Philosophy from the Front Line

Rob recently transitioned from the Army in 2020, and one of his passions is mentorship and providing people insights and lessons learned without having to actually going through the struggle. Your transition from service or from your current employment can be daunting and scary. You are not alone. Rob interviews people of various backgrounds to give you insights on the transition landscape.

Rob Robinson
  • PFFL-#82- Mission Ready Discussion- WingXpand

    This is an archived show of a new segment of Philosophy from the Front Line: Mission Ready. This segment will talk to small businesses working diligently to establish themselves in the Department of Defense.This conversation is about a year old, but if you want to hear the company's […]

  • PFFL-#81 - Lino Miani from the Combat Diver Foundation

    This week’s remaster is Lino Miani, Green Beret and CEO of Navisio Global ( Lino provides consulting services globally for those with business goals and challenges overseas. He is also the President of the Combat Diver Foundation ( […]

  • PFFL-#80 Bull Holland-BMNT- Remastered

    Bull Holland ( He is a Defense Acquisition professional with a passion for mentoring students, scientists, and technology innovators. He is a proven leader with experience working with foreign, federal, and state government agencies, academia, and […]

  • PFFL-#79 LTG(R) Ken Tovo Discussion

    LTG (r) Kenneth E. Tovo was commissioned from the U.S. Military Academy into the Infantry in 1983. After serving his initial tour with the 82nd Airborne Division, Tovo completed the Special Forces Qualification Course and transferred to Special Forces. He served as a Special Forces […]

  • PFFL -#78 - LTG (R) Daniel Bolger- Remastered

    This is a re-master from one of my other shows that I no longer produce, but I think this is an insightful discussion that would interest the Frontline Audience. Please Enjoy this Discussion with LTG (Retired) Daniel Bolger.Daniel P. Bolger, of Aurora, Illinois, is an author, historian, […]

  • PFFL-E#4 Adventures in Leadership With Tom Coyle (Remastered)

    Another Remaster for you. Tom Coyle - is a Veteran and Entrepreneur who leverages technology for business success. Tom assists businesses by distilling complex problems into easily understood solutions. I'm the guy who gets things done […]

  • PFFL -E#77- Joe Troutman- Blackhawk Company 1-23

    New Show today! Today, I have SSG(Retired) Joe Troutman on the show. Joe is a military veteran who has started writing a book to capture the History of Blackhawk Company 1-23rd Infantry as they transitioned away from a mechanized organization to become part of the First Stryker Bridge […]

  • PFFL E#2- Remastered Christopher Burritt

    It’s been 20 years since The Soldiers of Blackhawk Company 1st of The 23rd Infantry Regiment. This interview is with my former Driver Christopher Burritt. Burritt had the pleasure of driving B6 during our operational deployment in 2003-2004. Chris was one of the many heroes that I […]

  • PFFL - Episode #3 Eric Enquist - USAA Re-Mastered

    This is another in a long line of season one remasters. This show was my interview with Eric Engquist. He has been promoted since we last talked, but this is the transition story that he shared with us back in 2020. He is now the Head of Marketing Operations for USAA. His story transition […]

  • PFFL - #75 Speed is Security Discussusion

    Today, Rob, JB,, and Dave discussed the military paradigm of Speed as a security. Although this seems like a cliche understanding the principles of adequately implementing Planning and Leadership to increase operational velocity is one aspect of current and future success. We discussed […]

  • PFFL #23 - Remastered - Brian Trainor, ND

    To make the show better, I am going back to season one of Philosophy From the FrontLine and remastering some of the episodes that didn't have the best audio for seasons 1-3. I think I hit my stride midway through season two, but in the effort to provide you with the best transition […]

  • PFFL-#75 Jocelyn Bradley Returns

    Today's Guest is back for the second time! It has been well over three years since she was on the show. Jocelyn Bradley is a Real Estate Broker in the Fort Bragg/Fort Liberty Area. She is killing it and doing a great job helping Veterans find homes in the community. Her Info is […]

