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  • How do I start a podcast for my nonprofit?

    Here’s a great idea:  let’s do a podcast episode about podcasting.  Podcasts are a simple and relatively inexpensive way for nonprofits to reach a wider audience.  But actually doing it, creating and producing your nonprofit podcast, can be daunting.  So today we’re talking to […]

  • How should nonprofits plan events for 2022?

    So many nonprofits are struggling with the difficult decision about whether to have an event at all in 2022 but even once you’ve decided to go ahead with one, the tough decisions just keep coming:  is it indoor, outdoor, virtual, hybrid, live speaker, video, some combination thereof.  […]

  • How do I lead a successful capital campaign?

    I’ve finally had to take my turn with Covid but thanks to the double-vax I was able to scrape enough energy to chat - in a strained, scratchy voice - with Lindsay Simonds, who specializes in capital campaigns, those big, special purpose fundraising efforts that take months of […]

  • How can nonprofits be thought leaders?

    In this episode, I’m joined by my dear friend Julie Morris who specializes in building audiences for nonprofits and philanthropic organizations.  We start off asking what thought leadership even means and why a nonprofit organization or professional should be interested in being a […]

  • Why does organizational change usually fail?

    Everyone seems to have a nightmare story about organizational change - why is that?  Surely the volume of change going on should give us plenty of ammunition for getting it right.  Today’s guest is change expert Nancy Murphy and we cover a lot of ground on why most change efforts […]

  • How do I tell a story on social media?

    If you’ve spent any time investigating how to do social media as a nonprofit, you’ll soon come across Julia Campbell, whose been leading the charge for well over a dozen years with things like the Nonprofit Social Media Summit every November - totally free and online, of course.  […]

  • How do I create long-term strategic partnerships?

    My guest today is Mallory Erickson, a fundraising coach who hated fundraising for most of her nonprofit career.  She had all the fears - imposter syndrome, feeling inauthentic and not up to the job.  And when it came to corporate partnerships, she didn’t have the most positive […]

  • How do I fix my fundraising quickly without duct-tape?

    I’m no handyman but I do know that if something’s stuck, use WD-40 and if something’s moving when it’s not supposed to, use duct-tape.  And it would appear that in nonprofits we use a lot of metaphorical duct-tape to fix the shaky bits in our fundraising.  In the absence of a […]

  • How do I find donors?

    If there’s one question that immediately identifies someone as being in the nonprofit world, it’s “how do I find donors”?  This is THE fundamental problem that nonprofits face every single day.  So who better to talk to about this question than donor cultivator extraordinaire, […]

  • Where do I start with my End of Year campaign?

    December is a big month for most nonprofits in terms of donations but how do you know you’re making the best of the giving season?  What plans do you need to have in place and how far in advance?  This episode I’m speaking to marketing expert Monica Pitts about the support she […]

  • How do I make the most out of Google Ads Grants?

    So last time we heard why most nonprofits who’ve been around at least a year should consider the Google Ads Grant.  This episode, paid ads specialist Silvia Coletto returns to discuss what you need to have in place to be successful with the grant.  And interestingly, most of those […]

  • Is the Google Ads Grant worth it?

    Welcome to season 4 and we’re going to start with something a bit different - a two part podcast over two episodes because our first topic is so big, so huge, so potentially complicated that we need two shows to cover it.  Our topic is Google Ad Grants, which gives $10,000 of google […]

  • How do I build corporate partnerships?

    What people often forget about corporate partnerships is the fact that they are, in fact, partnerships.  It’s easy to focus on the funding you might get from a corporation but there’s much more to a successful partnership than money, and you have to ask, why would a corporation […]

  • What’s the secret to a successful volunteer program?

    When you think of volunteers for your nonprofit, what are you hoping they’ll achieve for you?  Yes, of course there’s no wages to pay but just like free puppies, there’s a ton of work involved if you want any chance of success.  And if you’re putting in that work, don’t you […]

  • How do I give feedback to colleagues?

