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John Creamer
  • So Much Has Happened

    Brandon and John discus all the ins and outs of life over the last few months. The ups and downs and what in the world is going on in the world. It's getting crazy out there and we want to talk about some of it with out spin as well. It's been a long time so we hope you guys enjoy! --- […]

  • A New Beginning!

    Brandon and John sit down and discuss all the main topics of discussion that have been raging at the kitchen table over the last month. From the alien whistle blowers in Congress to the beginning of the football season, we hit it all. Brandon is taking over the roll of host and will be […]

  • Pool Party with Jennifer Ross Cabe

    Brandons 45th birthday has come and gone but that doesn't mean we didn't celebrate. We set up at our buddy Paul's house and setup the podcast equipment under the canopy for the poolside of the party. Grilling was going down all day and so was the pop shots at different branches, we had […]

  • That Makes a C-Note

    Hey Hey we made it! Episode 100 and it has everything that the Grunts in Appalachia have ever done! There's a crazy story time about the festivities that took place while Brandon was on Vacation in Lake of the Ozarks. It just so happens that two of his compadres that were there at the […]

  • Hollywood, War, and Motorcycles

    Welcome back ya'll! This week Gorgeous George and Brandon sit down and talk about the weather. Not really though. We have a discussion about war in movies and what happened to the good ones. Where did a good war movie go? Gorgeous George talks about his train wreck of a weekend while […]

  • Title 42 Expired Here Comes the Wave of Illegal Immigration

    Gorgeous George and John sit down in Boots Spirits and Feed, an awesome country western bar in downtown Huntington, WV. Topics of disscussion were a little more on the serious note this week with some jumbled humor. There's so much going on in the world it's hard not to talk about the […]

  • Bang! Reset the Clock!

    Happy Mothers Day to all you fabulous ladies out there doing the mothering thing. For this week we have special guest Neera Burner, adopted out of India as a baby and raised in Appalachia. Currently an influencer that has works with and has worked with major companies that we all know and […]

  • Bud Light Presents Pain

    Brandon goes off on the Bud Light controversy but we aren't going to tell you here what was said, guess you'll just have to take a listen. John talks about his Washington D.C trip this last week and all the cool things there are to do there. Artificial Intelligence was also another topic […]

  • A Red Dawn Conundrum

    Happy 4/20 to everyone out there! John and Gorgeous George sit down and talk about the different Easter holidays, the Chinese coming across our southern border, some more wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey space stuff, and all kinds of other things. John went on a trip to Nashville and had some […]

  • From the Vault

    Allright everyone it was Easter Day on our normal podcast day so we pulled the one we had saved in the vault from last week that wasnt able to be dropped. I didn't have time to listen to this one I just uploaded it so when we all listen to it tomorrow we can all be surprised together. […]

  • Into the Classified Files

    Scott Daniels proudly served in the US Army for 25 years 6 months and 13 days before he retired honorably as a 1st Sgt. His last job in the Army was spent being a Counter Intelligence Special Agent, you know the guys that are always doing the nefarious stuff in the television shows. Well […]

  • MREs and Vasectomies

    The competition was on with the MRE challenge.  Two meals were chosen by each host in a blind draw format.  The each person had ten minutes to make the tastiest meal possible with the two meals that were chosen.  We delve into some MRE stories and explain our creations to each other as […]

  • For the love of the game! (Except Chess, still not a sport)

    This week on Grunts In Appalachia we talk sports, but not your everyday sports.  We each took it upon ourselves to find the oddest sports that are played anywhere in the world, and when we say odd we mean it!  Gorgeous George wants to know about Jai Alai, John talks about Wife Carrying, […]

  • Alien Encounters

    The Grunts talk aliens.  Particulaly we discuss the alien war at the Dulce Base in New Mexico, the story of Valiant Thor and the entire town of Nuremburg witnessing an alien war in spaceships above them in the 1500s!   We jump off topic plenty of times for side conversations and our […]

