The Influential Nonprofit!

You want your nonprofit to make the biggest impact possible on those you serve and to do that you need a community of support. Each week, join Maryanne Dersch, nonprofit revolutionary, as she interviews nonprofit leaders who are growing their influence to raise more money and do more good. If you want to fundraise with ease, build better relationships with board and staff, or just need a shot of fresh ideas and inspiration, this show is for you.

  • Better Fundraising Conversations: Not What You Say But What You Ask

    Key Takeaways:Ask and listen instead of pitching and selling. People are more likely to when they feel seen, heard, and understood. Your only job is to tap into somebody and have them feel seen, heard, and understood.People decide based on their emotions. Listen to them and lead the […]

  • Jane Pfeiffer, Field Trip: Why donors give!

    Jane Pfeiffer is the founder and President of Fieldtrip, a cause-focused agency dedicated to helping purpose-driven organizations help others. Fieldtrip is based on the belief that learning expands when you step outside with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Jane, and the Fieldtrip team, […]

  • Activating Your Support Networks

    Key Takeaways:Creating a support network can help you stay connected, stay confident, stay grounded, and most importantly, stay sovereign. Prioritize building deeper connections with people, and be intentional in getting to know them. Set dates, strive to meet consistently, and keep it […]

  • Karen Knight: Boost Your Volunteer Program!

    With a career spanning over three decades, Karen Knight is a seasoned professional renowned for her unwavering commitment to the not-for-profit sector. Having navigated various leadership roles in both the private and public sectors, Karen’s journey highlights her adaptability and […]

  • No More Drama!

    Key Takeaways:Understanding how thoughts and feelings contribute to decision-making is key to influential leadership. Influential leadership creates sustainable workforces with less turnover and more productivity.The first step towards becoming an influential leader is to go inward. Be […]

  • Creating Structure for Maximum Productivity

    Key Takeaways:Having maximum structure and maximum flow allows individuals to work to their highest advantage, rather than sacrificing one for the other.Individuals can fall into one of three categories: high structure, low flow; high flow, low structure; or high structure, high flow, […]

  • Chris Barlow: Donor Attraction With Digital Marketing

    As Founder and Customer Happiness Director of Beeline, Chris is thankful to get to help nonprofits grow their mission and donor base through digital marketing, specifically Google Grant, Bing, and Facebook ads. Most of all, he’s thankful to be the dad to seven kids and to help them […]

  • Maria Rio: Real Talk About Community-Centric Fundraising

    Maria Rio is a Community-Centric Fundraiser with over a decade in the sector, published in a variety of national publications, a speaker, and an advocate.  Key Takeaways:Being Community-Centered means focusing on the community rather than an executive’s ego, a board member, or […]

  • Sean Kosofsky: EDs, Boards, and the Gift of Fundraising

    Sean Kosofsky is the Nonprofit Fixer! He is a coach, consultant, trainer, and strategic advisor. For the past 30+ years, he has helped causes, campaigns, and candidates raise millions of dollars and transformed nonprofit organizations and leaders. He has served in a wide variety of roles […]

  • Farra Trompeter: Connecting To Your Community Through Branding

    As Big Duck’s Co-Director, Farra ensures that Big Duck is a healthy, thriving company—that we’re creating a great work environment, are financially stable, producing work that successfully meets or exceeds client’s needs, and that diversity, inclusion, equity, and antiracism are […]

  • It's Back: Learn How To Attract New Donors To Your Nonprofit At The Donor Attraction Forum!

    Join us LIVE on Thursday, February 15th & Friday, February 16th in this year’s Donor Attraction Forum for FREE by clicking here:  Ask for and receive all you want need and deserve without feeling rejected, ineffective, or pushy. Learn to […]

  • Money Mindset And Fundraising

    Key Takeaways:Addressing your inner beliefs and feelings about money is essential to your success in fundraising because our subconscious minds can influence our financial decisions and behaviors. Look at the story that your mind has made up about money. Separate the guilt and the shame […]

  • Supercharge Your Year With 90 Day MOST Plan

    Key Takeaways:90 days is long enough to get something done but short enough that there’s some urgency to it. The 90-day MOST stands for Mission, Objective, Strategy, and Tactics. It accounts for having an overall vision and creating simple strategies to implement each quarter.We need to […]

  • Luke Emerson: Tips For Growing Your Fundraising Skillset

    Luke brings 25+ years of expertise from top companies like Procter & Gamble and AstraZeneca to the University of Rochester. As Assistant VP overseeing Domestic and International major gift fundraising, he drives impactful results. In his free time, Luke's passion extends to […]

  • Why Fundraising Goals Are Costing You Money

    Key Takeaways:Raising money is critical to a mission. That’s why it’s important to find a better way of doing this that has more grace, ease, and flow. Measuring by amount only limits how we look at relationships and it makes fundraising transactional. Remember that donors aren’t […]

  • Mitch Stein: Unlock Donor-Advised Funds

    Mitch is a social entrepreneur, community builder, and impact innovator. He is currently the Head of Strategy for Chariot, a Donor-Advised Fund solution for nonprofits to solicit, maximize, manage & steward DAF donors and their gifts. He previously founded a nonprofit marketplace and […]

  • Eric Ressler: Thriving In The Attention Economy

    Eric Ressler is the Founder and Creative Director at Cosmic, a Social Impact Creative Agency. Cosmic empowers social impact organizations to catalyze real-world change by helping them nail their impact story, build brand awareness, and inspire action. Key Takeaways:It shouldn’t be an […]

  • Moving Beyond Polarity For Better Solutions

    Key Takeaways:We don’t have to always choose between two options. The influential way is the third option where everybody wins which is all about making decisions from a higher power and with a higher purpose. When you focus on one polarity over another and pull them apart from each […]

  • Dr. Victoria Boyd: Websites that Work!