    You’ve probably heard of the “feedback sandwich” where you put criticism in between two positive or flattering comments.  Well Beth Wonson wants to rid the work world of that model because we’re now so trained to hearing it that it undermines the whole experience.  She has a […]

  • How can nonprofits reduce chaos?

    How much of your day is spent firefighting?  How much time do you spend on things that aren’t urgent or - just as you get to the really important tasks - you get interrupted by colleagues who just want to have a quick word about something.  Today’s guest, Kally Gagnon is a nonprofit […]

  • Why do fundraisers leave and what will keep them?

    Seems like there are always at least half a dozen jobs going for senior fundraisers or directors and the turnover rate is scary, the average time someone stays in one of those jobs is around 18 months.  My guest today is Kimberley MacKenzie, one of Canada’s premier nonprofit coaches […]

  • What’s your “Wow Factor”?

    You’ve got your nonprofit mission and vision, and if you follow me anywhere else you’ll know about having an impact statement.  But what about your Wow Factor?  Nonprofit founder and coach Katie Blomquist tells me how valuable it is to have not just a distinguishing feature for your […]

  • How can digital marketing serve donors?

    We tend to think of marketing as a way to tell people about our nonprofit or our services or maybe an event.  It’s one-way communication.  Especially with digital marketing, where we’re sending emails or posting on social media.  Digital strategist Chris Barlow takes a different […]

  • How do I lead into the next normal?

    We don’t have a crystal ball to tell us what to do over the next year to re-emerge from lockdowns and other Covid restrictions.  But we do have leadership expert Heather Wolfson, and she talks to me about what these situations really demand from us as leaders.  She tells me how to get […]

  • What prompts people to give?

    Today’s episode is about the totally irrational and emotionally driven decision to donate.  The question isn’t why do people give, but why do they give to your nonprofit?  Or why should they?  Founder and Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer at Next After, Tim Kachuriak, has […]

  • Should I cultivate major donors or loyal donors?

    Can your nonprofit survive on major gifts alone?  Do you have enough loyal donors to keep you afloat?  Maybe in your case they’re the same people but it’s easy to separate the size of a gift from the frequency and take for granted the people who give us $10 or $25 month in, month […]

  • How do I develop influence as a nonprofit leader?

    We all want to be influential when we’re communicating with others  But mindset and leadership coach Maryanne Dersch will tell us to think about how we’re communicating to ourselves, first.  Are we being consistent?  Is our internal voice in alignment with our external voice?  If […]

  • What are the keys to success with grants?

    Where are you with grants?  Have you been spending hours and hours filling out forms, shooting them off, and hoping for the best?  Have you been successful with small grants and now need to step up your game?  Grant expert Rachel Sacks walks me through the strategic thinking nonprofits […]

  • (Special Feature) How to Move to Hybrid Events

    18 months ago no one was talking about virtual events but we’ve learned so much in doing them that now that we can plan for in-person events, why give up the virtues of online?  In this special feature edition of the podcast, I moderate a panel including yotme founder Barry Hinckley, […]

  • Why do nonprofits need to make a profit?

    Let’s admit it, folks, we in nonprofits have a money problem.  Not the one you’re thinking of - not enough money - but not enough talking about money and money management.  Today we address that with Tosha Anderson, whose rapidly growing accounting firm works only with nonprofits. […]

  • Why are bad habits easy and good habits hard?

    How often do you tell yourself you’re not quite good enough?  Over half of the actions we take every day are done out of habit, including how we talk to ourselves.  In this episode Dr Tamsin Astor, Chief Habit Scientist, explains how detoxing isn’t just green smoothies but also […]

  • How does nonprofit strategy undermine financial security?

    If you’ve ever heard the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast” then you may be familiar with today’s topic.  I’m talking to consultant Maseta Dorley about strategic planning and ways we’ve seen nonprofits do it right, or better, but also how they can get it […]

  • When are spreadsheets no longer good enough?

    I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a nonprofit say that now they’ve been running their programs for a while, or someone’s finally asked to see their results, they’re going to start measuring and monitoring outcomes.  Hint - if you’re not measuring, start now!  […]

  • How do I create recurring monthly gifts?