  • Bugs Boogers and the Consequences

    Special Guest Corbette Williams joined us today for a wild episode.  Corbett is another fellow Marine Grunt so he fit right into the craziness. We've all probably heard about it by now but the wealthy elites of the world want you to stop eating so much beef and transfer over to bugs! […]

  • What Do Their Organs Look Like

    Happy Valentines Day to everyone!   As everyone knows by now the Kansas City Chiefs won the Superbowl.  Brandon is beyond happy and now has to find new things to do between now and next football season, we think he's going to get into Nascar again.  We discus the Superbowl, especially […]

  • The Big Bang Theory and a Chinese Balloon

    It all started out completely normal.  You know a Chinese balloon slowing roaming across our entire country, yeah about that.  That's where it all began on this episode and we might have believed it was going to be the biggest talking point before the second half of the podcast began. […]

  • Birds Bees DARPA Dreams and Where Chickens Come From

    So we started the evening out dumping out some of Brandon's acquired gear from the Army before he retired and there was a lot of stuff, not to mention that we only scratched the surface of what he has colleting dust in his basement. How in the world we started talking about the birds and […]

  • Vacation Travel Stories

    Vacation Travel Stories This week we planned on telling stories about travel while still serving activly in the military and after we got out, as just plain old veterans.  Plus Gorgeous George told some stories about his travels as a brother in a fraternity.   Brandon kicked the trip […]

  • Edible Treats and Unbelievable Feats

    CEO of Matt Peyton of Thraxx THC and CBD company sat down with us this week and brought the goodies.  We learned a lot about different variations of strains and the process that his company uses to make the very popular Delta 8 edible gummies.   Brandon tells a great story on Gorgeous […]

  • Don't Be a P***Y

    This week we traveled Buffalo, WV to sit down with two retired Marine legends, Mr. JC Knight and William Bodette.  Both of these guys are amazing story tellers and we let them have the floor so they could get out as much as possible in a little over an hour. Of course there are your […]

  • I'm Not a Racist, You're a Racist.

    Well this was supposed to be a regular episode but when do we do regular?  Yiorgi and John show up to Brandons house, only thing is Brandon isn't home!  So we wait 45 minutes, making reels and talking about this episode that you're about to listen to before Brandon makes it home.  He […]

  • On to a New Year

    Last episode of the year and its a banger.  Hear all about the Christmas shenanigans, new years plans, new gear acquired on Christmas and a healthy dose of Wellness Checks. For some reason this episode just seemed to be a great culmination for 2022.   We have a Grunts Gear and Gadgets […]

  • Who Loves the Seabass!

    This week the Grunts sat down with Sebastian Morris of Seabass productions.  This great young man just finished his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps this month and he is excited to now chase his dream of being a movie producer right here in Appalachia.  Sebastian also said […]

  • Straight out of Prison with Derrick Evans

    January 6th Derrick Evans was a newly elected member to the West Virginia House of Delegates and a Trump supporter.  He went to the Capitol for the rally and then entered the US Capitol as a peaceful protestor.  Derrick became one of the faces of the "Insurrection" since he was an […]

  • Christmas Spam

    Well we got all three of us together again this week!   We added a duffle bag dump to the show this week, basically one of us (Brandon) picked and item to place in the bag and we had to open it up and talk about the item.  This took place as soon as we stopped the live feed we had […]

  • We Did a New Thing!