    President and Founder of The Philantrepreneur™ Foundation, Dr. Boyd has been a driving force in education, non-profit, and entrepreneurial endeavors as an educator, trainer, administrator, and advocate throughout the country. With a passion for seeing others reach their full potential, […]

  • Becky Endicott: Stoke The Fire Of Engagement Part 2

    Becky Endicott is a ridiculous idealist and marketer disguised as a fundraiser working to unleash the Impact Uprising. She's the co-founder of We Are For Good, a new media company gathering nonprofit allies and changemakers in community and conversation to elevate, modernize, and humanize […]

  • Becky Endicott: Stoke the fire of Engagement Part 1

    Becky Endicott is a ridiculous idealist and marketer disguised as a fundraiser working to unleash the Impact Uprising. She's the co-founder of We Are For Good, a new media company gathering nonprofit allies and changemakers in community and conversation to elevate, modernize, and humanize […]

  • Why Nonprofit Leaders Need Influence

    Key Takeaways:Influence is the art of getting people you have no authority over to do what you want them to do, not just because they have to do it but because they choose to. Your ability to influence others is critical to your success.The first step in mastering the art of influence and […]

  • Rebecca Rodriguez: Why or Why Not to Start a Nonprofit

    Rebecca is the Principal Consultant at For the Philanthropist and author of The Nonprofit Workbook: Tips & Best Practices for Start-ups Serving the Greater Common Good. Her clients include funders & grant recipients where she focuses on capacity building. Rebecca joins me along […]

  • Rhea Wong: Executive Directors As Fundraisers

    Rhea helps non-profits raise more money. Though she has deep experience with institutional, corporate, and event fund-raising, she is passionate about major individual donors and helping organizations to establish individual giving programs. She has raised millions of dollars in private […]

  • Cultivating Authenticity For Maximum Influence

    Key Takeaways:Welcome criticism as much as praise, both of these are other people’s opinions of us. They get to have their opinions and not everything that people think about you is your business. People will only respond to what you did and say if they care enough to do so.Don’t put […]

  • How To Create Systemic Change

    Key Takeaways:Honor struggle as it is the first step towards creating change. The next step is to bring into awareness any eternal solution that we treat as a magic wand. The third step is letting go of that magic wand and instead looking inside of ourselves.Step four is to wield anger as […]

  • Richie Kendall: Marketing in the Digital Age

    Richie Kendall is a visionary business leader and storyteller. He envisions a world powered by generosity, collaboration, and compassion where workplace giving, cause marketing, influencer impact, and next-generation philanthropy collide. His company Goodworld provides award-winning […]

  • Chelsea Lamego & Alejandro Stevenson-Duran: How Effective Fund Admin Leads To More Donations

    Chelsea Lamego is the Co-Founder and CEO of FundMiner. She was previously the Assistant Vice President for Advancement Operations at The University of Texas at El Paso. Before joining UTEP, Chelsea was Executive Director of El Paso Opera and previously worked in real estate property […]

  • Owen O'Doherty of DonorSee: Authentic Storytelling with Video

    After leading a health-tech company, Owen joined DonorSee to head up growth and product. Owen is passionate about designing products for the greater good. He loves witnessing every day the life-changing effect of DonorSee. He lectures part-time in technology and loves the sea. Key […]

  • Mary Hiland: Love Your Board!

    Mary Hiland, PhD, is a nonprofit board and leadership development consultant dedicated to assisting nonprofit executives and board members in unleashing their organizational and community impact potential. She has over 40 years of experience in the nonprofit sector — 26 as an […]

  • Life Is Better With Influence! Real Stories!

    Life Is Better With Influence! Real Stories!Christina Danese, Development & Communications Manager at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech. Clarke’s mission is to teach children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk.Kylie Herbert, director of development for Habitat […]

  • Why Aren't You Getting The Second Gift?

    Key Takeaways:A lot of times we stumble between the first gift and the second gift because we're not paying attention to what people really want.Ask for what you want. Speak your truth. Advocate for your own needs. We are constantly training people how to treat us whether we are conscious […]

  • Tom Ruwitch: No More Boring Stories

    Tom Ruwitch is the Founder and President of Story Power Marketing. He helps clients transform content from ignored to adored, turn marketing from frustrating to fun, and convert results from subpar to superb. Tom is a master storyteller and helps coaches, consultants, and thought leaders […]

  • Breaking Barriers: Miriam Dicks on Addressing Cultural Issues in Organization

    Miriam Dicks is an operations leader with proven experience in transforming organizations to achieve optimal operational performance. Over the past 20+ years, she has held several positions in operations management and operations consulting as well as serving as adjunct faculty teaching […]

  • Carol Hamilton: The Joy Of Strategic Planning (No, Really!)

