Episode 49 Gun Control Legislation

In the long awaited Episode 49, Doc digs into recent gun control measures that passed the House of Representatives in early June: HR7910, “Protecting Our Kids Act” and HR2377 “Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2022“.  These two pieces of legislation would accomplish nothing to control gun crime and mass shootings in America, but would continue to slowly chip away at our right to bear arms and preserve liberty and  freedom in America.  And as always, with every piece of gun legislation, the arguments slide right past the defense of tyranny argument. 

In the Grind this Episode, Doc reviews 68Whiskey from Liberty Beans Coffee out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  It’s everything a Combat Medic is – dark like our humor, smooth on the tongue and easy to be with all day long! If a cup of coffee could drop panties – this is the one that could do it!

A special thank you to the shows new sponsor : UBH-Denton Military Program.

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