    Yo! We did it.  We went live on Facebook for the first time and we had a great time doing it.  We talked a lot about different happenings in the world, as well as how our Thanksgiving went for us personally.  Gorgeous George wasn't able to join us this week for a family thing and we […]

  • Thanksgiving Masterpiece

    Gorgeous George, Brandon and John sit down at a table with one of the most beautiful rifles ever created by Masterpiece Arms.  This 6.5 Creedmore is a beast weighing in at almost 20 pounds including the scope!  This will be the rifle that Gorgeous George is going to be using when he and […]

  • Tis' the *cough* season

    This week Brandon and Gorgeous George sit down and talk about the cold season, sports and the on going election.  We had a few drinks to keep us going and just let the conversation flow.  We talk about the up coming holidays and what things we might have going on. --- Support this […]

  • It's Our Week - Part 2

    Here we are with part two of celebrating veterans!  Last Thursday was the Marine Corps Birthday followed up with Friday being Veterans Day.  You know what that means, every Marine made some bad decisions with their friends.  Veterans Day is the day of the year that you can legit say […]

  • Take me to the Ball

    John and JC Knight went to this years 4th CEB A Co. Marine Corps ball.  We had some drinks some laughs and by far the best part of the evening was meeting and talking to other local Marines in the area that are currently serving.  We Marines take the birthday celebration to be one of […]

  • It's Our Week - Part 1

    Here we are starting the week of celebrating veterans!  This Thursday is the Marine Corps Birthday followed up with Friday being Veterans Day.  You know what that means, every restaurant will be giving great discounts, sometimes free meals and a host of other cool benefits that come […]

  • Halloween 2022

    We had a nice little chat about Halloween and the festivities that we got involved with over the weekend.  Little tidbits of information on the warfront with Russia and others and a few other odds and ends.  Take a listen and enjoy! --- Support this podcast: […]

  • We Love a Great Tavern

    This week we made our way to Creekside Tavern during the cornhole tournament.  We Got to meet a man that went viral on social media platforms for wearing a mankini while working as a pipeliner, the owner of Creekside (Steve) and a fellow 0331 Machine Gunner from the Marine Corps.  Some […]

  • Chillin With the Homies

    Brandon and John had to throw together an episode and it turned out great so here it is.... I know some people like a great description but sometimes it takes away from actually listening for yourself. So without further ado here's this weeks first episode! --- Support this podcast: […]

  • Call It What You Want

    This weeks second episode is John, Brandon and Gorgeous George sitting around and just being ourselves.  This is us in real life and how we talk to each other whenever the mics aren't there to record us.  Enjoy the nonsense as much as we do because we love this ride called life as much […]

  • Talking Tactical Technicalities

    This week we sat down with the CEO of MOS Tactical.  William drove 7 hours to chill with us as we walked downtown Huntington, WV for the Chilifest that was great.  Half the city showed up this year and kudos to all the talented vendors for your take on what chili is supposed to taste […]

  • Smelling This Fine is a Crime

    Alright guys you asked and we listened!  This is the first legit second episode for the week.  We discuss some current events, some products we were given for a test run and a few other things.   Thursdays will be the day of the week that we drop our second episode until you all force […]

  • Ebony and Ivory

    This week Gorgeous George and John sat down with not only one but two comedians!  Keith Terry and Victor Martinez Jr. got to wild out with us and swap some stories about things in the past and a couple things that happened within 5 minutes of greeting each other.  Bazookas were also on […]

  • Gorgeous George His Day

    Greekfest 2022 was a hit! Yiorgi has worked this festival basically since his birth and it was great.  The food the music and dancers were top notch and no one could tell us how many times this festival has happened, the closest we could get was over 50 years!  Check out this weeks […]

  • Brandon the Hammered

    Well we haven't had a really wild episode in a while so Brandon definitely brought his A game to the table.  Yiorgi and John knew it was going to be wild when we showed up and there was a trash can full of beer cans.  We hit some cool places this week individually. Brandon stayed on the […]

  • 1 Grunt 1 Appalachian

    This week Brandon and Yiorgi sat down and talked about all kinds of happenings.  From 9-11 to the death of the queen it is a great episode that will keep you entertained the entire time.  The in depth commentary from current events to the past this episode hits its all.  For those that […]

  • Fly on In Y'all

    We were given the VIP treatment at the annual Fly in Festival a couple of weekends ago.  To say that it was cool would be an understatement.  Some of the greatest Blue Grass bands out today show up and put on an amazing show for the crowd.  We were able to score some back stage passes […]

  • We Have Big News!