  • PFFL #73 - Politics in 2024

    In this episode of "Philosophy from the Frontline" (Episode 73), Rob and Dave discuss the importance of understanding political issues and voting, particularly for military veterans.They emphasize that regardless of political affiliation, it's crucial to delve into the actual issues […]

  • PFFL#72 - SME Discussion

    We are back from a long break " also known as" College Football Season - For those who don't know, I work with the As For Football Podcast during the College Football Season. You can listen at or anywhere else that you can find podcasts. You can […]

  • PFFL-#71- Human Captial Investment

    Rob and the team discuss investment in human capital. The investment in people is one of the intangible qualities of serving in the military. We had over 100 years of leadership and military service on the call, which doesn't make us experts but gives us some insights that may be […]

  • PFFL- #70- Clay Novak

    Today’s guest is Clay Novak ( , he is the author of the book- Keep Moving, Keep Shooting. He was an awesome guest and here is a description of his book as well as the Non-profits he supports when he is not writing. Combat Veteran Terry Davis traded a […]

  • PFFL -E#69- Ranger School Discussion

    This week Rob, Dale, and Dave talked about Ranger School. There is a lot of ground to cover, and we went a little longer than usual. I also must apologize because we had some connectivity issues at the end of the show and Dale’s audio was cut off, but I can assure you what he said […]

  • AFF-AFS- Army Football Alum with Caleb Campbell and Jim Zopelis

    This is a crossover episode from This is a great transition story from two Army Football Alums. The show is out and doing well and I wanted to share this with the PFFL audience as well. One of the best interviews that I have done and it just felt like I was just […]

  • PFFL- #67 Deep Dive 2023 with Lino Miani from the Combat Diver Foundation

    Today’s guest is Lino Miani - and we are talking Deep Dive 2023 - at the Flora-Bama Bar at Orange Beach ( Lino is a multilingual advisor with 20+ years of global experience in […]

  • PFFL-#66- D-Day with Dale and JB

    Thanks again to Dale and JB for coming on the show to talk about D-Day. We talk about our service and what D-Day means to us. Also how sometimes things come full circle 20 years after the fact. - D- Day Historical Info […]

  • PFFL-E65- Dean Wegner Authentically American

    Today's Guest is Dean Wegner ( from Authentically American ( has a passion for business and making a difference, We talk about his transition and his business and how he is always on the hunt to help […]

  • PFFL-#E64-Big Bites and PMI- Steve Dullack

    New Segment - Big Bites and PMI Steve Dullack is both an Army and a Coast Guard Veteran and he joins the show to tell his story about his transition and we just catch up. It has been a while. First one of our class to come on and looking for […]

  • DTT-E66- LTG (R) Ken Tovo Returns

    LTG (r) Kenneth E. Tovo was commissioned from the U.S. Military Academy into the Infantry in 1983. After serving his initial tour with the 82nd Airborne Division, Tovo completed the Special Forces Qualification Course and transferred to Special Forces. He served as a Special Forces […]

  • PFFL- #63- Generational Veterans

    Periods of Service in contemporary Military Service:WWI: I don't know how many surviving veterans, if any, but this is a generation of tough warfighters. WWII: We are losing the veterans every day, and they are a national treasure, so if you know anyone that is still around, the Honor […]

  • As For Football Crossover Event - Beat Navy!

