Growth Mode

Grow and Scale Your Business. The Growth Mode Show gives you all the insights you need to know while building your business. From Sales, Business Development, Marketing, and Mindset; entrepreneurs Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow debate what it takes to accelerate the business scaling process and share tactical strategies to help you find your way to business freedom.

  • Nationwide Growth Strategies: How to Successfully Expand Your Business Across the U.S.

    In this insightful episode, we sit down with Jonathan Cabral, the visionary behind Titan Technology Services, to dive deep into the strategies and challenges of expanding a business nationwide. Starting a business at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jonathan shares his firsthand […]

  • Taking a Local Business Nationwide: Strategies for Growth and Networking

    Welcome to another episode of Success Champions Live, where we dive into the heart of business growth, networking, and the journey of entrepreneurship. In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Samantha Guajardo, the dynamic owner of Elite Business Link, an event planning business […]

  • Straight Talk: How to Explain What You're Selling

    In this Episode we dive deep into the art of effectively communicating what you're selling without getting tangled in a web of complexity. In today’s discussion, we're joined by Alex Dzierbicki, a seasoned business advisor, as we explore the nuances of language dilution and the […]

  • Breaking Limits: The Journey Through Fear and Beyond

    In this riveting episode of "Growth Mode," hosts Donnie Boivin and Tyler Schmoker dive deep into the psychology of facing fears and overcoming personal barriers. They share their experiences with the Tough Mudder challenge as a metaphor for life's obstacles, offering invaluable insights […]

  • Unlocking Personal Accountability and Integrity for Success with Jeffrey Klubeck

    Introduction to Personal Accountability and Integrity: Discussion on the importance of personal accountability and integrity in both personal and professional life.The Role of Ego in Self-Accountability: Jeffrey Klubeck addresses the challenges posed by ego in maintaining […]

  • Conquering Your Inner Demons: Overcome Fear and Unlock Your True Potential - Brian Bogert

    Join us in this empowering episode with Brian Bogert, a renowned transformation coach, as we delve into the relationship between fear, personal growth, and professional success. Brian offers profound insights on breaking free from emotional barriers and unlocking one's true […]

  • Revealing Truths: Ruthless Risk-Taking And Resilience In Business - Sean Cercone

    In this enlightening episode of our podcast, we dive into the world of theater and entrepreneurship with our esteemed guest, Sean Cercone. As a visionary in the theater industry, Sean shares his unique insights and experiences, particularly focusing on the challenges and innovations […]

  • Shocking Truth About Entrepreneurship Growth And Visonary Thinking

    Dive into the electrifying world of entrepreneurship in this groundbreaking episode titled "Shocking Truth About Entrepreneurship Growth And Visionary Thinking." Join us as we unravel the often-misunderstood dynamics of entrepreneurial expansion and the pivotal role of visionary thinking […]

  • Entrepreneurship Essentials: Growth Strategies, Personal Development, and Overcoming Challenges with Rick Jordan

    In this enlightening episode, Rick Jordan, an acclaimed entrepreneur and business strategist, shares his invaluable insights on entrepreneurship, business growth, and personal development. Dive into Rick's journey from a solo IT consultant to taking his company public, and learn how he […]

  • Goal Setting Debate: Do Goals Really Lead to Success? - with Doug Bennett

    In this thought-provoking episode, Doug Bennett, "the goals guy," and Donnie Boivin engage in a captivating debate on the effectiveness of goal setting. Dive into a discussion that examines the impact of goals on personal and professional success.Highlights:The Science Behind Goal […]

  • Maximizing Leadership Potential: Overcoming Negative Mindset & Decision-Making Challenges - Otis McGregor

    Welcome to 'Leadership Mastery with Otis McGregor: Transforming Decision-Making and Mindsets for Success', a must-listen podcast for aspiring and established leaders alike. Join us as we delve into the mind of Otis McGregor, a renowned leadership coach and expert, who shares his […]

  • Revolutionizing B2B Networking: Advanced Tactics for Modern Businesses - Erin Marcus

    Erin Marcus, an acclaimed business strategist, shares her insights on rethinking traditional networking methods, focusing on creating powerful, reciprocal partnerships that drive exponential results. The discussion navigates through the challenges of aligning company messaging with market […]