    Not going to tell you what the news is in this quick description, you have to listen to find out!  We spoke on food a lot on this episode and how the times have changed so much on how you can get your food to yourself. Grubhub and things like it have changed the way that people can make […]

  • Dirty Pirate Hooker

    Our very first female veteran!  Please welcome to the show this week Mrs. Jill Dunkin.  Brandon met Jill while catching a delicious lunch and they became Army buddies in a second flat.  How they met is a pretty great story that's told this week.  Also, what is the Hash House Harriers? […]

  • Appalachian Trainer Faceoff: Special Edition

    This is not our typical podcast so if that's what you're looking for you'll have to wait until next Tuesday morning. John went to the Appalachian Trainer Faceoff that is put on by The Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue.  In this event trainers from all over the country show up to the rescue […]

  • Polly Has a Knife

    This week we sat down at one at one of Brandon and Johns favorite lunch stops, Scratches.  Every week without fail these women throw down on some soul food that is straight from your mamas kitchen and its super reasonably priced! Polly, Donna and Sara kill it with their down home cooking […]

  • Tour De Franzia with Scott Corso

    Our guest this week is Scott Corso.  Did you know that rocks paper scissors is actually a real game with a national champion and the competition is held in Las Vegas?  Yeah, that happens and Scott by chance walked into a bar one evening and they needed one more person to compete that […]

  • Locked Up in Paradise

    Ever been locked up overseas? Our guest did and it's a very bad thing.  Terry Foster is an acting talent coach and talent agency owner for over 20 years.  He lived in LA for many years before moving back to his roots in Appalachia where he continues his search for amazingly talented […]

  • Before I forget!

    Hey listen we are constantly trying new things and this was our first time ever doing a podcast virtually.  Before I forget podcast is another veteran based podcast that we reached out to for a collaboration and we made it happen a couple of weeks ago.  These guys are great and have an […]

  • 1 of 300 Marine Gunner JC Knight

    It's not everyday you get to meet 1 of 300 men that achieved something as big as this man did.  JC Knight was and will always be a Marine Gunner.  This is a rank that most guys that serve 4 years like me (John) have never even seen walking among us regular folk. JC now spends his days […]

  • Senator Maynard, That's Who!

    The Grunts were joined by West Virginia Senator Mark Maynard this week.   Mark filled us in with the happenings at the state level so we could begin to understand how legislating works.  It's always best to hear it from someone that knows how it works if you know what we mean.  Being a […]

  • Derrick Evans on January the 6th

    All you have to do is Google is his name and you'll have your answer as to why we asked Derrick to sit down with us.  Now after you have looked him up don't start judging until you hear what he has to say.  Things were discussed on this episode that the National media hasn't asked […]

  • Lambo Is Easier Than Lambiotte

    This week we had a Father and Son musical duo sit down with us and we spoke on a wide array of subjects. Joe and Joel Lambiotte, which is a hard one to pronounce on the first try are some great fellas.  They played a few songs after the podcast that you will be able to check out on our […]

  • Dale Lookin like the Rooster

    Episode 49 features an up and comer musician named Dale Blankenship.  Not only does he have a great mustache but he can jam it our on a 6 string as well. Hailing from Ironton, OH Dale spends his days looking for more gigs and also serves as a mechanic in the Army National Guard.   We […]

  • Whose Landing Strip?

    This week the Grunts set down with some best friends, Tim Corbett and Carl Bailey.  Tim has been a police officer for a very long time and he has seen a lot of wild things through out his career. Tim will be setting down with us again very soon to talk about other awesome stuff that he […]

  • The Great Ice Cream Heist

    We love to hear great stories form all of our guests.  For some reason we really enjoy hearing from generations past, for us that's the Vietnam Vets.  So this week we had a former Army helicopter pilot with 807 combat hours behind the stick in Vietnam Rick Brown.  For this guest all we […]

  • Shirley Temples

    This week the Grunts made their way to VFW Post 9097 to sit down with a few warfighters and have a good time.  It didn't disappoint, while the older guys didn't understand what we were doing the younger veterans did and we had a ball. There's just something about sitting down with other […]

  • We Got Brewgrassed!

