Help your Donors be Heroes with Sarah Jean Knox


Travis talks with Sarah Jean Knox, a fundraising, benefit, and charity auctioneer who raises revenue for organizations and nonprofits around the nation.


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Conversation Highlights:

[03:29] Transitioning in-person events and auctioneering to online…..

[09:14] Why raising money and selling products considered a dirty word in the Nonprofit world?

  • Is selling products really bad?
  • What kind of elements do you need to engage people for 30 or 40 minutes?
  • How virtual events opened up new opportunities in the Nonprofit sector?

[20:06] Position the Donor as the hero!

[27:07] How Sarah was able to raise funds even after a big technical issue?

[28:49] Helping them tap into their networks…..

  • Have you asked your network to share this post?

[33:50] The need to connect with your audience.

[38:04] What is the best way to show appreciation?


Remarkable quotes:

“If you wanna go fast, go alone! If you wanna go far, go in a group!”

“No ones gonna give money to solve the problems that they don’t know exist.”

You’re either shutting your doors or having a record year

“If you connect with your audience in the right way, your mission as a Nonprofit is powerful enough to get those funds.”


“Don’t just listen to the podcast, but also implement the things you hear in your life!”




Sarah is a Fundraising Event Auctioneer who works with nonprofits, schools, and organizations prior to their event to create a customized strategy for their program, live auction, and fundraising appeal that their guests will respond to. She focuses on keeping their mission at the forefront of the event.

It is one of her favorite things to stand in front of your guests and give them authentic and meaningful opportunities to help you do the important and world-changing work you do. Over the past 10 years, she has seen thousands upon thousands of people raise millions of dollars to make this world a better place, which is only possible because of the work you do every day.


Sarah Jean Knox

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