    Carol Hamilton is the Principal of Grace Social Sector. She dedicates her career to closing the gap between a nonprofit’s external mission and its internal capacity to realize those missions. She’s also the podcast host of Mission: Impact.  Key Takeaways:Balance bold vision with […]

  • Sara Hoshooley: Donor Strategies For Small Shops

    Sara Hoshooley’s passion for fundraising began in 2009 at a small grassroots community development organization in Belize, Central America. While volunteering there, it became clear that the organization was in urgent need of funds to keep its doors open, and all the programs […]

  • Dr. Rob Harter: What's New In Nonprofit Leadership

    Rob is a nonprofit executive professional with over 29 years of experience in leading and building nonprofit organizations. He is a sought-after speaker and seminar facilitator, and he founded and hosts the “Nonprofit Leadership Podcast.” He is a member of and contributor for the […]

  • Brynne Krispin: The Hidden Power of Empathy in Marketing

    Seeing the positive change digital communities can create, Brynne is passionate about using social media for good. After nearly a decade in DC working on campaigns at every level – from grassroots to global – she’s had a front-row seat to test and develop proven digital strategies […]

  • Jami Yazdani: How Project Managers Can Lead And Influence

    Jami is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than 17 years of experience managing a portfolio of innovative projects and planning initiatives. She has a proven track record of leading diverse and collaborative teams and excels at facilitating consensus and keeping […]

  • Cody Hayes: Strengthen Relationships With Email Marketing Systems

    About Cody Hayes: Marketing Mission. In his past seven years as a nonprofit marketing strategist, he has worked with 30+ nonprofits to streamline their marketing efforts and reclaim their team's time. He specializes in nonprofit marketing.The individuals he assists the most are nonprofit […]

  • Neutralizing Praise And Criticism

    Key Takeaways:Praise and criticism are the same things. Those are just other people's opinions of you. A whole person doesn't need praise to make themselves feel good and doesn't let criticism derail them.The internal defines the external, not the other way around. Don’t wait for […]

  • Kel Haney: Humanity Comes First

    Kel Haney has over 17 years of experience as a fundraiser, coach, and consultant. She began her journey as a theater director, taking on fundraising calls as a means of supplementary income. Over time, she transitioned into becoming a full-time Outbound Fundraising Expert.Her expertise […]

  • Evan Wildstein: Servant Leadership In Nonprofits

    Evan Wildstein is a nonprofiteer with over 20 years of experience in fundraising and strategy. Throughout his career, Evan has worked with organizations like The Juilliard School, Asia Society, Rice University, and Houston Grand Opera to raise funds and develop innovative programs. He is […]

  • How To Get What You Want

    Key Takeaways:Releasing the outcome means deciding that you’ll be okay before anything happens. It means letting go and not tying your happiness and your worth with the outcome of your goals.It’s important to release the outcome because people can feel your energy. When somebody sells […]

  • How To Have Difficult Conversations

    Key Takeaways:Preparation is critical when it comes to having difficult conversations. Don’t think of what to say on the spot, instead, ask yourself these three questions: “What do you want to have happen?”, “What is not okay for me?”, and “What is the story I’m telling […]

  • Kelly Garrity: Getting corporate sponsorships

    Kelly Garrity is the owner of the company, the Savvy Generalist and she talks about three things: demystifying corporate relationships, outside-the-box program development, and teaching team members to manage to achieve their goals and organization goals.  Key Takeaways:Look for your […]

  • Using Listener Mindsets To Have More Productive Conversations

    Key Takeaways:Focus on one thing: make people feel seen and heard. Your job isn’t to pitch, sell, or convince, your job is to make people feel seen and heard. Listen to the person and toss aside your agenda when you see that they are in struggle. Honor their struggle and witness it, […]

  • Jordana Merkin: Showing Your Authentic Humanity in Business

    About Jordana Merkin: With an outsider’s perspective and an insider’s knowledge, she equips small nonprofits with the tools and knowledge to share their big stories — raising awareness and funds for their missions. She has worked with both local and national organizations with […]

  • Limiting Beliefs in Fundraising

    Key Takeaways:How we think and feel about money affects our ability to raise it. Words shape our reality which is why we’ve got to be aware of what are the beliefs that we hold around it that are related to our “money story”. We all have a different story about money. We bring the […]

  • Zach Thanasilangkul: Digital Marketing Is All About Connection and Relationships

    About Zach Thanasilangkul: He is a communications coach and founder of Mission Driven Impact a training company that helps nonprofits clarify their message + get the word out online so they can raise awareness, increase revenue, and make the impact they were called to make. Key […]

  • Turning Your Board into Lead Generating Machine, part 2

    Key Takeaways:Mobilize your board and have them do connection conversations. Have them go out into the community and see who’s interested in furthering their connection and pass the lead along to the development team or executive director for follow-up. Keep your people in momentum, […]

  • How Quantum Physics Can Make You A Better Fundraiser

    Key Takeaways:In Newtonian physics, we all experience the same thing, and the possibilities are fixed. In quantum physics, all possibilities exist in every moment and time is not linear. A fixed mindset relies on what happened in the past to determine what’s possible in the future. A […]

  • Megan Donahue: Annual Reports That Create Emotional Connections

    She has a B.A. in English from the University of Michigan - Flint, and she has been a freelance writer for over 15 years. In that time she has written for nonprofits large and small, as well as healthcare, tech, and marketing companies. She has been the content marketing manager for […]