  • Unlocking Business Growth: The Power of Humor and Radical Collaboration with Stu Heinecke

    Join us in this insightful episode as we dive into the world of business growth strategies with Stu Heinecke, a renowned Wall Street Journal cartoonist and author. Discover the transformative power of humor, personalized cartoons, and radical collaboration in scaling your business and […]

  • The Art of Authentic Selling: Embracing and Elevating Your Business Offerings

    Authentic selling, innovative networking, and the transformative power of original thought in business with Eddie Yoon. Donnie challenges the status quo with his candid take on industry jargon, while Eddie unveils the strategic framework of category design that can revolutionize how we […]

  • Transform Your Sales Funnel: Press Release Strategies for Business Growth - Mickie Kennedy

    Donnie Boivin sits down with Mickie Kennedy, the founder of eReleases, to delve deep into the transformative power of press releases for businesses. They discuss how a well-crafted press release can not only shape a company's image but also act as a pivotal tool in attracting and […]

  • Balancing the Hustle: The Marathon of Business, Health, and Peak Performance - Chris Dedeyan

    Join us for a deep dive with Christopher Dedeyan into the intersection of hustle and harmony. Discover the delicate balance between relentless business drive and personal well-being. From morning walks as a form of meditation to the pivotal moments that define an entrepreneur's journey, […]

  • Navigating Life's Challenges: Insights from Mark J Silverman

    Are you stuck in the cycle of coping mechanisms, looking for a way out? In this enlightening episode, Mark J Silverman shares invaluable insights on differentiating between coping mechanisms and coping skills, helping you navigate life's challenges with resilience and growth.Join us for a […]

  • Harnessing the Power of Visionary Thinking: Insights from Justin Breen

    We delve deep into the power of storytelling, the future of AI in business, and the essence of visionary thinking. Discover the significance of real human relationships in the entrepreneurial world, the transformative journey of personal growth, and the pivotal role assessments play in […]

  • Mastering Sales and Business Development: A Deep Dive with Brent Hale

    Brent Hale, a mastermind in sales and co-founder of Maverick App, dives deep into the intricate world of sales and business development with host Donnie Boivin. Brent shares invaluable insights on the importance of discipline and consistency in sales processes, revealing how these […]

  • Strategic Connections: Mastering the Art of Relatable Networking

    We delve deep into the essence of strategic connections and the transformative power of networking. Our guests, renowned business owners and entrepreneurs, Andy Weins and Donnie Boivin, share their wealth of knowledge on creating value-driven conversations and building meaningful, […]

  • The Synergy of Networking and Personal Development: A Guide to Taking Action for Success

    Meet Dan Prado, a seasoned professional with 32 years of experience in developing and networking within the Machine Tool manufacturing industry. Since 2008, he has also had the privilege of speaking and teaching professional MMA/UFC fighters, bringing a unique perspective to personal […]

  • Rethink Success: Why Authenticity and Strategy Trump Conventional Wisdom

    We're thrilled to have Mark Asquith, the man behind and a thought leader in entrepreneurship and personal branding, join us to discuss rethinking success in the modern world. Mark brings a fresh perspective to conventional wisdom, urging us to be not just the loudest but the […]

  • Unlocking the Secrets to Mission-Driven Hiring: A Conversation with Rick of InterTrue

    Are you struggling with hiring the right talent for your company? Tune in to hear Rick, an expert in talent acquisition, share invaluable insights on how to align your hires with your company's mission and core values. Discover how AI can revolutionize your interview process and why you […]

  • Discover Your Perfect Clientele, with Brandon Austin

    In this eye-opening episode, we delve deep into the evolving landscape of digital marketing, focusing on the intriguing intersection between Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing in the realm of service-based businesses.Are you a service-based entrepreneur wondering how to scale […]

  • The Art of Meeting Etiquette: Lessons from Jeremy Delk

    We delve into the often-overlooked nuances of meeting etiquette and professional behavior that can make or break team dynamics. Our guest, Jeremy Delk, shares his candid thoughts on the pitfalls of self-praise in meetings, urging listeners to let their work speak for itself rather than […]