    Lots of nonprofits think about recurring monthly gifts and put them in the box labeled - “will get to it later”.  In this first episode of the podcast using the virtual events platform, I’m joined by fellow nonprofit podcaster Travis Johnson, who you may know from his […]

  • Major gifts - if not now, when?

    Every nonprofit is looking for financial stability, and just about every nonprofit fundraising consultant will tell you that major gifts are a key component of that stability.  Yet many nonprofits shy away from major gifts in favor of events, peer to peer and other types of […]

  • How much time and money should I invest in tech to make it worthwhile?

    When we ask how we can get better data, or make better use of data, or make data-driven decisions we’re soon talking about using technology in some way.  Nonprofit tech and data expert Emily Hicks-Rotella talks to me in this episode about the mindset changes that are necessary for […]

  • Who is my ideal donor?

    What, really, do we know about our donors before they become our donors?  What value might there be in thinking rather deeply about that?  Today’s guest is nonprofit marketing specialist Maura Fitzpatrick who has a well defined process for helping nonprofits identify their ideal […]

  • How do I translate my mission so outsiders understand my impact?

    Listeners will know that when the conversation turns to mission and impact, I’ll always recommend a clear, tightly worded impact statement.  My guest today, Anna Bruni Sabhaney, would agree but she’s really looking at a deeper, more strategic problem around alignment and clarity.  A […]

  • What are the challenges in scaling a nonprofit?

    We hear about scale and scaling a lot, not just in nonprofits.  But what dies it feel like to really do it?  I’m joined by Annemarie Grassi Amefia who took a small after school club with three part time staff and a budget of $60,000 to 65 staff and $6 million.  It took 17 years yet, […]

  • How should nonprofits engage a philanthropist's delusions?

    If you haven’t read the book Delusional Altruism you should but first, listen to the author Kris Putnam-Walkerly tell me about some of the delusions or blind spots in philanthropy and how nonprofits should approach grant makers who suffer with any of them.  We pull out some gold dust […]

  • Collaborative fundraising - is it the next big thing?

    Today I’m joined by Ariel Glassman, who specializes in helping nonprofits with their technology and also with their fundraising efforts.  That’s the topic we’re covering today - Collaborative Fundraising.  You heard that right, rather than competing for donors, imagine nonprofits […]

  • Why do I always feel like I never have enough time?

    Today we’re talking about a problem that affects everyone at some point - that feeling that we’re always running out of time.  My guest is life coach Allison McIntosh, and we start with the scarcity mindset and move through self-talk and self-trust to unpack what’s driving this […]

  • What is strategy anyway?

    In our third summer series episode, I’m talking to Nick Takemine of Arpeggio Advisors.  Nick has an international nonprofit pedigree with a particular focus on Strategy, so we’re going to get right down to it by asking, from a nonprofit perspective, What is Strategy Anyway?  Find […]

  • The Board-Staff disconnect on race equity

    Today on Nonprofit Problem Solver we’re up to Episode 4 in our Summer Series of one-to-one conversations.  I’m thrilled to be speaking with Jeanne Bell, who’s well known as a contributor to Nonprofit Quarterly and has a wide range of deep experience in nonprofit organizational […]

  • Social impact through enterprise

    Today’s Nonprofit Problem Solver, Episode 5 in our Summer Series of one-to-one conversations, is with Stephen Garten, founder and CEO of CharityCharge, a public benefit corporation in Austin, Texas with that solves one particular nonprofit problem - access to a credit facility without […]

  • What if we spent $1000 on Facebook Ads?

    We’re now on Episode 6 of Nonprofit Problem Solver Summer Series, and we turn our attention to social media marketing and in particular, when and why it might make sense to invest in something like Facebook Ads.  If you’ve never done it, there’s lots to be scared about.  My guest, […]

  • How will AI affect nonprofits and how can we prepare?

