Black America Cares - Nonprofit Showcase

This podcast is for and about African Americans seeking assistance and those who provide it. We discuss what Black America Cares is doing, but our focus is showcasing Black-Owned nonprofits and businesses. This is the only platform that gives Nonprofit Leaders and Business Owners who do community outreach an opportunity to share what they’re doing and how they’re making an impact in economically challenged communities.
Kimberly Holmes
  • A Conversation About Child Support, Special Needs Children, Divorce and More

    Miriam Rhoden-Shedden has been an attorney since December 2016. She is barred in Jamaica, Vermont, and Maryland and will be starting the process of becoming barred in DC in February 2024. Since 2022, she has handled family law cases and recently started handling landlord and tenant […]

  • Why You Need a Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney - ASAP!

    Ep. #82 - This is a topic that has become near and dear to my heart because it's something I'm currently in the process of doing. Many people in the Black community have lost MILLIONS because we were never taught about wills, probate, trusts, power of attorney, etc.  The lack of this […]

  • How to Get A Job With The Federal Government

    Ep. #81 - As a senior HR professional in the Federal Government, Dalton Grisham will help you land your dream job and take your career to the next level. He has helped clients like transform their resumes, hone their applications, and improve their interview skills to dramatically […]

  • How To Build Wealth Through Life Insurance

    Ep. #80 - At Your Family, Your Legacy, Whitney Thompkins is your family’s life insurance advisor. After gaining invaluable experience working alongside a successful producer who was catering to a high net-worth, mature clientele, Whitney found her calling in sharing her wealth of […]

  • Estate Planning 101 – w/Attorney Shakisha Morgan

    Ep. #79 - As an educator, licensed attorney, and connector, Shakisha has been privileged to speak with individuals, families, co-workers, community groups, and conferences full of people from all walks of life. She speaks on topics such as estate planning, multi- and […]

  • My Exit Plan – Are You Prepared?

    Ep. #78 -  What if you suddenly passed away? Does your family know what to do? If your loved one passed, would you know what to do? Rhonda Green serves as the Funeral Services Manager at First Baptist under the leadership of Pastor and Mrs. John K. Jenkins Sr. She has coordinated […]

  • When Your Nonprofit or Business Needs A CPA

    Ep. #77 – Do you know if or when you need a CPA? If you’re not sure, this episode will help. You can also learn how to avoid making financial mistakes. Chérie (The Little CPA) is an AICPA 40 Under 40 Black CPA, a Tax Manager at a national financial services firm, and creator of […]

  • For Black Women Who Are Fat. Fine. Confident & Getting Fit

    Ep. #76 – Ashley Redwood is the beauty and brains behind the “Trap Cardio” fitness and wellness brand. Trap Cardio is a dance fitness class that mixes strength training with cardio to the hottest hip hop, Afrobeat and Caribbean tunes. Ashley gets very candid about her story as a […]

  • Why Pregnant Black Women Need a Black Doula

    Ep. #75 - Dominique Jones is the owner and CEO of Mom’s Advocate & Maternal Advisor (M.A.M.A.). As a Black mother of three young girls (ages 3 months, 2 and 4)  she knows firsthand how scary pregnancy, birth and the thought of motherhood can be. Listen as she shares about […]

  • A Black-Owned Home Improvement-Window Screen & Patio Repair Company

    Ep. #74 – There used to be a time when it was easy to find a handyman or a repairman who could fix just about anything. Times have definitely changed, however, there is a new business that can help you if you need your window or patio screen repaired. Anthony Holland started this […]

  • Starting A Black-Owned All-Natural Juice Bar

    Ep. #73 -  Bradford and Crystal Usher developed a love for cold-pressed juice, and understanding the benefits that it could have on the body. That it could serve as a remedy. In 2019, they created Juice Remedy, a Health and Wellness company that offers delicious; nutrient-filled juice, […]

  • He Gives FREE Haircuts!