    So we went to podcast on location at the Brewgrass festival this weekend and we definitely went a little to hard if you know what we mean.  So hard that we forgot a secondary battery backup so we had to run the show quite short this week.  But we ran a long episode last week so we know […]

  • Veteran to Veterinarian

    Brandon and John sit down with Vietnam era Recon Marine Mark Curtis.  Mark will be celebrating his 73 birthday tomorrow 5/24/2022 so make sure to wish him a very happy birthday! This week was special for us having a special forces Marine with a great story so we went a little long but it […]

  • Mudbugs

    The Grunts spent the weekend in North Carolina at the Mudbugs for Maddy music festival and had a wonderful time.  In this episode Brandon and John discuss the the musician lineup, Appalachian culture and how music can really bring people together.  The food was great, the music was […]

  • We Need Dr. Phil

    This week Johns wife Tinia Creamer sits down with the Grunts and talks Appalachia.  The thing that you need to know is that Tinia being married to one of us for almost 20 years doesn't tolerate anything she feels is inappropriate.   On the serious note though Tinia grew up in the heart […]

  • The Italian Stallion

    So last week we had a dude named Rogillio in the background.  It just so happens that Rogillio has a real name and its Tony Mancini.  Tony has a lot to say about growing up in Appalachia and we enjoyed having him as a guest.  There has never been a guest that can roll with the punches […]

  • Dr. Denrock from the Borderlands

    We had the unique pleasure of sitting down with an actual Doctor this week, Dr. David Denning. His people know him as Denrock or Dave and what a brave man to sit down with us on our program.   Dave fit right in with us we talked about Johns 40th birthday party the night before, Brandons […]

  • Tactical Nutjobs

    This week the Grunts went remote in Mechanicsville, VA with MOS Tactical.  William, the founder and CEO sat down with us in his shop and we spoke about his American made gear with some great banter thrown in there as well. MOS Tactical is a smaller boutique style company with 1st rate […]

  • It's Easter Ya'll

    On this weeks episode we discuss the upcoming music festivals that are happening in our area.  Along with the normal banter we want everyone to enjoy their hometown and the happenings that go down wherever you live.  Brewgrass is coming up Memorial Day weekend and we have 2 tickets to […]

  • Sh#t Happens

    This week Johns sewer pipe collapsed and we had to dig it all up and replace the line from inside the crawl hole to the septic tank so the poop stories just kinda rolled into this episode.   We also hit on some topics from the bird flu and the millions of chickens that had to be put down […]

  • Brewgrass and Shortys

    This week the Grunts sit down with Ray Frye, owner of one of the most unique bars ever Taps. The bar is covered in military themed items and everything Star Wars. I guess you could say it’s a Space Force hangout. Ray served in the US Army during the first Gulf War as a combat medic and […]

  • Alligator Jackson is a Real Person

    We had a pretty wild one this week.  Recording Remotely from Taps at Heritage Station in Downtown Huntington, WV.   The rundown.  David Williams AKA Alligator Jackson is a southern rock loving independent news reporter for the Huntington Tri-state area. On this episode the Gator was a […]

  • Special Edition: World Events

    We are all living in a world that is has been turned upside down in the last couple of years.   With WW3 looming on our doorstep we thought we would give you all the Grunts approach to what's going on in the world right now.  From Ukraine and Russia to Iran and gas prices take a listen […]

  • Climb Mountains and Eat Well

    The Grunts sit down without a guest this week and talk we always do when its just us chilling. For Grunts Gear and Gadgets we cooked an Alpine Aire Mac and Cheese and it was good.  We reserve the right to our opinion and we are still on team Mountain House but as this podcast continues […]

  • Oculusly working on that ring sting!