    Go Army! Beat Navy!!! Rob and the As For Football Crew - Jordan in Atlanta and Danno E in Coastal Connecticut. We break down the match-up against the Mids. Both Army and Navy have been improving all season, and this might be one of the better Army -Navy Games in recent memory.Become […]

  • PFFL- #47 - Veteran's Day 2022

    Dave and I talked about Veteran’s Day and some people that we served with that we had in common and the difference in Generations that we have observed. Supporting each other through tough times after service is what we should be doing. As mentioned in the podcast:As For […]

  • PFFL- 46- Special Crossover LTG(R) Bolger

    This is a crossover episode from my North Carolina Job, but this is a great interview, so I thought I would also put it out to this audience. I hope you enjoy the content. Daniel P. Bolger of Aurora, Illinois, is an author, historian, and retired Lieutenant General (promoted on 21 May […]

  • PFFL-#45 Dan

    Today’s guest is Dan Robinson. I have known Dan for almost 30 years, and we talked about his background, why he transitioned from the Army, and what he is doing today. Dan is also working with us at; we will do a much bigger and better profile for him in […]

  • PFFL-Episode #44- Ray Kimball

    Today’s guest was Ray Kimball ( , He is a veteran, graduate, and small business owner of 42 ED Games. He is also an Army Football Fan!His company creates unforgettable educational experiences for students. ( Ray, noted […]

  • PFFL-Episode #43- Danno E. Cabesa

    Thanks to today’s guest are Dan Head. Dan is a veteran; an author and a podcast personality as well as working full-time as an Electrical Engineer. Dan came on the show to talk about his transition story. Thanks again to Dan for coming on the show. He wrote the book Swim, Bike, […]

  • PFFL-Episode #42 - Travis Johnson - nonprofitarchitect

    Travis Johnson ( from the Nonprofit Architect Podcast. Travis is a podcaster and a veteran with some great things to share on this week’s episode. The Nonprofit Architect is the only nonprofit podcast dedicated to giving you the […]

  • PFFL- Episode #41 - For The Cadets

    PFFL – Episode #41 - For the Cadets. 1.)Fight for yourself and for your people2.)Good or bad leaders you can learn something from them, and the amount of work you must do to be a good leader is predicated on whom you must work with. 3.)You will spend 90% of your time on 10% of your […]

  • PFFL-#40 Catching Up with Dave

    So Rob and Dave give a quick update of what they have been up to. More school, more podcasts, and taking care of ourselves and other veterans. We talked about Memorial Day and some other issues concerning veterans. Thanks to all of you for listening and supporting me and all the other […]

  • PFFL-#39- Rich- American Corporate Partners

    This week's guest is Rich Comitz from American Corporate Partners. We talked about his transition and how Rich is continuing to serve the veteran community out of uniform working for ACP. Mentioned in the show:American Corporate Partners - Patriots Path - […]

  • PFFL- #37- Health and Wellness with Nrf2Warrior and MindBodyAloha

    This is my first-panel discussion! I had the team behind and I am thankful for the whole team coming on the call and telling their story and how they ended up supporting overall health and wellness through […]

  • PFFL-#38- Jimmy Reeves

    Thanks to James “Jimmy” Reeves for coming on the show! Great conversation from a transitioning senior Non-Commissioned Officer. It is always great to hear their perspective on military transition. I also enjoy hearing the cautions from people that have had a different transition […]

  • PFFL-#36- Ali Palmer - Royal Technology and Agriculture

    Great Catching Up with Ali Palmer. He is a United States Military Academy Grad from the Class of 1997. He served on active duty from 1997-2006 when he left the Army to attend Harvard Business school. He now runs two companies, one focusing on leadership and the second is the Royal […]

  • PFFL-#35- Michael Hunter- Aligned Educational Foundation

    Today’s Guest is Michael Hunter, a 26- year Special Operations veteran who is currently working for a non-profit that supports veterans. Great Conversation with a Senior Enlisted Leader with some insights on transitions and some tools that have not been presented previously on PFFL. […]

  • PFFL-#34 - John Mark Wilson

    New for 2022! On the show this week, we have John Mark Wilson, a 24-year US Army Veteran and a renaissance man in the truest sense of the word. We talked about transition, his awesome beard, and what he is doing today. As mentioned in the show: Sapiens-Humankind: Yuval-Noah-HarariAtomic […]