  • Mastering the Craft: Engaging Content and Entrepreneurial Hustle

    Explore the intricacies of creating content that's not only engaging but also effortlessly digestible. Delve into the life of a dynamic entrepreneur managing multiple ventures, from podcasts and books to high-energy speaking events. This episode promises insights into the delicate balance […]

  • The Three Pillars of Business: Insights from Jerry Macnamara

    Dive deep into the essence of business growth! Uncover the three pivotal pillars: Marketing, Sales, and Operational Delivery. Learn how to harmonize passion with value, and glean insights from our special guest, Jerry Macnamara. Perfect for budding entrepreneurs and those eager to scale, […]

  • Assemble a Sales Team That Dominates the Market! w/ Doug Mitchell

    We dive deep into the art and science of building effective sales teams. We discuss the importance of investing in your team's training, the challenges of long sales cycles, and the critical role of personal branding and networking. We also explore strategies for identifying and nurturing […]

  • 10 Costly Business Mistakes You MUST Avoid!

    Donnie Boivin candidly discusses the ten critical mistakes he made along the way and offers invaluable advice on how to avoid them. From the importance of strategic networking and automation to the pitfalls of saying yes to everything and hiring the wrong people, Donnie's experiences are […]

  • Mastering Business Email Etiquette - Communication Tips for Success

    In this episode, we take a closer look at the complex relationship between emailed automation and its impact on our lives. While automation has its undeniable benefits, we confront the challenges and drawbacks it brings to our inboxes. Join us as we navigate through the nuances of this […]

  • Living Life on Your Own Terms while Dominating the Industry w/ Lon Stroschein

    Are you feeling unfulfilled in your job? Do you dream of pursuing a different path but fear the consequences? Dive into this insightful conversation where Lon Stroschein, Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow discuss the courage it takes to make significant life changes. They delve into the […]

  • Entrepreneurship Unplugged: The Power of Collaboration and Continuous Learning

    We explore the entrepreneurial journeys of Thomas Keenan and Donnie Boivin. Thomas shares his lessons on the importance of operational expertise in business, while Donnie discusses his transition into entrepreneurship and the role of podcasting in his success. They both introduce their […]

  • The Secret to Skyrocketing Success with Client Referrals

    Are you tired of attending networking events only to find yourself surrounded by desperate individuals seeking referrals? Have you ever questioned the effectiveness of relying solely on your network for business growth? In this episode, we challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding […]

  • A Simple Guide: Learning About Yourself and Being Okay with Not Being Perfect | Mandy Morris

    Ever felt pressured to always be positive? Or too scared to try something new because you might fail? In our next podcast episode, we're chatting with life coach Mandy Morris about why it's okay to feel negative emotions, how understanding your subconscious can lead to growth, and why […]

  • Harness Your Brand's Power: Evolve, Personalize, and Stand Out with Hersh Rephun

    In this deep-dive with branding expert Hersh Rephun, we uncover the secrets to successful brand evolution as your business grows.Hersh shatters the myth of corporate vs. personal brand, revealing that branding is always personal, and the power behind a successful brand is its unique […]

  • Unleashing the Untapped Power of Steady Growth | Jarrod Morgan

    We sit down with Jarrod Morgan, a successful entrepreneur and problem solver, to discuss the journey towards achieving our goals. Morgan shares his unique perspective on how focusing on the next milestone, rather than the end goal, can prevent feelings of overwhelm and keep us […]

  • Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Superpowers at the Live Podcast Champions Summit

    Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Superpowers at the Live Podcast Champions Summit Join us at the Live Podcast Champions Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, where seasoned business owners gather to share their invaluable expertise. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment, as we delve into the […]

  • Unleashing Business Growth: The Thrilling Power of Growth Marketing

    Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey through the captivating world of growth marketing in the thrilling podcast, "Unleashing Business Growth: The Thrilling Power of Growth Marketing." Say goodbye to traditional marketing as we unravel a data-driven approach that will take your […]

  • Can You Sell? | Melanie French

    Step into the world of sales with Melanie French a riveting podcast episode that dives deep into the realities of the sales industry. Join us as we unpack the raw emotions and challenges that come with rejection, a common experience in sales that many of us initially despise. We also […]