  • How To Turn Your Board Into A Lead-Generating Machine

    Key Takeaways:We need to release the board from any pressure while also making sure that they have direction on how they could connect people to the organization. This would require consistency and building systems inside your organizations that make these things become a habit.Address […]

  • Developing your donor pipeline

    Key Takeaways:Fundraising is more than just asking for money. The process goes as follows: awareness, interest, connection, and action. The action may be giving money or volunteering time. Each activity must fit into one of these categories.Awareness is indirect contact. It can be from […]

  • What Donors Really Want

    Key Takeaways:The best way for organizations to grow their community is to aim to attract like-minded people, rather than convince people who are not necessarily aligned with what they do. The philanthropic heart is the ability to define who a person is, what their values are, and how […]

  • Whitney Anderson: Navigating Capital Campaigns

    Whitney Anderson is the principal for camping services at Fox advancement, a fundraising firm that provides capital campaign consulting, grant research and writing, and fractional Development Officer support.  Key Takeaways:Capital campaigns involve a lot of change and tend to be very […]

  • Bailey Lewis: Digital Content That Puts People First

    Bailey Lewis, founder of Words First Content Strategy, coaches leaders, teams, and professionals all over the world to cultivate a humans first approach to digital content practices and make their corner of the digital world a little better place for everyone involved, on both sides of […]

  • Donors Through The Decades: How To Connect With 5 Generations

    Key Takeaways:Older generations and younger generations are struggling because of a gap relating to emotions. Boomers are more inclined to believe that feelings don’t matter while younger generations put heavy emphasis on understanding and being in touch with what they feel. The mature […]

  • Lauren Ready: Finding the Untold Story

    Lauren Ready is an Emmy award-winning storyteller, keynote speaker, and the Principal Storyteller of Forever Ready Productions.The Forever Ready team tells mission-driven stories for nonprofits and businesses so they can realize and harness their collective purpose and impact.Lauren Ready […]

  • Matt Nash: The Blackbaud Giving Fund

    Matt is the executive director of the The Blackbaud Giving Fund. He leads the organization's mission to unleash generosity by connecting people to the causes they care about throughout the world. Key Takeaways:Donor Advised means that the donor tells the organization where to send the […]

  • Susan Kahan: Growing Your Major Gifts

    With more than a decade working in the nonprofit sector, Susan is passionate about the power of philanthropy and helping organizations meet and exceed their goals to fulfill their missions. Based in Chicago, Susan has experience working with major gifts, mid-level donors, planned giving, […]

  • How I Got Forgotten And Why Institutional Knowledge Is So Important

    Key Takeaways:Organizations start off small and grow bigger over time. However, you can never be too big to notice who your people are. You must make sure not to leave long-time supporters forgotten.Be curious about who is in your community and train your staff to be curious as well. […]

  • Elyse Wallnutt: How Privacy Laws Affect Donor Acquisition

    Elyse Wallnutt is a senior marketing and tech leader with 16 years of experience driving results at the intersection of revenue, advocacy, brand, and policy objectives. She has delivered $39M+ in net new revenue for organizations over the past five years. She built the digital activation […]

  • Nick Lynch: Strategic Partnerships with Influencers

    Nick Lynch is a senior product and business operations executive with experience managing, building, and executing product development strategy, developing business relationships, growing revenue, and executing initiatives in the social, digital, influencer (creator economy), traditional, […]

  • Jenn Whitmer: Managing Conflict

    Jenn Whitmer helps teams and leaders solve conflict, cultivate communication and create empowered teams. She is a keynote speaker, a TEDx speaker, and a consultant. She talks about hard topics with infectious joy. Through working with her, people improve communication, work through […]

  • Katelyn Baughan: Raise More Money with Email

    Katelyn started her marketing career in tech then moved to the nonprofit sector to focus on mission-driven marketing. After having her first daughter (now has two!), she started her consultancy for more flexibility and freedom. Her strengths are digital strategy, project management, […]

  • Julie Boll: Building Trust Inside Your Nonprofit

    Julie Boll is passionate about supporting powerful, dynamic, and impactful leaders that are accountable, visionary, and always growing.Great people make great organizations. And great organizations change the world. It is her joy and passion to help people and organizations get clear on […]

  • What My Favorite Bartender Can Teach You About Fundraising

    Key Takeaways:You’ll find unexpected gems if you open your eyes to the lessons that you could learn from the people around you.Be personal but stay neutral. Don’t let your interactions with other people have any bearing on how you perceive your own self-worth. Be graceful to others […]

  • Surviving The Fourth-Quarter Crazies

    Key Takeaways:Anytime there's something new, something different, something unexpected, it tends to stir up the monkey mind. It goes into overdrive. Relax into the present and release the need for certainty and control, knowing that you won’t be able to have it anyway. Shift your […]

  • How awesome are you?