    Ep. #72 –  Empowering Cuts was founded by Joshua Santiago in 2017 to use his talent of cutting hair by paying it forward to individuals that couldn’t afford it. Having an understanding that homelessness doesn’t just reside in his hometown of Philadelphia he travels the country […]

  • How to Get Grants

    Ep. #71 - Grants Works helps organizations, businesses, and municipalities identify, acquire, manage, and comply with government and foundation grants. Grants Works was founded by Patrice Davis, a grant management professional with 15 years of direct experience. After 10 years in the […]

  • Black, Single, and Raising Kids

    Ep. #70 - Kids driving you crazy? Trust and believe you are not alone! I normally talk about nonprofit organizations or businesses but someone posted something on FB about how she and her children (adult children) were relating. The topic hit home for a lot of people so we decided to […]

  • Help! My Mother/Father is Toxic!

    Ep. #69 -  Rashawnda James is a licensed therapist, self-care coach, speaker, and content creator. She has achieved success in helping women prioritize their self-healing and be their unapologetic selves. Rashawnda owns her own story of emotional disconnection and unhealed trauma that […]

  • He Builds Barbershops and Hair Salons

    Ep. #68 – Robert Cradle is the Founder of Rob’s Barbershop Community Foundation.  Rob started out as an owner of a barbershop in Odenton, Maryland. In fact, he was the first Black man to open a barbershop in that area. As the shop grew into a successful establishment, Rob discovered […]

  • Black People and Yellowstone Park

    Ep. #67 – If you're Black, have you ever been to Yellowstone Park? Do you even know about it? Taylor Bland is a Conservation Nation Fellow. (You’ll have to listen to this episode to learn what that is). As a Black woman in a White-male dominated field, she wants to give people from […]

  • How This Multi-Millionaire Started His Companies, Beat Cancer and is Winning in Life

    Ep. #66 – At the age of 48, Harold Leffall was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was extremely shocked and devastated because earlier that year, he witnessed the death of two of his younger friends due to cancer. Scientific evidence proved that the consumption of diet sodas, high fat […]

  • How Her Nonprofit Got Celebrity Sponsors, 9K+ IG Followers & More!

    Ep. #65 – Art of Discovery (AOD) – Founder, Tamika Melvin Art of Discovery’s mission is to empower youth to discover their talent by educating them through creative art programs and services.  They offer a variety of programs, ranging from, Creative Writing & Screen Writing, […]

  • Helping Youth With Self-Confidence, Yoga, & Mental Well-Being

    Ep. #64 - Choose to DO, Inc. builds confidence and esteem for underserved black youth 12-17 years old, to embrace healthy mental development by introducing them to applicable skills and resources that foster socioemotional well-being. This organization was founded by Dozie Oheri who is […]

  • How to Reverse High Blood Pressure & Diabetes!

    Ep. #63 - Heru Ofori-Atta is the founder of Herbal Results Industries.  His company manufactures and distributes Olive Leaf Extract, Moringa and Cilantro, CBD and Vitamin D products.  Herbal Results has achieved success in reversing a wide range of serious illnesses including High […]

  • Help For Black Fathers – This One Is for You!

    Ep. #62 -This episode is just in time for Father’s Day! We’re celebrating all fathers on June 19, 2022. Shon Hart is the Executive Director of InvolvedDad, a married father of three, a premier keynote speaker and a leading authority on fatherhood. He brings over 10 years of […]

  • How to Help Heal and Prevent Alopecia and Hair Loss

    Ep. #61 - Tashiek Hawkins is a Hair Expert and the owner and founder of “Covered Care Hair Loss Center”, a trusted leader in Hair Loss solutions. She specializes in Cranial Prosthesis, Hair Replacement & Hair Restoration services. She also provides care and support to Veterans […]

  • How She Started A Transportation Company

    Ep. #60 - LaKeeMora “Lucky” Orphé is a TRUE PROFESSIONAL! After years in the dental and dental teaching fields, she decided a few years ago to take a break and try rideshare. After 3 years of working for others, she has decided it’s her time! She decided to start her own […]

  • Should Black Americans Vote? For Who and Why?