  • Making LinkedIn Simple | Lea Truner

    Lea Turner's journey is a perfect example of how being authentic and true to yourself can lead to incredible success on social media platforms. From struggling to get clients to growing her following on LinkedIn to 170,000+ people, Lea's honesty and authenticity quickly resonated with […]

  • Keep Track Of Your Success | Greg Birch

    Are you tired of traditional sales tactics that leave customers feeling pushed and unsatisfied? Tune in to our latest podcast episode featuring expert sales guru, Greg Birch, as he reveals the secret to effective sales: honesty and conversation. Learn how to build rapport with customers, […]

  • Transcending Business | David Marlow

    Donnie Boivin is joined by Kevin Snow and David Marlow to discuss the concept of Ikigai. They explore how understanding one's true essence and purpose can help individuals and companies live into their best selves. Through personal anecdotes and examples, the trio breaks down the idea of […]

  • You Can't Outsource Pain | Mike Wolbrink

    Attention entrepreneurs! Do you want to learn how to build a strong team dynamic that can take your business to the next level? Tune in to our latest podcast episode featuring expert insights from Mike Wolbrink, Donnie Boivin, and Kevin Snow. In this episode, we explore key strategies to […]

  • The Key To Wealth | Mike Kitko

    A powerful one with Mike Kitco, that covered a range of topics from self-worth, self-love, personal significance, and more. Kitco shared insights into his personal journey and how he was able to transform his life by focusing less on himself and more on helping others. Throughout the […]

  • The HONEST TRUTH About AI and ChatGPT on Business | Josh Fedie

    As entrepreneurs, we are constantly bombarded with AI and the promise to help us grow our businesses. But, how do we evaluate whether a particular technology or artificial intelligence is truly valuable for our businesses? Donnie Boivin & Kevin Snow sit down with Josh Fedie to […]

  • Effective Business Networking Strategies: Tips from Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow on Building Authentic Relationships, Leveraging Social Media, and Getting Past The Gatekeeper.

    Networking and business strategies. Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow talk about the importance of building relationships, asking good questions, and being authentic when networking. They discuss the power of social media, including LinkedIn, and how to effectively use it to grow your network. […]

  • Hype Your Way to Success | Michael Schein

    Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow interview Michael F. Shine, the author of "The Hype Handbook." They discuss various topics related to marketing, networking, and entrepreneurship. Michael talks about the importance of creating hype around your brand, product, or service. He emphasizes that […]

  • Building A 6-Figure Business On Stage | Stevie Dawn

    There’s simply no way around it—if you want to be seen as THE expert, you have to get in front of a lot of people. You have to take the stage and talk about what you do. It’s one of the biggest business-building assets you could ever do for yourself and your company. On this […]

  • How to ACTUALLY start a Successful podcast | Larry Roberts

    Are you looking for a powerful medium to reach a massive audience and share your ideas? Look no further than podcasts! With millions of listeners worldwide, podcasts have become a go-to source of information and entertainment. In this episode, we'll share why starting a podcast is the […]

  • The Secret Weapon For Success: Meditation Explained | Lori Saitz

    I could never wrap my head around the concept of meditation. You won’t see me sit back while someone preaches how the universe will provide (I don’t buy that). But in this episode, Lori Saitz unflinchingly challenged my skepticism and shed new light on what meditation really is about […]

  • How to Become Limitless & ACHIEVE ANYTHING | Lauren Ammon

    When it comes to dialing the right mindset or getting your stuff together when things go south, sports and business have a lot in common. You can’t go far in either if you don’t grit your teeth and put in the work. For this week’s episode, we got Lauren Ammon to help us get into the […]

  • Be Intentional with Your Time With Clara Capano

    It's so easy to lose priority and become reactive when managing a business. You might think you're scaling the heck out of it, but all you do is replace an income. Good thing we have Clara Capano to dial us back into the right mindset. Growing a business is one thing, but it takes […]