    Key Takeaways:Energy is everything - it precedes outcome. How you think and feel about something determines the kind of results you’re going to get. We often prioritize strategy but we must also focus on energy. Write all the ways that your life is amazing, be specific about it - as if […]

  • Kim Woods: Intuitive leadership

    About Kim Woods: Kim grew up in a family that kept astrology books on the coffee table. If it involves cards, crystals, or flower essences, she’s certified in it. However, she didn’t come fully out of the intuitive closet until her son was born with significant issues and she walked […]

  • Grow Your Donor Base With A Lead Magnet

    Key Takeaways:You don’t own your social media, it’s unreliable reach. It’s a great way to create a community, but you have to find a way to transfer that community to more reliable reach.Creating content for a lead magnet is all about offering value that is relevant to the people […]

  • Joey Goone: Using Video and Events To Attract and Retain Donors

    About Joey Goone: Joey Goone is the president of The Utopia Experience. Utopia is an experienced creation company, namely producing Events and Video stories for nonprofit organizations. They've helped 200 nonprofits raise more than $30 million since the onset of the pandemic. Joey's […]

  • Maria Bryan: Trauma Informed Storytelling

    About Maria Bryan: She equips nonprofit leaders with the quality training, tools, and 1:1 support needed to thrive as change agents — through consultation sessions and group workshops on creating simple but powerful nonprofit marketing strategies. Because she believes that marketing […]

  • Angie Winschel: Taking Time To Develop Your Strategy

    Angie Winchel is a strategic and proven communication professional. With more than 30 years of experience helping companies and organizations find clarity. She provides  strategy, marketing, and communications and fractional CMO services to a variety of clients.  Key Takeaways:Don’t […]

  • Sarah Buek: How To Measure Outcomes You Don’t Think You Can Measure

    Sarah founded The IllumiLab (as Insight Partners Consulting) in 2016 after having worked in the non-profit sector as a family therapist, program manager, quality improvement manager, grant-maker, and capacity-builder. Throughout her career, Sarah’s been driven toward increasing […]

  • Our Skewed View Of Time And Why It's Making Us Crazy

    Key Takeaways:Time has value. Taking your time off from doing the things you’re good at to do the things that you can pay somebody to do, is wasting a lot of time and causing a lot of burnout in you and your team. We get back what we put out. If you’re putting out grace and ease, […]

  • A Better Way To Get Sponsorships

    Key Takeaways:Stop pitching. Instead, take the time to talk with them, assess their needs, and then find something that works for them or create something to work for them based on their specific needs.Start with a quick call with the goal to connect. Get to know a person or organization […]

  • Stop Sharing Negative Messages

    Key Takeaways:Our brains don’t process a negative so it’s important for us to speak in a language of what we want instead of what we don’t want.Look at your own messaging. Are we mired in the negative? Is there a better story we can tell? Here’s our six needs in order of lowest […]

  • Jenny Beatrice: How To Communicate With Courage And Authenticity

    Jenny is a veteran in nonprofit communications and she’s been with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet for 16 years, from doing PR Campaigns, Big Picture strategies, to making Facebook memes. She also shares her expertise through consulting projects and speaking engagements and she […]

  • How Stories Can Make Victims Of Your Clients

    Key Takeaways:You are the creator of your experiences. You have options and possibilities. You don’t have to put yourself in the role of a victim. A lot of times we paint our nonprofit spaces in the hero-victim-villain dynamic. We were taught to make our donors the hero and make the […]

  • Adora Drake: Marketing Your Organization Like An Expert

    Adora Drake is a digital marketing consultant with High Spirits Marketing and she is an expert digital marketing strategist, coach, and consultant. She helps nonprofit organizations feel inspired to take action and to gain clarity in their marketing strategy and learn how to convert their […]

  • Joanna Brody: Keeping PR In Your Marketing Mix

    Joanna Brody, M.A., is an award-winning communications professional with a distinct expertise in social marketing and a passion for promoting causes and issues.Her full-service public relations firm, Brody Public Relations, is known as “an agency with a conscience” for its work with […]

  • Hourglass System For Busting Through The Marketing Clutter

    Key Takeaways:Don’t deliver content in silos. You don't have to pump out a lot of content to get people’s attention. Consistency is key. The top of the hourglass is one awesome story that you will tell per week. One story with one call to action. Tell this story on a video instead of […]

  • Jess Campbell: How To Tell Killer Stories To Connect With Donors

    Jess is with Out In The Boons, a small shop fundraising house. She teaches nonprofits how to raise more money through writing killer stories.  Key Takeaways:Stories will outlast “billboard style” advertisements. That’s why when advertising for your nonprofit, you must use […]

  • The Philanthropic Heart: Why Someone Cares About Your Nonprofit...Or Doesn't

    Key Takeaways:It’s not your job to convince people to make people care about your nonprofit. Your job is to make people feel valued, heard and seen.The philanthropic heart is the reason why somebody cares about your nonprofit and somebody else doesn’t.You can’t convince someone to […]

  • How To Manage Apologies In A Crisis

    Key Takeaways:Growing your empathy isn’t useful only for external public situations and organizational crises, it’s also useful for interpersonal situations, your relationship with other people. Empathy is all about witnessing and validating what’s going on with someone. It’s all […]

  • Susan Holt & Michael Slawin: New funding Opportunity In The Employee Retention Credit Program

    Michael Slawin: As a fourth generation entrepreneur, Michael has been involved with a variety of businesses including Real Estate (where he completed rehabs utilizing tax credits), E-commerce, Printing, and has volunteered and supported a number of nonprofits.  Susan Holt: Susan has been […]

  • Gauri Manglik: New Trends In Grant Applications And Management

    Gauri Manglik is the CEO and Cofounder of Instrumentl, a company that helps nonprofit grant seekers with prospecting, tracking, and management all in one place.  Key Takeaways:In any organization, there has to be a foundation of trust, safety, and respect for one another. How you say […]

