Nonprofit Fundraising Podcast

The podcast that helps you gain new and fresh ideas for improving your nonprofit fundraising performance. In this podcast we share some of our best fundraising secrets with you.

Jeff Kelly
  • October 2021 - Fundraising Events

    Events are an important piece of fundraising for an organization. It also takes a lot of work to create an event that donors want to participate in. The fundraising strategy you use for your organization (and whether or not you choose an event) depends on what goals you have for your […]

  • September 2021 - DipJar

    Today we are talking to Adam and Melissa from DipJar. DipJar is a unique product that helps organizations raise money at a specific location. It replaces the cash box and gives donors a positive experience that inspires them to contribute more. This is one tool that your organization can […]

  • August 2021 - Partnerships

    Today we are talking about sponsorships, partnerships, and developing relationships with businesses. This can be uncomfortable for beginning nonprofits, but working with the business community is important to both the businesses and the nonprofits. In this episode, we talk about how to […]

  • April 2021 - Relationships

    We are speaking to Jay Yelas, executive director of the CAST for Kids Project. This episode is about relationship building with donors. Organizations that treat their donor like human beings who want to cause a positive change in the world are organizations that have the most success in […]

  • March 2021 - Storytelling

    Today we are talking about storytelling. The reason I wanted to start the entire series here is because donors are not checks, they are real relationships. And organizations that treat their donors as real human beings have ten times the success with fundraising. When you treat donors as […]