    Ep. #59 ElevateHer, Inc. is a registered 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization created and led by Black women that trains and deploys Black and Latina women to deliver culturally and linguistically competent public and community health services to their communities. Valarie's heritage is […]

  • Reparations For Black Americans Will Happen! Here's How...

    Ep. #58 - Marcel Dixon joins us to share why he's challenging James Clyburn for his seat in South Carolina in the 6th district. He's running on a reparations platform, and wants protected status for Black Americans, land allotments etc. Mr. Clyburn’s term ends on Jan. 3, 2023, however […]

  • WANTED!! Black Men On A Mission

    #57 - There is a need for more Black men to be involved in education as teachers, mentors and volunteers. It’s not enough just to be Black and a man, you must also have the heart, intelligence and integrity to impact lives. I’m proud to say I’ve connected with a man who works with […]

  • Young Black Men Running A Successful Transportation Business

    Ep. #56 - Boss Transport & Family Services was started in 2006 by CEO Williametta Woods. They began by qualifying for and maintaining contracts with Fairfax and Loudoun County in Virginia. Their goal is to continue to expand and serve the general public across the United States. With […]

  • Black Fathers Helping Black Children

    Ep. #55 – Don Adams is the founder of Finding Fathers Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community association of student members and business leaders that help to create more awareness and support for fatherless children and their families. By building a community of support for fatherless […]

  • We Need MORE Black People In Tech! - Here's Why

    Ep. 54 - Rashad Morton is the founder of Black Tech Networks. He believes there is a desperate need in our community to help train people and provide career assistance for people getting into tech, so he started a nonprofit dedicated to supporting a network of mentors helping more Blacks […]

  • Helping Youth In Africa Through Basketball

    Ep. #53 – Yannick Formbor is the founder of Blossom Youth, an organization dedicated to promoting education for youth through sports/basketball in Africa. Yannick is from Douala, one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Cameroon (Central Africa). He was discovered playing ball while in […]

  • A Former NFL Player Wants To Create Change By Becoming A Sheriff

    Ep. #52 - Robert Bass is running for Sheriff for Montgomery County Maryland.  Through hard work and perseverance, Rob Bass became an All-American Linebacker and earned the opportunity to play in the NFL.  After time with the Packers and the Bears, he left the game to become Player […]

  • How To Raise Thousands for Giving Tuesday 2021!

    Ep. #51 – Have you prepared for Giving Tuesday 2021? Don’t worry if you haven’t. It’s November 30th this year and if you’re listening to this before Thanksgiving, you’ve still got time. But you’ll need to hurry! Michael Dozier is a Nonprofit expert with years of experience […]

  • She Builds Websites for Nonprofits & Makes $10k A Month On the Beach!

    Ep. #50 - Erecia (E-ree-KUH) Williams is the founder of a graphic web design agency that specializes in the design and development of websites and branding. She’s worked with major companies like Covergirl, Morgan Stanley, Campbell Soup and SiriusXM. Through her agency, she and her team […]

  • How To Handle Losing A Spouse When You're Young & Black

    Ep. #49 - In 2017 at age 27, Azurae was 5 months pregnant with a 10-month-old baby when she became a widow. Realizing there was a niche for young, Black widows and widowers who were underserved, she started a new 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2020. ​Young, Black & Widowed Inc. is a […]

  • Black Youth Are Earning $100K Right Out Of High School!

    Ep. #48 - Adrian Devezin is the Founder and Executive Director of Empowr. Through Empowr he creates a school-to-career pipeline for Black youth, by teaching in-demand and high-paying tech career skills, which helps to build Black wealth and uplift the Black community. Empowr is looking […]

  • Help With Your Health - Know Your Benefits, Rights, Etc.

    Ep. #47 – Proactive Patient Advocacy, Inc.’s (PPA) main focus is the senior community at large. Oftentimes, seniors may feel they are overlooked, misunderstood, and are not being heard. PPA is here to fill that gap. While seniors are their main focus, they will assist anyone in the […]

  • Saving Our Young Black Men - STOP the Shooting!