  • Our Crazy Perception of Money in Business w/Hannah Chapman

    Money is, by no means, a sexy thing to talk about. Nor is it the easiest. Thankfully, Kevin and I brought in our good friend Hannah Chapman to help us get it together when it comes to finances. After all, this isn't something you can just outsource; you need to know the ins and outs of […]

  • How Your Beliefs Define Your Personal Brand - Tony Whately

    As much as I hate to admit it, there are times when I fall into the people-pleasing trap. And I’ll tell you, it’s hard to get out of. Fortunately, our good friend Tony Whatley decided to join us on this week’s episode of Growth Mode, where we talk about knowing your values and how […]

  • Communication: The Key to Cultivating a Culture of Innovation and Creativity Kim McLaughlin

    With all the time we spend doing it, you'd think we’d be good at it by now. Yeah, right—communicating can still be a struggle, even for master communicators like me. Fortunately, we got Kim McLaughlin for this week’s episode, who gave Kevin and me much-needed truth bombs about our […]

  • Creating Your Company's Operating System - Zack Knight

    Fed up with feeling like a fish out of water in the world of Operations Management? You're in luck! In this episode, I share my journey of overcoming Ops challenges with the help of Kevin. And the cherry on top? A bonus conversation with Zack Knight on why you need to know Ops to scale […]

  • How To Tell Your Story - Thomas Van Dycke

    The simplest way to engage with people is by telling a story.Kevin and I sit down with Thomas Van Dycke to talk more about how to position yourself so that more people can find and engage your business, so you can start growing.LinksChampions 90 […]

  • Why You Need a Community - Pablo Gonzales

    We all know that knowledge and skill set is power. But at the end of the day, the quickest way to change somebody's life is to put the right relationship in front of them. When it comes to building a community around your business, it's better to focus on relationships first before trying […]

  • Why your Core Values Matter More than You Think - Tomas Keenan

    Core values can be more than words on your business profile.We pick Tomas Keenan’s brain about his take on the impacts your core values can have on your business. Will a few words on your business profile make you sink or swim?LinksChampions 90 […]

  • The Power of Sharing Your Story: Why You Shouldn't Keep It a Secret - Chad Jamison

    Can eight seconds change your life?Split-second decisions can change the trajectory of a business and your life. Knowing how to use that quick time in your favor can drastically change how you will be remembered.Kevin and I sit with Chad Jamison as he explains the eight-second concept, […]

  • Wrapping up 2022

    It's been a whirlwind of a year.We’ve had ups and downs, realizations and mess-ups this 2022, but the best part about it is that we learned how to use them towards developing ourselves along with our business. It’s been a year of change and continuous work on personal […]

  • 10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Networking Skills Even if You're an Introvert

    Do you feel that networking is only for extroverts?Just because you're introverted doesn't mean that you can't improve and connect with people. There are plenty of ways for introverts to get over their natural shyness and interact with people in a much more pleasant way. Donnie and Kevin […]

  • How to Grow and Leverage Your Network

    For most CEOs and managers, the term "networking" sounds ridiculous. Even the most gregarious industry leaders often hate the thought of the necessary evil that is networking. However, suppose you shift your perspective and learn to leverage your network.LinksChampions 90 […]

  • How to Work On Yourself If You're an Integrator

    If you're an introvert, the business world might seem tough. Networking events, conferences, meetings, and public speaking just aren't your thing. So, how can you overcome these challenges and succeed despite them? Let's change introvert to the integrator. LinksChampions 90 […]

  • How to Grow as a Leader

    A visionary is somebody who can visualize something and then do whatever it takes to get it done.In this episode, Donnie talks about how his actions as a visionary have taken him from almost losing everything to building a badass business. He discusses his journey of becoming a person he […]

  • What are the Best Ways to Generate Leads?