  • How To Hear "Yes" Faster And With Less Follow Up

    Key Takeaways:It’s ingrained in our minds that to get someone to do something, you have to convince them into doing it through pitching. However, getting to yes is really rooted in listening and founded in empathy. There’s a vast difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is […]

  • Haley Cooper: How Be A Self Aware Leader

    Haley Cooper is a certified fundraising executive, certified stress-management coach, and certified EMC Train The Trainer. Her mission is to empower, elevate and engage nonprofit leaders to build healthy, thriving organizations.  Key Takeaways:Influence is rooted in an emotional […]

  • How To Get, Lead And Follow Up In Meetings (Part 3)

    Key Takeaways:A preframe is how you show up as a leader to a meeting. You initiate and set the conditions for the conversationHere’s the basics of doing a pre-frame: they will talk, you will listen to understand, you may add some wisdom, and then you decide together what comes […]

  • How To Get, Lead And Follow Up In Meetings (Part 2)

    Key Takeaways:You might be imagining that they are at a higher level and you are down below looking up. Put that image aside and really come in as a peer. A peer-to-peer situation where you both have assets, you both have things you need to get done and you may need each other in order to […]

  • How To Get, Lead And Follow Up In Meetings (Part 1)

    Key Takeaways:Recognize if your message has an element of pitching and avoid that. You have to be a value first before asking something from the other person otherwise they’ll be uncomfortable and will probably reject you. Instead of asking them to participate, express your desire to […]

  • Kiersten Hill: Why It Is Important To Invest In Marketing

    Kiersten Hill is the Director of Nonprofit Solutions in Firespring. She is a Nebraska-native born and raised in North Platte. She graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. With almost two decades in nonprofit management and fundraising, she has raised over $20 million for […]

  • Lynne Wester: How To Keep The Donors You Worked So Hard To Aquire

    Lynne Wester strongly believes that donor relations is the key to unlocking fundraising success and that organizations must be as dedicated to the donor experience, or DX, as they are to the ask itself. Sometimes referred to as the Olivia Pope of fundraising, Lynne helps organizations […]

  • Emily Taylor: How Listening Can Help Raise More Money

    Emily Taylor, the principal of teenyBIG, is an expert listener who is passionate about helping nonprofits find better ways to engage the people who matter to them. She guides teams in stepping outside of their day-to-day work in order to create stronger connections with their audiences, […]

  • How To Stop Giving Your Power Away

    Key Takeaways:Don’t feel bad if you’re currently suffering from a disconnection. This stage is part of the process of healing, this is a stage that you will go through. You are a supreme creator of your experiences. Don’t long for a quick fix or a solution that will make the […]

  • What It Means To "Freeze" Someone

    Key Takeaways:Freezing has its origin in trauma and it means seeing people as “frozen” or unchanging. It’s when you keep your perception of a person despite the passage of time, or even despite them being a different person now. Change starts with you. Determine if you are freezing […]

  • The Presenting Problem And The Actual Problem

    Key Takeaways:People sometimes don’t know what they really want, so the best thing to do before executing a plan is to figure out what people really want to happen. The first problem is what you know and admit to, the second is what you know but don’t admit to and the third problem […]

  • Part 2: Why it's hard to implement new ideas and what to do about it

    Key Takeaways:Manage the expectation of those around you. Communicate openly what you do and do not know. Once you’ve evaluated your conditions, decide what your time frame is gonna be and stick to it no matter what. When the time frame is done, that’s when you can re-assess whether […]

  • Dana Litwin: Building volunteer and community engagement

    Since 2002 Dana has guided organizations in California's Silicon Valley and worldwide to produce breakthrough talent and community engagement programs. She is a popular presenter at the Points of Light National Conference on Volunteering and Service (USA), and countless regional […]

  • LeeAnn Webster: Rethinking Email

    Can you imagine harnessing the power of email to easily generate leads to your business, to have your emails be the one that are welcomed and read, to be the stars of your subscribers inboxes? You’re in luck because today’s guest is LeeAnn Marie Webster is an email marketing expert […]

  • Ilia Khairetdinov: How to get Google ad grants

    About Ilia Khairetdinov: He is a Growth Specialist at ConnectAd, spends his days discussing strategy and growth with nonprofits. His extensive experience in the nonprofit and start-up space allows him to deeply understand the challenges organizations face, particularly when it comes to […]

  • Why it is Hard to Implement New Ideas and What to do About it

    Key Takeaways:There are five phases to creating and implementing new ideas: ideation, concentration and focus, momentum, stabilization, and integration. The second phase often kills ideas because people give up. However, every idea needs an investment of time and effort - you’re not […]

  • Liz London: Causability and the New Way to Crowd Fund

    About Liz London: She is an artist out of Dallas who exhibited all over the country. With her creative energy, she created two projects namely, “Art For Your Cause” and “The Causability”  Key Takeaways:Empower people to do good with their purchase. Reward people with the […]

  • Suzanne Langlois: Lessons From A Former Board Member and Current Ed

    Key Takeaways:Having an interim ceo or founder is a good opportunity to reset your identity as an organization so that you understand who you are as an organization in order to attract your people. Take some time to explore that.You can be a much more effective ambassador, advocate, and […]