  • PFFL-E33-Veteran's Day Update

    Rob and Dave talk about Veteran's Day and assets that you can reach out to get more information and assistance as needed. SCPT3750 more info coming soon. As mentioned in the podcast: Great resource in Texas - JC Glick, […]

  • PFFL-SE3- August and Honor

    Veteran Roundtable this week. It's a little raw. We talk some current events. We plug the Veteran Trash Talk Team ( and JC Glick ( We just share some stories about how sometimes […]

  • PFFL-#32 Ron Moses-Old Dominion University

    Today's Guest was Dr. Ron Moses -Executive Senior Associate AD, Internal Operations and Student-Athlete Welfare. ( Ron tells his transition story and how he went from active duty, to the national guard and reserves all the while […]

  • PFFL-Memorial Day Thoughts

    Rob passes on the notes from his speech that he provided for Memorial Day 2021Become a supporter of this podcast:

  • PFFL-#31c- Dale Roberts

    Round Three. This is the third part of the discussion with Dale Roberts. We started to get a little deep in some areas, but the whole point is to highlight that just because you have served and transitioned from the military doesn't mean you can't have or are unable to express your […]

  • PFFL#31B - Dale Robers

    Dale and I talked again and I learned something about vocational rehab and many other topics. This is part 2 of 3. Third part next week. It was awesome to have him on. Dale has some strong perspectives and I would expect nothing less from an Airborne Ranger. Hope you all enjoy. We […]

  • PFFL-#31- Dale Roberts - Part 1

    TRIGGER WARNING- If you don't like honest discussion about the Constitution and the Government this might not be the episode for you. However, it is important as Veteran's to talk about the document that we swore and oath to defend and have honest discourse about the current status of […]

  • PFFL-#30- Lino Miani - Combat Diver Foundation

    This week’s guest is Lino Miani, Green Beret and CEO of Navisio Global ( Lino provides consulting services globally for those with business goals and challenges overseas. He is also the President of the Combat Diver Foundation […]

  • PFFL-#29 JB- Part 2

    Rob and John discuss a little bit of their lives outside the big green machine.Become a supporter of this podcast:

  • PFFL -RRR#4 -Four Categories - Four Categories of Soldiers/People - Field Marshal Moltke- Four officer Attribute MatrixBecome a supporter of this podcast: […]

  • PFFL - Rapid Fire Resources - #3

    This is going to be a lot of resources so please hold on and bookmark this episode. EP#1 - and EP#3-usaa.comEP#4 - and […]

  • PFFL-#28- I Got Laid Off

    Rob discusses some recent changes in his life due to a layoff from a job. - If you have specific questions or topics that you would like for me to cover as we move forward in 2021. I would love to hear you thoughts.Become a supporter of this […]

  • PFFL-#27-Lilly Long of Vita Inclinata Technologies

    Rob catches up with Lilly Long , The Chief of Staff at Vita Inclinata technologies ( We talked about her transition and how she end up working for Vita Inclinata. Thanks again for the time. Her book recommendation was "How to win Friends and Influence People" - […]

  • PFFL-RRR#2-Proximity Priciple

    Rob quickly covers another book from his transition library. " The Proximity Principle" by Ken Coleman. Another great resource. […]

  • PFFL-#26 Veteran Pacheco

    This episode was a treat for me. Being able to catch up with Veteran Pacheco. He has a great transition story and and even better work ethic. He has a book coming out soon and is always looking to support a fellow veteran. Facebook: […]

  • PFFL- Starship Troopers and Things

    Rob, Mike and Dave review the content based around Starship Troopers. We talk about The Bad Batch and Star Wars: The Mandalorian as well. Quick Programming Note: Lilian Hoffer from Vita Inclinata Technologies ( and […]

  • PFFL- Special Edition #2

    This is just me talking about an incident from the 8th of December 2003. It doesn't do the best job of telling the story, but its me telling a story. Going to see about doing a second part to this with interviews. Thanks to Colby Buzzell for his book that I read a couple of excerpts […]