    There are a million different ways you can generate leads for your business. There’s so many that people literally get overwhelmed trying to find the “magic bullet,” to 10x their sales. In this episode, Donnie and Kevin have a realistic conversation about what those lead generation […]

  • Bonus: Badass Business Summit Live

    At the Success Champions Badass Business Summit, attendees got to ask Donnie and Kevin any and every thing about growing their businesses. They covered a shit ton of information on:MindsetTaking financial risksDisqualifying prospectsCreating an operations planScalingHiring […]

  • How To Work with Your Opposite Personality

    If you try to approach an introvert like you’d approach an extrovert, you’ll find out really quickly that it’s going to be a struggle. At Success Champions, we switch it up every day because Donnie and Kevin could be more opposite. In this episode, you’re going to learn more […]

  • How to Have a Better Sales Conversation

    There’s a reason salespeople get a bad rap. It’s because they’ve been taught to have conversations that make them sound sleazy and desperate. The traditional sales conversation is outdated and repulses prospects.In this episode, Donnie and Kevin walk you through a sales style that […]

  • Best Networking Tips: You will fail if all you do is Network

    There’s people who go out there and make networking their only business building activity. Those people will lose every single time because they become moochers off of their network and are unable to bring value back to their group. In this episode, we tell you the activities you need […]

  • How to Network with Badass People

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could only hang out with high caliber people, the movers and shakers who are actually doing things?If you learn how to network and find these badass people, your entire world will change. Doors will open up that you never knew existed. In this episode Donnie […]

  • How to Know if Someone is Ready to Buy

    Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow break down what to look for when you’re trying to figure out if someone’s ready to buy. The problem is that most people aren’t paying attention to the person they’re trying to sell to. In this episode, you’ll learn the body language cues to look for […]

  • How to Stay Top of Mind

    If you want to grow your business and get more referrals, then you must stay on top of your mind. But how do you do it? How do you get others to remember you, so you get more sales. Dive in as Donnie Boivin and Kevin Snow explore How to Stay Top of Mind.LinksWebsite - […]

  • How to Give an Effective Elevator Pitch

    The power of being able to tell someone what you do goes way beyond an elevator pitch. If you can't tell someone what you do without having to explain it, then likely you are trying to sell them or don't know what you do. With that said, here is more power in understanding what they do vs […]

  • Why Networking is Good for Business

    Most people find networking because they suck at sales. They go into networking and are so desperate for business that they come across as salespeople. What if networking actually worked for you? What if you changed the way you networked and it actually grew your business? LinksWebsite - […]

  • Champions 90

    What is the Champions 90 Challenge?Champions 90 isn't a workout routine or a fitness routine. This is you transforming your life and mentally giving yourself an upgrade while building the business that gets you to freedom.Champions 90 is about getting quiet with your thoughts and staying […]

  • 5 Steps to Get Prospects to Sell Themselves

    Oftentimes, if you teach, inform, and coach your prospects, they will lean into the conversation. It's when you push for a close that you lose. Stop trying to close the sales and instead pour into people, and they will sell themselves.LinksWebsite - […]

  • How to Use Workshops to Generate Sales

    Workshops are one of the easiest ways to elevate your brand and grow your business. The simple strategy to teach what you know and helping others is one of the best ways to build your business.LinksWebsite - Video - (available soon)Blog - […]

  • How Running a Farm is Like Building a Business

    Growing up on farms Kevin and Donnie did not know how much of what they learned would follow them into business. So many things happen on a farm from the hard work, long days, and community coming together are things that build successful businesses. Take notes from two country guys that […]

  • Why Your Network Needs a Ranking System

    When I first got into networking, I had no idea what it meant to protect my network or have a ranking system. Frankly, I was just excited about opening doors for everybody. While this may seem nice, it cost me being so willy nilly with my network a few times. I remember one time I […]

  • Why You Should Be Hosting Workshops

    The first time I got introduced to workshops was when I was doing networking in commercial printing.And if you know any of my stories about first getting into networking, you know it wasn’t very pretty. However, as I eventually figured a lot of things out, I had a fascinating thing […]

  • The Mental Game of Business

    When starting a business, you have to have some confidence that you can actually build it, and I was proud I had that confidence.But feeling confident while going into being a first time business owner is like feeling confident and being dropped off in the jungle with no map. The […]

  • Introductions Are Way Better Than Referrals

    I was brought up in a world where referrals were the golden egg of networking.The end all, be all.Because I thought referrals were the most cherished thing, I got really good at them.At giving them, receiving them, making the referrals better and better, getting better at being more […]