  • Corey Kupfer: The Making Of A Philanthropist

    Corey Kupfer is a deal-driven growth strategist, negotiator, deal-maker, speaker, and attorney. He’s also the founder of DealQuest, host of the weekly DealQuest Podcast, and author of Authentic Negotiating.A successful entrepreneur from the age of 15, Corey is a passionate advocate and […]

  • Kim Fisher: Vision Catalyst: How to Start a Nonprofit

    Key Takeaways:Nonprofit leaders and members really struggle with taking salary from the nonprofit organization. This is rooted from a poverty mindset that you have to let go of if you want to build a successful and sustainable nonprofit company. The four main pieces of starting out a […]

  • Jon Schmuke: The Virus Explained from a Super Smart Scientist

    Besides being married to Maryanne, Jon Schmuke was Vice President of Research and Development at Adarza Biosystems,  leading the development of biosensors for use with the AIR technology. He has more than 30 years of experience and a successful track record of developing, expanding, and […]

  • Kathy Lambert, Nonprofits Can Have Nice Things!

    For more than 23 years, Kathy Lambert has worked to disrupt the cycle of poverty with a holistic family approach. Her journey began in 1997 after she read an article about Dress for Success New York, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women re-enter the workforce by providing interview […]

  • How to Handle Unexpected Comments

    Key Takeaways:Realize that your reaction to unexpected comments is a biochemical response and it will not be productive to continue responding from a place of either anger or fear. If you receive an unexpected comment via email and you start getting a feeling in your body, that’s your […]

  • Marc Pitman, CSP: Embracing Doubt

    Marc A. Pitman, CSP® helps leaders, especially in nonprofits, lead their teams with more effectiveness and less stress. His latest book is The Surprising Gift of Doubt: Use Uncertainty to Become the Exceptional Leader You Are Meant to Be. He's also the author of Ask Without Fear!® - […]

  • Rabbi Amy Feder: Leading from Within

    Rabbi Amy Feder became the Senior Rabbi of Temple Israel in July of 2009, when she became the youngest woman to become a Senior Rabbi of a large Reform congregation in history.  She is blessed to work alongside her husband, Rabbi Michael Alper.Rabbi Feder began working as the assistant […]

  • Embracing Conflict, Criticism and Dysfunction (oh my!)

    Key Takeaways:Don’t put peace on a pedestal. Peace and conflict are both part of the process of healing. We were taught to value things that feel good, but not everything that feels good is good and not everything that feels bad is meant to be pushed away. Conflict is just people […]

  • Terrell Carter, RISE Community Development: Navigating Change

     He is a pastor, nonprofit executive director, professor, artist, and writer.He has earned undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees in Biblical studies and organizational leadership, arts management and leadership, theology, ministry and interdisciplinary studies.Currently, he […]

  • Sarah Javier: APA of Missouri: Grown Ass Adult Dog Campaign & Starting Planned Giving Program from Scratch

    Sarah Javier is the CEO and President of APA of Missouri, an organization that helps more than 4,000 pets find homes and thousands more through outreach and wellness initiatives. During her tenure, Sarah has increased charitable giving by more than 70% and has double organizational […]

  • Laura Rossman: Why you need an interim ED

    Laura Rossmann started her consulting firm in 2014 and has specialized in nonprofit management, fundraising and marketing and leadership transition. She has two decades of experience working with nonprofits, from serving for 13 years as an Executive Director at several nonprofits to being […]

  • How to Stop the Struggle

    Key Takeaways:Fixing communication problems can only be done by having better communication and shifting a culture can only be done by introducing a new perspective and a new set of thinking. You need both mindset and strategy. If you have strategy without mindset, the strategy won’t […]

  • Are Nonprofits Addicted to Struggle?

      Key Takeaways:Struggling is not sustainable. Our need to be in struggle causes burnout, turnover, mission creep and a ton of other issues. Essentially, the name “nonprofit” is hurting the industry. Being defined by a negative hurts us. We feel a huge responsibility to those […]

  • Sonia Saleh, Uplifting Nonprofits: How to double your board's fundraising results

    Sonia started Uplifting Nonprofits in 2010 with a crazy mission to “save” the world. Today, her mission is to bring mastery of fundraising to nonprofits, so they can be more successful in their missions.  She recognized that successful fundraising remains the number one challenge for […]

  • Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation: Creating Productive Board Relationships!

    The Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation promotes the preservation and enhancement of the architectural, cultural and landscaped heritage of Saratoga Springs.  Its mission is fulfilled through educational programs, preservation projects, technical assistance, and advocacy. Executive […]

  • Johnathan Kraus, Love Never Fails International: Stepping back and letting the board lead

    For many years Johnathan lived a drug addicted life. He began using drugs at 13, which led him to drop out of school at 14, he was incarcerated at 15, and shot at 3 times by 16. At age 19, God radically saved him and by age 20 he was involved in children's ministry at his Church. He went […]

  • Get Out of the Drama Triangle

    Key Takeaways:The Drama Triangle is filled with limiting beliefs and comes from a place of powerlessness. Often, people cycle between all the roles and the triangle is a time and energy suck.Heroes want to solve problems, stop the suffering and save everyone. Villains blame people and […]

  • Claire Wyneken, The Wyman Center: Replicating Programs Nationally

    Claire Wyneken joined Wyman for a 3-month job in 1987.  She has dedicated her career to expanding equitable and transformative outcomes for young people. Her vision is for every young person to find fulfillment and joy in the discovery and contribution of their gifts to the world.  […]