  • PFFL#25-Jocelyn Bradley(@soldbyjocelyn)

    Long intro this week, so I am going to give you the BLUF:@soldbyjocelyn - Jocelyn's Social Media on Facebook and Instagram @fayettevillepropertybrokers folks, I am dropping this episode early this week because of some events that we have […]

  • PFFL#24 - Andre Rivier

    Great conversation today with Andre Rivier, he is the CFO for Crystal Clear Management Group ( and ( He also, runs a consulting firm named Business Bridge Asia, and […]

  • PFFL-#23 Brian Trainor ND

    Great Discussion! I enjoyed meeting and talking with Brian about his transition. There is a lot of info in the show notes this week, so I hope you find it helpful. -The Center for Health & Well-being - here is a link for the integrative clinic I am currently a resident at: […]

  • PFFL-RRR#1 - The Coaching Habit

    Rob covers one of the many books that he found useful during his transition. He quickly discusses the 7 questions outlined in the Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier. […]

  • PFFL #22 - Nate Scott - Life is Rich Company

    Great discussion today, Nate and Rob talked his journey to create- I enjoyed this conversation and there is a lot of info covered. Thanks again to Nate for his time and here is another Veteran that is making moves outside of the uniform. Nate Scott […]

  • PFFL-#21-Battle Rattle Andrew Stire

    Andrew and I discuss his business that he founded called Battle Rattle (, Andrew is a Captain on active duty and is a West Point Graduate that started his business to ease the difficulty of finding uniform items for his body type (He is 6'8"). We talked about the […]

  • PFFL#20- John Busa- Transition and 9/11

    John and Rob talk about 9/11 and how is transition went down. The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement Transition: Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles to Your Post-Military Career - by Matthew J […]

  • PFFL-#19 - Elliott Caggins- Chosen Joe Coffee Co

    COL (R) Elliott Caggins comes on the podcast to catch up and tell us about his transition and what is he doing today. He is the CEO of the Chosen Joe Coffee Company ( He tackles the Front Line 5 and we talk about some pluses and minuses of getting out. Plus […]

  • Philosophy From the Front Line- Special Edition 1- BMG

    JT and Rob talk about 20 AUG 2008, we wanted to provide a little more background to and event that happened 12 years ago. I wanted to provide more context to so many who have questions about the incident that cost SFC David Todd his life. This is not all encompassing but it is just a […]

  • PFFL-#18 Combined Arms - John Boerstler

    Great Discussion today (11 Aug 2020) with John Boerstler about Combined Arms ( Combined arms is a Veteran Collective Organization that assists Veteran's in Texas with resources to smooth the transition. Great discussion, with a veterans that is doing being […]

  • PFFL- #17- Kate

    Women Veterans issues are a real thing. I had the pleasure of discussing them with Kate Watson. She is the founder and CEO of Kate is a military mom with a passion for Female Veteran's her story and her organization is going to positively impact the veteran […]

  • PFFL#16 Anthony Detoto

    Today's discussion was with Anthony Detoto, Civilian Aide to the Chief Staff of the Army and one of the founders of 1836 Veterans ( We had a great discussion about transition and Veteran Support Organizations. He mentioned the following resources: […]

  • PFFL-#15 Veteran Trash Talk

    Who doesn't like a good crossover episode. Rob and Nick catch up and talk about The Veteran's Trash Talk Network, swap some stories and have an honest discussion about some veteran issues. This was a fun one. I hope that you all enjoy it. There are a bunch of veteran organizations […]

  • PFFL #14 - Matthew J.Louis

    It's was my pleasure to have Matthew J. Louis on the podcast today. He is the Author of Mission Transition. It is the Field Manual for service members that are trying to make their way out into the corporate environment. Matt's passion is closing the military-civilian divide. His […]