  • Networking isn't About You

    People think that networking is all about impressing the person you’re talking to, so they would a) buy what you are selling and/or b) refer you. And by people, I mean me.Well, not anymore, but that was definitely me at the beginning of my sales game.I thought my first sales meeting […]

  • Lessons Learned from 100 Episodes

    We did it, guys. We made it to 100 episodes!Thanks so much for being here on this ride with us and for this episode, we put out a call to our listeners to know what they wanted to hear.So we’re going to talk about our top 5 episodes, our least favorite episodes, any memories we have […]

  • Why You Suck at Sales

    So…you suck at sales.I’ll start off by saying that there’s good news.Sucking at sales is not a permanent thing and we’re going to help you right now. There are a lot of misconceptions about sales - people think they need to do the hard closes, use the sales techniques that were […]

  • The Effects of Toxic Positivity

    I didn’t get into the self-help world until I was 22 and after that, I was pretty much hooked.My dad gave me the book “Success Through Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill because it practically changed his life.That book didn’t hit as hard for me, but I picked up Think and […]

  • What Motivates People to Buy

    So this past weekend I did something really crazy with my brother.We have a hobby and business on the side with blacksmithing and woodworking, and we had planned to go to this trade day to sell our stuff.I knew just from knowledge and personal experience that in order to stand out and […]

  • How Trigger Words Help You Sell More

    Last week we talked about how to find the right clientele and this week we dive even deeper.You know by now that not everyone is a potential client, right?Don’t be like the chiropractor that says “Anyone who's a good referral for me is anyone with a spine.”That’s not how you build […]

  • Knowing Who to Sell To

    My first ever sale in commercial printing was to my mom. Yep, that’s right. She worked at a dentist's office and bought business cards for the office from me.Turns out, my mom was not my ideal customer.Not because she was a bad customer by any means, but mostly because she was safe.And […]

  • How To Think Like a CEO

    Its too easy to be sucked down the rabbit hole of needing to do everything and decide everything in your business, but that mindset won't scale your business.You need to get rid of the employee mindset that is task oriented and build a CEO mindset that is focused on how to we accomplish […]

  • You Don’t Have Enough Time

    You’ve probably heard this phrase, shoot, you may have said it…“I just don’t have enough hours in the day.”And before we go any further, I want you to know - that’s a myth.It drives me crazy when people say they don’t have enough time in the day.And it’s not because I […]

  • How to make an introduction

    If you’ve been here with us for a while, or heck even if you’re here for the first time, you probably understand the importance of networking in business.Part of networking is creating referrals, but I want to make it clear, introductions are NOT referrals.When I started out in […]

  • Why being uncomfortable as a CEO is a good thing

    Why staying uncomfortable as a CEO is actually a good thingI really struggled stepping into the role of CEO in my business at first. Why?Well, it’s really hard to be something you never really see, right?In most of the companies I worked for growing up, people only really saw the CEOs […]

  • I have a lot of meetings but no sales

    If you have your own business, you know first hand that just because you’re having a lot of meetings, doesn’t mean you’re making a lot of sales.This is how it was for me in the beginning of building my business.I felt I needed to be in this frenzy of action to feel like I was […]

  • No Such Thing As A Sales Hack

    Let’s get it out of the way right now - there is not an easy button, a quick fix, a shortcut, or a hack to doing business.And anyone you see on the internet trying to sell you a quick fix is just taking your money.Sure, they may have tried it for themselves, and it may have worked, but […]

  • How do you track networking success

    When was the last time you attended a networking event?Did you keep track of who you met? Did you follow up with them? And also track that?I’ve always known networking was important. I was the networking-man.So much so that my boss used to tell me “Everybody in town knows who you are. […]

  • How to make a personal connection

    How are you at networking events? Are you a little clunky with your conversations?What about on sales calls? Do you know what to say? And most importantly, do you make the sale?These questions aren’t meant to call you out, but just to show you where you’re at in making personal […]

  • How Curiosity Scales Business

    You’ve heard of Kodak, right? And MySpace?Yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard of them, but they have been long gone in the past decade.Why is that?Because they stopped asking questions.Because they didn’t think of new ways to innovate.Because they weren’t curious enough.They thought […]