    Ep. #46 – Young Men of Distinction is a mentorship organization for elementary through high school young men to prepare them for life after high school. Their motto is “Helping to Create Generational Wealth & Empowerment” Website: Facebook Page: […]

  • Helping Ex-Offenders Successfully Re-Enter Into Society

    Ep. #45 - Mississippi Center for Re-Entry (MS Reentry), formerly known as Mississippi Justice Center; was founded by Cynetra Freeman, who faced a 3 year minimum mandatory sentence for Trafficking Heron (Heroin) in 2010. While incarcerated, she helped her public defender fight her case and […]

  • Get Funding, Grants, the PPP Loan & More For Your Nonprofit

    Ep. #44 - With over 20 years of experience as a public relations practitioner in the public sector, Jill has managed communication projects from every aspect of the nonprofit industry---from grassroots organizations and professional associations to higher education and the Federal […]

  • How Black Men Deal With Pain, Loss & Grief

    Ep. #43 - After experiencing the losses of both his parents, a younger brother and his son, Tony Lynch found himself in a place of pain and conflict. After realizing he was struggling, he sought out help in different organizations and in different areas only to find there were more […]

  • Nonprofit News in Nashville!

    Jeshiqua White (“J”)  is the founder of “Project Love Strong” whose mission is to promote community-based philanthropy in underrepresented and disenfranchised communities. They’re a 501c3 community entity that provides basic personal essentials, food, clothing, hairs cuts, and […]

  • Help For Senior Citizens

    Ep. #41 - Aging is a natural part of life – a stage in our lives that each one of us must, eventually, pass through. But too often, we don’t think about the problems that retirement, eldercare, and other issues related to aging present us with until it’s too late. Green Box […]

  • Lights! Camera! Action! – A Nonprofit That Helps Aspiring Actors

    Ep. #40 – Khalia Preyer started Kp2 to inspire young artists to create a world they want to live in through service and theatrical arts. She provides youth and young adults an opportunity to provide a community-based theatrical body of work for the purposes of: -Presenting relevant […]

  • Helping Texas | Feeding the Homeless | Helping w/Domestic Violence

    Ep. #39 - Michelle Jackson, The Founder of Living Transparent Inc., grew up in poverty and in an abusive relationship. Out of the hurt and pain of being homeless and hungry with four children, she pulled herself and her children out of the struggle and put a plan together to give back to […]

  • Helping Our Youth - Stopping the Violence

    Ep. #38 – Stop The Violence - Stop The Violence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness and resources to aid in the prevention of and intervention of violence. Stop The Violence supports all efforts working toward the education, prevention, and […]

  • She Was Homeless & Incarcerated & She Started A Nonprofit

    Ep. #37 - Love You Back To Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that champions a servant-leadership passion to empower, uplift, and encourage marginalized individuals and families. From Baby-Boomers to Millennials, our team shares Real Life, Real Love, and Real Talk throughout the […]

  • Get Training That Can Change Your Life - The Training Source

    Ep. #36 - Kim Rhim is the founder and executive director of The Training Source, Inc., a 26-year-old HUD Best Practice, Standards for Excellence® accredited, GuideStar® Platinum rated, Catalogue For Philanthropy® featured, and national Award of Excellence recipient nonprofit […]

  • The New President & Finding Your Purpose

    Ep. #35 – It’s been a while, but I’m happy to be back! We’re catching up on a few things so stay tuned. I start this episode honoring our new President & Vice President. I’m excited about the new administration and pray that we’re all blessed. Then, you’ll have the […]

  • Black & Armed - Black People - Prepared to Protect

    Ep. #34 - The mission at Trouble Defense, LLC is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to defend and protect themselves, and their family in a secure manner. They achieve this by offering diverse programs that allow you to pick and choose what training works for you and your […]

  • How To Heal Substance Abuse & Mental Health Holistically

    Ep. #33 - As a child Nahdiyah, Founder of Divine Touch House of Healing Inc. (DTHH) watched her father attempt to break his addiction. Growing up in Bronx NY, she experienced a childhood of survival. Soon after her father overcoming his habit, he was dealt another bad hand and lost his […]

  • Meal Preps That Help You Lose Weight!