    Guest Mike Perry joined the Grunts this week and he brought the goodies.  West Virginia black bear that he harvested and had made into sausage with some local hot sauces.   Mike runs a program during the holiday season called  the Turkey Bowl that raises money for veterans in need and […]

  • Raise Hell Praise Dale

    We had our first repeat guest on this week Mr. Yiorgie Alexandropoulos from Episode 8 Grunts Go Greek.   For Grunts Gear and Gadgets we received a bunch of gear from Brash Tactical and did the box opening on the episode.  After wearing their Hybrid belt for work in the construction […]

  • Life According to Giff

    This week we sat down with the co owner of Davis' Place Bar and Grill.  We were on location with a packed bar which made it all the more fun to say the least.   Gifford is a small town man that loves to give back to his community. He legitimately enjoys being surrounded by people that […]

  • Super Mad Vikingtine's Day

    The Grunts sit down with a box on the table from Mad Viking Beard Company.  If you want to see what's in the box you can check our Facebook page where we videoed the box opening.   Two things coming up this week, Valentines Day will happen prior to the next episode so we touch on it in […]

  • Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Miller

    The Grunts sit down with an aspiring politician.  Chris Miller is the President of one of the major car dealerships in West Virginia and is now running for Governor!  If you live in West Virginia you need to check this man out.  He's as real as they come.  He doesn't pull Punches and […]

  • It's Not that Kind of Service with Lexi Svingos

    On this episode we sat down with Lexi Svingos of Lexi's Busy Bees cleaning service.   Lexi is a Huntington native and a member of the Greek community.  Like always there's plenty of good times, well on this episode it was mostly laughs and having fun. This episode starts out with us […]

  • It's Garry With 2 R's

    We had a blast hanging with a fellow veteran.  Garry was a Navy Corpsman and is now actively in the Army National Guard as an officer.  Garry was named King of the Mountain State for boxing this year so he's legit the best heavyweight boxer in the state which we thought was awesome. \ […]

  • Black Eyes and Bi's and Broken TVs

    Episode 25 coming in today and it was a wild weekend.  Black eyes and black biceps along with a broken TV is how it happened.  listen to the end to get the full story.   There's not much else to say about this episode.  We hit Grunts Gear and Gadgets, Appalachian Ales and Tales and […]

  • The OGs Sit Down Again

    Brandon is out this week dealing with some illness so Nate and John sit down like the beginning of this podcast process and work it out. \ Grunts gear and Gadgets is about Mountain House freeze dried food and the takeaways from eating it during the episode. For Appalachian Ales and Tales […]

  • Straight Off Christmas

    This week the 3 grunts sit down after Christmas for a good time. On Grunts Gear and Gadgets we discuss how awesome Oakley sunglasses are and what a great company they are towards supporting the militart and first responders.  Appalachia Ales and Tales was a little different, we […]

  • The Hetzer Experience

    The Grunts sit down with special guest Drew Hetzer, owner of Backyard Pizza and Raw bar and The Peddler.  The Peddler has a microbrewery inside of it and both of these amazing restaurants are located in downtown Huntington, WV. On Grunts Gear and Gadgets we discuss the many uses of a […]

  • So there's this game.....