  • PFFL#13 - Alan Woodmansey

    Had a conversation with Alan Woodmansey (USMA '94), who is currently working in the Montana Department of Highway management. Great conversation and I learned something new. Alan mentioned USAJOBs Pathways Program for recent graduates and joining the reserves. I really enjoyed the […]

  • PFFL #12- Brian Steele - Victory Welding Alloys

    Brain Steele and I discuss his transition and the founding of his business - Victory Welding Alloys. It was a a pleasure talking to him, and it was nice to catch up with another classmate and business owner. - […]

  • PFFL- 11 JC Van Lierop

    JC and I catch up and talk about his transition and get a little deeper with some of the current issues of the world today. Great catching up and an great conversation with another awesome veteran.Become a supporter of this podcast: […]

  • PFFL-10-David Lutz-Us Army Ranger

    Talked to David Lutz today. Long time friend and Veteran, He and I discussed a number of topics in the least structured version of the podcast to date. All good either way. Hope you enjoyed it. The Kill Chain - The book that Rob mentioned […]

  • PFFL#9 Jaqueline Jarl- Stryker Corporation

    Talked to Jaqueline Jarl today. She is a Military Hiring Rep at Stryker Corporation ( Awesome conversation with another Great American. She gave some transition pointers from a veteran's but also a hiring managers perspective. […]

  • PFFL-#8 - Toby Prudhomme-

    Toby Prudhomme is the owner of Military First BnB Solutions ( Great conversation and a great discussion about transition and what he is doing now. Five Questions that every veteran should ask in transition.1.) What Role would you like to […]

  • PFFL-#7- Mike Bonno

    Great Discussion with Mike Bonno. Mike is a Veteran from 1-28 IN "Black Lions" and he and I deployed together in 2012-2013 to Afghanistan. We got to talk about his transition and how his life is interesting now that he lives in the UK. His job is even more interesting. I hope you […]

  • PFFL-#6 Todd Stawicki

    Todd Stawicki is a Veteran who has experience with both a large corporation and a small business. Great conversation about transition and what he is doing today. He asked people to reach out and connect if they need assistance in building their […]

  • PFFL-#5 Jon Miller -Outlaws Inc

    Jon Miller is a An Army Veteran, Graduate Student and small business owner. He is the founder of Outlaws, INC. ( We have a great conversation about his transition and how he came up with the name and purpose of his company. Please check him out at his […]

  • PFFL- #4 Tom Coyle-Adventures in Leadership, LLC

    Tom Coyle, Tom is an Army Veteran, former Foreign Service officer and runs his own small business Adventures in leadership. It was great to catch up with him and we had a great conversation and hit some point and talked some leadership, talked some transition and some of his current and […]

  • PFFL Episode 3 - Eric Engquist (USAA)

    Eric Engquist serves as Vice President of the USAA Brand Management organization, a complex organization that manages a wide range of marketing initiatives and programs that span across USAA’s Auto and Property Insurance, Banking, and Life Insurance businesses. These teams include […]

  • PFFL- 2- Christopher Burritt - American Twister Manufacturing

    Conversation with Christopher Burritt, former NCO from 1-23 Infantry. He now runs his own business American Twister Manufacturing. He mentioned Patriotic Online Marketplace, LLC who assisted him in marketing with his small business. I personally enjoyed this […]

  • PFFL-1 - Elizabeth Cal - 22 APR 2020

    Elizabeth Cal- former US Army Captain who currently is works as an Enterprise Sales Director at Gelato. Talked transition and Corporate life.Become a supporter of this podcast:

  • PFFL-.5 - 17 APR 2020

    Episode .5 - Just a quick overview of questions that this podcast would cover , but so people can have and idea of what our main discussion points are going to be.Become a supporter of this podcast:

  • PFFL- Intro

    This is Episode 0 of the Podcasts gives an overview and intent for the podcast. Just starting out, hopefully you will keep listening and we will keep producing. Copyright: stereoalex / 123RF Stock PhotoBecome a supporter of this podcast: […]