    Ep. #32 – Chef Rory Vigne (pronounced Veene) cooked meals that resulted in him losing 168lbs!  Rory started his fat loss journey in March 2018.  His starting weight was 366lbs and he’s now down to 198lbs.  He’s offering the same healthy meals through his meal prep business, […]

  • Need A Grant? Want to Know What You Need? She Can Help You!

    Ep. #31 - If you need to know how to get a grant you need to listen to this. SJ Stephens will tell you what works and what doesn’t work. She explains what to say and what not to say to a funder. As an advocate for underserved people and communities, SJ has an extensive background in […]

  • Ask The Nonproft Expert - Segment #4

    Q. What is the best way for a nonprofit to create partnerships? Listen as Kamila Brown-Washington shares her expertise. Kamila has built a multi-million dollar profitable charitable agency and has helped over 3000 clients learn to put strategic systems and processes in place to become a […]

  • Homeless & Still Unstoppable

    Ep. #30 - With his mother being in prison, and him not knowing his father, Byron, was raised by his, great-grandparents. Statistics would say that by the age of 18, he would either be dead or in jail, but God had other plans. In 2013 he Graduated from Cody Academy of Public leadership in […]

  • Physical & Financial Support For Cancer Patients

    Kimberly's Touch can be there for you as a friend, supporter, and listener. She and the members of her board are all cancer survivors and know first-hand how quickly life changes when you hear the words “You have cancer”. They provide limited financial assistance for everyday bills, […]

  • Ask The Nonprofit Expert - Segment #3

    Q. How did your agency get it’s first million dollars? Listen as Kamila Brown-Washington shares her expertise. Kamila has built a multi-million dollar profitable charitable agency and has helped over 3000 clients learn to put strategic systems and processes in place to become a […]

  • Ask The Nonprofit Expert - Segment #2

    Ask the Nonprofit Expert - Segment #2 Q. How do I get my board to be more engaged in what I'm doing? Listen as Kamila Brown-Washington shares her expertise. Kamila has built a multi-million dollar profitable charitable agency and has helped over 3000 clients learn to put strategic systems […]

  • Fighting Violence In Black Communities - Can Trump Help?

    Ep. #28 - Tio Hardiman is the Executive Director for Violence Interrupters.  He has dedicated his life and career to community organizing for peace and social change. In 1999, Mr. Hardiman joined CeaseFire, an award-winning public health model that has been scientifically proven to […]

  • Ask The Nonprofit Expert - Segment #1

    Segment 1# - Our "Ask The Nonprofit Expert" is our new segment! If you manage a nonprofit organization or you're considering starting one, these quick segments are a way to ask questions and get answers from our resident expert, Kamila Brown Washington. Kamila runs a successful […]

  • FREE Feminine Hygiene Products!

    Ep. #27 - For #UnderHer co-founder and executive director Shaye Brooks, the organization’s "we could have been her" tagline is personal. Like many women in the Washington, D.C. area, at one point the divorced mother of four found herself struggling with poverty and adversity. Brooks […]

  • From Addiction to Ambition & Pain to Purpose!

    Ep. 26 – Tracy Stanton’s story is one of triumph and perseverance. It serves as a reminder of the importance of knowing someone’s struggle before passing judgement on them. Far too often, we’re quick to look down on or have a negative view of someone because they’re an alcoholic […]

  • From Incarcerated Drug Dealer to Entrepreneur & Social Change Agent

    Ep. #25 – There are NO Excuses!! Jacques Lofton is the Founder and President of Lizzie Foundation. She’s also a single Mother of three, she currently works full time and she also has a few other small businesses. She calls herself a Mompreneur. Jacques started Lizzie Foundation in […]

  • A Black-Woman-Owned MultiMillion Dollar Nonprofit Agency!