    On this episode the Grunts are chilling in Brandons man cave and running their mouths just like we always do. For Grunts gear and gadgets we highlight the Alice pack and its many uses for the military and civilian lifestyle.  On Appalachian ales and tales we talk about a brewery that is […]

  • Where's My Mind

    The Grunts get serious on this episode, of course there's a good amount of humor as well.  Grunts Gear and Gadgets highlights Mil Spec 550 paracord and some of the uses that it has for a SHTF scenario or everyday life in the military and civilian life.   Appalachian Ales and Tales […]

  • Unthanksgiving

    Special Guest host Brandon McGuire sits down with Nate and discusses football, Turkey Bowl, differences between the Marine Corps infantry and Army culture.  Then the fellas get down serious with what Thanksgiving means to them.  On Grunts Gear and Gadgets Pelican products and discussed […]

  • Mahat Mama and the Poppas

    This week is epic!  Our first woman guest and her story is amazing.  Born in India and adopted to the mountains of Appalachia she has a passion for the people and culture she grew up in and we love it.   We don't want to give away the story that you need to hear so sit back, grab a […]

  • Changing It Up

    First time recording in Johns sisters house and it was sweet.   In this episode Nate and John highlight Benchmade knifes and Country Boy Beer (Cougar Bait) to be exact.   Of course there are some stories about running through the woods chasing white tail deer and living in Appalachia. […]

  • Not For the Faint of Heart

    There comes a time where the American people need to know what its like to live the life of their fighting men.  Even though most never experience combat or the stress of being in the infantry they can still understand where grunts are coming from. If you're looking for a raw, unfiltered […]

  • Figure it Out

    As we progress in this venture we the content creators are still figuring it out.  We want to bring you amazing content that makes you laugh, think and entertains you all at the same time.  With that being said we are breaking our podcast down into segments that we find interesting and […]

  • Holy 40th Birthday

    Hands down the most energy we've put into one episode without a single note to go off of and you are going to have some good laughs.   We might not be for all people but all people will laugh if they are by themselves.   Birthday stories and good times had! --- Support this podcast: […]

  • Swinging in the Wind

    Weird happenings in Appalachia. Johns trip out to Missouri and the happenings of the trip.  Beer drinking and one liners from old men that will never be forgotten.  Check out this weeks episode. --- Support this podcast: […]

  • Back in the Saddle Again

    Straight getting down to business.  We have some stories, shenanigans, archery, current events and politics.  In all the craziness of everyday life this is a great episode to make you laugh and think about some important things along the way.  --- Support this podcast: […]

  • Tattoos and Memories

    This week the Grunts had an amazing time in Virginia chilling with some men that we served with and haven't seen in 20 years.  The weekend got a little lit and John had to make a post script edition just to finish the episode up due to how wild the weekend became.  You will be […]

  • Smokey Mountain High

    This week the Grunts headed down to the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Smokey Mountain National Park area and had a great time. We ate, went to Dollywood and checked out the local cool spots that anyone can find easily while traveling in the area.   --- Support this podcast: […]

  • Castopreneur

    This week the Grunts sat down with Matt Casto.  Matt is a hardcore entrepreneur that owns storage facilities, rental properties and a used car lot. Matt also gives many people that have been incarcerated or in addiction recovery opportunities for employment when no one else will.  […]

  • Grunts Go Greek

    We were honored to sit down with the owner of Navarino Bay restaurant on location for food and beverages. Yiorgie is not only a chef but he's a tactical competitive shooter, had a Big Fat Greek Wedding and has a wonderful sense of humor. He was the chef for this years national […]

  • Machine Gun Preacher

    Will Basham, lead Pastor to New Heights Church sits down with us to discus family, faith, tattoos, Harley Davidsons, outdoors and more. Will comes in at 6 foot 6 inches tall, covered in tattoos, will drink a beer with you or smoke a cigar all the while loving Jesus and doing his best to […]

  • Vermont: I'd tap that!

    In this episode John and Nate tell the awful experience of going on a road trip to Vermont where nothing happened the way it was supposed to.   From bad service to hotel desk clerks and nothing being open at normal hours due to Covid, this is a don't miss episode for sure. --- Support […]

  • High Stylin and Profilin

    Special guest AJ Jones tells us what its like to be a male hair stylist in Appalachia. Numerous topics are talked about to include conspiracy theories, politics, becoming a Bohemian minimalist and being black in Appalachia.   --- Support this podcast: […]