Secrets Behind the Google Ad Grant with Preston Cone


Join Preston as we discuss Facebook Ads, Petitions, Email Copy, $120,000 annual Google Ad Grant, and Google for Nonprofits. This is a can’t miss episode!

Cone got his first taste in the field when he had the opportunity to work for Facebook and dove into social media marketing.

Cone’s clients at Facebook had budgets ranging from $500-$50,000 a month and he exponentially increased their return. One of his customers’ ads performed so well that they were featured on the “Facebook Success Story.”

Cone then moved on to lead a team that created the social media ads that raised $150 million.

Then moving on to be Digital Director in for the 45th Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C.

When asked about what he’s learned from his experiences, Cone says, “The campaign and inauguration taught me many things, but in the realm of marketing, I became convinced that social media marketing has unlimited potential if used correctly.”

Cone has been able to leverage his connections and experience working with some of the best people in their respective fields. And you can be assured that our subject matter experts at Cone Creatives (Donor Curve) are really just that – actual experts in their fields.

We look forward to talking with you and helping to make your business plans a success.

Preston Cone

CEO Cone Creatives / Donor Curve
Digital Marketing With A Purpose


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