    Ep. #24 - If you are a nonprofit leader or want to be one and you want your organization/agency to profit millions, (YES I SAID MILLIONS!) you need to listen to this episode.  Kamila Brown Washington, MBA, is a Chief Strategist/Online Charity Launch Coach to Nonprofits & […]

  • Help for Women Who Conceived A Child Through Sexual Abuse/Rape

    Ep. #23 – This is one of our most intriguing episodes. The founder of “Her Choice Advocacy”, LaKeisha Thomas started this organization to advocate for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault conception.  Can […]

  • 7 Members of the Same Family Contract & Survive COVID-19!

    Ep. #22 - Andre Jackson is our third guest in our COVID-19 Survivor Series. SEVEN members of his family (including him) all contracted COVID-19 and everyone survived! Andre was born and raised in Washington, DC.  I was excited to learn that like me, he attended Cardozo High School. […]

  • How Your Nonprofit Can Be Blessed By God

    Ep. #21 - House of Freedom, located in Boynton, Oklahoma, has been helping veterans experiencing hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness in the community from the beginning. This organization was built on faith. Since starting, they’ve demonstrated a steadfast grit and grind to help […]

  • She’s a Wife, A Mom with 4 Kids & She’s a COVID-19 Survivor!

    Ep. #20 – Lady Nicole Osborne is our second survivor in our COVID-19 Survivor Series. As with everyone diagnosed with this illness, her symptoms were very different. Nicole noticed something was wrong when she burned her Easter dinner. It burned because she couldn’t smell it. She also […]

  • COVID-19 Survivor Series – She Beat it! – How Tasha Ware Refused To Give Up

    Ep. #19 – This is the first of a few interviews with coronavirus survivors. We are constantly inundated with stories of death and loss with regard to COVID-19. We’re also starting to hear stories of corruption, mismanagement, malpractice and negligence, especially when it comes to the […]

  • How “The Nonprofitista” Launched And Grew a Successful Nonprofit Organization

    Ep. #18 - Want to start a nonprofit? Do you have one and you want to grow and develop it? Perhaps you want to learn about building a board or raising up to $2 million dollars for your organization? Shalita O’Neal has done this and more, and now she’s taking the information she’s […]

  • Having The Final Say About Your Money, Car, House, & Everything Else

    Ep. #17 - Janelle Colbert-Ryan is the founder and CEO of the Colbert Law Center, which specializes in general civil litigation, estate and probate, personal injury, labor and employment matters, as well as family law and domestic violence cases throughout Maryland and the District of […]

  • Babies Born Sleeping - Dealing With Pregnancy & Infant Loss

    Ep. #16 - Sadija A. Smiley is the Founder and CEO of Stillborn and Infant Loss Support (SAILS), dedicated to raising awareness and creating a supportive environment for families who have experienced a stillbirth, pregnancy or infant loss. SAILS was created to honor the life of her […]

  • How Black People Can Get Money Through Life Insurance During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    Ep. #15 ***A SPECIAL EPISODE***Do you have life insurance? If you or a loved one passed away, how would you take care of the final expense? Did you know that life insurance is a way to build wealth and create an estate for our families? Dr. Betty Seltzer is an insurance agent in Largo, […]

  • How This Mother Became “The Momcologist” An Advocate for Childhood Cancer

    Ep. #14 - Crissy Johnson’s life was abruptly changed when her 1yr old son was diagnosed with cancer. First she noticed that his stomach didn’t look quite right. After developing a fever she took him to a doctor, who told her he had an ear infection, gave him meds and sent her home. […]

  • A Nonprofit That Provides Nutrition, Meal Prep & Fitness Classes for the Blind

    Ep. #13 - Joseph Burton is a resilient individual who does not let unfortunate circumstances dictate the outcomes of his life. He was raised in group homes and foster homes and had many challenges throughout his childhood. But he used those challenges as stepping-stones and is now the […]

  • How This Nonprofit in Tempe, AZ Is Helping To Prevent Homelessness

    Ep. #12 - Juan Te Daily is the CEO of DSquared Homes for The Homeless. It’s a 501c3 public charity that focuses on the prevention of homelessness for the independent Serious Mental Illness (SMI) individual by providing housing related resources so that they remain self-sufficient after […]

  • BEWARE!! People Are Spreading COVID-19 On Purpose!