  • Kristen Tippit, Starting a nonprofit from scratch

    Kristen Tippit and Jon Porter founded, a St. Louis based nonprofit, to support families going through their NICU journey. Having their own baby unexpectedly spend 22 days in the NICU in May 2020, the duo wanted to create a space for families to connect, feel empowered, […]

  • How to Create Lasting Change

    Key Takeaways:The three points in the Triad of Change: Perception, Behavior and Structure. All three work together to create sustainable change. A part of making a long lasting change is changing your perception - try to see things from another angle. To do that, you may sometimes have […]

  • Ann Graham, MIB Agents: making life better for kids with cancer

    About Ann Graham: Her interest in Pediatric Oncology began when, at age 43, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a primary bone cancer that affects kids aged 10-20.  Age notwithstanding, she was treated in the Pediatric Cancer Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Like most adults, she was […]

  • Community Foundations: A Panel Discussion...what they are and how they support the nonprofits

    Today we’ve got three guests, Julianne Buck, Holly McFarlin and Neosha Franklin - three Directors, from three different Community Foundations. About Julianne Buck: She is the Executive Director of the community foundation of Grundy County and has been working there for 18 years, since […]

  • Julia Campbell: Turning Social Media Followers into Donors

    This episode was recorded as a part of Maryanne's Donor Attraction Forum. Julia had some amazing insights that Maryanne wanted to share.About Julia Campbell: She is an expert in digital marketing and has run a consulting business for almost 10 years now. Julia focuses exclusively on […]

  • Becky Hatter, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri: Fulfilling Big Visions

    Rebecca (Becky) J. Hatter has been President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri (BBBSEMO) for 27 years. In that time, her “Put young people first” leadership has brought about dramatic growth – both in impact and scale – making BBBSEMO the most effective […]

  • Sherry Quam Taylor, Securing LARGE Donations

    Sherry Quam Taylor teaches nonprofit CEOs and their teams how to break free from traditional fundraising models and activities that limit growth and never secure enough money to fulfill their organization’s vision. She helps teams become less dependent on program, government, and event […]

  • Food Outreach: Creating a "Love Bubble"

    Julie has been the Executive Director of Food Outreach since 2016. Food Outreach provides nutritional interventions to people living in the St. Louis region diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or cancer whose incomes are at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.  She graduated from FOCUS […]

  • The Number One Secret To Influence

    Key Takeaways:When you’re a value to others, others will be a value to you. Active listening is being present in the conversation without worrying about how you’re going to respond. Empathize - tap into the situation of people, relieve them of pain and get them closer to a […]

  • Patrick Kirby: Do Good Better Consulting

    Patrick Kirby is the founder of Do Good Better Consulting and is a firm believer that “we’ve always done it this way” is the most dangerous phrase in the English language. HE has spent over a decade working at every capacity in a non-profit industry and organizations in all shapes […]

  • Tasmyn Front: Challenger Learning Center

    Tasyin Front is the Executive Director of the Challenger Learning Center located in Ferguson, Missouri. She has 25 years of experience as a leader in nonprofit administration, where she is overseeing all aspects of managing programs and organizations including marketing and […]

  • Leslie Gil: Rung for Women

    Leslie Gill has a long and amazing career in the nonprofit industry. She is the executive director of Rung which is a new organization that took off in a big way from the beginning. She was the CEO of Annie Malone Children and Family Services Center in St. Louis, which is a long and […]

  • Laura Kozak: Third Culture Consulting

    Laura has 25 years of experience in nonprofit organizational management. Laura works in organizational management, strategic planning, leadership development, and fundraising. She provides resources and guidance to enhance the performance of mission-driven leadership in fundraising teams. […]

  • Melanie Scheetz: Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition

    Melanie and her husband are proud adoptive parents of two children. She has 29 years of nonprofit management experience and she joined the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition as Executive Director in 1999. Under her guidance, the agency developed groundbreaking programs, Extreme […]

  • Influence: What It Is and Why You Need It

    Key Takeaways:Your donors support and participate in whatever you ask when you are influential.With influence, your organization can create a higher level of impact and consequently create more change.Influence isn’t, a social media influencer, manipulation, selling, or pushing an idea […]

  • Bethany Snyder: Advocacy in Nonprofits

    Bethany is the Founder of Snyder Strategies a boutique consulting firm she formed to share and leverage her deep understanding of the advocacy world with nonprofits and social justice organizations. With her 15 years of experience in communications, advocacy, and public affairs. Bethany […]

  • Rachel D’Souza Siebert: Nonprofit Operational and Equity Mindsets

    Rachel was born and raised in St. Louis, MO after her parents emigrated from India. She studied women’s studies at Loyola Univerity in Chicago, IL  before returning to St. Louis where she earned her Masters degree in Public Policy Administration from the University of Missouri-St. […]

  • Barb Griffith with Community Living, Inc.

    Barb Griffith is the President and CEO of Community Living, Inc. located in St. Charles County, Community Living enriches the lives of people with disabilities so they can achieve their highest potential through the provision of services and programs to children and adults with […]

  • Welcome to the Influential Nonprofit with Maryanne Dersch

    If you want your nonprofit to make the biggest impact possible on those you serve. And to do that you need a community of support.Each week, join Maryanne Dersch, nonprofit revolutionary, as she interviews nonprofit leaders who are growing their influence to raise more money and do more […]