    In episode 7 of the Summer Series of Nonprofit Problem Solver, I’m talking to Amy Neumann, an advocate of advances and applications in nonprofit tech.  We cover a range of topics from how to work out if tech can help your nonprofit and how to find the best solution to ways in which […]

  • Key lessons from social enterprise

    We’re up to episode 8 in the Summer Series of Nonprofit Problem Solver podcast, and I get to spend the next hour talking to Cole Hoover, Director of Moving Worlds Institute all about social enterprises.  Cole has years of experience instructing and guiding social enterprises and part […]

  • How much does fundraising cost?

    Today we open the Summer Series of Nonprofit Problem Solver which replaces the expert panels with deeper conversations one to one between myself and a single guest.  For Episode 1 I’m joined by Dr. William Clark, an experienced nonprofit leader, author, pastor and podcaster working in […]

  • How to put the fun in fundraising

    Episode 2 in the Summer Series continues the one-to-one format between me and a guest and also we stick with the theme of fundraising.  My guest today is Rhea Wong, who’s going to tell us How to put the Fun in Fundraising.  Rhea coaches and consults nonprofit leaders and has a regular […]

  • Programs & Services - June

    Here in episode 10, our theme is Programs & Services, and we are flying without our usual panel format today in place of a more interactive group conversation. We take things right back to basics firstly clarifying the confusion and overlap between events, programs and event-based […]

  • Marketing & Fundraising - June

    In episode 11, we return to Marketing & Development, and we go head first right into the renewed confrontation with race that we’re having in the US right now and what it means for the way nonprofits engage their communities, their staff and colleagues, their partners and donors and […]

  • Board & Strategy - June

    We close out our first series of Nonprofit Problem Solver with episode 12, a closer look at Board & Strategy, and we focus on some must do’s and some nice-to-haves in terms of Board succession planning, recruitment and onboarding, and ongoing Board education.  We also get an update […]

  • Marketing & Fundraising - May

    We start by getting an update from the panel about what’s been working or not working during Covid?   We then move to asking how Exec Directors and Development Directors can encourage and support Board Members to be fully engaged in fundraising.Finally we ask the panel to review how […]

  • Board & Strategy - May

    We pick up from last episode’s Marketing & Fundraising conversation with regard to Board members being active in fundraising - how much should they be doing and what should an Exec Director do if the Board refuses to fundraise, especially during Covid?  We get an update on […]

  • Talent & Staff Development - June

    We look at Talent & Development through the lens of the current protests in dozens of cities across the US and elsewhere in the wake of the brutal murder by police of George Floyd and far too many others.  We ask how best to support black colleagues, how to respond to the murders […]

  • Talent & Staff Development - May

    In episode 5 host Kev Khayat returns to the topic of Talent & Staff Development.  We ask how furloughs are working out for nonprofits hoping to extend their cash reserves and we look at remote working at scale.  What does that mean for staff training? Can you rely on your existing […]

  • Programs & Services - May

    In episode 6 host Kev Khayat and the expert panel looks closely at Programs & Services.  We ask how programs are coping at the moment and what plans are emerging for either extended responses to Covid or renewed responses later in the year.  We have a go at redefining success and […]

  • Programs & Services - April

    Nonprofit Problem Solver host Kev Khayat discusses key questions from nonprofit leaders with an expert panel on Programs & Services, looking at how to support both staff and the people they serve during Covid-19, metrics during this period, how to communicate them to funders and what […]

  • Marketing & Fundraising - April

    Episode 3 is a high energy discussion about Marketing & Fundraising.  We ask where nonprofits should be in their fundraising efforts at this point in the year taking Covid into account, and if you’re behind what can you do about it, and if making your cancelled event virtual is […]

  • Board & Strategy - April

    Episode 4 covers Board & Strategy.  We ask what strategic planning looks like and whether it’s completely overwhelmed by contingency planning and business continuity and we spend a fair bit of time talking through what it means to be a nonprofit board member right now and how to […]

  • Talent & Staff Development - April

    Nonprofit Problem Solver host Kev Khayat discusses key questions from nonprofit leaders with an expert panel on Talent & Staff Development, looking at recruitment during Covid, making payroll adjustments, leading through furlough and making the best of volunteers. Recorded live April […]