    Ep. 11 – The Intentional Spreading of Coronavirus - This podcast episode is different because I’m not talking about nonprofits. This episode is about something I experienced while at the grocery store in a predominately Black and Hispanic neighborhood in a suburb of Washington, DC.  […]

  • My Walk With Myasthenia Gravis (MG)

    Ep. #10 - Tasha White is the Founder of “My Walk With MG”.  She created this organization to spread more awareness about a condition she lives with, Myasthenia Gravis (MG). MG is a neuromuscular disorder that causes weakness in the skeletal muscles and the condition itself is […]

  • Overcoming Domestic Violence in the LGBTQ Community

    Ep. #9 -- After experiencing violence at the hands of someone who was supposed to love her, she battled fear, guilt and shame until she couldn’t handle it anymore.  April Jackson-Hunter is a survivor of domestic violence and the founder of “Mercedes Closet”, a nonprofit geared […]

  • 17-yr Old Collin Siddell Is Inspiring Young Lives Through His Nonprofit

    Ep. #8 - Collin Siddell is just 17-yrs old, and is already doing things in his community that helps change young lives. He started a nonprofit called “A Diamond In The Rough” that grew out of his passion to help kids understand things he didn’t necessarily know or understand while […]

  • Darrell Anderson teaches how to take your special recipe and make it a marketable product.

    Ep. #7 - Darrell Anderson’s story takes you from trial to triumph! He’s been homeless, had a felony, and struggled to make ends meet for a long time. However, he was blessed to meet not one man but two men who would be his mentors and help change his destiny. One mentor helped him […]

  • An Affordable Dance & Mentoring Program for Youth

    Ep. #6 - Divine Inspiration Inc's Founder & Executive Director Mrs. Capriece Piper is a long time advocate for the at risk, underprivileged, and youth fighting childhood obesity. The concept of our organization was born from her natural passion for the arts and the desire to […]

  • How Black America Cares Helped Danielle

    Ep. #5 - This podcast will not only help showcase and share about other nonprofits and what they're doing, we're going to talk to and about our clients.  Danielle was going through a really tough time. We knew she needed help with getting groceries, but we weren't aware that her […]

  • Sistas United Inc. - A Nonprofit That Gives Free Food & Baby Items

    Ep. #4 - Sistas United Inc. was founded by Wessita McKinley.  Wessita is a mom, a Veteran of the United States Air Force; a community organizer and founder of Sistas United, Inc. which is a community based 501c3 nonprofit organization. With a passion to give back and love for all […]

  • How This Nonprofit Helps Ex-Felons Find Jobs

    Ep. #3 - In one year, Darlene Lewis, the founder of Lewis Burnett Employment Finders helped 2000 ex-felons find employment. Ms. Lewis runs an organization dedicated to helping former inmates find jobs, preparation for interviews, and she advocates for them in court. This dynamic […]

  • The Financial Aid Strategist - Angela Howze, Founder of The Financial Institute Inc

    Ep. #2 - Angela Howze, is a Financial Aid Strategist and Student Loan Expert. She believes that empowering communities with financial stability will provie Mississippi with a stronger level playing field for economic growth. As a result this, the Financial Literacy Institute, Inc, a […]

  • An Introduction to the BAC Podcast

    After starting this nonprofit, and going to various events, fundraisers, trainings & meetings I've discovered that there are thousands of organizations that's helping people that many of us don't know about. Sometimes we may luck up and find something through searching on Google but […]