t, so today Val and I talk about what lies ahead and what you can do when it comes to being sexually assaulted. Even if you’re not victim, […]

  • Her Shackles Are Finally Broken, But We’re Not Done!

    CPL THAE OHU IS FINALLY RELEASED! Yes, I said it... our sister is FINALLY FREE, but this isn’t the end. This is a start of a new beginning and another long road ahead. On this weeks ‘Effed Up Friday’ Segment, we discuss her freedom, her story, to show you guys, we’re still in this […]

  • “You’re Not a Fighter, You’re a Conqueror.”

    Heath Phillips... a Navy veteran, MST survivor, and now advocate, who’s really doing the damn thing! Our first male survivor on the show and I’m truly humbled to have had such an amazing man on this episode. Especially as our first one. We drive into his struggles with alcohol, drugs […]


    Is it not trendy enough? Is it, because it’s a “spousal issue?” Is it that you don’t care? Or maybe, because “it’s a joke,” you “don’t feel like dealing with.” What about the reform taken out of Commands hands for domestic violence too? Why is that left out? WHY IS […]

  • “I Prayed Somebody Heard Me Screaming, & Came Through That Door.”

    We know the name of Jane Doe, but what about Lady Jane? Lady Jane Unknown shares her story as a Combat Veteran, and MST Survivior during her time in the Navy, and experience in Afghanistan. Not just one experience, but TWO during her time... and was faced with the reality that it […]

  • “I Was Ostracized for Trying to Report it.”

    Our quest this week is Stephanie Schroeder, who’s been our BIGGEST supporter since we started. She’s USMC Veteran, a Sexual Assault Survivor, and the founder of Eyes Right Foundation. We brought her on this week, because she shares the same energy we have, by doing the damn thing. […]

  • "I Still Remember the Pain of His Fingernails Inside of Me."

    It's time to ruffle feathers, and make things uncomfortable. That's how the message is heard. Not by numbers we all see, it's about the stories and truth, behind the pain, that you see or hear. Shit gets real on this episode. We also have new announcements. We're officially partnering […]

  • Screams from Silence

    Time I just get completely deep and raw with yall. I’m alone on this episode, but I’m speaking to y’all as my listeners. I had to rerecord this multiple times, because I couldn’t keep it together. I’ve been dealing with shit, and it’s added fuel to the fire. I’m not just […]

  • “Screw Awareness, Do The D*mn Thing.”

    *BONUS EPISODE* Welcoming our first male guest, Six, who’s a Marine Corps veteran and a co-host of Cancelled for Maintenance, who’s definitely outside of our motive box. THATS WHAT WE WANT THOUGH. They’re supporting the cause even though they speak on subjects differently. They’re […]

  • Buck Up, Shut Up, & F**k Your Human Feelings

    This episode is slightly long, but lots of good content. We have Lani Hankins, who is a MST survivor, fellow service sister- Army Veteran, and author “Bottled Away.” Which I highly recommend buying (link is on our linktree website.) We break down some of the book, and just ramble on […]

  • “We Just Want You to Know, Someone Out There Does Give a F**k.”

    Today’s episode we talked about a movement with the same motivate as us, called WORTH TEN20. They started a calendar of events to bring awareness with #SAAPM, so we talk about the various things they’ve brought up. Then we have a very special guest, who’s near and dear to our heart, […]

  • “Go See a Chaplain.”

    Today’s episode, we discuss the lack of “giving a shit” of our fellow brothers and sisters. The lack of trust in our leadership and carrying about the well being of junior service members. That trauma does have a cost and an aftermath effort on each and everybody, female AND male. […]

  • Ending Stigmas, One Voice At a Time

    Tonight’s episode, we have our first official guest, Taylor Knueven, 8 year Army Combat Medic, who’s a victim turned advocate, that is on a move to fixing a messed up system when it comes to sexual assault. She’s also a semi finalist for Ms Veteran America 2021. We talked about her […]

  • Tucker Carlson... Make ME a sandwich! And mental health issues? GET OVER IT.

    Today’s episode we discuss Fox News Host, Tucker Carlson, someone who’s never served, who spoke on women serving & says we’re a mockery of the US Military. Also, we discuss how service members mental health isn’t important in the military, as it should be... if it was taken as […]

  • #MoreThanAHashtag

    Happy International Womens Day! This episode, we discuss PFC Asia Graham and her death, along with Specialist Vanessa Guillen. These ladies have complete injustice to their cases, so we’re here to bring more awareness, because they’re more than a #justice hashtag. Their lives may have […]

  • Justice for Thae Ohu, & Spicyness 2.0

    Happy Women’s History Month! Today’s episode we talk about Cpl Thae Ohu, and the injustice she’s dealing with. SHE NEEDS JUSTICE! We also rant on how the lack of mental health recognition and help that should be given to service members, but it’s really a joke. We also touch some […]

  • Let’s Get Semi Deep

    Let me show you a little piece in the past. That we can sympathize with you. We want you to reach out & we provided resources too! --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/itseffedup/message

  • Women With an Effed Up Mind (Trailer)

    --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/itseffedup/message